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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 9, 1891, San Antonio, Texas _ Juc Ali Ritj right. Citation by publication mond by february 9, 1891. Accident on an elevator. In one of new Yorkus largest hotels they have three elevators and of course require men powerful machinery to run i hem. One of the guests who bad gone to the theatre lingered for a Nice Little private spread at Del a and As the Steak was particular Good a you know a and his Best girl in a Lovely humor who by the Way was his wife the gentleman remained so Long with his Charm my companion Over his mum Ray a that when he reached his hotel the coloured attendant of the elevator had gone up stairs and fallen into the arms of Murphy or Morphy in a not sure which. Our Friend believed in fresh air Dan lived on the floor nearest the sky so of course he wits disappointed to and the elevator Clos d for the night he muttered something to his wife and gave a wrench at the Iron door leading to the elevator car. It opened and he laughed and although his wife at first refused to enter lie anally prevailed and chuckled to himself As the elevator started upwards to think How he outdone the House and How the Darkey a eyes would St Stid out in the morning when to found the elevator at the top of the House to Hen they got to the second floor from the top our Friend thought he might As Well try to slow up a Little hut to his astonishment he found he could not Check the unmanageable elevator. The pros sect of a drop of nine stories flashed before is mind also bus wife s at the same instant result a tremendous yell from tile gent and a shrill scream f rom the lady. The attention of a gent i Man on the floor below was attracted he jammed to the elevator and Gas pod the wire rope holding with All his strength and he was Strong As he bad lived Iii Texas tor twelve years and he finally brought the Cie Vator Toaston just in time As it was found in the following Day that Only one Small strand of the heavy steel wire remained in act but our neighbors were saved. They were profuse in their thanks and when they met the gentleman recognized their old Friend j. M. Emerson of san Antonio Texas and he told Bis wife that he had such Confidence in or. Emerson a firm that be would wait until he went to san Antonio for the earrings and baby buggy. Moral it you want anything cd Cap and Good go to Erner Iro Oria Norv Thinie inn Yoh songs. Emerson keeps everything and you will be a customer for life of you Deal with my Onoe. Avalu Abib remedy. A letter from s. P. Wardwell Beaton say a i used Clarks extract Oiel a Pap Hon a Catarrh cure in june last for Hay fever a with great satisfaction and fled it the a nil a thing have seen which would allay with a out irritation the inflammation of the nos a stills and Throat. Its soothing and Healing a properties were marked and immediate. A Large bet tie 11.00. C larks flax soap is the a test and Best. Try it. 28 cents. Ask for them at it. a drug a to re. 3-17-tf, the Fly and1ant i no lab c e. Flies and ants Are quickly annihilated by mixing a teaspoonful of rough on rats with a Saucer of sweetened water lace on High shelves or suspended in the room or mix a teaspoonful of rough on rats with a half Pound of Brown sugar and Sprinkle on High out of reach shelves or on rear Border of lower shelves out of reach of children u this out. R. Ii office of insurance statistics and history Austin Texas january 19,1891 to All whom it May concern this is to cd i ii. 11 in America insurance company of tor Canada has in All respects fully com us the Laws of Texas As conditions precedent to its doing business in this state and that said company hold a certificate of authority from this once entitling it to do business in this state for 12 months from Tho 1st Day of january 1891, to the 31st Day of december 1891. Given under my hand and Seal at Vilice in Austin the Day and l. A Date first above written. A i j. Foster commissioner. Win. Campbell agent san Antonio Texas. Three Fine residence lots on Garden Street near two Street car lines can be bad at a Low figure if bought this property will Only be on the ret f a mar for a s Hor Oki me. J no. T. Hambleton amp co. Theuns versa verdict of the Peop a who have used Clarke extract of flax a Pinon ski cure award it the first and highest place As a remedial agent in Ait cases of skin Dianes. Erysipelas eczema , unsightly Biol Hee humiliating eruptions boils carbuncles Tinter etc., All yield to this wonderful preparation at Price $1 for a Largo bottle at f. Kai Teyerl a drug store. Oil car key a flax soap is Good for Tho skin try it Price 25 cents 3-17 i j knights of pythias endow Rne it rank Oiler Ute Best and safest insurance. For further particulars ask any member of the order or t. B. Johnson at the Liq it office our Friend the bedbug. Of you would quickly and permanently rid your bed of bugs put a Small boxes rough on rats in a pint bottle of be min shake Well when using. Deuces the mixture into the cracks crevices holes and openings of the Bedstead. It will turn their toes up rapidly. Then mix another Small Box of rough on rats thoroughly with a Quarter Pound of lard with this mixture fill All holes findings cracks and crevices in the Bod. Lese two methods Are w arranged never total to be effective and lasting. Cut this out for directions. 2 Tyr two and Oue half acres 02 lots near Arkansas pass depot can be had at a bargain if bought Early. Will be in Market Only a Short time. Apply to Jno. T. Hambleton co., no. 4 a Street. A last Commerce Shiro a consumption cure. No. I. This it beyond question the Mon sue coup Ril Medicine we have Ever sold a a Flones in Britt Fly cure he worst cases of Ami bronchitis while its Wou in cure of consumption is Bura Del in Tho history of Medicine discovery it bus been sold on a Man ail tue which no other Radline Oak iou to til 70uvdvw a i cou8h we earnestly ask yen to to. Price looms us cents and $1. La your i Anas Are sore Chest or Book lame use so Ito a porous Ali atm a old by Kal Tevor a son. A ulv no. 4850. A. Baksh in the District court is. It Bexar county 37th jul w. C. Baker. Distal District. The state of Texas to the sheriff or any con stable of Bexar county Ore ing you Are hereby commanded that by making publication of this citation in some Newra per published in the county of Bexar once in each week for four consecutive weeks previous to the return Day Hereof you summon w. C. Baker whose residence is unknown to be and appear at the next regular term of the District court of the 37th judicial District in and for Bexar county to be Holden at the Couri House thereof in the City of san 8ntc>-nto, on the first monday in March a. 1891, the same being the 2d Day of March Imp then and More to answer a petition filed in said court on the 30th Day of Jan uary Jim Ina suit numbered on Tho docket of said loom no. 450, wherein a. Baker is i plaintiff and w. C. Baker is defendant where n plaintiff alleges is follows Tow t that plaintiff is a Bona tide inhabitant of the state of Texas and has resided in Bexar county for More than six mom is prior to the institution of this suit that the residence of defendant is in known that she a d defendant were lawfully mar re d on november 25,1875, and lived together until the year 1884, when defendant left or with the intention of abandonment since heh time he has not made his whereabouts known. Wherefore plaintiff prays judgment for a decree cancelling the marriage Between her and defendant for costs and general herein fail not but have you before said court on Tho said first Day of the next term thereof this writ with your return thereon showing How you have executed Tho same. Witness goo. It. Yashiki clerk of the District court of Bexar county. Given under my hand and sea of said court at office in t he City of a Vrsan Antonio this the 31st Day of january j. 1831. Gbo. H. Dashiell clerk District court of Bexar county. By Hon ii Umscheid Deputy. Issued same Day. _ x came to Hund january 31st, a. 1991, at to of clock a. In. And publication ordered made in the san Antonio Iwler Lio it. T. P. Mccall sheriff Bexar co. By w. Druse Deputy. 82-4w seat. Citation by publication no. 4861. I Katie Wurtzel is. F William Wetzel in the District court of Bexar county 37th judicial District. _ the state of Texas to the sheriff or any Constable of Bexar county greeting you Are hereby commanded that by making publication of this citation in some newspaper published in Tho county of Bexar once in Caon week for four consecutive weeks previous to the return Day Hereof you summon William Wetzel. Whose residence is unknown to be and appear at Tho next regular term of the District court of the 37th judicial District in and for Bexar county to to Holden at the court House thereof in the City of san Antonio on the first monday Iii March 1891, the same being the Grid Day of March 1891, then and there to answer a petition flied in said court on the 2�th Day of january 1891, in a suit numbered on the docket of said court no. 4851, wherein Katie Wetzel is plaintiff and William Wetzel is defendant wherein plaintiff alleges As follows to wit that plaintiff is a Bona fide inhabitant of the state of Texas and Bas resided in Bexar county for More than six months next preceding the institution of this suit. That the residence of defendant is unknown. That she and defendant were lawfully married on june 12, a. I 188t� and lived together until March in a. D., 1887, when defendant abandoned Hor and has not since then returned or made his whereabouts known. That the Issue of said marriage is a boy George w Etzel aged three years. Wherefore plaintiff prays judgment dissolving Tho Bonds of Matrimony Between her and defendant for the care and custody of said child George Wetzel for the restoration of her Maiden name Katie scrub for costs and general Relief. Herein fail not but Havo you before said court on Tho said first Day of next Terra thereof this writ with your return thereon showing How you have executed Tho same. Witness. Goo it. Dashiell clerk of the District court of Bexar county. Given under my hand and Seal of said court at office in the City of san Seal Antonio this the 31st Day of january a. D., 1891. Geo. K. Dashiell. Clerk District court of Bexar county. Pronounced topless yet saved from a letter by mrs. Ada k. Hurd of Groton s. a we quote a was taken with a bad cold which settled on my lungs cough yet in and finally terminated in sons tuition. Four doctors gave me up saying i could live hut a Short time. I gave myself up to my Savior determined f i could not stay with my friends on Earth i would meet my absent ones dont die in the Louse a a Koumou on clears out rate mice flies h-j/4 a a hit fro Rny. Roaches. Bi-bugg.15c. 6 -9-Ly to by husky Umscheid Deputy. I issued same Day. Cee chit Carne to hand february 2nd, a. 1891, at to of clock a. Rn., and duly executed by causing publication of this citation to be made in the daily Light a newspaper up Uuttu u in the City of san Antonio. County of Bexar and state of Texas for four consecutive weeks previous to return Day Hereof. T. P. Mccall sheriff Bexar county. By w. G. M. Samuels Deputy. 2-2 4w above. My husband was advised to gel or. Kings new discovery for consumption coughs and colds. I gave it a trial took in All eight bottles it cured me and thank god i am now a Well and Hearty trial bottle free at Dreiss drug store regular size 60c and 61. I porn the pulpit anti the stage. Rev. F. M. Shrout pastor United 5 re the Reb Church glue Mound ran., says a i feel it my duty to toll what won Dors or. Kings now discovery has done Lor me. My lungs were badly diseased and my parishioners thought i could live Only a few weeks. I took live bottles of or. Kings new discovery and am sound and we gain no 20 lbs. In Arthur love manager loves funny folks combination writes a after a thorough trial and convincing evidence i am confident or. Kings new discovery for consumption beats Emall and cures when everything else fails. The greatest kindness i can do my Many thousand pretty freely. The name on the front of a Cigar Box always tells the expert the Cize and shape while he looks to the right hand Side for the Trade in St. Louis Globe Democrat. A will 5,one year oui. A Blat Nill and testament Over 5,000 years old has recently been found in Egypt. The testator Sekiah. Executed it in his own handwriting in favor of his brother ii priest of osiris. The property disposed of was to go to Sekiah a laughter upon the brother s death the internal evidence of the document plainly showing that even in those Distant Days the egyptian recognized a woman s right to own administer and dispose of property. A St. Louis Republic. Fellure fun. Montaigne says a when i play with my cat How do i know whether she does not make a pastime of me just As i do of her we entertain ourselves with Mutual antics and if i have my own times of beginning or refusing she too has Austin Corbin the Railroad millionaire and magnate is a Bald headed nervous Man of 55, who possesses indomitable Energy. He has been called the dictator of Long Island. Fifteen years ago he was unheard of. Lori Iino a poker if Lull. George Cole of Fairhaven wash., who has had charge of a port Townsend Southern party of engineers for some time past was in the City the other Day and talked freely of the experiences the a a boys had had with big game in that wild Region. One of the stories which he relates is As follows a during the summer we had a pet bears one that we caught when it was Only a few weeks old and kept until it got to be a nuisance. We had trained it Down to a Fine Point. You have heard of Tho educated hog that could read Well Ruby-4mldn�?Tt do that exactly but he could play cards and when it came to a Bluff at poker he simply be beaten. He was Sublime. A a in be see him when there was a pot of fifty or More lumps of sugar we always played for sugar when Ruby was in it Bluff the entire gang and Rake in the stakes when it proved he had nothing better than a pair of twos. No he could t talk but head wag his head if he wanted to pass and his Eye stood him in Good Stead when it came to anything else. Wonderful Eye had Ruby and i done to suppose we would have killed him if we Hadnot caught him one Day after he had won nearly All the sugar in the outfit scratching his ear and pulling out an extra Ace from one of the big wrinkles in Bis neck. Alas poor Ruby he was a thoroughbred but too smart for this country and we had part of him for dinner that and Stream. in the Middle age. It is a curious fact that in the Middle Ages England was horticultural a much behind the continent of Europe. In Chaucer s time Tho English Larder was very eagerly supplied with vegetables and but indifferently with fruits. Onions Leeks Nettles peas and Mustard were the Only articles that then figured in the Short catalogue of English vegetable supplies. There is no Trace of the existence of cabbage in England at Ting period. In tile contemporary accounts of Orchards there is no allusion to plums Only once to Damson. The pears were poor but the apples were Good. It is questionable whether cherries raspberries and strawberries had crossed the Channel. The Cherry gardens of Kent were first planted by a servant of Henry vill. I?6 fore the close of the sixteenth Century the Tun in had reached England so bad the cauliflower and the quince for both Are mentioned by Gerarde in i a carrots when Gerardo wrote. Yre still a foreign a a Tot i bks though their naturalisation in England was not far off. La 1012 we hear of the peach the Almond Aud the Filbert among the products of no English Orchard and in 1020 Tho Apricot was transplanted from n a York Ledger. Friends in to uru re them to try free trial bottles at Dreiss Thompson do Imp store. Regular size 50c and 61.00. Kalteyer amp Soh wholesale land retail notice of stockholders of the International building and loan association for the election of directors will be held on monday february 9th. 1891 at 8 p. In. At the office of the association 14 Navarro Street. All stockholders Are requested to be present. A m. Lindek 2-4 56 Secretary. Fugg Bear in mind that Frank j balt i keeps builders hardware and lumber at the International and great Northern depot. To l a Lull Miu of n dream. The persons who Pic any Reliance in the Piv Ihetu qualities of tire ans an a pm Nett in support of their theory a be deduced from an incident that occurred some time before the escape of two prisoners from the Riverside Pend ten Tuny. The Best known Man of the pair in adj Mcgraw has a married sister living in the Hill District. About two weeks be fore Mcgraw a i the perilous descent to lib try a a a Ria prison whits thu dreamed one night that her brother had made Bis Ltd Calt a no h in the sans a that is actually occurred. She told several neighbors about it the next Day who Capouch for the be Turuc a of those statements. While she had the Syi Vipul e. Of a sister for brother when she awoke to the reality she had to Content herself with the knowledge that Paddy a Check ered Ca Ruer was sit ail in for the time being and that while they Kite where he was they also knew he was away from the reach of ult evil. W Hen the news of the escape became generally known the above circumstance was freely recalled and dozens of people Are now familiar with the Story in the locality dispatch. I importers and exporters drugs. Chemicals and druggists sundries Patent medicines etc., photographic Stock sheep dip Sulphur Pine tar and cd Rysina ointment. Sole proprietors of f. Kalte Yore a Patent screw worm ointment and liniment mail orders promp6ly>ttended to correspondence solicited f. Kalteyer son 607 509 West Commerce St but North Siok military Plaza. San Antonio Texas Are Yon thinking of purchasing or building a Home 8 an Antonio offers unparalleled advantages Quot to the Home seekers. A location of surprising loveliness a climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All com Bining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. Aside from its natural advantages and rapidly developing improvements san Antonio offers another inducement of great import to the Home seeker in that a real estate can be purchased just now at exceedingly Low figures a a a 7 fesses. John i \ Hambleton co who ranks among the oldest and most reliable eaters in real estate Are owners of and agents for a very Large amount of City suburban and farm land property which they offer at prices remarkably Low and on terms remarkably easy. Home Bee kerb or capitalists desiring to make profitable investments Quot will find it to their advantage to Call upon or write this firm. Elmendorf amp co. Main Plaza san Antonio Gin farming and Mill machinery of All kinds. Mechanics supplies. Cassady sulky plows warranted indices draft made threshers engines Scales mowers and reapers. Hardware and agricultural implements agents for Hie celebrated a be e Wagon Martin amp Schryver. Of All sorts kinds and qualities. Building material f of All kinds shape. And sizes. H. A Laife m5?4r5.5tv?, a Tell Niwa s in mock we keep constantly n d Bajic by of Barb and or Jcj Wike. We Are competitors in Price and Good. Come and be convinced. Office South of Sunset depot san Antonio Texas by be tvs j a it

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