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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 13, 1891, San Antonio, Texas5p-Kiday, feb rally 13. Railroad time table. I. A q. N. Railroad. Ukr a turks. St. Louis via Iron Montr or m., k. To. H. M St. Louis via. Iron Mouru route p. M in. From St. Louis Iron Mountain and m., k. To. A from St. Louis Iron Mountain and m., p. M from Laredo. P. M Bouthern Pacific Railroad. Iii Couoh xxi Kess . In Dave or now a. M Alt Luck from Tuk Kast. Arrive from Vonland Oai Veston Iii South West. Sheave for san Francisco Elpaso and p. Id arrive from Han Francisco Elpaso and Eagle a. M a. A. P. Route. Depak tults. A Jeavous for Korr daily except sunday p. M tie aves for Galveston Houston Cuero daily port and Heck the daily of cent sunday at. M . From a Orrville any except trom Corpus Rock port and Beeville Dally except sunday at. P. M from Galveston Houston Ana Cuero Dally. At . Little of everything. Juvee visiting cards. How to get them inquire of Fred. Small City subscription Ottlie Jeave you lost found or want anything if so advertise in the Light and it will lie Mads known. Live Yankees to come to Texas with their capital to develop the country and push the old Mosa every Republican in Texas to subscribe for Tho or Antonio Light the Only genuine Luce pendent Republican paper in flab Bol Tell. Gear in mind that Frank j. Britol Leeps builders hardware and Lum ber at Trio International and Groat North Ern to Ideal. Out in the great Iroldo world love is for and i Barck through tie endless la rub of 1 or Iho face i it Tost Bull co. My heart whispers Low i find and i tce.1 no minivan list calmly 1 for own to 1 or Tiu fati of Rny tit Ringo Tevise Iff 1 Shull la i. My Lio Mic Ili irling Ivy tin in in a i is. Liytlii1 tin Wilto brow flu of Lior thurr will in co Nikl of int stuns nor of Hoft Atnel pm i in Iii 1iiiv.t 111" Wenry time. Aii a Wel Iolli Llull Enlil Lior Linioul i Strunic clip 1 clo Soto Dicarl a or nil Walting am Crouch in Brooklyn a close Gall the firm of which i was the Junior Carlner bought Largo of Wool. I usually made the purchases and at in nos was to travel far into Tho Hie Tsi taking with Inos Ovorn thousand dollars upon each trip. To carry t ii. i a pair of Raddle with i fur tie Vicki of and n place for a pair of pistols. Tiiu inter for much of Way ambit i lie wild and to tit from them sign highways. When 1 the Wayside hotels i was to carry the Money to the table with and ices pit in room at night for few of the Ilac Eshad any secure Sii Fostor vaults. Money was nut Genu Biilly in Cej Ioctl in the owners of Wool so the in Aler Phi rec of the Money in fold. Two a templs had Lieen i aft to rub and .1 bad become wary and in pinions Yir the profits we inside Wen so that 1 was unwilling to Sive up the one Day we received n Telegram that reads err All tin1 word you can. It is surf the. A that Means i Hanl trip for i said at the yellow slip but the sooner 1 am off the Moro Wool 1 sin the Telegram reached us at .1 in the afternoon. At the next morning i was on the Road had in Luvnia of yer , .ftrun.-r. Yuu must Uii Vij Firanek it Rich Tho Ginver i Luule Kinue. lowly. Duvini Tho Pill but Lizul cart eur into the barroom of a la no times quid Tho last time 1 i Oivind unit be secretly ii cloned to us to go out of doors. Tiu Liu left Usu room 1 to follow without Iii attention. Tho Luid Dlo of Lite wide so Innel Amiron Ched id you Beo two Meu Ona ii i Tjui ii to prison now Myrtlf .1 rub fed Jug Dru Iseo from Trio full. Thu Rock in Mil i Imd so Vight shelter tic Vernl mis Rigi us in ten or twelve foot Bovo Trio ground. 1 Olim Vigil up feet Tinl u Knirr no Crevice Trio will buy a Nice two Story brisk Home and a s wit established a Rosery business centrally Loun Ted. So. T. Co. Dail san Antonio Light the St Ami beat afternoon paper in la Livor Flat he Ninell or Carrier Wells hair Balsam. of tray ele Graut Tokio stress intr ofic 510. Druggists or size prepaid by express e. 8. Wells Jersey Jit a. By a Tarry remedy. Catarrh it Medy a Marvel of Yoiiro for Chi Irli Dipti Thorla can Lori Mouth Uirt head Acilio. With Taoh bottle Thora Han in ninja in door or Trio Intro a Covael Lii Troa Guiont or those complaints Price 5fl in site. Sold a a la Burklen b Arnica . The just Salvo in tie world for outs a Niles sorta Ulois suit to Tor chapped hands Oil Batna and All skin eruptions and pos Lively cures piles or no Puy Ren Irod. U is Kim anted to give Morfoot satisfaction or Money refunded. Artoe 26 por Bui for Sale Hyall Rotea find Ali omit 8on go s. Whim Anlu. Rough on itch ointment cures Bukiu Humours Paltu flesh Worms worm Tetter bait ileum frosted feet chilblains Itou Ivy Poison Harber e Itoh scald head eczema 50o. Drip or trist or tall. E. 8. Wells. Joraboy n. J. 8-9-Ly. Remarkable Rescue. Mrs. Michael curtain 1 a infield Iii makes the Sintic Merit that she caught Coli which settled on her lungs she treated for a month , but grew worse. He Toltl her she was i Hope less victim of consumption Una that no Medicine could cure . Her for Nirgis in crested or. King s now discovery for consumption she bought a Hottle. And to her ctn Light round Hor self Tojiu fitted from the first dose. its Iso Anil after taking ton bottles of Ted Lio self sound and Well now dons nor own housework and is As Well As she. Ever was. Won i rial bottles of this great discovery at Driss drug Stern Large bottles Noe. Send for their to tonys 1 jul by Iti Utility lit Trio Fonelli Insil i Summit. Iii n in Soi it upon tin cps Risili Iki t mum a fur in in Suver from this cd i iral it in is were Doii i by Wil i Pini fir. While Iii liars upon contained ii no pcs Iii s Lor Lincks mid . I of one inti who Liis Al Tooji luring tic Hummer Jinn i Siml some from i out. I built a in for i inuit it i Jai Lilic Linuse hit Cly Luibil to in i Tiow Trio inviting but i a cd. to Ilii Fri St a com Iijima Llu be trip.-. A lir oed i Liun was Ojiri Milf in Lungi i of the Usu Llonel if i Mill Ilin it to Kneuker s j-Lii-i1i Tom reply but it s u hard in Trio time giving Piliro Rions is nearly is possible. I san nil us be ended saying i Vonlil in Al a time Trio Vilice in u year s time. Ii there no of hero with the Ronto who in with to lie Pitari a is Nom int and Almu Siirid aliens s Dill the half Breed to knows lie ii ii Well As old Rucker lieu Milf. 1 i Luon you can gut Bill to Bill was prom pay into Rio Wail. You pay i Anil was the Brief but reply. Tow required Shu i was Jiro Misuta Ami he it once to carom Pliny . The Clinner wan set aft. Instead sullen Mill morose like Guibilo wus a talkative a lieu oat til of and inn h till on Clumsy to closely uni i he come on Iurii i i diked de in he Rob stage Conn a Stiitt Viii hts 1 of chord. Was the answer five years he Rob the and jul inn. Slaybe lie no Odo know him. I re Iii Emlick. I Tell you and Tell so Yon look Init for i thanked tin fellow Ted rewarded him in a inti Tuico for the warning of value to . On Ren Trnini to the i now watched of Isider Noble att Natien. There wits nol Hirik of the Rufii Iii about either and i would have thought Mui e i them than any of the teamsters that stopped at the Mitoi for the it not own for the half Breed s elation. As ten lighted inc til room ii told to 111 .1 Indian had snid o him. To to he on vex t Viii Rich to la hid of tin bed. At i hat 1 raised pistol and Criel. Stoic. I will a for the Dovir. And i tired at t r. In ant. Aery of lint 1 Omni Ray lied Vul hed to tie door of tin retreating a Grandfather to his wife. Flu ii Lii fair lilt of irony by youth Lavt in Ltd Tirol Alivn Colim Liml la Init i. Tin Tim of Mil of in Ihk i out Ihor Tinl Luy Ill. 1 lid not the Glimmer of a Hind n Low Rock and was thus enable to locate at least one of enemies Aritoo Pizur Down i run to Tho further us tic Ledye to a shot at him i was disappointed for to was still hid Dii fro in i that by crawling up to Hill a Short distance i could Tho Protection of a St com reek. This i instantly Ilia every Inonu int fearing they would make a Ili in for Tho fold which was still upon they evidently did not realize that i had moved from Tho Rock near Tho dead animal and were afraid to venture. Hutching the second f Frimd to annoyance that i could not yet eco the hidden robbers but by Piti Linic self Belli i fallen tree was lit Hist within sight of them. They were crouching of the ground behind Low each u round thu end of it intently the spot where they Hud in disappear. Though it seemed an it had really c Lily a of minutes Sinco to Iii first shot was at . And they were evidently waiting till they could Tell whether 1 was injured or not. I now raised pistol took careful aim and . The Ball struck the Man who Ivas in Naldini tic Ujj Iii killing Kia itis Tuii by. The other with a cry of Viitel seized the Rii be and lir cd to lire Slu to. Sit to in succession. The bal less whistled be and of of them struck the log behind which 1 Lay. Thin was so thai 1 dared not raise head to a Jelmini . 1 thereto e term i l air us still keeping Flat Nihi pro ibid and Bacler Korea distance. The tree in falling Haj struck an old lop upoi1 in and broken in two. Where the t Vij each other was a space under l Broi Ccu Iree through who h 1 could see adversary. 1 rapidly Tho Arlo away until i could a shot at him. Lie Lud run up mils nearer and now stood partially in find a Mixail Rock intently watching Point where he had last seen . Jusi. As t reached the pistol Hick Al lie moved a Mikhly hut 1 and Knue cd Tho from his Eliut i Vir. Nii Divi Rieuf Toni i Liuo of the lev a it ii in of Trio i Mill a. In 1-. Tili Asart Liu i. Hll Liat in a ii Rill nit i or upon found the an hour urine if ii t and Lii i Linin the 1 i ii t or Liis . See tie has received tie largest Stock of imported Ever Bron glut to san Antonio. To will mane you a most cuss in Folkson at the lowest Rulyne doa t forgot Toucan at once on the popular tailor Val Lorra Lii ii it us s i to. 1 in. Ovil or Lar j v. to tain1 if Rutili u in Iki Idu a a Camp wont. My it is mini and the jul Ile Lien a run up i d ill Dio h to us. 1 i t in uni Iii House t Vul her unit , Ler june to no of the a .1 you the Pirio hirer for to Tartu the had. i of Over i i he Litolf Breed Init. Id Ivr More travellers figure. Tiv Ball i Vida Billy inv it did Iii i mad race und the next Mon enl we the Jwili Gallop a Chi Isle of the Lions is an instant men Rashmir Ali in Roo ii each one Rry in a to the cause lie was Brief. But it Louk in Linin i inv to in urls Hie excited Keiit but few slept tin a Iii Isidor of the it was that tie had made and their horses near by. Had they in they would have disappeared in i to Nii lit. I Hen Day us Light spots of blood were visible i the Hall Lionor and on the stairs but a for some Ristanen along the Road Yevcak a nothing fihe robbers so it was evident bid not a Serio is one. Trusting that i had Seu the last Kohms lire i Vetty secure can see. But be feed von Well in said the in it. Tin litre Niyor a of Weic not tics Lra is to be to. To for tie they were outlier till Antivo mid 1 Over Heird them ask the landlord Wiinie nid business. My suspicions were div ily Irons Cal and 1 no iced that they scorned in oersted in in find the holsters closely. As we left the Din a Ronni Une of them who Ash in ii it k. My Eri ical. I was pinned 1 Lay lip in Ide with right noir the the two men Sacii a in in mind. Ran to from ill mini a Fri Blihor Haj to tin and Nua h a to Luck ily Liann a i free and 1 could reach inic of in Genii inc i in dearly As by Ile. I i Tki Al tii Lovoi Vrr Loose raised myself lived it the to ice. Tim Hall a him in tie hand and can led him to Imti the with an oath he bark and Tho two a might shelter 1 Iii imminent Lander Fortuny could make a it tour and tip Proiti h in such a manner that i should heat Tsitir merry. Their Advance and shot took but i Fri idiom of a moment so that Ovir the death Gles of Tuimal . In to partly himself from lug and As his body was to and the two i crawled a hands and Knees to a Rock Iii in few feet of . Will Vav i to. To d i v i in at hold i give in Don t i said Don t tiv Tho and took out i said out up. In was a Jav Well i him i a Dan to i v v on Bis i cd i Wheeli the Lohie lost object. And if bi.. Jio had Iii the Hind r blow nil Yash Fri Mil in Over his face. I tool finl made a t or Arni. By ii slant it Wilh t stick to ski . 1 Imp to in who in is in tint la t Oil. Of tin1 Ihfe i a by inn 1 Ili old Loti. Tin ik-al1 Cit Jii Siire or1 i was Rev t Onia cur our s jury and thu Siaion Meit. It awl the Fri stink in Rob fir i alien dim a. I Vas i Xii titled from nil blame the boil of the Man 1 Icille Bui cd and in the of a. Few Nuu Ineil As to a Ohk term in s. Doynton in Ovici Lar l. A Dace Klohs Story. 1 a not wealth in but contented 1 am still it but Happy. To list b Liliu be Vici h Trio teas a a Iii i a co and thoame in Ivins Ludjin. List nil Short Mouth ago i no 1 Sulu d p o e Comfort lodgings in the City of sewed Reini Fory us stuns Lushing Wil Hijii a of any Iem Lelo take Tiit Eini Loyt sent of Hank but 1 in thebe anti i lil of the John. The i Iii Ilien at the Fountain we in a rail up i tie path. It n Kim have Jha Tovy tii1 coining , bit up a abound 1 per Ivi Voil that the substance was a very Bidy Wilt Ron Isle Brno hint Licavsi been vhf Hond Piai Lars of t in and Lii minor looking at lion a i Nunno 4 Gulden ringlets. You need nut imagine that 1, solar of was in Lovo Wil n a the kind. She was at awl a Little boy a Host Oil near Vii inc Lous med with i1. Pit i e of Silver told Tunit. She was a widow who owned a snip ill farm ont Iule tin town and Tyml Lier mime was mrs. Faber. He also informed her brother lived Wilh her Ami munged the Lukin tie foil Wiki morning i greatly surprised tried hurry 1 invers by praising the widow Fabor mid request Intro detion. He maxell at men moment in astonishment and i think Thutt to really thou rat of Knock ing to Down with Webster s dictionary and Vallini for to Island a. Cut Harry was eni Aiti d himself and soon to pro Hendi d the slate of affirm is. So to the Book upon the table and in Vil cd to a Pieniel which was to Visiko place in 1 in Woods in is few Days where i should meet Tho lady nut be Intro this de. I pure lived n new suit of clothes a in unti Ful wig and a pair of boots when the morning of the dawned crowded myself into la Broadcloth put on wig and after Fri Ali and Laii Hail Ihl ii manured to Fiji Iivo Feit into i lie it leathers Felt if in red hot Iron at i lie picnic i a i be promised Anil tin i a Asni i of is Cortini All Day. She talked with and Altizio acid the enl uses in Isle rior of Pii i on pies and chickens to la Glicr i was Lippy nil and when i s to invited to visit her i believe Lului of Waistcoat wits All Thil Prev cited air Art from bursting Itaf hails. My i get no ill i ii inf thai nil tit. But i was in Millic a in Stich a Chi use. And 1 Hove it ii out 1 Hivel i Livorsi sind at Tho livery stable. toward to farm to Jirry to a party at ii town Itilio was already i drove up and looked Jeri Neil no in a new Nurmet and shawl. It re v ii jul our con i i a i was ill Iii in.1 Ramly in her opinion i Xii in thinly seriously of the horse slope i d Asil anti d to Stone. Bots sold Only. Forward Xun Panion h Contact with o .1 the fellow a sin Urie Han Cliv Ili la l1, i front of bad i and. I the Iii a him u Tho Iun 31nmc, of Cit a Lias astonished Iier and her by birth in the past two i Ais to children. Within the last few Days jars. Blume has presented her h Island with lie Althy youngsters two buys and a Rirl. Not quite a year he bin family was by Trio birth of twins and in Trio Twe Ivi Nus Willis mrs. Hume to i. R the tin As ir.-Iid i in leap tin by out to see Liat Evi Ryl Siux about i to be Jill in. And i Ilii awl to i Anil manured lie1 is it be i lied Iii ii ii until Fli ii Lien d a. If. A ave tins 1 him a y b Vlf d to see Arii in with i Ivi Back reins hut his but he did. Iii Nel Iii till Ivil held re ilasiie.1 i and in film lev i at i it lie Cru d i Nanct. And j As we tin Villi the j.-. Heels to i it i a leap i-l.-. S like Sigall sn-x a . No Iii -1 next moment j i a Baclic . Tii flows i re to nod on third

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