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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 15, 1886, San Antonio, Texas Jhc gaily a right. San Antonio ought publishing company. A w. Gifford w. L. Winter Ii. Johnson pro silent vice Pitk Simont so cd a. A tubas advertising rates i Inch. I1 St#5 of # 8 of $1800$3000tf64oo special rates Given on larger space Ami Long time advertisements id us per Inch first insertion to cents per Inch each subsequent insertion trustees sales f i of per Inch first insertion is cents each insertion afterwards. I ailing matter editorial Page 25 cents per inc each insertion. Local columns 80 cents first insertion to cent first week 5 cents after first week. Special rates on 60 and too lines running for month. Home advertisements payable on first of each month transient advertising payable in Advance Only Metal cuts printed. Subscribers not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers Are warned not to pay their subscription except upon presentation of a properly receipted Bill from this office. All communications for publication or infilling to Tho editorial or local news departments should be addressed a to the editor of the a letters of a business character should be addressed a Dally Linier a san Antonio Texas. Anonymous communications will not be noticed. We beg leave to state that we decline to return rejected communications. To this Rule we can make no exception. Entered at Post office at san Antonio Texas As second class matter. He tit q Quot a a to fat May be found on file at Leo. I Xiao it of Iii a Prowell amp co s newspaper advert Isla Bureau it los Pruce or. A Quot a i n co Tracu May a made Lur it Iai in a. In Vork. Monday february 15 1886. A Tariff for Protection with incidental Revenue is pure unadulterated americanism under our present state of finances. _ _ fort Worth Bas decided that Sabine fees is the bar on which to spend the Harbor appropriation for Texas. Is fort Worth in Texas or Louisiana it is said that the four sanitary inspectors of this City Are being worked almost to death. What Are they doing the Public would like to know so As to properly appreciate their services. Ban Antonio needs a first class Tannery bad. The raw bides Are Here tile Tan bark is Here tile water is Here plenty of labor and capital is Here a Good Market is Here but Enterprise and practical experience Are sadly wanting. A ready a proposition has been made to erect a Monument to the memory of general Hancock. The fact that he died comparatively poor it would seem the Wisest thing just now would be a Monument of funds for Bis estimable wife and those who were dependent upon him. The newspapers Are tilled with accounts of Wanton murder. A country boy kills his Comrade because his face was slapped in a Petty quarrel near Palestine. A speedy trial and sure hanging is the Only remedy. The watch word must be no Quarter to murderers or there will be a reign of terror in Texas. A senator Coke says that there Are 210 newspapers in his state Texas and he knows of but four that endorse the president s position on the Silver question. A Man with 236texas newspapers standing Between him and a the Flowers that Bloom in the Spring is certainly a proper object of sympathy a a is the opinion of the St. Louis Globe Democrat. It is reported that american ranch men Are buying up All the ranch lands in the states of Chihuahua and Sonora Mexico to which Good titles can be secured. Were the lease and land Laws of Texas based on Good sound business principles not a foot of mexican land would be sold to americans while there was any for Sale or lease in this state. It May now be too late to make an effective Effort to assist our congressional representatives to secure an appropriation for Arkansas pass commensurate with its importance but a move in that direction we Ould certainly net do any harm. The Light has repeatedly urged this matter but the apathy of the people to be benefited by deep water at that Point is almost criminal. Should an appropriation be Given it we Ould be forced Good Fortune. The postmaster general of Mexico has been taking lessons of Secretary of Treasury Manning and Bas reduced the postage in All the mexican Postoff Oes on the american Frontier from to to to cents. So that the mexicans will discontinue to carry their letters to this Side to mail them for the Interior of their own country. The International postage is 5 cents while the mexican Domestic postage is lorents. Or. Manning orders the rating of mexican carpet wools subject to a duty of 2 cents a Pound As Fine wools subject to a duty of to cents per Pound and while the mexican postmaster general reduces the postage along the Frontier 60 per cent while the Interior has to pay the to cents. With such officials in office legislative bodies Are useless appendages of government. The express mildly opposes the agitation of the question about those councilmen whose terms of office have really expired and who Are now holding Over. If they Are not Legal officers there would be a grave wrong and much future trouble in allowing them to exercise official Power and if there is nothing in it they and the people will be satisfied. To reforms have Ever yet been made except through agitation and none will Ever be. Agitation is the popular safeguard and when the occasion requires it As in the present instance voters will always be thankful that their attention has been called to the matter. As Able lawyers As mayor Callaghan have said that the question is oae that should not be ignored and when it is settled it will be seen that such is the fact. A the most popular cigarettes Are the opera pulls at popular Price. -4-71y i the sunday closing movement is gaining ground in san Antonio end it will become More popular As it grows older. The apathy of san Antonio is strikingly painful. One would think from indifference that she did not care a Pinch if Arkansas pass had 50 feet or 50 inches of water. Or will add to the Comfort of these sex visitors to the White elephant in the flush times of a couple of years Back to read of an item that is floating around where it is stated a that the biggest poker hand held at Yale College for years happened one saturday night in a game in which five students were taking part. The Man who won Laid Down a straight flush on Spades with an Ace at the head of it and scooped in the Nice Little pot of $245. The Man who finally called him had four the Dallas Herald says a one million dollars each for Sabine pass and Arkansas pass would give Texas two ports with deeper water than can be procured elsewhere on Lier coast. Five to to millions could easily be thrown away on other ports of the Texas coast without deriving any appreciable the people of West Texas would be satisfied with an appropriation of $1,000,-000, which if expended according to plans now in use would give from 20 to 25 feet of water on Arkansas pass. That is the difference Between Arkansas pass and Galveston bar which will take $7,500,000 to permanently secure deep Iva Ter. West Texas Only wants a fair pro rata and not the entire bog believing that a state like Texas should have several Good harbours. According to one of Hie new York suns Washington correspondents an instance of refreshing courage was illustrated the other Day at the House of a prominent official whose wife showed a complacent Pluck not often been now a Days. It was Hee reception Day. And among the callers were several ladies who had attended a Large private party Given on the previous evening at the House of a millionaire whose wealth makes his wife envied by half of the women in Washington. Hut on Hie Day following her party she was made the subject of criticism at tills reception and was quite picked to pieces by these particular callers who had accepted her hospitality the night before. Finally they appealed to the lady on whom they we Ere calling expecting her to acquiesce and by directly put questions compelled an answer. A Well a she replied with the most Serene repose of manner and in a tone of Calm sweetness a i have never eaten of he bread and Salt and of course know nothing of Lier As a hostess. But if i had accepted her hospitality i should know nothing unkind of her either As a hostess or a St before colonel Bob Ingersoll started West last week says the Washington correspondent of the new York times he entertained two or three friends at his Home on fifth Avenue and not unnaturally perhaps somebody finally drifted the conversation Over toward religion and one Man was rather aggressive in his condemnation of All Herosy. This prompted colonel Inger Soll to Tell a Story. A my views regarding religion Are not generally understood a he said. A i am credited with a Good Many ideas that i have never entertained. I am very much like an old Indian of whom i have heard. An enterprising missionary with the tribe was Bent upon Hie conversion of this particular Savage. One Day out on the Plains the Good Man plied his subject vigorously till finally the red Man picking up a a titty. Bent Down and Drew in the Sand a Small Circle. A that a what Indian know a he said. Then he Drew a larger Circle round the first and pointing to it said a that s what White Man know but outside that Indian know much As White Many know the indians doctrine is my doctrine ended the orator. Editorial clippings. Mckinney Democrat. As the boys grow up make companions of them then they will not seek companionship elsewhere. Austin statesman. Peter Wise president of the strikers organization in Pennsylvania has been arrested and jailed. But no jury in that locality will convict him. W Aco examiner. They Are having a bad time with the socialistic Dis organizers Over in London. It is a pity hint there is no bread but where there is no regard for tile rights of others there will be no pity. Husk county news. There is not a newspaper in tbs state but that is opposed to the drummer system because it takes business out of their hands but they should not make War upon the men engaged in the business. The system Only should be fought. Houston Heramil. It is really refreshing to see with what promptness some of the one horse journals of the state come to the defense of Dillingham and the Central Railroad. The Public know what makes the Mare travel and also what will run some newspapers. Lil Anoo a tar vindicator. From All Over the country comes up the prayer that the Hillsboro desperadoes be punished to the full extent of tile Law for the late outrage perpetrated upon a conductor of the Missouri Poinc train. Such deeds us that might have been committed with impunity 20 years ago but they can to be now. That Day is passed and passed forever in Texas. Acc Day. Next May Hie most Gigantic scheme Ever contemplated by the labor unions will be inaugurated. It is to Force the adoption of the eight hour Rule in every department of labor throughout Tim u fitted states and Canada. As tile movement demands a full Days pay for eight hours work it will have a hard struggle to win. But of its promoter Are in dead Earnest As they seem to be the breach Between capital and labor will be widened More than it has Ever been by ail the discontent strikes and Boycotts of the past. Dallas news. One of the Jones senators lists been absent from his Post of duty for several months. The Chicago papers say it is Jones of Nevada and Hie new York papers say it is Jones of Florida. Both declare though that whichever Jones it is he is in Detroit putting in ills time in serenading a Young widow with a Cash capital of two millions of dollars. Pursuing a Young and gushing widow with this amount of capital to far More pleasant than sitting under the discussions generally engaged in by the Senate. Whichever fonts it is he is right. Bad but not hopeless when you have pain in your head lameness Iii your Side distress in your Back shortness of breath and frequent spells of coughing it seems pretty bad. Does it not Many physicians would give up such a Case As beyond restoration. But mrs. Nettie , mass., who was thus afflicted took Brown s Iron bitters Hod gratefully writes that the Prince of tonics completely restored her to health. It will restore you too u digested food Iii the stomach develops an acid which sting the upper pan of the Throat and Pill ate. Caus in it also evolves it ghz which produces a wind on t he and a feeling and appearance cd distension by that a Riniti after eating. For loth this aridity and swell lug Hostetler s stomach hitters is n touch Ted Ter remedy than alkaline skiis like smrt Teun and Carbonate of soda. A wine Glass Ful of the hitters alter or before dinner will be found to act As a or preventive. This Tine sped to for dyspepsia tooth in its acute and chronic form. Ado prevents and cures malarial fever constipation liver complaint kidney troubles nervousness and debility persons who observe in themselves a decline of vigor should use this Lim tonic without Day. Cur for plies. Plies Are frequently preceded by a sense of weight in the Hack brins and lower part of the Abdomen causing the patient to suppose he i has some affection of the kidneys or neigh a telling organs. At times symptoms of indigestion Are present flatulence uneasiness of the stomach Etc. A moist unlike Ite rant in Don producing a very disagreeable itching after getting warm is a common attendant t find. Heeding nod Belling piles yield it j once to the application of or a Oskanov a pile remedy which at is directly Uit ii the parts. Affected absorbing the tutors alluring the intense itching and effecting a permanent cure. Price fit cents. Address the or. To Kano Medicine company Piqua Ohio. Sold by Harry l. Fowler it. Oho a co., j. D. De Vine. J. Clarin. Own your own hous. The fifth series of Stock in Hie merchants anti mechanics Bufi Din or and loan association is now open. Parties desiring Money to build or Purchase on easy monthly instalments will to Well to Call and examine our system. Vav. A. Bony Nguk Secretary room no. 8 Soledad Block Corner Houston and Soledad Street. A 1-25-tf As a prevent ton and euro tor hog and Chick Ell cholera Kay Kentl sky Kon edition Inide Gisstand without a rival. A few spoonfuls mixed with meal Aud led to poultry occasionally will cure them of gapes and cholera Aud make them thrive. For Sale a by f. K allover arson. Special to artists. One of the fluent establishments i hat san an i Toto it not Texas eau boast of in the Art a gallery of c. It. Mueller at 2 15 Commerce Street. Here can la had artists and draught i men s materials of both Domestic and irn a ported kinds. Engravings chromes arum paintings Are on hand in an endless variety. Picture frames mouldings and materials for Fresco and sign painting in Large varieties. A a hum decorations and material for Wax How or in a Large assortment. Or. Mueller re i wives direct from factories Large shipments of paints oils and other material in that line us will a window Glass and line Domestic and in ported decorative Wall paper Art Specia ties in i Ilia establishment. 12-13-Ly a question about Browns Iron bitters ans of. Red. Tile question has probably been naked thousands of How can Brown s Iron bitters cure everything a Well it does no to. But it does cure any disease for which a reputable physician would prescribe Iro physician recognize in in a the beat restorative agent known to the profession and inquiry of any loading chemical finn will substantiate t be assertion r hat there Are More preparations of Iron than of any other Sii Stanco used in Medicine this shows conclusively that Iron is acknowledged to be the Roost in satisfactory Iron combination had Ever to it eau found. Browne a i Ron bitters eatts headache or produce constipation All other Iron medicines do. Browny Iron Bittern cures i a digestion. Bilious Ness w entities let pm Teri in >1 Al ii no chills and fevers tired feeling general debility pain in tbs Side Backer limbs hand Che and neural Gina for All these ailments Iron is prescribed daily. Browne a Iron minute. Like All other thorough medicines it sets slowly when taken by in i the first symptom of Benefit is renewed Energy. The Muscles then become firmer tile digestion improves the bowels Are Active. In comm the effect is usually More rapid and mat ked. The eyes begin at once to brighten the skin clears up healthy color comes to the Cheeks nervousness disappears functional derangement become regular Sud if a nursing Mother abundant sustenance is supplied for the child. Remember Browne a Iron bitters is the Only Iron Medicine that is not injurious. Of a Lytic want and a truly in a recommend it. The genuine has Trade Mark and crossed red lines on wrapper. Take no other. Epithelium a or skin cancer fur funeral Sears i suffered wit ii a Etinger on my foot. Eight months ago a Friend recommended the use of Swiff a specific and i do Ermine to make an Effort to procure it. In ids i was successful and began its use. The nil lie Nee of the Medicine it first was to somewhat aggravate the sore but soon the inflammation was allayed and i began to improve after the first few bottles. My general health has greatly improved i Ani stronger and Able to do any kind of work. The cancer on my face began to decrease and the ulcer to Ileal until Thoro is not a vestige of it left Only a Little scar Marks the place. Mils. Louie a. Met Don . Atlanta a. August la 1885. I Haye had a cancer on my face for some years extending from one Choek Bone across the nose to the other la has Given me a great Deal of pain it times burning and itching to such an extent t tint it was almost unbearable. I commenced using Swift s specific in May 1885, and have used eight bottles. It tins Given the greatest Relief by removing tin inflammation and restoring my general health w. It Alt x is. Knoxville la., september 8,1kk5. Treatise on blood and skin diseases mailed free. # the Swift is an he co. Draw and. Atlanta a. N. A 157 w. Sam St Horsford self raising a breach preparation. The health fit. And nutritious baking powder. Restores to the flour the strength giving phosphates that Are removed with the bran amt which Are required by the system. No other baking pow tier does this. It costs less and is healthier Aud stronger than any other powder. Home testimony from chemist ton utile indians standing in a line one drunk Iron bitters then there were nine tie Savage s mortal mistake the taking Iron hitters instead of Brown s Iron tonic the fines of medicines. But if any one alter feuding this suffering with a torpid liver sick headache malaria rheumatism or general debility makes the same mistake and Dies he deserves his Fate. For Sale by Ragland a co 6 excitement in Texas. Great excitement Lins been caused in the Vicinity of Paris Texas by the remarkable recovery of or. J. K. Corley who was so helpless he could not turn in bed or raise his head every tidy said he was dying of consumption. A trial Boti in of or. King s new discover was sent him. Finding Relief he bought a Large bottle and a Box of or. Kings new life pills by the time tie bal taken two boxes of pills mid two bottles of the discovery he was Well Aud had gained in flesh 38 pounds. Trial Bott Les of this great discovery for consumption free at a. Areias. A 2 keynote to health. Health i it wealth. Wealth Means Independence. The keynote is or. Bosanko s con ii and lung syrup the Best con ii 8 nip Iii tilt world. Cures coughs colds pains in the Chest bronchitis and primary consumption. One dose gives Relief in every ease take no other. Price 50 cents and #1. Samples free. Sold by la. L. Fowler it. Cohn amp co., j. D. De Vine .i.jclavln. 2 miscellaneous. Horses mules and wagons at auction. Every morning at to of clock Sharp commencing wednesday. Dece tier 23. Come everybody you Are All invited. On military Plaza Iii front of Southern hotel. 12-251 in 8. M. Wha own. An ordinance a prohibiting the driving of vehicles into or across the line of a funeral procession. By Itok Dainko by the City Connell of the City of san Antonio Section i. That it shall be unlawful for any one to drive his vehicle into or across the line of a funeral procession except at such places As May be a rented by the funeral manager. Sec. 2. Any person found guilty of a violation of this ordinance shall be fined in any up Iii not less than five dollars 5.00>, nor More than two Hundred do Lars c?20ffi. Passed february i lass. Ti.,8.1 approved by Yan Callaghan attest mayor. E. P. . City clerk. 2-5-10t san Antonio alexanders commercial music and school of Spe coultes no. I Husk Street san Antonio with a full corps of competent teachers. Terms for full ensure in Book keeping by double entry #18. Tuscon by the month Iii graded select or school of specialities #5. Music on piano or Organ by the month. #5. Leonidas d. Dibble attorney at Law no. 2kl. And notary Public. West Commerce St he it san Antonio Texas. W. T. T Rammell wholesale and retail dealer Iii lightning rods. Will do work As cheap As the cheapest. Leave orders at no. A i Acequia Street san Antonio Texas. 1-7-lm a. S. Chevalier lawyer collector notary pile san 43 Soledad Street Antonio Texas he ear nose ail those afflicted with any disease of the eyes ears nose or Throat can find the greatest and quickest Relief and cure at the syn it Ohio Eye and ear infirmary Cor. Of Houston and St. Mary a sts., which i is the most thoroughly fitted lip and equipped with everything necessary including the skill Ami experience As hundreds of cases can testify who have been treated there of any institution for Tho treatment of this specially in the South or West. . Tho following Are Only a few of the Many a ersome who have been benefited and cured by treatment it this institution for Catarrh a. F. Robinson Catarrh in Throat san Antonio B. Johnson Catarrh in Throat manager san Antonio Light f. Kuhn Catarrh of the head Denver col. Miss Mary Fraser Catarrh of the Throat and ears. Nova Scotia Frank Newton Catarrh of the Throat and eyes san Antonio miss e. Loundsbury. Catarrh of the Throat and head. San Antonio. The kure a a. Drescher san Antonio w. Dietert Boerne James Davis. Ban Antonio George son of w. C. Daugherty sheriff Frio county Pearsall Tex. W. Vav. Berry Esq san Antonio j. Ii. Murphy san Antonio e. T. Allen Pearsall j. H. Jones major T. Ted j. C. Diermeyer. San Antonio. The eyes a. H. Breeding Blepharitis Libaria major t Ted Pter Gium Ilc. Had state granular lids and keratitis Frank Newton stricture Lac Rymal ducts l. H Lambert daughter Diennor Lunate conjunctivitis Anton haian Iuda acute j. Vav. Casey daughter iritis Kanh Broslin. Choroid itis Serosa Vav a. Carnahan Pirido Cyc Litis ail of san Antonio k j. Vincent Cotulla ulcer on Cornea Vav. Ii Brown Leesville Gran tar lids and Erato iritis Vav. J. Hogge Eagle ass Cataract George Loos Berg daughter Castroville Etra Bilams Mae Sorell Belmont ent opium and Trichia Sis Robert Grier Pana Maria Pter Gium and Lukoma h 0. Burris Rancho chronic conjunctivitis and keratitis a. C. Decker Stockdale traumatic ulcer Aud hypo Ion w. J. Terriberry Saltillo Mexico traumatic glaucoma. 2-18-tf Eye ear Throat cabs. Dead. A 0. Al a our Lute surgeon to the new York ooh Haimof Hospital and professor of ophthalmology in the College of the new York ophthalmic Hospital. Diseases of Kye a it the boat and nose an exclusive specially. Refraction tested and Correct glasses prescribed. Office 40 e. Houston tit get. Office hours 12 in. H toil p. In. No office hours on sunday. Reside Nee 422 romans Street. Office Telephone it. Residence 3tu. _____9-18-gm d. Que a so merchant tailor 26 and 28 met in Plaza near French budding. Large Arni Fine line of full and Winter Saui a Les of suit patterns which will lie ordered As desired. Suits made to order at new York prices and tit guaranteed. Uniforms for organizations a specially. A a w method of renovating clothing guard ing the color. Repairing promptly done. Sgt mra Hutchins Houston Texas. Leading hotel of the City. Head quarters of the commercial men and tourists. Thos. B. Gale. Proprietor. R. Ii. Russel successor to Williams a Russell 42 Commerce St., san Antonio. It holes Var no . in Wall paper window shades. Pictures and picture mouldings artist materials paints Glass Etc. House san Antonio ice factory Gulf fish oysters soft Shell crabs and All kinds of game to order. Sfa a fwd of delivery system to All accessible portions of the City 11-18-Rtin Frank Starr wholesale and retail dealer in i George h. Kalteyer Kiu h w. Johns Asbestos liquid paints Averill ready mixed paints. Removed from Trevino Avenue to air West Commerce Street Texas of decorating and designing in the latest artistic Hytie by skillful workmen. Pic Tiue framing a specially u-2-3m ban Antonio. Tex., july i 1885. I purchased in this City a package of prof. Horsford a self raising Broil preparation and 8uhmitt gtd it to a chemical examination and find that the same is compost of pure and non poisonous chemicals. The idea of prof. Hereford was indeed a grand one in supplanting Tho indigestible tar Turato of soda which is always die end result of All bilking powders composed of Cream of tartar and Boda by the soluble phosphate of Limo and soda tin very nutritive value of bread Anil die Bone producing elements of nut u re. It is certainly Tho Best and most healthy bread rules Long preparation Ever offered to tile Public and every Kotlier that has Tim health of Lier children at heart should use no other. I can Only join in hic endorsement Given by the late celebrated chemist prof. Baron a. Liebig to hts preparation in saying a i consider this invention As one of Tho Mort useful gifts which science has made to for Sale by All grocers try it Missouri Pacific r y system International and amp Reat Northern r. R. Division. S o lid teai it s with All modern improvement through Between him ant is. Lair 5 a mini at is Ini i a Tex Ark an a. Via Denison without change of cars of any description Ami Only one change to Chicago Cincinnati Louisville Baltimore Washington Philadelphia new York Boston and other principal cities in the Horth and East. To train leaving san Antonio at 8 30 a. In. Has Pullman hotel car via Denison through. Line Between Philadelphia and Liverpool and the Quot Bud Start 8. S line be Ween new York Philadelphia and Antwerp. For full information Call on j. S. Manamara Vav. F. Simmons ticket agent 285 Commerce Street Kampitan building. Ticket agent i a g. N. Depot h p. Hughes b. W. Mccullough. P ja., Houston Tex. G. P. Amp A., Galveston. Texas am agent for the following select brands of oysters Berwick Bay Matagorda Bay new Orleans Lake Mobile Plant Biloxi Plant xxx select and select shrimp crabs hard Aud soft Shell. Will deliver goods to any part of the City free of charge and will promptly answer All mail inquiries As to prices. Telephone no. 388. First class restaurant in connection. Fresh Good of express for proof i Peter you to Wells Fargo repairing of Fine watches a specially. I do my own work and guarantee it to be frs Talasw. I do not employ help hence my expense is Small Ami can turn out work cheaper than any one. 25 Soledad St san Antonio i am constantly moving Trees for proof i Peter be amp Codex mess and Texas Kypres co agents matted fur tin j Missouri Steans Tureen nil Oyer the country Xvi or in wit tout Lenin. To. 6 i ital. Or. I . Hor i f la. Ltd of the i a i lit riic3f. to Oid to so. A inf j. U a Trout of i b in a a Quot a o bar 47 44 of a a ran Abos 1 n. Gnu Box Wirt far Lofti. My Low. Of Al Villi to Quot in of Ait Ioc set in in Aba in lbs by b Al i or or. U Janet it. v ii. For t.,a t it look at Nosb we Itta. A. In. ,0 t j. 01 to from j in to 1�?~ft s. In i a w . Of i Surv a Ina it it a tra Asui. Ii Utica it Biti ail 7 to4i . Out the of Iotis a Aal,arsonist,.&Quot i will Shin Mamie to thus Ali Sirius in trance on a week trial on i Benti terms. A Thouin Rand a feet ins Ibssa Ilithe world for saving la let or doilies sad soap in i iwo in Amu big Money. Write for particular. J Worth. Pox Mia. It. Louis to. San Antonio amp Arkansas pass railway. Mission route. Until further notice trains will run As follows daily except sunday leave sax Antonio. 8 30 a. M. A Ruik at Floresville. 11 30 a. M. Leave Floresville. 2 00 r. M. Arrive at san Antonio. 5 00 r. M. Connecting at san Antonio with Missouri Pacific Aud Southern Pacific railways a no Al Floresville with stage line for All Points South. U. Lott re Aid ant. Anil general manager. B. F. Yoakum traffic Malinger. A. T. Hensley amp so successors to Soule a Williams wholesale and retail dealers in colors in Oil and Japan plate and window Glass. Strictly pure White Lead boiled and raw linseed Oil Etc. 233 past Houston Street Sah a Thio a Obyrnes amp Kerr. Office a room i. Soledad Block. Composition or gravel roofing contractors for streets and sidewalk paving and curbing of Oak and any Klud of material. Make a specially of fillings and gravel walks. Work promptly attended to. Cut of a Wahrenberger amp Beckmann architects office and consultation rooms 0yes Lockwood amp Lampma Iino a former Bank Cor. Yturri and Commerce streets. Plans specifications and All information desired by those contemplating to build furnished. We acknowledge no Superior in the profession. Call and see us. Rice amp Dallas Lutc with Rice born amp co a new Orleans lad Bird us a diets oils Glass Etc. Stoves la a Iii ii j goods. Sole agents for c Olton Plant stoves and ranges i tits Best on Earth Iii �3assa-�,., i pm. A s n of York enamel print company a mixed Paim Best in Tho Market. Large line of heating s to yes at Low prices. Ai so 35 Vav est Commerce Street. Drop in and see us when you Are in town. I will put up $500 that i can take or. John Trippe a blood purifier and cure any Case of syphilis of scr Fula on Earth and guarantee a perfect and permanent cure. D. P. Barr sole ardent for the state Northwest Corner main Plaza san Antonio. Ie31. Schultze 18 still in the Bilbao and announces that he has the Farmer girl is tilt into this Market. Among such a,4 the Texas Beauty. Breakfast and Diamond in hand. Cooking utensils. Re Aud Agate Ware hard to Ltd shop for do Lii Jiuu fac galvanized is connected with my of promptly attended to Best and delivered free to any Hest stove Ever brought Lim other leading brands the new Charm Tho Early Large quantities always on cutlery table Ware Gran Ware Etc. A Well regulated Turing of c0rn1cew0rk Tuells Hiosent orders a Cedar charcoal on baud part of the City. Stoves for the million no. 0 West Commerce Street san Antonio Texas Martin amp Schryver of All sorts. Kinds and qualities i building m Hsiu Ial of All Kin is shapes or sues a Large assortment of ornamental got als always in Stock. We keen constantly on hand Largo Quantize of the never yet surpassed j. Hai Aehl a Barb and Fane wire. Avo Are successful competitor in Price and goods. Come and lie convinced. Office South of Sunset depot san Antonio. Texas a b. Smith amp son a merchant tailors 34 w. Commerce St. 3 w. Houston St. Keep always on hand a flue line of imported cloths Aud trimmings and will make be first class suit of clothes to order at now York prices. A tit and taint j. H. Marquart oppose Couitt House. Gems calf Bialis from #1 upward boys boots of Alt descriptions boys Olio i suit Aud Grain in Button and lace. The sea Miest Oxford Patent leather dancing pump nicest shoo in the Market. Elegant opera slippers just Lite thing for a Nice present. Full line of heavy Booth in the Market Price #5.u0. Come Aud examine them. A Complete Stock of gents Fine Button Lack Aud Gaiter shoes. They should be seen to be appreciated. It Tajn addition to my Stock of boots and shows i carry All kinds of shoe polish for ladies and children s shoos and Tho celebrated a it. M. Blanking for gents shoes. Orders for Guy styles of boots and shoes will he promptly executed. A Nice fit Aud general satisfaction guaranteed
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