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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 14, 1891, San Antonio, TexasSaturday be Huary 14, 1891. Personal notes. Col. Ii. Liro Okor is in Austin. Trunx is Olobri Vittit his Twenty Iii Ali Maive Siuy today. Or. W. K. Kick Hurdt a practising physician of Houston is in the City. A. 11. Policy of Sutherland Springs is among the in rivals. J. M. Jonns of Trio Piedmont air Lynu is in town today. Allen Mccoy of Victoria is at the Mcneur. Mrs. Frances i Suifili and family arc Tuo Mengor from Indianapolis. Miss in Arlo Llorna i lady of goes to Austin in Morrow to visit friends. Hush it arcs Suni Kiir agent for Trio Chicago Alton Rieuf wus in tie City yester Dikiy. V. Men Ltd. Of Trio Mav Ricl printing House is Down with a vaccinated inn. Tho Rov. Or. C. C. Mali pan. Tin i Mhz pastor of Trinity methodist a Nirdi will ill Tho pulpit Ami Niy Lii Tomor Row. Or. Otto Koo Lilor inane Irrer and vice Percsi Datil of i Herity trowery. Is nil Aid out among his friends Misrain. Lie Neon ill for a month. In Kelv. In reply to in Arl Icli published against. Me As being in unlit subject to represent the coloured i Apliss of Han Antonio 1 deny Tho claim of having Power to represent All of i lie baptists of the col ored clip folios for if i did would be compelled to jul act my representation with a Riipi Eoal if i would include the Inan .1. Davis for be is a Man in on City without and can show no credentials by which to to recognized minister of the gospel and he tins Boon denounced by eleven honorable Kap list Brethren members of the third list Clarich As by Fuji morally unfit to Lead them and their families As n preacher. Now if there be such an organization Anion the coloured baptists known As a Deacon s Union it Lias Only member ship of two Davis and tones and thai is too Small to protest against to. And As to my being excluded 1 was excluded at my own to Unito with another Church we icon the pastors Don t in Jisc on to liner widowed Mem hers. I have lived Here 27 years and i at Home. H r. Awdeh sex. It Jal is Tatje. Deals and the i Ricks they a ring Cracker manufacturing company to p. If. Piece of ground fronting21 Vanis on Alamo Atid Tiova mrs. M. A. To w. One-1iiird lots 4 and bounded by North Newsum. Centre Ami Indianola is reels. J. Sharer to Ruot Init to. Block it lot Street. Fico Anderson and Russ to a. Iut5 10 and 11, win-1 throw s lies addition. New Laius i ump any to ii. Martin lot m. Section Lake View. Iris Luu Lieb and to Vojt. Irs acres Survey i Ltd. J attention Knowlus of poll wins. A lumbers of Lotus and Elk Are Ron Psi a to Mei i ii Hall Tomor Row sunday Afie Nonn it. To Iris o clock promptly. 10 attend tie funeral of our deceased brother i. F. Trestor. Of Union Loci go no. Lit. Aurora Indiana. Visiting Brethren invited. I. It. C. C. Lotus Lodge. C. Swinik. C. C. Elk Cut. To Missy cremes u sons Tiou. Editor Light. In the. Express of this morning. Capt. Hennessy is report Cert on the Hunt for a turkish lady was that a Blind. it is Seldom you Iii seen that All sorts of educations . A Skod by in excited i Ophice the following is a simile lie is Ping to demolish the licit Oftie for Tho Small pox scare and another was he. Running for i Niyor. Of san another was he trying to sol. The two red Cap s in Juil. To make olt with the he says Scott s red Cap scarred the voters from the polls in Ward no. 1. How is it capt that one Hundred and six new voters were added to Ward no. 1? How is it did of Scott s red Cap. Mike the addition of thuse. New faces from ii san i Edro District or was it simply to Fri the lire Man for the hat Cave. Capt. In Tinesley Kii Cai ii such notions. p. To All a Fathke o1jjkc18. To utilize Hon Unuk liter s Corpse por Souto in uni i Rinkor. The readers of the luit will r member the yellow Blanket i ideas Story which appeared in Itie of Antun or this paper some few weeks Olono which was obtained from the Naff i Auto Beau of a Loca Piid retaking firm and the allegations of which were denied by the City health officers. The Udert Skeg firm suddenly grew very erotic our in the matter of information which Auto ii was in Sico ousted for until it was Joist recently Learned that what i system allo person Tiniou of certain Loul local physio thus was Bei to Trout it to Bear upon the undertaker hone the origin of the Atory was strip owed to have come. I to statements As made to the Lia Irr by party who claim god to i now All about the affair was As follows not Many Days ago Jib daughter of us old resident of Titis City died at the Hospital of a con tar Lens disease. The physician is said to have summoned the father of Tuo child and gave him instruct Loiis As to the burial of the child. He also eat to him you buy your coffin at such and such a Tho father looked tit the physician bewildered and remarked that to knew where to obtain coffins without being dictated to. The physician Tore out a Blank Page of his prescription Book and wrote out the Lauio of the undertakers and handed it to the stricken father saying you will get your Cofton Iron his father who suspected that the corps of his daughter was to used in the persecution of a certain who had evidently fallen into the physician s Disfavour Toldt Tho paper and placed it in his pocket. He then proceeded to the undertaker from he at first intended to Purchase the co Tiu and pave him Tho prescription Blank bearing Tho other under taker s name. This its the information which the to Toht obtained and in order to verify it the undertaker in question was ask oct to show the re Porter the name in question which he did. The prescription Blank bearing the physician s printed ii Atno Atid in Bis own handwriting the name of the other undertaker was shown and the Story it was ascertained which had been told the Light Man was also told in the same Man Ner to one of Tho employees of the firm by Tho father of the defused Young lady. The original copy of this order can to seen the to Toht office. The Reader will pass judgment on this Mattor while the Skunk Hunting Lih Elors for the King ure inv Ltd to catch they Nan. A Mammoth the largest und most Wou Cherful Spring of fresh water in Tho world in on the Gulf coast of Florida in Hernardo county Tho Woskow Keheo River a Stream Large i enough to i Lovit a Htu All Steamer is made entirely of water spouted from this Gigantic i mural Well which is co fee tin dmm oter Nind til out 70 or 80 feet deep. Who have Ana lazed water say that there is not a Trace of organic matter in its com position and that it a tie most pure and fresh of tiny Spring in America. A Dimit tossed into Tho Spring Nan be seen lying on Tho Chittom us plainly a it could water. Flirty Jivon. There was u jul vote Liy minuet Al Mior and the or Alc Ieuse. No. 217 King William Bimm dancing wat tie older of the and served at 11 o Olinik. The Young lad to were ass Lutoll in entertaining by the for Uro Llu a or. Henry Tia Tor no Wem lome hoping that it Wii unit be i very Long time before they would Moo a Mohanco to Pasa such enjoyable evening As the last proved u be. Those present wire Alides Eleanor Tia Tor 1 Oska a tartar i ii Jucs Dur Loii j Mcc i Yuruy Kertie me Kurland Slapp Maude Lula Wolfi Hart Al miss Lassner Mies to Biuso from Denver col., Kunu Crawford a misses Pau coast misses uke8, Bartlett. Hen bad Bobbi Lokman Chas. Vyule . Tapp John Dillon e. Fernandez Everett w. Hamu iou Frommer h. Sartor s. Koeuigs Lerr w. K Kalteyer j. Waelder John Wilcox biome. Eating Avien hut Irry. Speaking of eating there is coming nto practice with that portion of so Iet that goes in largely for country be the year round an English cub of Welch has a great Many com Neu Daule features about it. This is keep the dining table always press Otto Larder always of u. Under this Rule people eat when key Are hungry. Nobody used a ate for breakfast because there a no it hour for that meal. Those who re in the House Are Likely to Assem be at the same time. Tom and Dick us Tilly and Dolly who have goo it for a morning Waik or redo. May it Bach when they choose and still us food to satisfy their sharpened filet Tea. Dinner is of course a Moal of a Erlau Forn Pality because the diners re sure to Drift Back to the House of their various diversions or pm Loyt neut about the same time. Tint Roa fast and luncheon ure made subservient to the convenience of Tho Reah Factor or the Luncher so that he Early Riser May nol have to Amish or the late Riser s Sake or the late ser got up so Early As to give Hui Elf or herself a fit of indigestion. The Only Pennye who to far not prove of this go As you please Stem of bodily refreshment Are the Erv auts. But they will no doubt it used to it before it goes out of Salon. New York world in a Glass of common Well the Steamer which makes regular excursion trips up nil Down the Woko Wesbee is often Ilon Ted in to Tho cavity of tie Spring Butkau not he Mude to stay in Tho Centre As the Force of the Listug water forcing it to the sides of the Basilii. To Spring Aud 2000 acres of land adjoin ing belong to two Chicago Wapl taoists who Are sort. Making it i pleasure re subject at Camhi a Nihil i i Al Nirali Lonin Itow n invited. Services Ilo ii p. M. Proton. I a Lor. Social Send ii Iii Onnik at the clinic i. Ushii it or lie Nin Racli Cor. San i Cirn ave. I la lieu a Venn Itiat Ai in Travis in a 11 a. In. And a. By the Pas Tor. 1 lie Kiir tiny a i. In., i. Prayer Noju Jinjr is held p. In. Pinson. Histor. Tin Ivity i1 m. By tin. Rev. Or. C. C. Mclean. Send ii is Iione m. 1 Republic r. A. Rio res and Fonston sin of is Kev w. Neil. D. 0. Pastor. 11 a in. Anu m. Send ii Schnol n a. M. Toni Orai ily f los cd. The turf theatre last night closed its doors to the Public for a couple of weeks in order to make some Neces sary repairs and general improve ments All around. The shut Down la merely a temporary one or. Volino expects to reopen it if possible at the Ond of two weeks 16 cases ii Youthful bin stars will Uoo Uey alias Norton a White boy and Albert Price a coloured boy have been arrested by the officers charged before Justice Adam with the crime of Bur salary. Their cases have Boon referred to the grand jury now in session. On the Slat of january the lunch Cou Utor at the i. G. N. Depot was and robbed of a consider Able amount of change and goods Aud since Thon the Oll Icera have been on the watch for the perpetrators of the deed. George Brown is the proprietor and he makes Tho affidavit. Or Harrison s in Turca. Tomorrow evening Rishe s theatre be Given Over to audience of Englemon when or. J. Cha los h r you a distinguished speaker trav Ler Aud specialist will lecture on Nedical matters to the sterner sex. He doctor has devoted i buy years to 10 study Nti practice of his chosen special tips nud in his Leo lures Here e will impart much valuable in format pm to Tho gentleman present. To lecture will be vary handsomely lust ruled by moans of vivid Tiss Olving views of Anatomy arc Aud Ravel. Adolph Garcia and Annio Rako heal Jones Aud Sualan Webb. Imrit Alles Livy s Joko. From a foreign in Attar. A grim stroke of humor a being attributed to the Marjuia of Ai Lesbury in Wiltshire. A Large Supply of hand grenades for extinguishing fire had been ordered Lor the mansion at Bav Erna a. After All Tho corridors had Boon sufficiently supplied there were still Rix of the grenades Over. A servant asked the Marquis what should he done with them. reflected then replied i think you had in my Collier. His and a moment better put them prominent dead. This morning at h o clock or. B. F Textor the Well know architect and citizen of 8an Antonio who though not claiming a Long rest once in this City had become quite prominent died at. I to Porter Hon Sojin this City of after but a Short ill Ness. Deceased was so years of ago and had removed from ii., to Kan Antonio and bore was Una Rod to mrs. Porter. The funeral will be attended to Norrow by knights of pythias and Odd follows of which orders Censed was a no inner. Iannes a vegetarian cat. Join Lon i Mieki. The vegetarian propaganda in making headway. The latest con Vert to the cause in Demon a Young eat Black As inight who shows a re preference Lor vegetarian and Farinace Ous Over carnivorous diet. Not yet schooled Down into hones ways he was discovered dragging in Triumph from the dining Tuble a Lar Joe Cucu Niliba in preference to a Lamb Cut let which Lay equally within his predatory reach. I had fixed mushroom spawn in boxes in the wine cellar and forgotten the until Demon having slyly accompanied me there was found devouring a Small mushroom stalk Aud All Wita much avidity. Raw potato is preferred to meat Trio hard crust of dry Toast is crackled with gusto nud i found him Tho other morning crunching and acting an eggshell. There Are no mice about but Demon neither starves nor thrives. Poor labourers on Tho Rock a Ravel pits have been notified that the Money is All out and Al tar this week there will be no More work. -1 he old Book store has Otue to will poll you a rvs a Roll. Cash Price paid Tor Hooks. School books and boo a to Texas wanted 228 bunt next door to Oun s h Hoe h Tore. End still la the Lead. Moire Selling to actual Home builders than in any other subdivision in the remember those Lota Are All 50 feet front and Selling cheaper than dirt. If you Don t believe it investigate. Terms very easy. Breezy Newman agents 423 East Houston Street. 1 7 to goo will buy two fice building lots on government . Finely located. A Cert Check on accepted As ii in. T. Johnson. Ollice. If three Fine residence on Garden Street noir two Streetcar lines can be had it a Low figure if Boucht oily. This property will Only to of the Sirkot for a Short Timo. . T. Co. Our Friend the bedbug. If you would no Lockly and permanently i Tull boxes rough on hath in a pint Boll to of 00117.1110, a Bike Well when Donees Trio mixture into the trucks. Crevices Nous and Wiiri Zingg of Trio Bedstead. It will turn to Weir tons no rapidly. Then Nix another Small Box of rough on Rais Trio roughly with a Quarter Pound of Laird with this mixture Lill All holes on Yiirs cracks and crevices in tie bed. Huso two methods arc warranted never to fail to be effective and last incr. Cut his out for directions. Pronounced topless yet saved from a Lett Rby mrs. Ada r. Hard. Of Rolon d., to quote taken will a cold Ali ice settled on my a ouija Sot in and terminated consult Ilion. Four doctors gave me say Iii 1 could live but a Short time. 1 myself up to my Kaytor determined r i com not stay with my friends on Earth j would meet my absent ones above. My Liu Shand qua advised to get or. New discovery for consumption Conss and colds. I gave it a trial look in All eight bottles it cured to and to blink god 1 no now a and Hearty trial Bottlo from at dress drug store regular Roc and 1 in in Public Sale. Rodico depot. Quartermaster san an Tonio Texas. February Rah. Issell. will be sold it Public auction at this pot on thursday March 5th, 18u1, at in o clock a. In., a lot of condemned Public it stoves saddles weapons tools mowing machines. To. Complete list. Be seen at Lii Soffiee. J. W. Sum me ii a yes capt. And ass. Or. Mi-., u h. Army. This is what you Onset to have in fuel von must have it to fully enjoy lire i Lio sunds Are Siire Litnor for it daily. And inti Miina i cause they mud it not. Thous and upon of dollars lire spent and inlay by our people in the Hope that they May attain this Boon. And yet it May be had by All. Guarantee Liat Ivl Hectric. Hitters if used to directions and a in use persist in. Will lir lip you Pood digestion and oust Tho dyspepsia and install instead Cui Pepsy. Recommend electric i litters pm Dys Yiep Iii and of tin liver Stom Ach ail kidneys. Hold at . And ? per Little by Dreiss Tot Epson. Dir to. 2-10-lm a wonder worker. Or. I rank Huffman a Young Man of her Linton. Ohio states that he bad Eli under the earn of two prominent phys Cinns and used to Weir treatment until was nol Able to got around. They pronounced tils Case to to consumption and incurable. He. Was persuaded to try or. No s new medical discovery for con sumption coughs and colds and at that Timo was not abbe. To walk across the Street without resting. He found info in lie. Had used half of a Dollar , that be was much Heller be continued to use it and is today enjoying Pood health. If you have any Throat lunch or Chest trouble., secure a Boulo at once and pin. It a fair trial. We juju Tranten satisfaction. Trial Bottlo Freo it drier store. Theun Versal verdict or who Navo used Clarke s i tract of flax in Callon skin cure award it Tho first and highest Platco he a rated Fol Bukont in All Bobos of skin . Krysl plus , in a Litchos erupt Lonb i Oill carbs Voloa Tutor oto., full yield to this won ilor Ful at onco. Arleo Al for 8 Largo bottle it f. Enl Tyyor s drip for Storo. Clarke s Flati soap a Vood for the skin Trutt 2-17 i i Encl no flu noted a Rand pennyroyal pills original and Only genuine. A nah Blue ribbon Rynko o other. Be file v br1 rattus Lari. Totiicjtiai-4 Lic Llcy far in Jitter return 1. 10.600 is ame i hllndo., used in millions of years the Standard. I proper Vitili com with in Cine ithary no Cal to Piv serve any it if of or under the ground it ars Una keep in or s. It is Usi a by the 1 til pm pics of Milroad Neil other us us As All to Cal estate i is kill for fun la. Aud circulars r Call 011 Sticks it sons Sun Antonio tax. Path its. Caveats and Titi in Refl of tuned and n Pizont Tea loss Oon Ducick for f Odb office a opposite u. 8. Patent and to can secure a Patent in Leas Timo an it loss Cost than Thomao Remote from Egton. Send Noodle a drawing or photo., with ton. To adv so if patentable or not free o Chargo. Our fee not duo Tell patents to ours a Little Book How to obtain Matonti Fath Nemoa of actual client in your int of unto. Or address of a. Opp Matisi Omot Wasi Moio the eminent specialist speaker and traveler. Two medical lectures to men Only. Sunday night feb. 15th, at 8 o clock errors of admission free. Wednesday night feb. 18, at 8 o clock so Ecim skate cause Hubli admission 25 Jas. Both lectures will be handsomely illustrated by Mearis of vivid Disalv ing views of Anatomy Art Aud travel Elrand opera House t. W v Friday matinee feb. Vij Aud 14, la the american comedy a barrel of new and Beautiful scenery Aud mechanical effects show lug Tho great Iron Mill scene. Feast of new Musaio. Every thine new Bright and tetchy. Pearl Beer estate of Alvina Schulze ceased. No. Tho state of teide to the Buriff or any cons Tabion hear county you Are hereby commanded to summon All persons into oat cd in Tho eat Ute of Alvina deceased a injured on the docket of Tho county court of by Xor county no. 1015, by making publication of this citation for at least Twenty Days previous to the return

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