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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 6, 1891, San Antonio, Texas She Saulig a it Friday february 6, 1891. Railroad time tale. I. A q. N. Railroad. Departures. St. Louis via Iron Moun train or m., k. At.5 45 a. In St. Louis via Iron Moun train route. In Laredo.9 00 a. In. Arrivals. A from St. Louis Iron Mountain and m., k. Amp to. .1055 a. In from St. Louis Iron Mountain and m., k. Amp t. Routes 10 00 p. In from Laredo. 3 35 p. M a Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leave for new Orleans Houston and Galveston.9 00p.and 9 35 a. In arrive from the East. Arrive from new Orleans Houston and Galveston 6 50a.m. And4 10 p.through West leave for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass.4 40 p. M arrive from san Francisco Elk paso and Eagle pass.8 55 a. M the is. A. Amp a. P. R. route. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville Dally sex copt sunday at. 4 30 p. M leaves for Galveston Houston and Cuero Dally i a at. 8 45 a130 leaves for port and Beeville daily exp copt sunday at.2 00�?zp. M arrivals. From Kerrville daily except sunday at. To 0a. In from Corpus Christi. Rockport and Beeville daily except sunday at. 2 00 p. In from Galveston Houston and Cuero Dally. At.7 10 p. of everything. Fifee visiting cards. How to vet them inquire of Fred. Small City subscription agent of the daily Light. Have you lost found or want anything if so advertise in the daily Light and it will be made known. \yanted�?1 ,000 live Yankees to come to Texas with their capital to develop the country and push the old Mossback out. Wanted every Republican in Texas to subscribe for the daily or weekly san Antonio Light the Only genuine Independent Republican paper in in South. Hear in mind that Frank j. Bolted keeps builders hardware and lumber at the International and great Northern depot it of a 5,000 will buy a Nice two Story Brick House and a Good established grocery business centrally located. Jno. T. Hambleton amp co. Daily san Antonio Light the cheapest and Best afternoon paper in Texas. Delivered by mall or Carrier of Ell Soh air Balsam. If a Ray gradually restores a Ocolor elegant tonic dressing 50c, $ to. Druggists or $1 size prepaid by express for $1. E. 8. Wells Jersey City by shall of a Catarrh remedy. P?no.3.d8huo�?T8 Catarrh remedy b Marvel Ous Oure for Catarrh diphtheria canker Mouth and head ache with each bottle there la an ingenious Nanai injector or the More successful treatment or these complaints without extra charge. Prole 60 cents. Sold by Kalteyer so san 2 13 in h g the Best known remedy. cures go Norham and Gleet in i to to Days without pain. Prevents stricture. Contains no acrid or poisonous substances and is guaranteed absolutely harmless prescribed by physicians. Beat syringe free with each bottle. Prim $1 sold by druggists. Beware of substitutes., Cukis lift. By amp a piles v a bus inv i 25cts�?Ti for Sale by f. Kalteyer amp son. Of Call an d serval Lorea the merchant tailor he has received the largest Stock of imported and Domestic suiting Ever brought to san Antonio. He will make you a first class fitting suit it the lowest ruling prices done to forget to Call at once Olathe a popular tailor Val. Lorra by Olive Harper. I copyrighted by the american press association Awny a mysterious current began to draw a ship toward the Gre some islands arid do what she would she would Drift upon its bosom until it Drew her to destruction upon one of the jagged Rock bound shores. Nothing could save the ship that struck this current when it was in its destructive mood and Back and Forth night and Day in spite of anchors of skill of labor at the oars even nothing could release her from its sinister grasp and on and on she would slide smoothly and gently but irresistibly Back and Forth until she struck perhaps on the pointed Teeth at the foot of the great Redondo and in a moment was lost to View or on some other one of the Rock bound islands. Albemarle is the largest of them All and Marborough lies behind Albemarle which with its Jawline Points encloses Marborough like a Tongue and in one Side and out the other would float tile unlucky ship until the hour of her destruction. At other times there was a Bare Chance for a ship when this vicious current seemed at rest and then she could steer her Way Between them to Chatham and great Barrington where there was water and which Are the Only ones of All the group where a drop was to be obtained. Whales also go into the Albemarle to calve and this was just the season so that the Captain Felt still More anxious to go in hoping to and his cargo there and in his anxiety taking the great risk. Presently the Lookout cried a a sail a a where away a hailed the Captain from the decks. A on the port the Captain sprang into the rigging and looked Long and earnestly at tile a sail a and then came Down slowly and thoughtfully. A Redondo a said he briefly to the two mates who stood by him and he anxiously began to Stan the horizon and take note of the wind As Well As of the fact that though the Breeze was Light they made Good headway. He went to the Cabin and got out his charts and traced them anxiously and soon appeared on deck again. The White speck now appeared clearly on the horizon and every instant grew larger and clearer and looked like a ship under full sail coming directly toward them but As they neared her they saw that it was a great Tower of Rock with terraced sides which gave it the appearance of a ship and the presence of millions of Birds which make this great Rock Tower their Home had made it White with Bird Lime so that its sides gleamed like new sails in the Sun. Nearer and nearer glided the ship and by and by the different terraces could be distinguished with their wonderful array of inhabitants. On the lower Terrace sat penguins without number those queer melange of All that is most ridiculous in nature and above them a Terrace ailed with pelicans and so on each successive Terrace occupied by another species of aquatic Bird including the Albatross and the pretty Boatswain a mate and Stormy petrel at the very top. Plateau and Terrace All the Way up Over 300 feet this great whitened Tower stands alone washed at its base by fierce Waves which lash themselves into fury within Twenty feet of its base which has no Shore nothing but the eternal Rock which starts upward from the foundation of the world. The Birds screamed their warnings but too late the current had full Possession of the Brig and was bearing Ber on to certain destruction. Capt. Nelson Imp tried by All Means in his Power to Check the course of the Brig. He tried to go about and sail out of the current. Useless she drifted broadside faster than she could sail across it and he gave himself up for destruction and told the men to make ready the boats. All was done and then they waited for the final moment. At a Given Sigril they began to lower the boats hoping that they might possibly be Able Row across the current or at least escape Lio Dondo which stood there awaiting its prey but suddenly a great underground wave arose and lifted the Brig As if it had been a Feather and tossed it lightly upon the Sharp Points and jagged rocks that guard the base of the monster Rock and in a minute All was Over. The Brig was gone none could see or Tell where. Chapter in. When the Brig struck the Rock George was standing tie Side Maxwell who looked with a set White face toward the giant Tower and they were lashed together As they stood ready to fall into the boat but boats were As nothing in that dreadful surge that dashed itself White among the sunken Points that penetrated the Hull like so Many Teeth and Maxwell had just time to Tell Tho boy to grasp the first floating thing with him when the grinding and shivering of the Brig began and in one minute there was nothing left but a mass of crushed debris that dashed three or four times up against those jagged Teeth and then disappeared forever. George and Maxwell Sank far beneath and Rose to the surface some distance to the left of the huge Rock having been swept along the Bottom by a Strong undercurrent and when they Rose they found themselves Neur a broken and splintered Spur. Maxwells Stout arms soon brought them to the Side of it and they it As a Safe Refuge and in a Short time had lashed themselves fast with the ropes which still adhered to it. Berlyne they to a i finished this work they Rifted far from the terrible Rock and in though they strained their eyes they Slaw no vestige of the ill fated Brig or its unfortunate Crew. For a Long time neither spoke und the tears flowed in silence from Georges eyes for the men whose lives had been so suddenly stifled and beaten out of them in that irresistible surf and Maxwell Felt not Only grief but apprehension for he knew latter than George on what a frail Hope their own existence depended. Afloat in the midst of the capricious current that flows backward Forward around but never to Laud out of the track of All Commerce for away from land without food or water under a Tropic Sun their position was indeed a critical one and the chances were a thousand to one that they perished miserably of hunger and thirst. T Maxwell tried to look cheerful and seem to have a certainty that All would be right but he suffered atrociously from the wound in his leg. Which was not yet healed and which Hung in the water. All Day Long they floated and George kept up ins spirits but toward Nightfall seeing no signs of ship or Shore he began to Lase heart and finally said a Maxwell i done to believe Wco la Ever see land again. It would have been better if we had been drowned like the a never give up the ship As Long As there is life there a Hope. Ifs always Tho darkest just before Daylight. I done to see any land just now but that a no reason there is none. Who knows where Well be in the morning a a it seems As if i stand this Milch longer. I was thirsty before Ive struck and i am fairly parched a a tank of Lemons Aud bite your Tongue a said Maxwell. A we ainu to dead yet Aud if there ainu to no Sharks Here i think wed Orter be satisfied with All the a you Are right a Max and in a a baby. Do you know i feel sleepy and i could lie Down on this spar and go to a do you ill watch Over you Aud see you done to slide George Laid his head on maxwells Well knee and instantly fell asleep and slept perhaps a half hour the sweetest slumber he had Ever known and to awoke refreshed and Strong and then he begged Maxwell to lie Over on him and sleep a Little too but Maxwell declared that it was his hour for watch on and he Wasny to sleepy. So t hey fell to talking Over events in general and George for the first time told Maxwell Why lie had wished to go to sea Aud showed him Tho oiled silk bag which Hung around his neck and which contained his treasures. Maxwell wus astounded at such a tale and if it had been possible he would have loved Tho boy More for All his sorrows. Night was falling and a heavy Dew soon wet their thin shirts and though this in a measure assuaged their thirst it did not add to their Comfort and they prepared to pass a wretched night and they saw to their lashings and arranged so that there would be no possibility of sliding off the spar even if the so should Rise. They said but Little George because he was blinking of the terrible experiences of the past year and Maxwell because he was thinking Over his whole life and look ing Forward to a speedy death. He knew Well that ships sometimes passed months in these treacherous cur rents. How much worse then to be adrift on a bit of a broken spar with no food or drink and no Hope of anything better than to lie cast on one of these desolate clinker bound islands where there was neither foot nor water. But somehow both of them must have dozed in their uncomfortable position for when they suddenly Felt a Sharp Jar they both looked in Surprise and fear for up above their Heads towered a Black mass what they could not Tell in the darkness. They were still in the water but one end of the spar struck every time a wave lifted it against some resisting substance and they hardly knew what to think. Maxwell first decided that it was the Hull of some ship but presently his dangling feet touched a Rock and he exclaimed a a it san Island George As sure As eggs is eggs a but How to keep from Drifting off again wus the great question and one which it was impossible to answer. By and by they touched against a Rock that was above water und George seized on it with both hands and by changing off when each other grew tired they held on until the dawning of the Day when up above them towered in the Early sunlight a Gigantic Wall of clinker and Rock Black Bleak Bare and desolate of everything Green or alive. The rocks seemed to Rise from immeasurable Depths and the water was so Clear that they could see fathoms deep Down under them and they were astonished at the numbers and Beauty of the fish darting about or coming actually to the surface to Eye these strange intruders with curiosity. They had by some Chance drifted under the Lee of this volcanic Island and there they Lay idly rocking on the tide. How to get further around on either Side without danger of Drifting off again was the question. They could not land Here there was no foothold for any living creature but necessity is the Mother of invention and they decided to try and paddle along with their bunds to reach a Low Point of rocks where they could make fast at least until they Learned which Way the tide set. By great exertion they managed to reach this Point which was the outlying Rocky ledge which had really saved them and they made fast to one Rock while they surveyed a w Ell As they could Aud they saw that if they could get safely around this Point they might reach a spot where the Rocky Island sloped Down enough to leave a Shore upon which was strewn a mass of Drift from Tho Ocean. They spent nearly half the Day working from one Rock to another still on their spar until at last they managed to turn the Point and work along the same Way to the place where they hoped to land. They would sit As far apart As the spar would allow and Maxwell would reach for a Rock with a bight of the rope and when he had made fast George would cast off the bight on the last one and then they would haul Iii of it until that was astern and then make another and by using their feet to Ward off shocks they at last reached the place where they could easily step on Shore if a clinker bound moan of calcined jocks in lie called Shore. I hey Triode their spar lose we love crawled up on the Drift strewn 4>auk, and in Ive minutes both were fast asleep overcome with fatigue and anxiety. They slept in spite of hunger and thirst until the next morning dawned when George opened his eyes to see creeping toward them an immense and unknown monster. Chapter v. George gave a horrified cry that awoke Maxwell instantly and lie said a they there what s the matter a George gave a horrified cry a look a Laid George Pale and palsied with fear at such a strange sight and he sat still seemingly without Power to move As the great let Oast As huge As an of crept slowly along though not in their direction. A ooh a said Maxwell now fully awake a a that a nothing Only an Admiral or a Commodore. They can to Hurt a but w hat kind of a thing is it a a Why it s one of them there birdies what has to take the Sper rits of All the admirals and commodores As Dies. The Cyl a ugly beasts but they done to Hurt nobody so never mind him. Now George we done to know where we Are nor what Island we re on. There a Only two in All this groups has a drop of running water and we most try and find out whether we be been Lucky enough to strike one of them. As Long As there a plenty of them turtles and Ash we wont starve but i done to mind owning that id like a drink of water and id like to Wash the Salt out a sore leg too for it Kinder Burns. In a Icard i can to walk much but Well try to climb up Hare a spell and see if we car. Find a no Max you stay Here and ii go and look and Cocks Back if i find George Rose and though he Felt stiff and sore to climbed up the burned and Glassy surface of the clinker and vitreous rocks and watching Well his Way not to get lost. When he had climbed up several Hundred feet he came to a sort of plateau w Here to could stand and obtain a fair View of a Good part of the Island which seemed to be Large and though there was a Mist Over Tho higher parts of it George fancied he could discern a kind of shrubbery in a depression Between two peaks. The descent was perilous from the Point where he was but he determined to try it Ami in order that he might not lose his Way he gathered a bits of clinker and scoria Aud placed them in regularly shaped piles at regular distances and then he began to slide and slip and jump from one place to another until he reached a Glade where some thorny scrubby Trees of an unknown description bordered a narrow thin Little Stream of water that seemed to Well out of the blackened rocks. No one Ever drank with such satisfaction before and after to had drank of the pure Stream he began to wonder How How to carry any water to Maxwell who he knew needed water even worse than he hath Ile looked around in vain hoping that some one might have left some sort of a vessel but there was nothing and he sat Down to think and he finally Bethought himself of his shirt which lie instantly stripped off and held under a spot where the water trickled Over a ledge and he held it in the running water until he could taste no Salt when he squeezed it in his Mouth. His intention was to carry it As wet tis it could hold to Maxwell who could thereby obtain at least enough to refresh himself a Little until they could do something better. He filled the shirt with water is full As it would hold and took it in his arms carefully and hurried Back As fast As he could make his Way and when he reached the highest Point Over which he had come the mists had lifted so that he could see far off in the distance another Island higher than the one on which they were and larger too lie judged. Maxwell drank with great Joy the water which George wrung out of his shirt and he said he had never before tasted water so Good. He wus refreshed and they both began to think now of something to eat. Fish there were in the water and on land there were these giant turtles. Beyond these they did not know and George did not think he would care to tackle one of these turtles alone and Maxwell was helpless in that his leg was in a terrible condition. What to do they did not know. Finally George Auld a i believe i can make a fish Hook out of the wire around knife handle and i have some line in pocket a and it was not Long before he had made a sort of Hook out of the wire but it would Only have answered for Tim smallest fish. But where was bait to come from a Long search resulted in finding four spiders and with these for bait he went Down to the Edge of the water and threw in his Hook. The fish seemed to vie with each other in their desire to bite at the wriggling spider arum to have no fear so that As George Drew his line cautiously toward him the fish crowded each other Aud he could reach them with his hands. He kept the spider just at the Edge of the water and with the other hand caught seven fair sized fish All of them of Beautiful and unknown species. Lie then gathered them up and started to go to Maxwell when among the Driftwood on the Edge of the water he saw a Long pole jointed and polished and about six inches in diameter. A this will do to make Max a Crutch with a thought George Aud he Drew it up without Libat. Aud to soon Wun Back with Quot a Well with his fish and pole. A a horse a shouted George a a we be got our breakfast though a Little late and in be got a pole Here that i picked a a that a Bamboo a said Maxwell in a kind of Awe struck voice. A what s that a a Why do you soothe joints this Here is Chinee mid it s holler and these Here puts go clean through. The Chinee Fellers make buckets out a Bamboo. We can do the same for water do you see a George had for an instant half a notion to cry he was so glad but he simply said a i never saw on before. But How Are we to Cook our fish a a Well. I guess Well have to eat these raw. I can eat mine so if you George was hot quits sure that he could but lie was very hungry. A we eat j St its and clams raw and i done to see Why fish be just As George cleaned the fish and washed them Iii tilt sea water and they each ate one raw but when Tho first craving of hunger had passed neither wanted to eat another. They partially sheltered themselves from the burning rays of the Sun by a. Overhanging Rock and they Lay Down a Little to rest Ami talk Over their position. George told Maxwell what he had seen from the top of tile plateau and Maxwell said a we must be on great Barrington and the one you seen to the East Ard or Albemarle. I Don t Sec How we drifted past that and to thus hero place. It Kinder makes a Feller believe in Providence done to it it is to this Here Island that cop Nelson wanted to come for this is the Only one us has any water of consequence. We be got water and grub but we be got snakes und salamanders and spiders for neighbors but we might have wuss. So pose we just soccer by our time Cut in off these Bere hints to make buckets out a this a eve Bamboo. Now that a another Streak of Luck. We can have Pater and keep it. A to Morrow to will set about rigging some sort of to Crutch for so it Ive can explore a Little. If this is great Barrington As i think it is where the old Spanish pirates used to come for safety for nobody dared follow them. They seemed to Havo a secret Channel or something and they could come and go Here without danger while the pursuers would go Drifting about or fall afoul of Rodondo like to did. Me be Well find some traces of them when Ive can go soon they had with their Sharp knives Cut the Bamboo into lengths and pierced holes so thai George could string them of a rope and he prepared to go for water and he returned with a heavy Load. After they had drunk he went to get their fish and found that tile heat of tile Sun on Tho Black Rock Bud baked them thoroughly. This Iva a discovery Worth knowing Anil they made a much More appetizing meal than before. As it came on toward Sunset George who boy like was restless and curious wandered around came suddenly upon another of those enormous turtles which live upon these desolate islands. These immense creatures seem condemned to toil upward always Over these Slippery rocks Why none knows and their apparently eternal existence is passed in this weary labor. This one was wedged closely up against the foot of a ledge with his great Siead anti neck moving backward and Forward and up and Down but with All his Force he was trying to push away the obstacle a great Beutling Cliff and determined to never leave until it had ceded. Not for once did it think of turning around and going away and it would probably stay there till it died in its vain Endeavor. George ran Back to Tell Maxwell and he said that they would try and kill it for its flesh was Good and the Shell would be very Handy but the boy thought they would stand a poor Chance with so Gigantic a beast. A fall we have to do is to turn him on his Back. To can Thornf us anyhow and then we can soon finish Maxwell took off his shirt and wrapped it around his injured foot and crawled on his hands and Knees toward the spot and George followed sorrowfully for he could not Bear Tho idea of the suffering Maxwell must be enduring now but when they reached the spot and Maxwell saw Tho great creature As Large As an of he Rose on his feet Aud hitched up his pants and said a who is a big Feller and no mistake but we be got to have him. The worst is to turn him Over. Now take hold Here Aud up and Over with him. Now one two three Over to goes a and they both lifted with All their strength and it list he Rose in Tho air and roiled Over on Tho Rock with a sounding crack of his Bani Shell and there be Lay wildly beating his flippers and moving his Long neck around in ins futile Endeavor to turn Back again. Maxwell forgot his pain and Drew his knife and in a few moments Tho poor beast was bleeding to death and they turned away As they saw the agonized entreaty in the great sorrowful Eves. A if that air Feller is really a Commodore or a Captain May the lord forgive but i done to believe nothing of that sort of Story do you a a i done to think it can to so a a said George. A i never heard Mother say anything like that. She said that if we were Good we went to heaven when Ive died and went to Tho other place if we were bad. It done to stand to Leason a a you re right but yet Yon know sailors says that but then agin they says lots of things. But even so posing it. Was True the poor Devil had Orler thank to for putting him out a that shape. Lets go Back now Aud go to sleep and in the inborn in Early we can Cut ibis Feller up and i Chinkin Ive can cure some of his meat for Days when we can to get anthill1 so they went i Wick and Lay Down on the rushes and drifted seaweed which George had gathered under rite Rock and in a Short time were fast asleep but not even in their dreams did they foresee what Tho morning was to bring them. Ii Apter i. It was rcr.rcelyj%j-the Gec Srp arose continued on third Page

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