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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 2, 1887, San Antonio, Texas B. Smith amp son merchant tailors respectfully inform their customers anti the Public at Large that during the holidays they will make a reduction of to per cent on All garments from regular prices. Satisfaction and fit guaranteed. Call on them and Price their goods before purchasing elsewhere. B. Smith a son 12-9-tf 44 West Commerce St. Volume Vii number Farmers drug store East Commerce Atren has still on hand one hum red Choice doors of triple extracts. Ladles and gentlemen will please remember that h. A. Blair has a first class pharmacy whore nothing la substituted giving always what is required and Only fresh and pure drugs dispensed. Prescriptions from any physician entrusted to his care Are carefully Aud accurately Couit founded. Telephone no. Sims. 1-11-1y Antonio. Texas 1887. Only $5 a year. Grind Clearing Sale on account of removal As our readers Are Well aware we have purchased the Large space of ground Corner of East Commerce and Alamo streets and will shortly erect thereon to accommodate our rapidly increasing Trade a commodious and magnificent store House larger in fact than any in Texas. As we intend to open up there with an entire new Stock we will on monday january 24. Ofter one of the Ghan Des i Slaughter sales Ever held in this City. We have marked Down our Large Stock of clothing clothing All grades of menus and boys suits overcoats pants hats boots shoes Etc., Etc., will be sacrificed and at prices Seldom met. Like inducements offered in All our other departments comprising dress goods flannels blankets quilts All Cotton piece goods such As Gingham plaids Cotton flannel prints jeans and domestics. House furnishing goods pique and Honey comb spreads lace curtains cres tonnes Linen and Turkey red damask napkins towels towering Etc reduced to prices which Are hound to take. We respectfully invite the ladies to Call and see our cloak and hosiery departments and see prices that Wilt astonish them. Do not fail to visit every department in the House for reductions have been made on everything. I0ske Brothers j Alamo Plaza san Antonio Texas Mark Bown clothing Sale suits and overcoats new goods Fine styles inquire for prices genuine bargains Wolff amp Marx i col. Commerce and Alamo sts., san Antonio Tex. H. D. Kampmann president Sec. And manage be Lone Star brewing celebrated lager and specially brewed select bottled Beer guaranteed absolutely pure. Latest Telegraph news from All parts of the Globe condensed and rolled Down. And san Antonio Texas. Always to it Himi i the Chicago Glycerine works burned. Loss $50,000. District of Columbia is to have an Dit Lonal Justice. The English reserves of the Flost class arc to be ordered out. The Texas Muse passes the Bill against insurance pooling. A night mail Between Omaha and Kansas City will soon be put on. The great Northwest is again at rest under a heavy Blanket of Snow. Mercier of Canada has succeeded in forming a Cabinet for the Dominion. The deadlock in Indiana Senate continues Turpie 74 Harrison 70 Al Len 4. Houses passes the proposition to submit the prohibition amendment by a vote to 80 to 21. The sweedish ministry will resign owing to the uncertainty of their majority in the diet. Scott of Texas has shipped 18 race horses to his Virginia farm in readiness for the Spring races. Boulanger holds the reins in France and his course is generally accepted Ais eminently patriotic. A sergeant at arms has left Washington to summon the witnesses in the Texas Kun flux oases. Pendleton will probably go into the Cabinet when it is reorganized upon Manning a retirement. Barney Gibbs assaults Bennett business manager of the Austin Call and gives him a keel hauling. The depression in securities in Europe on account of War rumours and probabilities is general the discount clerk in Tho first National Bank of Baltimore is missing and $80,u00gone up the flume. The fish in the Trinity River for a mile below the Mouth of the big Ihui As Bower Are dying by Tho Wagon Load. The state legislature exhausted itself yesterday in closing up its work of electing a United states senator. The longshoremen so strike continues and More Are joining their ranks daily new London conn., will join today. The West Virginia legislature in no nearer electing a senator to All appearances than they were one week ago. Temporary insanity result of severe physical suffering caused the suicide of John Dolman a Milwaukee millionaire. New York housekeepers Are warned to provide themselves with lamps As Gas will be Cut Oft in a week owing to no Coal. The sixteenth u. S. Infantry has been ordered to Washington. The tenth infantry is ordered from fort Bliss to fort Union. The British bark Ada Melmore it was which collided with the Kahuna. Both were sunk. All told 34 were drowned. The Godwin murder Telal in Memphis is the greatest striation the City has had since the yellow fever epidemic of 1878 9. The United states supreme court decides t hat the clerks of the courts Are entitled to the fees for the Issue of naturalization papers. John Mcmillan and Michael Grinnell clerks in so Hoolber a bro., dry goods Austin had a fracas and Grinnell was fatally stabbed. Orth Stein formerly a newspaper Man of great brilliancy now gone to seed killed a Man who owed him $2, at Price Quot tation Colorado. Jay Gould considers the inter state Commerce Bill a Good thing if it is lived up to but considers the commission clause unconstitutional. Ile favors the Law but is against its enforcement. A newsboy of Philadelphia pushed Oft the oars of the traction company fell under the wheels Aud lost a leg. He recovers $18,000 damages. The Nevada City Herald advertises tor a news gatherer who can fight. Of deficient in courage he is required to have a marked Genius for lying. The Paris bourse is Panicky on count of political affairs in France other european countries. Three cents fell i franc 67 centimes in night. The Vienna credit asked for amount to 00,003,000 florins. The with a a fathers inhumanity. Why two Little boys slept at the Bat Cave lost night. The Light Perlgr Nator wad around the City at Midnight and his attention was called to two pretty boys aged about 9 and 6 years who slept on an improvised bed in the office of the hat Cave. In answer to his enquiries. Captain Cardenas said that the children were the sons of John Krebs who is employed by Bergstrom a Gray and his wife who resides at the Riverside hotel. It seems that the couple separated some time ago the wife agreeing to keep the girl Ann the husband Tho boys. The wife has worked for her living arid done her part of the contract hut the husband has not. Bite could not keep the boys had no place for them and sent them to their father lie would not receive them Aud threatened of they came there again to Horae whip them. The children wept and were taken to the hat Cave where the kind hearted Deputy marshal soothed their sorrow fed them and made up a bet for them. Many persons viewed the poor boys at they slept Aud their hearts were filled with sorrow and indignation at their misfortunes and some very Sharp criticisms were made upon the inhumanity of the father of the children. The children have been taken in charge by county judge our Zhao and unless be can persuade some one to adopt them and give them a Good Home they will be seut to the poor House where superintendent Smith and wife will care for them. Another murder. What two tramping englishmen found for breakfast. Coloured meeting. To and Gigantic Stock mall departments special attention called to the gents department. Merchants advertise in various ways such As a Selling out at Cost a a damaged goods a Etc., trying to Gull the Public that they possess Peculiar advantages by which they Are enabled to sell cheaper than their competitors at the same time Selling at a Good profit. They perpetuate a fraud on a generous Pul lie by offering a lower Grade of g ods which Are palmed off As Good and sold As first class. Each season it has been my Earnest Endeavor to improve the Quality and make of goods and to sell them at a reasonable profit giving each customer his Money a Worth in each Purchase la following out this course i have been successful Aud am proud to say my business has increased each year Jand is now the largest and most Complete establishment of the kind in the South. For during the season a win ofter extra inducements in All departing it. N. W. Corner main Plaza. , Texas petition for an agricultural mechanical College for their people. A meeting of coloured citizens was held at Kris by shall last night to memorialize the legislature for a coloured agricultural and mechanical College. Prof. M. N. Brown presided and Vav. H. Mitchell acted As Secretary. A committee of seven were appointed who brought in the following resolutions to the honorable senile and lion#1 of representatives of the state of Texas in legislature assembled the undersigned petitioners citizens of the county of Bexar and state of Texas respectfully represent that the coloured youth of Texas greatly need agricultural and mechanical knowledge Anil Are unable under existing circumstances to obtain the same Aud whereas the fifteenth legislature of the state of Texas recognizing the conditions above set Forth As existing and True did pass an act entitled an act to establish an agricultural and mechanical College of Texas for coloured youths which act was approved August 14th, 1876 and whereas the constitutional Conven Hon of 1879 did further recognize the be ce8sity of such a school and did authorize and direct the legislature to establish such an institution therefore we your Humble petitioners do most earnestly Pray your honorable body to make the necessary appropriation to carry Tho said not into effect and direct the establishment of such College and that we your petitioners fully believe that such action of your part would be in favor of the Best interest of the state of Texas and would be in Complete Accord with the will of the majority of its citizens and your petitioners As in duty bound will Ever tray. A. J. Sutton g. Daniels j. It. Davis k. S. Austin. A. F. Jackson c. Ii. Johnson it. D. Jones committee. Prof. W. W. Grimes Rev. J. M. Carr s. Vav. Holt and others addressed Tho meeting and the Resolution was Dunant Mously adopted. The following were then appointed As a committee to solicit signatures Geo. Williams s. Turner a. Simpson Vav. Ii. Mitchell j. It Davis g. Daniels t. Young and l. Mcgraw. A and per one will decision of the Council to ask this credit has created a panic in military circles and a heavy fall on the Vienna bourse. Gen. Qua Jase the president of Uruguay Bas obtained from the con Gross of that Republic a decree of banishment against sex president Santos who is now of his return journey from Europe. It is charged that Stanley a proposed expedition to Rescue Emir Bey is a Mere pretext to enable great Britain to seize the equatorial provinces. Stanley ridicules the letter from Cairo Wiloh asserts this. New York police raid a chinese Gamb Ling Bouse capture 74 celestial and $50,000 in Cash. Five of the heathens had $3 ,000. They came from san Francisco Chicago St. Louis Pittsburg and new Jersey to break the Bank. Cowboy Jack an Al Pago sensation who came in for in onslaught on a to Beeman turns out a woman. She attempted to put on her Golden slippers by the morphine route but was Defeated by a physicians timely assistance. Jay Gould on his return to new York paints the West in glowing colors Ile says that the movement of freight cars Over the Missouri Pacific for the last saturday in january was 3,540 cars increase Over corresponding saturday cd lust year. Even Natu Rebas declared against the chinese on the Pacific oust. A heavy wind blew a tree Down on a Camp of sleeping celestial near Tacoma w. T., and nearly a score of them were killed. Niue dead bodies have been taken out of the Snow and ruins. The sundry civil appropriation Bill occupied the u. S. Senate yesterday. It Calls for $406,000,000. Appropriations of $50,000 for Continental Monument association for 1887 and $35,000 for International medical Congress in september 1887, were approved. The sanitary condition of Buenos Ayres is now very Good. The cholera has completely disappeared from Cordova and nearly so from Tucuman Aud Mer Doza where Only four or live cases now exist. In Montevideo Uruguay there Are from fifteen to Twenty cases and there have been from eight to ten deaths. Preparations Are making at Palestine Reagan a Home for a monstrous Cele brat Ion and ovation to the senator elect. Scott murder Case. The jury in the murder trial of Francis Scott charged As one of the principals in the murder of Frank Harris in 1884, near robbers Cave was secured yester Day evening late and the jury was then locked up tor the night in the grand jury room. Their names Are Gustav Alt Mann e. S. Norris. W. Ii. Heon say Emil Oppermann John c. Beckman t. B. Wren Frank Frederick Jacob goodnight b. Barth. A. W. Davis r. Richter. A one witness mrs. Carroll Brannon wife of Carroll Brannon whose brother was killed by deputies Sherif Bill Van Riper and e. O. Stevens while resisting arrest was the first witness examined this morning. She in a Slater of Jim Pitts one of goslings murderers. She identified the Skull and Teeth found in the robbers Cave As those of Frank Harris. The Skull and Teeth were produced in court As evidence. She stated materially the same evidence As has been published in the Light How Frank Harris was courting Annie Scott and How the father and brother objected and that Frank Scott Drew a pistol on Harris while he a was eating supper at Brannon a House made Bim throw up his hands and marched him Oft no one knows where. That was the last seen of him. Father and son will be tried separately for this murder this will nuke very hard work for the deputies to secure jurors for the second trial. Annie Scott the sweetheart of Young Harris is among the Hundred witnesses attending court. I a-.-. Recorders court. M. O. Holloran disorderly $10. We. Ellinger carrying a pistol $50. Geo. Williams drunk and disorderly fined $7 Joe Herman careless Riding $100. Appeal. Crescendo Patino drunk $5. John Gibson insulting language dismissed. E. Vasquez beating and striking $5, b. Ortiz drunk and disorderly $5. 8. To Willis vagrant $10 or 30 Days. James Dolan drunk $5. Stopped shipping Wood. An order has been issued by Road master Hume of the i. Amp g. N. Railway of this City forbidding the loading of Wood at the Coal switch at Lytle station. This works a great hardship on the peo pie at that place where their already cur Wood is laying and has stopped the shipping of Wood to san Antonie for the present at least. Or. Hume says that cars on the switch have repeatedly been left too close to the main track and bad wrecks have been avoided by Good Fortune Only. He is determined to avoid such possibility in the future. A dead body of their travelling mate slain by a Bullet through Hie brain while he slept supposed murderer captured. Through the instrumentality of two englishmen Edward Philpot and gee. Crone who claim to be Railroad men a most foul and cowardly cold blooded murder was discovered by the officer of this county and City last night and it i thought the murderer is arrested and will he brought to speedy Justice. Yesterday afternoon at five of clock these two englishmen appeared at the City police station and stated to Marsha Shardell the following Story they started out from this City last monday for the West. Walking along the Southern Pacific. They were after work. Quo of them had been at work on a Section of the Railroad at the Seco and the other had been employed in the Missouri Pacific shops. About nine of clock at night when about twelve Miles from the City they met with a couple of Well dressed Young men who called each other Harry and Alf. Both wore Good six shooter and clothes. The four men proceeded to tramp on together Harry and Alf. Saying they were going on to los Angeles Cal. Becoming tired they determined to Board the next freight train going West and when one came along Harry and Alf. Ranged themselves of one Side of the track and Crone and put lot on the other. The latter did not a catch on a but heard no More of the other two and supposed they had caught the train. They saw no More of them that night and concluded to Camp out and Laid themselves Down by the track and slept. They say they heard talking during the night but paid no at a Tention to it. In the morning just before Day a big Camp fire was discovered several Hundred Yards from their Camp in the Chanpaul. They went to it Ami found a Man lying near it on his Back with his feet almost in the fire. They Shook him to arouse him and then Dis covered that he was a Corpse they became frightened and hurried Back to town and informed the authorities a soon As they arrived. Capt. Shardell took the two men to Justice Barnes office As soon As they had finished and that official consulted with county judge Wurzbach who placed the matter in the hands of the sheriff. Constable Stevens and a Deputy sheriff accompanied by the two men who gave the information went out to the locality indicated and sure enough found Tho Oarn Aud the Corpse As described it was lying with its hat for a Pillow and the left hand we As in the pocket of its trousers. A Bullet Hole was found in the Buck part of the top of the head. A Small pocket in the trousers commonly used As a watch pocket was found to have been Cut open with a Dull knife. This is supposed to have contained Money. Pap is found on the body indicated that the Man s name a gee. Page an English Hostler. Other letters of recommendation were found also a Lifty cent Coin. The body and effects were brought Back to the City at 10 30 last night and a coroners jury wus summoned. This morning the jury convened and a number of witnesses were summoned for this afternoon at 2 of clock when the inquest began. The officers and Apt. Cardenas Constable Stevens officer Ballou and Deputy sheriff Alexander and Mcclusky All began searching for the partner of the dead Man who was supposed to be in this City and the entire night was consumed by these officers without a bit of rest or sleep in the search. The officers worked on a Good description of the Man furnished by the two englishmen who were locked up in the county jail As attached witnesses. With this description it was comparatively easy to work. Several persons knew him. His name was Theodore Yates an american who had been working for some time at Dan Smiths livery stable. He had an Uncle living opposite the new Hospital. Ills name was Mcginnis. The officers Learned from Mcginnis that his Nephew had been there yesterday and had left two horses and a new Saddle and some spurs which he bought yesterday at his House. In told his Uncle that he would return about Daylight this morning and was going to set out for Bandera where he was going to work. The Bouse was watched but this was not necessary As officer Ballou while on duty at the Washington theatre arrested him at 5 of clock this morning. He was very drunk when taken and had been carousing there with the women most of the night and had spent Over $46 there lie was locked up and confronted with Crone and Philpot who identified him As the Man they had seen in company with the murdered Man. He denied seeing them denied carrying a pistol denied everything except his Uncle and admitted having a Valise. His Valise was found at his uncles with a pistol in it. Lie denied having a pistol. It was identified by the two witnesses As that earned by the dead Man. He was traced to where he said some $25 or $30 for the horses 22 50 for the Saddle yesterday. He ate two meals yesterday at Bis uncles House. Ile had some Money on his person and said he Drew it out of the first National Bank. The dead Man is thought to have had considerable Money on his person and Yates was Only paid $6 when he quit at the livery stable. This morning to was taken out of jail and to the county poor House where the body bad been taken and was confronted with the body. Ile identified it a the body of a George a and quivered slightly As he looked at it. He was taken Back to jail Aud is charged with the murder. Our goods must go we Are now prepared to offer the biggest bargains san Antonio in take a wife. Now your Chance to Start in ufos Ami take unto yourself a wife a wife whose Only thou rat Wilt be your welfare Ami Prosperity. The biggest thing out. A Beautiful Marble to chamber set consisting of Bedstead. Dresser and washstand 4 chairs Rocker and table for Only $35.00. A Fine Bedstead for Only $1 15 with this your object full in View. You have nothing loft but to pursue the course that we will show you Clear is to buy our goods and please the dear by securing one of these elegant bedroom sets which we sell for ouly $22.00, the biggest bargains Ever offered in Texas. Fine cooking stove trimmed Complete for Only $15, guaranteed. Our prices Are so very Low in these hard times the goods must go no there is nothing left for us to do but to out our prices to suit you. To bring the Little Darling round and show to her that you have found the Only place in All your life where goods Are sold to suit your wife take a wife. Your funds Are lows you need not fear As All the goods you want Are Here we fix the terms so very Low that you must buy before you go. Some of the Fine carpets Oil cloths lace curtains window shades mirrors Oil paintings Etc. Oar motto in our lives shall be to treat you All with Unity. That All you buy from c. Amp b. We cheerfully will guarantee to be the Best sold in this City we allow us misrepresent Ion and will not be undersold that of you let us fit you out you show you know what you re about because you save a big per cent. Which will surely pay the first month s rent for parlor furniture hat Racks. Kine tables desks. Secretariat Fine plated w Are cutlery rte., we take the Lead. Now All friends we invite you hero to Call and see us this now year. When we will treat you to our Best the think it time to take a rest and nature you that our Stock is now Complete that our prices cannot be beat and that we Are on h0ust0nist., next to bri0ge. Colton a Holtons furniture a and a auction a House 2,4, 6, 8 and to West Houston Street san Antonio Texas. Act Ion Shes tuesdays thursdays till saturdays Riverside cafe restaurant. Simmang amp Hampel proprietors lunch and meals j Oyster fish game 12-s-a to at All hours. When in season. Thos. F. Kerr roofing and paving contractor. Office room 3 Soledad Block. Composition gravel and Shell roofing the most durable and economical roofing used. Many of the finest building in the United state Are covered with it. In Chicago Khz per cent. And in St. Louis to percent of the buildings in the fire limit this roofing i used. Upon the new opera hour a any May other flue blocks n this City this roofing is used. Guaranteed for Sito 10hyears. Is reference Given to roofing of 15 to 20 years standing. 1-13-tf City dig store. Ragland amp Kennedy chemists and pharmaceutics to no. 8 East Commerce Street proprietors in drugs chemicals Patent medicines toilet articles Etc., Etc. For a Tiona com pot mum Day of night. Notice to the Public. Or. Edgar Galley having returned to England has left his practice in charge of or. Thomas d. Wheatley in whom he has the utmost Confidence. Or. I hmm gaily. Or. I. Wheatley will receive patients at his residence and consulting room 23 South Presa Street from 9 toll a. Rn., and from 4 to 6 porn. 2w to in for dyspepsia and liver complaint of have a printed guarantee on every title of Shiloh a Vitalizer it never Falls to cure. For Salo by Dowling a flood. L-13-6m a nasal injector free with each bottle of Shiloh a Catarrh remedy. Price 50 cents. For Sale by Dowling a flood. Hook Motack a a lasting and fragrant perfume. Price 25 and 50 cents. For Sale by Dowling a flood. L-13-6m Southern murder in Uvalde. Mrs. John Dyer dead. Mrs. John Dyer the wife of John Dyer who for some time was bar tender at the vaudeville arid fashion theatres and at the Monger hotel bar died from childbirth at Elpaso on sunday last. John has Many friends in the oily who will regret the death of the estimable lady and sympathize with him in his misfortune. He drank of the wrong bottle. Yesterday the candidates for mayoralty had a Good Chance of timing reduced by the loss of an important one. That one was a big one. It was John u. Copeland it seems that John made a mistake and drank out of the wrong bottle. In other words. Instead of taking whisky he drank liniment. John put on his hat rushed out of his House and boarded a Street car to make the race for his doctor. John urged the Driver and the Driver urged the mule and Good time was made. After John bad interviewed the doctor he was Pale and had an empty stomach but he was saved. John rested a Little while and was soon himself again but he is mighty careful about what bottle he drinks out of. Leads them All guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect for purity and Healthfulness. Tis min Iti cs., san Antonio Texas. Richard Johnston the postmaster shot Down by a desperate Man. Or. G. B. Johnston the Well known cattle Raiser and breeder of this City received the sad intelligence last night of the murder of his brother or. Richard Johnston postmaster at Uvalde yes Keiday afternoon Iii the Post Oftie at that place by a Man said to be named Ray. I he particulars received Are meagre but enough has been Learned to know that Ray was wanted in some other county by officers who Learned through the rangers that he was in Uvalde and they were to Send the papers to them at Uvalde. Ray somehow got wind of the matter and heard that the rangers were after him. He went to the postmaster yesterday and asked him if any papers had Home for his a arrest. The postmaster said yes and that to bad better not go away As the officers would soon arrive to arrest him. It is supposed but not known that the postmaster attempted to detain Ray As Ray Drew bus pistol at the same time the postmaster threw a shot gun to his shoulder. Both tired at the same time and the postmaster was instantly killed. Ray fled and escaped to the country but was captured by the her if Aud brought in to Uvalde last night. Or. Johnston leaves by the first train this evening for Uvalde. To Havo Ilu Siuy and want everybody to buy their hard Wate stoves tinware and House furnishing goods of Rice a Dallas main Plaza. L-21-tf cheap Railroad tickets. Ai Allens ticket Vilice tel a it to $10 saved. Southern Ho-2-1-87 3m
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