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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 31, 1890, San Antonio, TexasWednk6da a ukc1c Hber 31, 00 the skin. An important Factor in keeping health if u does not act in my Latonio by nature its performed by other kidneys and the lungs mid the Hok u a breakdown of general health Swift s specific i Tow remedy of nature to Ikin to proper . It in this always purpose. Send for our treat pm on blood Oft co., cannot cause is Trice Sola by All Plain package Iii Banc bar it ?1 5 i sold by f. Kul Tevar son. M. Herweck oils and a tits Fok Geo. W. Pitkin go s ass e training to a House an 13 Painte r shop East comr Sercu Sirce oppo Olto St. Caino Ilc non but Tho vary it ii material used Oiin of or look. In association. Best Pale j7v and bottled Beer attended promptly and delivered to any part of the City free of charge. All North and East Tiro not tract can Pullman to hic ago sleepers o Between Points in Texas end St. Louis Ana Kansas City. Otot connections in Sll of tie above cities of Eft Sterit and North Kern lines maket nem. K. At. The Jesuine to York Boston Mon real and is. Paul. Ono. A. Eddy if. C. A key Geu. Sedalla j h. P. Hughes. In t Gen l at truffle m be Idlla to. Gaston mks Jen or l at shirt Bella to. To on tie Init Ryan Untig the rest of wealthy nil Well con Clcil mid it was do Sinilo Lor ii with hostage to cultivate their Alix Minnuce. A Little social relaxation is excl lout thing for you any Viiu Lomori Declarck this worthy Lindy and Wapiti in Way to yet rid of that Little rigidity stillness you have brought you Froid the country. Ladies connected with the stage have to work hard in Revanche they Aro Riillo wed More Freedom in social Intercourse than other it will be quite proper for you to let or. Witni Ai drive Yon Homo from rehearsal in his Brough Nta if 1 am along or even without me at n Pinch. All the others do it. You will not let him take any liberties of course but Don t betray any timidity he would t understand it is 0110 thing for me to do As i replied Mademoiselle Anda outlier thing for me to let other people do As they like. I Don t mean to be stiff but there is no reason Why i should he bothered it will be no bother when you Are used to mrs. Beaux replied but at tie time she did not advocate her View any farther. The finishing touches were being put to the theatre and Geoffrey Bellingham was constantly on hand to oversee the work consequently he and the Prima Donna unit needs meet occasionally. He Caid very Little to her and was generally very Busy when she might have entered into conversation with him but she had an impression that he kept his eyes upon her often when she was not looking at him and his appearance at the theatre was generally coincident with the hour of her rehearsals. Our Day Ifor she Hud been a Vaud scene very effectively thu happened to catch his Eye in the stage Box where lie stood leaning against the curtained partition us track idly Mott aug and in Knotting a piece of hip. His Guze was Earnest mid at the same time so melancholy that the Prana Donna obeying impulse that was partly curiosity but partly some thing Olse. Went round to the Box when the Ticino was Over and met imn As he coming out. How unhappy you looked was anything he stared at Bur for a moment and Slid ironically Oil you re a great Irti Stet "1 mean to she answered smiling. A great actress too i should Lille to see Yon when Yon Are i am myself replied mile. Marana. Them she remembered that she was not telling the whole truth blushed and looked Down. Then Yon must be a remarkable woman but you probably Don t know Tiit you always appear to to like a fresh and innocent american girl. I can t see anything foreign in your talk or manners. Extremes meet i suppose and like Paul you Aro All tilings to All this speech made the Young diva feel that the world very wide and very cruel and tears came into her eyes. She was alone there was no one to answer for her or to protect her. She would not have minded i of much what most people thought of her but it would have been .1 great Comfort to her if this Man at any rate had by some divine faculty of vision been Able to see through the Dipanise that veiled her from the rest of the world. He did see through it but a did not believe what he saw. He thought that his discovery was her deception and Tho More she was Frank and simple the More she was her real self the less to believe in her. It was a dilemma Between intuition and reason , with a Man of the world reason in such cases is Apt to Havo the Best of it. It would have easy for the Pri Iii Donna to have enlightened him and under certain circumstances she might have been tempted to do but now it was us Natter of Pride to her if Noth ing else to no word that could Lead him to infer Liat his sympathy any thing to her one Way or the other. But she was at Liberty to resent an insult and she that to do so would help her to preserve her composure. You probably Don t know she said imitating his phrase that to Call even an opera Singer Tho extreme oppo site of fresh and into visit is not polite. I am not so Someur Tible i thing to All men As i seem to in to it wart a thing to say and 1 did not moan he replied in a Low voice. But i can t say what i wish to you. There s no Middle and be fore she could make up her mind what this meant he passed by her and walked heavily away Down the corridor. The Pirna Donna fell into a. Deep and not altogether painful Mcvery. She seated herself on a Benzli behind Tho scenes and followed out her musings with her Chin on her hand. Tie rehearsal was going Forward in front the duets the quartets the choruses but she was lost in thought. There s no Middle what in his his when lie said that there had been something very potent in his eyes that she was sure of. What eyes to had what a face with nothing mean or commonplace in it to was not like the others either in aspect or in manner. His very carelessness and roughness a Ere More High bred than their behaviour. Though he might go among other men he would always to apart from them he was lonely like herself but unlike hers his was a voluntary and a Noble loneliness. And he Dia med her some continued on sixth i Agni. Genheimer s beautify every inducement offered investors. Choice resident lots and three acre blocks on the car line not Sale at Low prices the electric car service which is now in operation Liasjo Superior in America. Lake View cars leave the Fos Toffice at regular intervals daily. Five cents will take you to Highland Park where you will of the finest views in Southwest Texas. We. P. Watson . Manager. No. 9. E. Houston St. Be prudent buy properly which increases in value daily and feel Safe i be of the Best safest and most profitable investments to which we can recommend the attention of the Public is in the Purchase of Belle View addition property. The location is Beautiful High and level the Best soil for the making of clean streets anywhere. An electric Street railway system will be in operation by the is of March 1891. This property will soon be taken up by speculators on account of its favourable Loca Tion therefore buy As Long As you can get it out of first hands. Light office for particulars apply to capt Edgar no. 4 East Commerce Street Schramm san Antonio Texas. Little of everything. Visiting cards. How to get them inquire of Fiertl. Small City sub Sef Puon sent. Of Light. Have you lost found or want Niiva thing if so Adyr Olsein Liliu daily Light and it will Bonide known. Live Yankees to coins to Texas Wotli of Pill to develop the country and push the old Bacots out every Republican in towns to subscribe Lor daily or we Kkt san a Tokio Trio Ouy Papia in the Bear in mind that Frank j. Keitel keeps builders hardware and Lum Ber at and great North Ern will buy a Nice two Story Brick House ail n Nood Titi Iblis de grocery business out inlay located. Jno. T. If co. Daily san Antonio Light the cheapest and Best Nln noon a Mew in Texas. Delivered by Mil or worrier property for--salj1. New. Five room Cotta Goj 2 Gal Meriea water works stable Carriage House Etc., centrally located two Fine building lots of the government Heights 400.0 two Large lots of West end Street railway line i.500.0c one Fine Block of 8 Large lots in Laredo near new 800.w four teen file building lots in Corpus Christi machinery Type 10 fonts Job letter 20.w 150 ibs. Brevier roman in cases 30.0f 100 ibs. La. Or. Roman in cases 25.00 1 Tuerke water Moter 4 horse Power Cost 40.00 1 hand Power wheel 1-2 horse Power 1 wooden drum for hoisting 1 four horse steam engine 6 horse boiler new with smoke stack i Otto Gas engine 4 horse pow. 400.0 address t. B. Light office. Patronize we. G. Wagner you want Tho Best beef Mutton and pork n. Ploi-68 and marshal its. Meat Shiv Crew to any smrt of the City Shrpe warranted Given away free of it illustrated 1 Seket Gildot to Sun Antonio pleven away free at Tho Kuit office. Call Grid fit one. 31 new Winter Stock now in and ready for inspection. Alnut Xvi Century and antique Oak bed room parlor and dii5 ing room furniture of All kinds. Ladies1 debts Chiffon eyes Czbos of styles and rocking chairs easy chairs i in Rigour 8 y Ofhie desks Aiichi Library furniture Rattan goods hair and Spring mattresses Feather pillows Etc. After examining other stocks but. Before purchasing elsewhere we should like Vou to Call on us to that can verify the assertion not Only that to Iii vib the largest assortment to select from but that you can save fully 0.5 be Najj n ovary Dollar by ranking Purchi ibos from a. All the latest telegraphic and local read the daily san Antonio Light Banks and Bankers. I. 8. Alexander president. A. A. Cashier. Of exits National Bank 253 Commerce Street. General banking Bual Neis transacted . Mexican Dol Rhand other Tomb lion Money purchased. Swat actors Register kept in our Reading room what to Strain Iacre j n Ilie cily Are invited Ofell. F. Bankers sight draft Boh the principal cities 5n the Una us states and in All european Conn Trifa. Kor and cur reday bout it and sold. In prof. Loiselta e memory system creating Gratter merest than Ever in All parts of he country and Persona winning to improve their should Send for his prospectus free As adv Reed in another column. 8-10-ti or. K. C. West b Nikki brain treat must a Gnor Anissea Srecko for hysteria do Zzz Neas com salons fils. Nervous cural glm headache nerf in caused by Trep a aeon alcohol or tobacco Plentl Tal depression often Luroff Thop Iain in Inea Nuy and lend Tiff to misery decay death premant Roolin age Karr Cineas loss of Power in he x involuntary by Over exertion of tha. Oral Alido or Over Lundn Getice. Box Cojito lne Ono month s treatment. Box or boxes for jfi.00, sen by m data on receipt of drice. We 6uarantee six boxes to Curt Hiiva Oabe. 1th Turli ohm i n it info Rule Lionts Nei of Jianlei a a Atli , w will tend the jul Itchner our to refund tiie Money if the to atm Ciu dots us effect a cure Only try co., City drug stors sole agents 8 East Commerce san Antonio

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