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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 6, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Jhc pull Friday february 6, 1891. Personal notes. In miss Goldie Levy is visiting the City from Marshall Texas. C. K. Brea Leman is ahle to by out attain. Miss Annie k. Archer of Austin is the City visiting judge King and wife. Col. John a. Kerr of Kansas City is the Matin eke. Editor Vav. B. Farmer has returned from East Texas. Vav. F. Riband of Gonzales is in town. By Waters of Boerne is among the arrivals. Sykes Butler and wife of Kenedy at Vuk to Are Day the p. Humphreys t in town. Calling two on d. W. Barrett the accommodating clerk of the Southern is Down wit Grippe. A. H. Model and b. Passenger agents Are the Railroad men. Capt. L. R. Daniel a prominent real estate Man of Victoria was in town today. Miss Florence Jerald one of the leading lilies with Frank mayors company paid the Light office a pleasant Call this morning. Miss Jerald is a Texas girl daughter of judge Jerald of Waco. She possesses considerable literary ability raving written a number of dramas and some Beautiful poems. Miss Jerald is also climbing up to the top in the dramatic profession. A Janauschek. Of Janauschek a contemporary says a a this incomparable and unrivalled actress has Iteen meeting with tremendous a Success throughout the country this reason she has provided herself with an excellent supporting company and in her repertoire includes a new piece this is one of the grandest historical plays of the Day. Janna Schok is without a doubt the most powerful Delineator of Shakespeare a splendid works the stage Ever knew. A recent critic Speaks of her thusly there is in Janauschek an exhaust less Spring of graces an Ever Fountain of irresistible charms slightest movement in her most forgetful gestures in her most unstudied attitudes her every movement throws away with Royal profusion inestimable treasures of Beauty and Art. At the grand opera House feb. 12. A gushing i n her indications. The fact that the mexican population has thinned out since the last election will Cut Down the Callaghan vote at least 500. Dead things sometimes crawl or. Callaghan thinks he has a dead thing on the voters of this City they May crawl. The fact that the ring gang Are working their old Racket of Hoo Rahing the slums of the City indicates that they done to expect a walk Over. \ see indications Point to a Large quiet determined Vest pocket vote against the Callaghan dynasty. The majority is with the Good people no Quot Hooray a business goes in Chis direction dissipation and recklessness in no recommendation to a Good citizen. # # the intelligent voter is put on his Metal in this City contest if he totes the anti administration ticket he must walk to the polls and vote like a Man. Indications Are that a falling Eft of the mexican vote will defeat the Callaghan ticket from top to Bottom. How a faithful Public treated. Servant is Small shot. Captain Schramm is Strong anti prohibition but is temperate and moderate in All his habits. Capt. Schramm is a Good clean Man. And commands the respect of our Best citizens. Capt. Schramm is a Liberal progressive Man to All his views and believes a Public office is a Public Trust. Capt. Schramm has always made a living without running for office Ana is not a spoils seeker. Capt. Schramm will not Rule like King but will be the servant of the people. Anton Bedel the Peoples candidate for City marshal is not the policeman Seffel who arrested the chairman of the finance committee for carrying a Popper. W. M. Locke will make the City an Engineer who will get our property hues straight and Sec that honest work is done by the contractors. John Walter As collector will be polite and obliging in the office and you will not have to take off your hat when you go to pay your taxes. Gus. Peltzer will assess your property fairly and will not have any special pets or favourites. Arkansas Preshoot is a first class Book keeper Aud will keep his office straight. He will be the very Man to Tell the people the facts and suppress nothing. Anton Bedel is a red hot anti prohibitionist but he never drinks my keeps sober. His record is Good. Fie will have no favourites and will arrest a High official As promptly As he would a tramp. Vote for him. Your Money will be base with f. Groos. He will also publish a statement that the common people can understand. As a solid substantial citizen he stands it the head. If you want a just kind hearted Man for recorder who will always be at his Post and will enforce the City aws without fear or favor elect a Man of brains a n. Gallagher. If you want men of ability for your aldermen at Large men who Are property owners and have the interest of ii he City it Hart vote for Hambleton Young Mauermann and Wulfin. For aldermen in the various wards they Are All Good representative citizens As follows first Ward a. B. Mullaly. Second Ward be. Villemain. Third Ward John fest. Fourth Ward a. L. Bauer. Fifth Ward we. Hoefling by. Sixth Ward Henry h. Hunt. Seventh Ward a. Runge. Eighth Ward a. F. Beckmann. Municipal chatted overheard for the Light by san Pedro written for the lion tel brine make mine Strong this morning. In be a head on me Biar Crery a a Nigger school House. Claud of ifs bigger ii atm you could run a procession through it. Brine speaking bout running How Ain going anyway gland to get beat of course you Are everyone knows old Scott the ool ored grave Digger and the reliable smallpox officer. It has fallen to Scott a duty to Bury the smallpox dead and during this epidemic his bands have been full. Yesterday the City labourers were paid and Bcott a Bill including expense of horse and Wagon was $85 for last month this Bill was putdown to $37. Scott quit and refused to take out two smallpox Asea this morning. The balance of the Money coming to this honest fearless Man who has served the City so Long and Well was no doubt con erred into the corruption fund. Our City is in a terrible condition. The entire Labouring Force has been assessed to make up this Boodle fund. Let every honest voter put this in his hat. Is Anton Seffel the Hight Man in this mornings express appears a paid communication Eulogi sing capt. Phil Bhar Dien As the Only Man competent to be City marshal Anc making the statement that Anton Helel is an inexperienced Man. In the first place Anton Seftel not without experience As a police officer having served faithfully and efficiently in that capacity years he is a Brave honest sober Fiji thu Man and will make a splendid officer. Is running As if you were on crutches with your feet tied. I managed to squeeze into Krischus Hall last night and mixed with the people. That dutch editor of yours was there also so were two thousands of the fattest voters you Ever saw they All Saki you was a dead Duck whatever that Means. Brine yes. them i always believe in plenty of water make mine stronger than von did before at whatever Cost the higher the better for me and Geo. W. Claud that a bad English you know. Brine in English ditto dutch ditto Irish and Dan everything but the Lingo of my slaves. But in a jumping a the track Why did no to you and that gang Quot i a t hat Krischus he 1 Vou know it was grand opera House. At the grand opera House last night the old but very romantic play Quot Nordeck a was presented by Frank Mayo and company. This play was very acceptable to the audience except that it was entirely too Long drawn out. To night Alden Benedictus Quot Fabio Romani a will appear at the grand. Large furniture Sale. The following goods Only will be sold at and below Cost the next five Days to make room for another line of business. This is no Humbug. Come and see for yourself. Eight handsome parlor suits from $30 and upwards one big French late mantel Mirror six Quot Domestic sewing machines boys bicycles and wagons Young ladies tricycles fancy toilet sets and crockery two elegant Oil paintings. Olsen amp sons 2-4 5 t Houston Street Bridge. Of mine break u ing last night Ders to do so. Claud yes yes know we knew that but the people let us besides there was a gentleman there who knows All about us and a certain suburban Deal that could Knock us sick forty Miles from a doctor. I saw mischief in his Eye and kept still brine the subject is painful lets agitate this water. Claud the Sinai test thin you be said since you uttered the same thing before. Good Isnit it brine yes but a trifle weak for the present occasion. Say what Are the a saying about the Way we aborted our ticket or rather my ticket Claud they Are skinning you in every language in town. The idea of you As democratic chairman recommending and nominating yourself for office is so Cheeky so Brassy so ridiculous and ludicrously absurd As to fill the people with enough laughter to last them forty years. Even the Small boys Are onto you. Besides you conspired with that fellow Hank Terrell who no More represents Tho republicans Here than you do the decent people of san ant Solo. A twas a break that will break your necks see if it Don t. The doctor too things you Are a bitter Pill and is beginning to make faces at and even myself when in a near you an a it Tunini trat Ion outrage. The True inwardness of the delay in the prosecution of City works and the reason for keeping such Large gangs of Street workers in the employ of the cite without much to show for it begins to appear now that the municipal election draws near. These men Are All to vote the City ticket. This was expected under pain of discharge. But it was not expected that these owners of carts _ employed up on the City work and paid out of the it City Treasury were to be heavily taxed in order to meet the expenses of the City administration in this present election. Yet just this thing has been done. The owners of one cart have been ordered to pay from $1 to 12.50 each for Campaign purposes and owners of two carts from $2 to $5.00 each. The men who remonstrated against this tax were told by or. J in nil that they must pay it or quit t if work. Such a High handed outrage should be rebuked at flu polls by every free minded citizen who docs an administration Collar. Remarkable Rescue. ? Plainfield in., makes the statement that she caught cold which netted on her lungs she was treated fora month by her family physician but grew worse. He told her she was a hopeless victim of consumption and that no Medicine could cure her. Her Druggis suggested or. Kings new discovery for consumption she bought a bottle and to Hor Delight found herself benefited from the first dose. She continued its use and after taking ten bottles found herself sound and Well now does her own housework and is As Well As she Ever was. Free trial bottles of this great discovery at Dreiss drug store Large bottles 50c. And $1.00 not Wear to the voters of the eighth Ward i herewith present myself As a Candi Buckless Arnica Salve. The a St Salve in the world for outs bruises sores ulcers Salt rheumatism sores Tetter chapped hands chilblains Aires and All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box for Sale by All druggists. Dreiss and Thompson amp cons wholesale. L -9-13-Ly Date for Alderman for your Ward and re your in Albert f. Beckmann. Spect full solicit your support and vote. F. By answer tyls question. No. 2. Why do so Many people we see around Oracle by indigestion constipation dizziness Sioss of appetite coming up of the food. Fellow skin when for 75 cents we will Send them Shiloh a system Vitalizer guaranteed to cure them. Sold by Kalteyer so son. Quot rough on itchy ointment cures skin Humours pimples flesh Worms Kin worm Tetter Salt Rheum frosted feet chilblains itch Ivy Poison Barbera a itch Beala head eczema 50c. Druggist or mail. E. 8. Wells. Jersey City n. J. 8-9-1 y. 2181v you feel that my watch loses a Day in a week. And i hear that George whose Home you Are sorry is Safe is wearing out a Good pair of pants sitting on the Fence even if you did want to pay him such a big Price for the water works what Uncle Sam paid for Alaska $7,000,000. Brine the tip i you say i always did think that George was ungrateful but Dan him hell yet find a worse Friend than i am. Claud ill have to leave you can to stand you any More. Brine Why so Claud your language is too Devilish. When you speak satan laughs. Sho it stops. What the people Are saying. This is not a question of religion but a matter of business. The people Are not inquiring Gigious f into the religious Faith of candidates. The fact that or. Callaghan is a Catholic has nothing to do with this election. # pronounced topless. from a letter by mrs. Ada e. Hurd of Groton s. D., we quote a was taken with a bad cold which settled on my lungs cough set in and finally terminated in comm action. Four doctors gave me up saying i could live but a Short time. I gave myself up to my Savior determined if i could not stay with my friends on Earth i would meet my absent ones above. My husband was advised to get or. Kings new discovery Dor consumption. Coughs and colds. 1 gave it a trial took in All eight bottles it cured me Ana thank god i am now a Well and Hearty trial bottle free at Dreiss drug store regular size 50c and $1. I Iona what is Carbo lineup Avenarius registered it is a Wood and Stone preserving compound Oil Blain applied with an Ordinary Brush. It is guaranteed to preserve any kind of Wood above or under the ground or water for at least fifteen years and keep o r All kinds of insects. It is used by the u. 8. And almost All foreign governments Telegraph Telephone Railroad and other Large corporations As Well As All real estate owners where it is kept for Sale. For further information and circulars please address or Call on de. Steves amp sons san Antonio Tex. Through the weary hours of Many i night made doubly Long by its offerer grand opera House t. W. Of ill Aly. Manager. Protracted agony the rheumatic Sui tosses to and fro on his sleepless Couch vainly praying for that rest which Only comes by lits and starts. Ills malady is one which Ordinary medicines too often fail to relieve but there is ample evidence to prove that the efficient blood Dep rent Hostetler a stomach bitters affords the rheumatic a reliable Means of Relief. Chock the malady in its incipient stages when the first premonitory twinges come on with this agreeable Medicine and avoid years of torture. Whatever be the rationale of the Active influence of the bitters upon this malady certain it is that no evidence relating to its effect is More direct and positive than that which relates to its action in cases of rheumatism. Like All Sterling remedies however it deserves a protracted systematic trial Aud should not be abandoned because not at once remedial. It is equally efficacious in dyspepsia indigestion and Kindred diseases. 2-6-fit one night Only Friday february 6th Alden Benedict s spectacular drama Fabio Romani by or. Walter Lawrence miss Frances Field and a company of players. Thrilling and Ini erecting earthquake effect Bim Lansou with an erupt on of mount Hay of Naples Vesuvius ill Matlon of Hay forming the most magnificent spectacular tableau Ever attempted on any stage. Saturday and sunday february 7 the and 8th, the sparkling comedy Success the people want a change want the books looked into. A a they the anti administration sound throughout. Ticket is there is not a candidate on anti administration ticket who is competent to fill his office. A a the not City pay Day. City employees will be paid saturday february 7th. School teachers and janitors from to toll a. In. Police sanitary fire and engineers dept., from 3 to 4 30 p. In. City Hau and other depts., 4.30 Sharp. Let ban Antonio take a fresh Start. It will be Worth everything to her Prosperity. A / the Bridge business is the worst of All our schemes for Public improvement. They Cost twice their real value. # a for City Engineer. The Light is authorized to announce As the Peoples candidate w. M. Locke for the office of City Engineer at the election february 9th. He solicits the support of All Good citizens. The Light will guarantee him to be a number one Man or the place. 2-6-3t r social session the funniest play Ever written. Replete with singing dancing and specialities which awaken applause admiration and soul stirring laughter. Real estate. Deals and the prices they bring f. And l. Kouvant to l. Kurkel lot 4, Block 9, near Macon Street $3,050. N. M. Smith to o. Freybe West end of lots i and 2, Block 12, Cypress Street $2,600. Adam a Wickes to f. Younger lots 6 and 7, Block 17, Matamoras Street $1,900. H. Kolcher and wife to p. H. Clarke undivided $ interest in lot fronting 9 varas on Cameron Street $1,000. V. Tarn to b. Morales piece of land 5x500 Voras near Calaveras Creek $150. J. W. And a. Vav. Garretson to Vav. W. Garretson and others 12 acres Survey no. Too $10. J. W. And a. Vav. Garretson to j. W. Garretson Jinto Esq Odo tract too $1. W. H. Young and wife by sheriff to j. La. James strip of land Between main and Baltimore avenues $500. Accompanied by the famous Black Hussar band monday and tuesday 9th and 10th, february j. C. Stewart and a perfect company of comedians singers and dancers in their operatic extravaganza comedy the fat men s club More and heartier laughs than any other comedy in the fun makers category. The people want an administration that cannot be Hood oed by contractors and Sharp Bridge agents. Detroit free press. A Detroit lawyer received a letter from Texas the other Day on which the postage stamp was of an Issue current fifteen Yea Sago and on the envelope of which there was a request to Quot return of not delivered sometimes pretty the con read Quot some time in the year 1700 a Man by the name of Hooter took up two acres of ground in your town. He is dead. I am his heir. I want to find out All about it. I want you to search the records and Send me All the papers and information Yon can if the two acres is there yet i want Mem. If not i doubt. I Only want what belongs to Meas his lawful noir enclosed you will find 25c in Stamps to pay for your trouble i am Well. Answer As soon As a Mahncke hotel bar refitted and Bright As a Daisy. Nothing but first Elass goods polite attention. Lunch All Day. Otto Felder proper 2-3-6m or. Bergstrom done to want to run for City Attoy but he had to obey the mandate of the ring. A a a the Twenty ont a line business in the express is a Fiat failure this time. # defective Bridge work. The abutment Wall of the Market Street Bridge now nearly completed begun cracking last night on the West Side adjoining the Beckman property and during the night and this morning from a Small fissure it increased to one Aud a Quarter inches in Width extending from the top in an irregular line to the base. The Only solution of the occurrence was that the heavy Bridge was placed on an a secure foundation. Day Bear in mind that Frank j. Beige keeps builders hardware and lumber at the International and great Northern depot of Merit wins. We desire to say to our citizens that for years we have been Selling or. Kings new discovery for consumption or. Kings Tow lire pills Bucklers Arnica Salve and electric bitters and have never handled remedies that sell As Well he that have Given such Universal salts orc ton. We do not hesitate to Guarante to i them every time and we stand read refund the Purchase Price if satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely a it a their merits. For Sale by Dreiss i. A. Brewing Assn Thompson amp co. I 10-10-im por 8 ale Abb arg Ain. Rock House four Large rooms and Titch eur Hail thirty feet Long servants room Bath room. Hot and cold water pantry Wood shed and Wash House. Lot 70x150 feet centrally located. Nice shrubbery in front Yard. Price $5,300 one half Cash. Jno t. Hambleton amp co. Gov. Scott Robinson Bays he is not working for the Smail pox people Blit is employed Only by the Best people such As masons Odd Fellows knights of pythias and by Nia brith. Another protest. Or. W. J. Locke a member of tie Republican executive committee called at the Light office and states that he was surprised at the action of the committee. He stated emphatic ally that lie had not been notified of any meeting it said committee and that he condemned most positively the idea of Republican executive committees recommending democrats or fusion lets for office under any circumstances. Used in millions of homes�?40 years the Standard. A dark affair. A mysterious stabbing affray in which miss Pearl Lester a Young 18 year girl living on Oak Street and grand Avenue was the victim is reported to the police As having occurred wednesday night at 7 30 p. In. The affair is kept very dark by the parents of the girl. The assailants said to be a Man and a woman escaped. Ill Tiabl Beer a j marriage licenses Augustin Casanova and Candelaria and Theresa kudu de la fueutes. Gustave Lauder Boohecker. Geo. Hethcock and Katie Smith. A b. Exon and Lizzie Hines. The annual masquerade Ball i i a of tub a Jae Arrelust association will by Given at convention Hall saturday february 7th. Be had of the mom a or. Geo. Mchardy who has been Laid up from the effects of eating poisonous raw systems is out again. Tickets 60c, to Bere at the Hall. Committee a gee. Wagner Otto Gerlach frit weep Conrad Flaig. Is i. J in

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