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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 22, 1890, San Antonio, TexasCui cd s work. A Motler Giitl Znuj Uliter in ii voc with tie Saino sinn. Tacoma news. Of Friday so the Story goes a prominent lady of the town attempted to commit aul qide under such romantic circumstances that the ship bul Diug Industry was forgotten and Athur Delplane is now the topic of conversation. The Story of this at tempted suicide revolves around a lady called Mcguire her daughter minute and Arthur Delplane and a thur is either the hero or the victim. Widow Jio Guire is not fair fat and 40, but she is fair 40, and supposed to have a Bank account As her daughter Minnie is the reputed Belle of gig Harbor. Arthur Delplane also lives in gig Harbor connected with the Mill. He is about 30 years of age. Arthur met Minnie and the result was that a thur was a constant visitor at the Mcguire hot Slead. But also met Arthur and she looked upon him and he was fair. She wanted him for herself it is said and immediately became a rival of her daughter for his affections. The Young Mau must have Given mrs. Mcguire gome encouragement for her affection apparently grew to some thing stronger nud at last she found that without him life no longer contained any pleasures for her. The daughter Minnie was the favorite however and the Mother was beside herself with anger when she found the two together of Friday evening acting As if they were accepted lovers. Widow Meguire did not leave them to their Joy Aud Hap piness. 8he rushed into the room Aud with a Wail cried of Arthur you Don love me any just at this moment unluckily Tor Minnie the family cat walked across the room widow Mcguire grasped it by the Tail and with her forty years strength threw it in Minnie s face. Wherever a cat lands it lands feet first and generally holds on. In this Case the cat a feet first and held on to Minnie s face with her feet As her face will testify to Day. Widow Mcguire then ran out of the House and to the wharf Declar ing that she would drown herself. A thur was in a dilemma whether to sooth Llie scarred face or save a life. He hesitated but a moment Aud rushed after the widow Ana reached her just a she was throwing herself in to the sound. They struggled but he was the stronger and he carried her Back to the House. What happened thereafter gig har Bor would like to know. Arthur is still a visitor at the House but whether he is a hero and has a Mother in Law or is a hero and a victim Only the future Alono will Tell. San Antonto never has had a Bank failure. The present indications Are that she is not very Likely to have at any time in the near future. The old Alamo City does riot hanker after aug notoriety of that kind. Maverick certainly had reason to congratulate himself on saturday night Over the endorsement he received so unanimously and spontaneously at the hands of his fellow citizens. Acts As illustrated the Page of san Antonio s history last Satur Day when her without distinction of politics religion or sex came Forward with their deposits to sustain the credit of the Maverick Bank Are Tho redemption of human Ity from Tho too Oft repeated charge a Universal selfishness. Some persons doubted Sam mave Rick s discretion but no one doubted his grit when he Flung his Banner to the Breeze saturday Money enough to pay everybody and Bank will remain open until six o the changes that will be made Oil military Plaza before the close of 1891 revolutionize that Section of the City. Roth Corners leading out of Commerce Street on the West and one of the East will be built up with solid structures in place of the rookeries that now do duty for buildings on those Corners the City Hall will be completed and the Bat Cave cleared away the Plaza will be paved and Jaid out in ornamental walks and the Day of Ehile you Carne mud Bat Cave id Genus one will have forever passed. The Man who destroys credit whether the credit of character or of business soundness is a criminal Aud deserves a criminal s judgment. He takes not alone from the individual that which is dear to him and Whin thus ruthlessly stolen cannot be re placed but he destroys the Faith of men Aud by killing Public Confidence murders Progress and buries Success in a grave of titter hopelessness n character and purse is okapi and. To Rob a Man of either is to his chances of Success in life. A quo Nylon for Blen who Tho Clever woman is out again with another conundrum. Slio ski Yah you men when n won ii is Lnu Ilij la i car Mush and look us Tomppy if you get up if Tiv a painful pause and offer Hov armr sent. And Why do you Blumli furiously and Long if she politely de olives Tho seat nine times out of Tun Licu this docs Hap pen i Uit Mit that women do not often de Cline to take i mini s she Hiis Only a Short distance to Rido of is not tired and ims no objections to standing when she might deprive some fired Man of his sent. She Dous not decline it because she is indignant. Besides a woman appears to bet Ter in u pm when she is stand ing to Iii a Mau. She rests easily and comfortably on her feet composed and is in licit your Man hangs to his strap twists and Tiu is As he watches for a seat into which lib ii dive and wears grieved expression us if. Nil the world were wrong ing him. Why is Why is it if it to shortly after the tide had stopped run Ning out they saw something coming toward them from the Ocean in a Long White line which grew bigger and whiter As it approached. Then there was a sound like the rumbling of Distant Thunder which grew louder and louder As the White line came nearer until it seemed As if the whole Ocean had risen no and was coming charging and Thule Ringtown non them toiling Over the Edge of this pile of water like an endless Cataract from four to seven metres High that spread out across the whole Eastern horizon. This was the por orca when they Tuv it coming the Crew be Carne utterly demoralized and fell to weep ing and praying in the Bottom of the bout expecting that it would certainly be dashed to liners and they themselves drowned. The Pilot however had the presence of mind to heavy Anchor before the Wall of Waters struck Kluun and when it did strike they were first pitched violently Forward Aud then lifted and left rolling and tossing like a Cork on the foaming sea it left behind thu wat nearly filled with water. Jint their trouble was not ended for before they had emptied the boat two other such seas Camo Down of them at Short intervals tossing them in the same manner and finally leaving them within a Stone s throw of the River Bank where an other such wave would have dashed them upon the Shore. They had been anchored before the Waves struck them near the Middle of the Streum which at this Placo is several Miles c. Trauner in popular science. Trio Muu with Ilio bulls Etc. Some our asked what time it was and the five of us pulled out our watches in concert just As one Man yawning will be followed by All in the group. One of the crowd had a very heavy old fashioned bulls Eye watch and it attracted attention and inquiry. No it is not an he replied As he held it in his hand. Left you by a dear Delong to some great Maui any Romance connected with hardly. I West deliberately and bought it for u purpose and that purpose was to have a Huguly we Ripon of defense. I am mortally afraid of a pistol have a horror of a knife und one Cun a club or Stone Handy. In Brief i bought it to throw fit a Man should occasion Ever de has such occasion Ever it has. Alio it u year ago while i was in a Chicago suburb a Footpad suddenly appeared in demanded my Cash. I swung for Bim with this and killed to. It missed him and broke n Boot jaw and it costs me Overa Hundred dollars to repair damages. Don t criticise it us a timepiece gentlemen but As a weapon of defense. I m not Handy with my Dukes and i can t York surprising if True. A robust Man of about 05 years of ago entered the office of the Board of auditors a Day or two ago. He called auditor i Loli Bau aside and related the following in the year 1sio i arrived in the of de troit sick and destitute i West to the mayor whose name i have forgotten Hud my Case before him and be kindly allowed me quarters in the county House. I was there three weeks and now 1 want to Square myself with the county for the favors Whereat Tho robust Unin pulled out two so Bills and waited for the astonished Llo limn to gather himself. Exclaimed ill. Holihan that was fifty years ago and of course there is no charge against you but the robust Man insisted on paying up. He urged so firmly that or. Chotilian finally accepted and covered the sum Hack into the Treasury. But the old Fello a would give no scrap of Bis history and refused his news. Ali Pitoau news. Lost car agent Palfrey was in town last week. The maximum Speed on the i. O. N. Has been changed to 18 Miles per hour. The earnings of the mexican Cen trial for the fourth Quarter of novem Ber were and for Tho whole month the 8. P. Pay car will arrive on the 24th, Aud give the Ute a Chance for Christmas. Two Crews on the West end of the Southern Pacific were put Oft to a Slack of business of the line. A special coach was attached to the Draneas pass train for Houston this morning. Excursion tickets for the holidays were put on Sale saturday. Two trains of Stock bound for the Chicago Market passed Over the s. P. Saturday. The first Holiday excursion trains for the Southeast were run saturday and wore crowded to overflowing. Two trains of ten cars each in route Lor new Orleans were transferred at Rosenberg from the g. C. And saute be to the s. P. Road. The South bound t. G. N. Yester Day was nine hours late. Bad time on the Iron Mountain caused Tho do Lay. The earnings of the mexican Vera Cruz railway for the491h week of the current year were against s70.523.45 in the corresponding period of 1889. The Crew on a Southern Pacific freight yesterday noticed Tho body of a coloured Mau laying along Side the track at Harwood acc Dently run Over. The matter was reported to Tho authorities at that place. acquit cd. Tie mexican revolutionist Ami Fol Lowers go Scot Froe. At ten o clock this morning jury in the Case against Sandoval it Ala reported having been out since saturday 0 p. M. The verdict was awaited with considerable interest by those directly interested and the spectators. Finally it was presented and showed that defendants in the Case were All acquitted of the crimes charged against them. Sandoval and his friends and con sul for defense smiled at their Victory the jury was discharged Aud the prisoners set at Liberty. Sandoval was seen by r reporter shortly after his acquittal. He was All smiles Aud willing to talk As fast and Best As his command of the Jeu Glish language permitted him. I live in he said in reply to a shall depart for Homo shortly. No i wont go to mex Ico in fact i be not been Able to visit that country for some time As 1 have been expelled from it some time since. I am truly thankful for the kind treatment that i have received while in the the Federal court adjourned until 3 p. M. When Tho writ for Hareas Cor by Oue Pascual ooh Orv will be Hoard. Jerseys for Sale. Owing to the recent loss by fire at my farm i offer for Sale a Choice lot of Jersey cows. Apply to William Murray Foreman at the farm or Tok phone 285. 12 22 it Pur Loining pants. Saturday two Trampish looking individuals who have been hanging about town for some Days Wero in Bod by officer Fitzhenry in the attempt to Purlin a pair of pants rom a dry goods store on military Laza. One of them Pat. O Brien Vas nabbed instantly but Rill Muray ran like a race horse but was finally caught. Firca. The first fire saturday night was on an Pedro Avenue at or. Shrop hire s residence. His Carriage two ses stable and a Quantity of feed were burned. His loss will be about 1200. The second alarm which called out he department at 12 o clock was a Brush fire situated away out on Al Heights. Ail insect Colin Tali. 1 be Bird Spiar of tropical America grows to be three inches in breadth and As much As four and a halt inches in length being the largest of the several Hundred species of spiders known to naturalists. Its nests resemble those of the Large Cater pillars of France and Spain find consists of a Beautiful White Silken tissue of Severa thick layers and strengthened by Verj Strong threads capable of arresting tin flight of any Small Bird. In the Center o this nest Are placed the eggs to in number. The creature is very powerful and is provided with formidable instruments of attack enabling it not Only to destroy Small Birds and the Young of Large species As some writers have maintained but Large lizards and Republic curious wedding customs. The armenian girl on the eve of her wet Ding paints delicate Flowers of celestial Blu All Over her breast and neck and dyes he eyebrows Black and her nails a Brig Orange. The German girl the night before the nuptials is treated to the curious Masquer col Ltd the Polter Abend when the guest a Vest up As the ancestors of the family an pay her a dramatic tit Sajiu elephant clothing House. Largest and in the Southwest suits and up boys clothing a great specially see our great Leader men s tailor made suits at Ding goods hats boots and shoes trunks travelling bags and Valise make your Holiday purchases at Wolf soils a cloth North Side main Plaza san Texas. Ilka nurseries a Cloae shave. Friday night As the lamp in the rental rooms of or. Blondin in the Terrell Block was just m the act of exploding an officer who noticed it rushed up and fired the lamp a Large costly one into the River below Aud Hus prevented what might have proven a disastrous conflagration. The dentist has been fishing for the recovery of his lamp since. New officers. For the year 1891 the following officers will serve the Schiller Lodge sons of Hermann Henry Boerner commander j. H. Hager vice commander Jacob Wohlfarth orator f. C. Klieforth Secre tary l. Simon collector Morlitz eos by treasurer Otto chaplain Max Seu Mueckler guide Fritz Wein Gartz Warden Christian Werner Sentinel a. H. Moths b. Biering s. Warshauer trustees. Has a Fine lot of Home roses shrubs acid evergreens. Now is the Best time to Plant. Pansies Are now ready flowering and decorative plants Cut Flowers and Floral designs. Ilka nurseries near heat of River Rock Quarry Road Mayer Schmelter 6urgower Mayer Schmelter no 2oeast Commerce st., next to brid6e. Dealers in Pine wines liquors and cigars Telephone 195. Family a specially. Goods delivered to any part Ottlie City. Orders solicited. The most Complete Stock in City. For nine hours. Tie workingmen held quite a Rasas meeting yesterday afternoon and do cited to form a federation of All the trades in order to work systematically for the nine hour Rule. A committee of Conat Lution and by Laws was appointed which is now at work. An other meeting will to called soon. W. C. Morgan co., general collecting agents r estate references Maverick Bonk san Antonio City National Bank 1 list Al l Bank Iret Nat j Bank Austin Waco state Bani wild Leno , farm lands at Straits i uni end leases ant App Catlong Foi school made taxes 1 aul Etc. Nos. And 5 w. Commerce st., san Antonio Texas

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