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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 16, 1891, San Antonio, Texas San Antonio daily Light. Published at san Antonio. Bexar county. Texas. And registered at the Post office As second class mail matter. Volume Xii number 25san Antonio. Texas. Monday. February 10. 1891 Price $5 a year Lockwood a Millbank san Antonio Texas. J. 8. Lockwood president j. In. Cashier. Safe Deposit vaults agricultural statistics show fewer hogs in America and a lower average Price per head thl9 year than last. This applies Only to the four legged variety on farms. The two legged travelling variety is As numerous As Ever. Cleveland a letter is a Bombshell in the democratic Camp. He is certainly not in Accord with the sentiment of his party and his utterances have embarrassed his friends at the same time putting a club into the hands of his enemies. He did not have to do it either. Stanley denies that he has Given has any intention of giving or has authorized any one to say he had any such thing in contemplation As the donation of his Royal presents to salvation army Booth. Stanley is not a Crank he would have his friends understand. The Federated trades of California demand of that state a Law that shall embody the Best features of the aus Talion ballot and Promise to make it warm for the legislators that antagonize the measure. The trades Are Strong in California and should carry weight. Neither the advocates nor the denounces of free Silver seem to know very definitely what the result would probably be. Some years since $75,-000,000 Silver coinage was fixed at the limit beyond which Gold would be at a Premium but six times that amount is now coined Aud Gold and Silver Are exchanged at Par. It is a very significant fact to which president Harrison alludes Iii his message to con grass conveying tidings of Sherman a death Viz that four out of the eight executive departments of the government Are now draped in mourning Aud the mourning emblems have just been removed from another. That Waco damage suit will be watched with interest. It will go tar toward set Tiiu the question of the personal rights of smallpox patients Aud determining whether the City has the right to compel a patient to go to the pest House if properly cared Foi and isolated at Home. Also to what extent the City j liable for care and attention. The danger past. Chattanooga tenn., feb. 10 a the Rise in the Tennessee River came to a stand at Midnight when the gauge marked 37 1-2 feet the danger line being 33. A Well paid grab. London feb.#16.�?a clerk of the London Branch of the Bauk of Scotland while making a Deposit in the National provincial Bank of England had a Wallet containing several thousands of pounds Sterling snatched from him by a stranger. He Blay be Jack. London feb. 10. A the latest discovery in connection with the Whitechapel murders bids fair to connect the Man Sadler with this Jack the Kipper crime. The police have a knife traced to sadlers Possession. Which has blood stains on it. Those have been examined microscopically Aud discovered to be human blood. An Kleu Tiomi approaching Kio Janeiro feb. 10.�?the Resolution that the presidential election be held immediately passed its second Reading in the Senate. The leading candidates Are Gen. Dafonseca chief of the provisional government and Senor Morales governor of the province of san Patio. The Way they begin. New Orleans feb. 16.�?it has been discovered by ladies that a traffic in Young girls has been carried on in Low dance houses Here. The girls were enticed from new York on the pretext of being fitted for the stage. One was rescued and sent Home by the ladies. Question of citizenship can the mexican under the Constitution and Laws of the United states become a citizen of the u. S ? is a question that May Cut an important figure in the near telegraphic. Associated press dispatches and state specials. Up to the time of going to press. His Fame abroad. London feb. 16 a the times and Standard pay glowing tributes to Gen. Sherman a memory. Heavy loss. New Minster wash., feb. 16�?fire last night destroyed buildings Worth $500,000. One fireman killed one missing. The Day of judgment. New Orleans feb. 16.�?today was set for the trial of italians charged with the murder of chief of police Hennessy. Another scrapper. San Francisco feb. 10.�?jim Hall the australian is Here and says he has whipped Fitzsimmons and can do it again. He says he has $25,000 Back it it a a _ a fire. Greenville miss., feb. 16.�?this morning 5 stores and their contents were entirely consumed in two hours involving a loss of $100,000, partly insured. A costly Blaze. By. Cloud minn., feb. 16.�?the Mcclure Block was destroyed by fire this morning. The total loss is $75,000 the Block Cost $30,000 and was insured for $15,000. Actual presence demanded. Chicago feb. 16.�?at a veterans meeting yesterday a memorial by the g. A. R. Was prepared to have general Sherman a remains present at the memorial services. For 15 years. Vienna feb., 16.�?weneesluw. The pole who sold Russia the plans of the austrian fortress of preen Al has been sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment at hard labor. Fire. Sheffield Ala. Feb. 16.�?the Gurney building occupied by i. T. Morris drug co. And Sheffield daily Enterprise is burned. Loss fifteen thousand insurance ten thousand. Fatal fire. Warren minn., feb. 16.�?sene-vold�?Ts drug store burned sunday morning. His seven year old daughter was burned to death. Mrs. Enevold and the hired girl were badly burned in making their escape. Animal avengers. Sofia Bulgaria feb. 10.�?a newspaper says the body of pad Lewiski murderer of Gen. Seliverstoff has been found though half devoured by wolves near poll Hipolis. The body was identified by documents found in the pockets of the clothing. Official notice. Bet Lin feb. 16.�?the Reio san Zeiger gives notice that the subscription lists of the Imperial loan of 200,000,000 Marks and the prussian loan of 250,000 Marks will be opened on feb. 20. The Luxemburg government has decided to replace the duties officials in the diplomatic service with germans. Late telegrams a Young accuser. Bro Woods a. Feb. 16.�?george Mason aged 12 years explained the absence of his father and Mother by the statement that the former murdered the latter. He said his father had brained Bis Mother and buried her near a Creek. The officers were led to the spot by the boy where after digging they found the remains. Workmen is. Don Viers. Berlin feb. 16.�?the Industrial situation in Germany continues to be deplorable. The fact that while thousands and tens of thousands of workingmen Are out of employment goods Aro daily brought out of the prison workshops and put upon the Market in Competition with outside manufacturers is attracting the attention of the working classes. Capital notes. Washington feb. 16.�?old residents of the City say that never in their recollection will Washington have presented such evidence of mourning As it will on today. The Treasury department will be in mourning for Winborn the War department for Sherman the Navy for Porter and the Interior for Stuart. Sex Secretary of the House committee of elections has not completed his work unseating democrats. About a dozen democrats have been unseated but there Are still More and two Are marked for summary expulsion but it is thought for want or a quorum the republicans will be unable to carry out the programme. A oiled Down from private special and other sources. Cleveland a letter is turning Texas Over to Hill. Sherman was born feb. 8, 1820, died feb. 14, 1891. Santa be officers visit Elpaso on an inspection tour. House and Senate transacted no business saturday. Bill introduced in Congress for repeal of the Mckinley Bill. Hico Texas visited by a disaster Ous fire. Loss 22,000. Southern Pacific foundry burned at Houston. Loss $10,000. Talmage paid a Beautiful tribute to Sherman in sunday Sermon. San Marcos wants the state to pay All local Small pox expenses. Kansan legislature will adjourn on the Day of Sherman a funeral. The rebels make continued head against the Chili government. Waco memorializes the legislature for a Liberal fair appropriation. The coinage committee Are mighty slow about making that report. A valuable Gold Silver and boat find is reported in Montague county. The dead general will be buried in St. Louis by the Side of his wife. An attempted Compromise is spoken of by the friends of the Silver Bill. Admiral porters funeral occurs tuesday. It will be quite private. The Bishop of Galway publicly denounces Parnell for immorality. It paso Bas bought the additional lauds required for that government Post. Yoakum gives up All idea of Cotton Advance this season quoted at 8 1-2 tents. Hayes county will be represented at the fair convention in this City on he 24th. France expects More amicable relations with Italy under the new ministry. An immense dredge boat arrives at Arkansas Harbor for work on the rail Way embankment. Kabas legit lature removes the constitutional bar to a Confederate sol Diers full citizenship. The Interior department 19 ordered into mourning on acc but of the death of sex Secretary Stuart. Parnell says the majority of his party do not accept the Gladstone assurances As satisfactory. Joe j Lerat lne is shot at Houston because he would not hand Over $35 when it was demanded. % Todd a Cotton picker in its Memphis test does satisfactory work and is unqualified Day endorsed. General Sherman we i be hurled with full military honors. His funeral will occur thursday. The president is requested by con Gressional Reno Titian to Appeal to Russia in behalf of the jews. 111 Ole refuses to outer into the set atrial neat a i it to Dakota arranged for by booklets Simpson of Kansas. The appropriation Bill will be disposed of this week with the exception of the general deficiency Bill. Congress will try and take up the Conger land Bill during the Intervale of discussion of appropriation bid. All the new England governors have half masted the state flags on account of Gen. Sherman a death. Cuba wants reciprocity with the United states on the basis of a permanent free sugar and molasses entry. Passenger conductors on the Santa be Are being discharged by wholesale and freight conductors promoted. Family quarrel at Ballinger ends in the fracture of p. B. Hawkins Skull by a bar of Iron in the hands of Jack Douglas. The French prefect of police has ordered the removal of the statue of Murat Aud there will be Musio Over the order. Last weeks work in Congress advanced the App operation Bills to tile place usually reached at this time of the session. James Walker aged 13, who shot his father while asleep killing him at Liberty Texas is sentenced to life imprisonment. Gibson the alleged distillery Trust conspirator and anti distillery dynamite conspirator goes before the state grand jury. Among the innumerable messages of condolence that the Sherman family have received is one from h. A Quot Talley and another from Buffalo Bill. Sherman was a Broad soul he believed in god in the future and had a supreme respect for the Catholic Church of which his wife was a member. 4 relations with Bismarck Are not pleasant and his attacks on von Ca sri i Are regarded As attacks on the emperor which if not discontinued will be prosecuted. A a few Early picnic parties spent the Day out on the Salado Exchange. What it has Donk is doing and promises to do for san Antonio. Let work at Galveston and new Orleans a the subscription committee and the final meeting. Last Friday afternoon just As the six of clock whistle announced the close of another Days work. Secretary Granville Martin returned from his Days work of soliciting the wherewith necessary to sustain the commercial Exchange for the next twelve months. He reported a successful Days work. Speaking of the Exchange and its condition Secretary Martin remarked a you can state that the soliciting committee is still at its work and will continue in the Field until saturday 6 p. Rn., feb. 21, at which time it is to be hoped that a sufficient sum will have been raised to permit the Exchange to com Merise Active work. After this Money has been raised a continued or. Martin a it is the intention of the organization to fit up a suite of rooms for the reception of its members and visitors to the City and also for the transaction of All of its the Secretary wanted it impressed upon the reporters mind that in the Tilting up of this suite of rooms nothing very costly would be indulged in As it his intention to make every Dollar go As far As possible and to give subscribers the full value of their Money in everything to be done by the Exchange. When the organization gets in ship shape said the Secretary he will appoint his assistants whom will he put to work answering numerous com run Leat ions that Are being received from All parts of the country compiling data relative to the City Sud surrounding territory and to attend to general work to be carried on by the Exchange. Speaking of the needs for such an Orani Zaniou As the one or. Martin represents he referred Tolt past work saying a we have already received Tinmun cations from a Large number of people seeking information about our City Aud surrounding country and in each Case asking for printed matter for from one to Twenty people. Some of these parties apply direct to the Exchange for the information while others sent to the Post master for printed matter which is turned Over to the Exchange to be forwarded. Bankers and merchants of our City have also received letters asking for information and to every Case the commercial Exchange has a promptly forwarded such information As it deemed Best. I merely make these remarks to show of what vital importance it is that san Antonio have an organization Well prepared to attend to such duties As the by this time the Sun had travelled so far beneath the Western horizon As to make an Angle of Orty live degrees if it wanted to throw its rays of Light through the shutters of Secretary Martins office. As though realizing the dark Ness that had crept in during the interesting talk the Secretary changed his True and voice remarking a now or. Representative not wanting to ride a free horse to death and wishing to have the Good will of the local press in everything that is undertaken by the Exchange and not desiring to bore the readers of your valuable paper i will wind up my talk by calling attention to the manner in which the Exchange advertised the City of san Antonio at the new Orleans and the Galveston Mardi gras. Your Humble servant left san Antonio for a two Days trip to Galveston expecting to take two Days off for himself but having sent Down a couple of thousand copies of advertising matter and find lug on his arrival such an immense throng of people from All parts of the country he concluded that if he failed to superintend in person the distribution of the matter that had been forwarded he would be losing a Golden Opportunity. So instead of getting the rest contemplated he got about four hours out of forty eight. Two men were stationed at the Corners of Tremont and Market streets two of the principal thoroughfares in the City for two Days handing out print eur matter to the numerous visitors there. In addition to this All out going trains during my visit were freely covered with san Antonio the Secretary also visited new York and foreign steamships that were in port distributing advertising matter to every person with whom he came in Contact. A this is the work that was carried on in Galveston and it is my opinion that next to King mourns sail Antonio was the Best thing advertised there. At new Orleans messers. Geo. H. Hartwell and g. S. Melroy had this line of work in charge they carrying from Here for circulation in in the Orason t City some 10,000 pamphlets and other advertising matter setting Forth the numerous advantages of this place As a commercial and Taufao Turing Center. Now to show you what advertising does communications have already bean received by the Secretary of the commercial Exchange from parties who have received some of the printed matter distributed at these places. These parties want to and a place to locate not being satisfied with their present location. I give this in order to show the people of this City a concluded or. Martin a that while the commercial Exchange is not yet a certainty in a financial sense it has gone ahead in an enterprising Maimer to build up and push Forward the Metropolis of state legislature. Senate passes the Bill making appropriation for deficiencies in previous appropriations for support of government to the amount of $119,944. Senator pages fuel Bill went to engrossment being generally endorsed. It provides that that the commissioner of agriculture be instructed to have made a thorough investigation of the different methods now practice in Europe for the utilization of Lignite for fuel either in a raw or manufactured state As Coke for use in blast furnaces and for other Industrial uses and that he make a report of the results As soon As practicable. Sec. 2, if said investigations prove the practicability of coking the Lignite or Brown a a it alb of Texas the Eom mls Ioner of agriculture insurance statistics and history is instructed to furnish the superintendents of penitentiaries plans for the coking ovens most suitable for use with these Lignite and the superintendent shall atone Reota trial oven or ovens and make toll tests of the processes suggested to determine which is Best adapted for use in this state. That these tests be conducted by the super la ten dents of penitentiaries with the advice and assistance of the commissioner and that the results be made Public As soon As they Are decisive. The sum of $3,000 was apart it lated to carry out the objects of this ill. Senate wrangles for two hours Over the clause Iii the text Book Billon history from a a Southern standpoint and it is dually ordered that the history in Tho state text books to written from an impartial and fait standpoint. The House was without petitions or memorials for the first time but the Bill sticker was on hand Aud several new Bills were added to the already interminable list. The Bouse Bill defining fellow servant is passed. Bill changing time of holding court in the 401 b District was passed. The railway commission Bill was presented Aud 1,000 copies ordered printed. It provides for three commissioners appointed by the governor confirmed by the Senate if that body is in session otherwise not to he resident citizens of Texas not less than 25 years of age to hold office two years each. They shall be sworn officers draw $4,000 salary have Cue Secretary at $1,800, and two clerks at $l,500a year each. No one is eligible who is directly or indirectly connected with any Railroad anywhere or interested id its Bonds securities earnings or anything else. Failure to comply with this clause vacates the office. The commission is Given All authority to classify and subdivide ail freights fix rates of transportation for each not in excess of the maximum now fixed by Law and do this at their own discretion without reference to rates Fly de on different roads or different parts of the same roads also to fix joint rates for freights passing Over two or More lines of Road and a pro rata of rates to each in Case the roads disagree. Refusal to main Tam the state railways in Good condition is punishable by a Fine of $5,000, As Are other violations of the Law. House passes Senate Bill changing court terms Iii Bexar county so that no con a lot can occur. Bill incorporating Austin anew and granting new charter passes but mayor salary is limited to $600. Several counties were exempted from operation of Stock inspection Law. Sterling county Bill passes creating a new county out of Tom Green Coke Howard and Glass cock counties. Dallas was authorized to increase its Bond Issue to $3,000,000, is Given a cd to judge and enlarged Powers of property condemnation for Street changes and improvements. Filled by a Kook. Pittsburg feb. 16.�?a Rock weighing 200 pounds fell from Duquesne Heights and crashed into a passenger coach on the pan handle Road. One passenger was killed and three injured. A ref. Loisette s memory systems la treating Grafter in treat than Ever in Iii Parte of he country and persons dialling to improve their memory should Send for hts prospectus free Asad Vert Sod in another column. 6-104

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