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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 22, 1891, San Antonio, TexasOf jail sight. Off lace 4 Commerce Street m it publishing co. T. B Johnson. A cometary and Taka surer. Axe at till Post office at san Anto Texas As second class mail gut t8 Only daily scrub la paper published in subscription rates. Per month.9 5o per year.5. Of Bill inbred by mail of Oak Irish f Ryk. Wolf cry. 6 t3o 1 year. not Reoe Vimr their paper will make complaint to the office. Are warned not to pay their subscription upon presentation of a properly re Bill from this office. Advertising mates. 1 50 i 38600 Frog Kestral advertisements f per Inoh first in 75 per Inch each subsequent in motion. Trustees sales f 1 00 per Inch first to 35 cents Euloh insertion afterwards. I so Tang matter editorial of age Ceato Pel local Nolan wifi 30 awl Niar Tion 6 Cento afar first special rates on 50 and 100 running a month. Seme payable entree of Mouth. Transient payable 1c a. Only met one printed special rates Galvea on larger Long discount Glywn for Cato for state and county of Fioren vim dollars in Centra to or most and m Anat re. To oobk1bfosd1ent8. For Thea paper should b by the name of the author. No for publication Bat a or Isonoe of Faith on the part Al the writer. Write Onlea Side of the Viper. La a Plain band. An Farris Tifi communications Wui not noticed. Loht not for the tote tuesday december there is no special kick coming to the weather Bureau for the Sample of wind weather and water meted out to Texas these december Days. There is too much Brice about Elkins methods to make him accept Able to a party that asks a Back seat for the Brice gang1 of politicians. President Harrison has shown great courage and a Defiance of Public opinion in the nomination of 8teve Elkins that Speaks much More highly for his grit than his discretion. The times Herald Dallas insists that Mills has not Lorce enough to draw a Cleveland car through a Texas Campaign for the state senator Chip and come out a Winner. This is the peace of Earth and Good will to but is is Safe to say that mount and Chili have Loat the a e out of their Calen Dar. The Viii Arch society of antiquities of is interesting Itsell Over the edition of St. Pat Rick s grave. Patrick dead or alive seems to be a subject of concern. In the death of senator plumb Kai Isaa lost one of her brai Niest and beat men. A Mau of Broad views great personal Independence of Char Acter Strong convictions and fearless expression. A Man who was very near to the Hearl of the people for the very natural reason that he was a Man of the people and very largely in sympathy with them. Thoroughly identified with the interests of his state from her earliest struggles to maintain Ler free soil rights he was jealously alive to All that made for her welfare. He was in himself the embodiment of his state and he was in the very Best sense of the term her representative. His Long term of of fice in the United states Senate had made him very familiar with his duties As senator while his intimate acquaint Tince with the needs and possibilities of his own state enabled him to place these very strongly be fore Congress whenever questions affecting the interests of the West were under consideration. A comparatively Young Man Young for his Terra of senatorial service he was Cut off in the Zenith of his Power and popularity. Kansas May Well mourn his untimely taking off. His loss to her cannot be made Good and his death is particularly to be deplored when the character of his senatorial col league is taken into consideration. The loss of Kansas is a National loss and one particularly Felt by the re publicans of the country. The Crew of Che Baltimore at Callao in route for san Francisco Are Una r served in their expressions of indignation Over the treatment they have received Iii Valparaiso. They will find on their arrival in the United states that their just indignation is very generally shared by their even the English in Chili Are coming to understand that Cuil must apologize or take the con sequences. If that upstart Republic can stand the pressure Vuole 8am is willing and his sailors Are ready. The Indiana tight will be a warm oae this year. The Gresham faction will try and carry the state against president Harrison in the Minneapolis convention but succeed. President Harrison has made enemies in his own state because he would not farm out More offices to the hungry Home crowd who seemed to think that they had a right to every thing in sight. The enmities thus provoked May leave scars but they Are honorable scars and can be Honor ably borne. Culberson will the running for the unexpired and leave to take a shy at Long term or in As gubernatorial candidate. This seems to be the programme and in Case it is carried oat there will be no division of Mills and Culberson forces in the fight against Hogg and Chilton. The situation has its charms for a Republican also for chose democrats who be live in Small majorities As a Neces sity to great r care in tha selection of state and legislative tickets. Texas petition circulated at Llano for Bridge Over the River at that Point. Criminal docket opens Llano this or. Hit. Bhussry Dies at Breuhaus b Seville is interesting herself in deep water matters at Rock port. A magnificent flow of Artesian water struck at at feet deep. Jesus go Ziles killed at Alice in a knife Over a mexican woman. We. Lloyd arrested at Longview for killing Shaw to Ely in a quarrel Over a debt. The protestant Colony at san Diego Are making Nice Christmas tree arrangements. County commissioners san Diego refuse to receive the steel work of the new jail and a Law suit is imminent. Charley Button who shot Clark at Dallas during last fair gets two years. Hazing new prisoners in Austin county jail has been to in human lengths. Parker arrested for burglary at Houston is wanted in Mississippi for murder. The sat tons who murdered a Man in the strip Are captured in this state and go to Wichita his neck by a fall at Atlanta and Dies a horrible death. Night clerk Murrell. Of the Peter son hotel Tyler takes Cash and skips town. Miss Eugenie Brahn Seguin carries Oft the musical honors Lexington by. A Enow House and a Christmas tree Are the Kyle sunday school attractions. Dallas Council has a hot session on retrenchment and scout and other pet names Are passed. A new consignment of swede3 arrives in Bee county for farming Pur poses. Col Malone s widow at Beeville appointed administer matrix estate valued at scouts leave fort to scout through Encl Al county f r Garza. Boston land company buys 80.172 acres Texas Pine lauds for per acre. Gov. Hogg inspects the Terrell Asylum and investigates its manage ment. William West found not guilty of throwing Rotton eggs at Bam Jones in Houston. Chief Jones of the Texas forestry exhibit receives special circular concerning Texas exhibits of Woods at Chicago. The Bonner Marj s m. Aud j to 5 p. Largen t. J. Physician and surgeon Soledad look Cor Ner Houston Aud dad i. Braden or. C. F. Specialist eve ear and Throat. Office 402 e. Houston St., Tel. No. 150. Hours 10 to 13 a. I. And 3 to 5 p. M. Or. Wilke treats private chronic and disease. Office 22s Dolorosa Street Between military and main Plaza dentists. Drs. Johnston Carroll dentist. 275 Tom Tierce St. Residence 802 Avena c Telephone 536. Breeding sons or. J e Den nor 531 East Houston St. Expert Crown and Brid re work. San Antonio dental Parlours. Or. Edgar barium Soledad Block. Sets of Teeth Gold and am. Filli trs up. Gold crowns and lawyers. Meginnis Davis attorneys at Law. German and Span ish spoken. 10 main Plaza up stairs. Grigg Walter lawyer prompt attention to collections. Office Corner Houston and Soledad streets. Hays f. M. Lawyer French building of main Plaza Cor. Dwyer Avenue. Architects Murphy jas., architect office room no. 21, Ord floor Kamp bid. Any information relating to cheerfully Given. Post office drugstore i 1 ave. A Opp. Post office. Jun kind. Proprietor drugs fancy toilet articles perfume Ries soaps etc., All articles usually kept in at All hours any and night. Ary Calls it at St for physicians will la promptly attended to. Tailors. D. Giasso the Southern tailor dress suits and pants a specially. Perfect fit guaranteed. Call and see my Fine Hue of fall and Winter clothes. 222 Dolorosa St., of Southern hotel. Henry Kohler tailor and Draper. An elegant Assort ment of dress and fancy wors teds to be made up in the Best and latest finish at moderate prices. 24-2icom be St. Over Young Arnolds. Alamo sanitary co offices 638 w. Commerce St. And d. Comer Houston St., Opp. Post 417. All orders promptly 011 Short notice. Charges office. Tel. Attended to reasonable. R. W. Wallace proprietor John i. Hambleton co., land agents no 4 e. Commerce St. Of atm land agents w g the Marshall Street Butcher furnishes the Best beef Mutton and pork. Delivery free. Try him and you will be satisfied. 6 2 to a. Heusinger hardware stoves tin and Granite wire. Wagon Nail taints Glass agricultural a elements wagons Iron steel and Sain Maverick land agent conveyancer and notary Public. 419 to. Houston St., opposite Maverick Bank. Digit Wity James v. Buys and Sells real estate office Ala to Plaza old Post office building. West Side military Plaza. Consumption. I have a positive remedy for the above disease by in use thousands of cases of the worst kind and of Long standing1 have been cared. Indeed to Strong is my Faith in its Efficacy that i will Send two bottles free with a valuable treatise on this disease to any nut f Eror who will Send me their express and p. O. Address. T. A. Slocum 31. 133 Pearl n. V. Insurance. Chas l. Sauer co. The old reliable insurance agents. Office Soledad Block Corner Houston and Soledad streets. And the report that president Harrison offered the portfolio of to Steve Eikens a Early As last May and that will do so if properly managed. If it does not do thin it will fail to answer the end of its creation. Insurance k. P. Endow t cheap Safe and reliable. For Mem Bers t. B. Johnson Secretary. Miscellaneous notices. Paper hanging in All its branches and Only first class men 217 Houston Street by c. H. Mueller. Out Protection in Case of fire. Senator plumb introduced fifty one Bills into the United states Senate during the first Day s session. There May be a very suggestive connection Between this fact and his death by cerebral congestion. The big game is disappearing from the african forests As surely As from the great american Plains. The lion and the Tiger the elephant and the Giraffe Are booked for extinction As Well As the american Bison and Moose. Lined is not credited where Elkins is it is utterly inconsistent with his record As a place Man. Japanese the United states Senate has Al ready broken the record for the num ber of Bills introduced length of ses Sion considered. How much higher they will pile them up than hereto fore before session ends deponent Saich not. The situation in Louisiana grows interesting. The democratic party in that state having suppressed a free ballot and a fair court outside of the party have a Little work Cut out for themselves within the party that will keep them Busy for the next year. British Columbia u discovering the True character of chinese Tion in the bringing to Light the hid Den vicious Cesyl of the slave Market in Victoria Jor the Sale of chinese girls. Canadian John will find that a head does not pay for such an influx of celestial nastiness. Tolstoi is not confining himself to prescriptions of love As a diet for starving russians. His family Are in different parts of the Empire acting As agents for the distribution of food to the starving peasants and carrying Oul the Peculiar views of the great novelist. The railway companies will find it mighty hard sledding before they succeed is excluding from their offi Ces All members of the railway Tele graph a Ion. This is not a threat but pro Keey Aad prophecy is More True than history. The cars who a few weeks were howling out calamity to the t me of no tin in Are now burdening the atmosphere with their Wail Over the glut of tin Ore in the recently discovered american this is the Day of the howler. No amount of sophistry can Dis Guise the fact that the nomination of Eakins is not acceptable to the coun try. The republicans Are disappointed to the action of the president and find it hard to reconcile the appoint ment with the president s expressed views As to the High character of Public appointments. Seventy two out of 75 creditors vote to Settle with Bonner a Bonner for 50 cents of the Dollar spot Cash. A guarantee curo for piles of whatever kind internal or bleed in to ischia or. Ohio ii or hereditary. This r moly has positively been known to fail ?1 a Box 6 boxes for sent by mail prepaid on receipt of Price. A written Penaran positively Given o each purchaser of 6 boxes Ubea purchased at ome time to refund the paid if not cared. Guarantee by a. Dreiss wholesale and real druggist sole.asrt., san Antonio Texas a i i pc 3 free. Carriage painting. F. Pasche 305 ave. B. The celebrate i Noble horse Best English varnish ased satisfaction guaranteed. Visiting cards free. To Fred City circulator for the Diu Light Commerce. Chinese store w. Houston St. Quong Man Yuen prop. Importer of Ime chinese dry goods China Ware and teas. Also a full line of Chi Nese curiosities. Health is wealth pot plants for Sale will hire for decoration purposes. White hyacinths Aud Calla lilies in Bloom. Mrs. S a Eriek ave. C and 10th its. First classed. Diesselhorst s Saloon 44 w. Commerce Opp. Groos Bank. Fine wines liquors and cigars. Lunch counter attached. A. E. C. s Etc rvs and brain a guarantee specific for hysteria dizzy conv unions fits. Nervous Nara aria headache nervous prostration caused by the use of Alchie or tobacco Wakeful less mental depression Safe thing of the brain resulting in insanity Ami to misery decay Ani premature of barrenness of Ower in either sex. Linvol Antarr Ami caused by Over exertion of the self abase or Over inn Lwrence each Box contains one month s treatment. a Boxer six boxes for gent by mail pre paid o Neft Seipt of Price. We guarantee six boxes to cure any Case. With each received by us for six boxes accompanied with will Send the purchaser our written guarantee to refund the Money if tha treatment does not effect a care. Guarantees issued Only by City drug store sole gals. S e. Commerce St., san Anto John l. Wipff Saloon 28 Avenue d. Steiner s old stand Nice Cool drinks and polite attention your patronage solicited. Accountants. James Anderson chartered accountant and no. Ii East Houston Street. Auditor As an anti i adj Catcher compare this Tilting Tower and its a motor with an Ordinary Windmill and you will find that it presents a tithe of the wind surface to the grasp of the storm that storm that other does. For information descriptive circulars and prices address. San Antonio Tex Aba h. Korris of the new York bar Anda Siliceo and Norris counsellors at Law. Mirador 7 1-2, City of Mexico. Undertakers Jos. Sheern undertaker and embalmer office open. Day and night 259 Commerce St. Tel. 1x5 druggists. Dowling floods prescription druggists. Cor. Houston Ami Loe Pya its. Telephone 43 prescriptions delivered to All parts of the City. Romcea of Shropshire Mcdanlel and Bland also veterinary sur freon a. R. Bal Kam. Articles belonging to a first class drug store in Stock. 8-12-Ly the St. Louis weekly Globe Democrat the Best newspaper of the Abe consists of 10 pages. Pays More for news than any other paper in the United states being Replete with matter of interest to All agricultural the mechanical and the professional. Advocates the principals of the Republican party and publishes in fall the speeches of its leaders. As the coining presidential Campaign promises to be the hottest Ever contested every Republican should become a subscriber and keep himself thoroughly informed of what is occurring in the Politi Cal world Price per year. Remit through postmasters and new dealers or direct to the Globe printing co St. Louis to. Sample copies mailed free

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