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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 21, 1891, San Antonio, TexasMonday december 21, 1891 Tho j Oor you always Jlove. Editor Licini the licht Only n few Days past copied Short article i Rota a Brook Lyn n. Y. Paper which expressed no email Surprise at the that people should starve to death in the City of new York. The Brooklyn paper May possess a scholarly and Able editor and a staff of wide awake reporters but its very expression of Surprise at a Alra Ost daily occurrence in new York shows let tvs familiarity with the crowded haunt of poverty reeking Wotli filth unde. Iti nose. The larger the City greater is the poverty pauperism want and suffering. Employment and work Are More difficult of obtainment on account of n the multitude needing work and this very Circum reduces Tho rate n to a pitiful stipend unhurt Unateny wage workers Haven account in Bank and no property t mortgage when the Wolf crosses the threshold of their rented hovels. Spoil of broken limb from any Accident or a loss of work Briu them face to face with want in it Grimes aspect because they hat no great store of provisions to a Back Money and no Redli once they fall behind hand they Cai Seldom out of debt As it require All their scant earnings to pay Ren and to provide Coal and food. Here in ban Antonio there is i vast Deal of actual want and suffer ing of which the Rich and Wel t do know nothing at All. The self re Are not destitute of de cent and allowable a willing and anxious to earn Thel daily bread in the sweat of the Are willing to seek work of any sort and the will Endeavor to procure Sinai Loans or to obtain credit of sums but they shrink from publicly advertising their object Pov Orty and putting themselves in Thi attitude of beggars soliciting alms nor Are they to be blamed for show ing this apart of honest Pride. Heal by it does them Honor. A poor Man asks a Small loan of who is Worth a Hundred thousand dollars and is Curtly Torii he is very hard up and cannot accommodate sneaks up to Byln nor another Rich Tellow and asks for Small loan and for answer is told to get work and not be bothering people. He goes through the entire Gamut of Rich and Well to do people and is put off and denied by All of them with a manner that causes their blood to Boll in their veins. When to is at the Point of starvation the press will pro claim the fact and Charity will be doled out Tojim in triblets. A poor woman goes around timidly seeking work or possibly a Small loan but everybody is Devilish hard run. Or has a to pay or Haa just paid his taxes or his water rates but several of these very hard run gentlemen god save the will probably Oit or to Purchase her virtue self respect and character. This is not the picture of a teeming Snoy heated by the desire to make a sensation. On the contrary it is the sad and painful experience of a num Ber of men and women in san an Tonio who Are neither tramps nor beg iras neither loafers nor dead beats but who would gladly be bread win ners if they could Only obtain work. When they Are about to starve to death Charity will go Forth a brass baud and drum up alms for them and the names of the alms givers will be published in the papers with a flourish of trumpets and they will forthwith set up for saints and beast of their charitable deeds. Charity in 1892 is a Humbug and a pompous Parade. It sleeps Aud slum Bers till people Are reduced to gnaw ing Bones and then Doles out its help Nurt advertises what it gives in the papers. Ben. Delivered in a forcible Aud impressive Wanner. The paper remarked that the chair Man stated the truth when he Greeley easily the Glrst of journalists it than dawned upon the lady that her Katolly princes was really the editor of the com Panion. A True Host Story. Her disappointment. A lady who was a great admirer of Horace Greeley went one evening to lecture. She had never seen her hero but was a constant Reader of his paper and had her own ideas As to How he would look and act. The chairman of the meeting de sired to air , and introduced the speaker in the following rather Vunie indefinite manner ladies and gentlemen you Wauie very near being disappointed this eve Ning As or. Greeley has been very ill and i Trust that a slight change of programme will be excused on this account. F As i know that you Are anxious for the lecture to begin i will Only detain you to say that i have the pleasure and Honor of introducing to you the facile Prince is of journalism. The lady waited to hear no More but went Home in disgust. Well my asked the hug band who was taking care of the baby during his wife s absence How did you like the i did t Stop to hear was the reply. Greeley was sick Aud they got another Man to take hib place who was such a queer looking old Guy that i would t waste my time listing to him sol came Back who was the Don t she answered still indignant at her disappoint ment. Somebody i never heard of before. His name was family Prin Ces. The lady still More disappointed the next Day when she discovered in the paper a Jong account of Greeley s Jecture which the Grest editor although feeling quite ill had what the phantom or Beech Hill proved to lie after an in Vest Kusion. About a mile beyond the Beech Hill stood Squire Mcdonald s store and one dreary night in late autumn Thore came to bitter first Eory o More and then Baudy hug John and finally Aleo Gillies All in a High state of excitement and asserting with much positiveness that they had seen the ghost on Beech Hill. Now the Squire was As shrewd hard headed and in superstitious a Scotchman As Ever traded Tea for butter or sugar for eggs and he had no Faith in the Beech Hill guest than in the Man in the Moon. But this time the testimony of the terrified witnesses happened to agree remarkably. Tho ghost had appeared to All in precisely the same form namely As a White shapeless thing that rolled along the ground utter ing shrill threat Fng girl Ken. The matter was surely Worth looking into. Hark be said the Squire at last i believe you re nothing better than a parcel of foolish boys and to prove it i la go up to the Beech Hill myself and see what it is that has come so nigh scaring the life out of thus speaking he got his coat and hat and calling upon them to follow set off Tor the scene of the ghost s walk. Eory Aud Sandy and Alec would much rather have been excused but Pride overcame their timidity Aud they followed in their leaders track. Hardly had they reached the foot of the Hill than Tho shrieks they had heard before came to their ears. There it is exclaimed Eory with trembling Lupe. Can be not hear it to be sure i responded the Squire and i m going to see what it is. Come along. The distance Between the Doughty Squire and his followers increased As ii went on while the shrieks grew stronger with each Forward step. When about the Middle of the is cont he saw the ghost. It was As he men had reported a White shape Ess thing rolling upon the ground and from it undoubtedly came the piercing cribs which had proved so alarming. Going straight up to the thing the lure touched it with his foot then Bent Down to feel it with his hand my then burst out into a Roar of Aughter that at first startled the free Farmers almost As much As the Host s shrieks. Come he shouted. Come Here Aud see what your ghost i. In a hesitating Way Thoy Drew near and examined Tho cause of their Bright. It was a White meal bag detaining two very Lively Young pigs which had in some Way fallen of a Armor s Wagon into the Middle of the Oad there to prove a source of terror o the superstitious and perhaps not Hoge Taer sober passers Oualdo Oxley in harpers you eople. Will buy Han Borao courage residence of 7 rooms Voth Bath stable Carriage House chicle n House Wood House Etc. Hydrum Ater Larga lot with fins Shade tree Aud rubbery. New neat and clean about our blocks from military Plaza. Will sat y at t40.00 a month. J . Haubl ton co guaranteed cure. We authorize 0111 advertised druggist to Ell or. King s new discovery for con Imp Ion coughs and colds upon this condition. If you Are afflicted with a Pugh cold or any lung. Throat or Hest trouble and will use this remedy As directed riving u a fair trial and sex Eric nce no be Clit you return the Ottle and have your Money refunded be could not Unkn this offer did we not now that or. King s now discovery fluid be relied on. It never disappoints. Ural bottles free at Adolph or class Aud Roiss Thompson t co. Large size 50c . 11-s7 2 a Chance for builders. For four shares paid p Stock in the International Buill no and loan association. -4-tf t. B. Johnson. Excelsior steam laundry no.o33 Alamo Plaza opposite Manger hotel. Telephone 660. Collars Aid cuffs a specially for Fencl delivered free of charge Wrork Narant cd first class. Sign Painter. Shop on East Commerce Street oppo test. Joseph s Catholic Church. None it the very Best material used and Ood honest work at reasonable prices Ati faction warranted every time. Some Ros Peota in Nail manufacturer is like u Emu who foils in order to Pinko Jar. Dou t Seo it Lio 3 successful his goods no Likely to to under the a location Happy hoosiers. Wra. To muons. Postmaster of Idaville ind., writes electric Allters Lias Doud More for to than All Othor medicines combined for that bad fooling arising from kidney and liver John Leslie Farmer and Stockman of same place says find electric bitters to to the Best kidney and liver Medicine made to feel like a now j. 10 Unius a own Anu Uon i care whether to lives or Dies he found new strength Good appetite and Felt just like he had a new lease on life. Only 50c a bottle at Adolph dress and dress Thompson co. 11-27 2 recollections of Dixie. See Thold plan. Tuou on the Dart Rod River Bank the Fields of Cotton stalks and tub be Oano and the Colum Woof tall All along Tho levee Wall Anil the negro Cabin Down the a Odd e c Lane. J Reetho White folks with Iti wide v e r u n d u spread like great big Arini of Welcome to in guest ilm Home Whene or lie will when his foot strikes that door Sill he is partner of its Bounty and its Best. 1 ils broken window Alwhite lint Mit tired All about the door and i hear its creaking noise Ana tic Clear voice of the boys Bingo nth Darkey songs i la love forever Mora n who erect o the butchered pigs arc it is now "hog-iillltn1 Durkacy fun is in my prime big users a san Antonio fire alarm Boies. No. Location. 12 Cor Flores and Galbenu. 13 Cors Flores and Arsenal. 14 Juno s Laredo and East in june Laredo and s Pecos. 16 Cor s Flores and Arkansas. 17 Cor s Fiona and Lachapelle. S p k u crossing 18 Union Stock Yards. 19 Cor s Sal ado Aud Vera Cruz. 21 i g n k k Stock Yards san Luis 23 Cor Medina and w Commerce i g in lir 34 Cor Commerce and Pecos 26 Cor Pecos and Matamoras. 36 Central office military Plaza. 27 Cor Houston and s Flores. 28 Cor Houston and san Saba 29 Cor Leona Morales City Hospital. 31 Cor Morlaes and n Salado. 82 Cor Lea and 84 Cor Hidalgo and East. 35 Cor an Equla and a Odriguez 36 Juno san Pedro ave and Camden 2nd 37 Cor san Pedro ave and Elmira. 38 Cor Warren and age son. 41 Corsan Pedro Avo and Laurel. 43 Juno Laurel and Road Joun pest s store 43 Cor san Pedro ave and Locust san Pedro Springs and car stables. 45 Cor Poplar and main ave. Cor main ave and Macon. 47 Cor Lex Quaton ave and Augusta. 12s Cor Sot Edail and Salinas 124 Cor be. Houston and St. Mary s. 125 Cor b. Houston and ave a no. 2 in g in e House. Cor Martin and Jefferson. 137 Cor ave d and eighth. 132 Cor ave band ninth. 134 loue Star brewery fraud ave. 135 Cor grand ave and Austin. Sunset 136 Cor Austin Aud Buval. 142 Cor Austin and Carson. Us Cor military ave and Grayson. 145 Jor Austin ave and urn son. 152 Cor military ave and Crosby 153 Cor Olive and juries of. 154 Cor Olive and Nolan. 313 Cor Laurnet and Walnut 214 Cor ave e and sixth. 215 Cor ave i and fifth. 310 Cor e Commerce Alamo. 217 Cor Nacogdoches and Nolan. 231 Cor Crockett and Bowie. 234 Cor e Commerce and Walnut. 235 Cor water and s 241 Cor water and go Lind. 243 Cor Goliad and Santa Clara 251 june water and Mission Hose 2o3 Cor Camargo and labor. 261 corpses and Pereida. 313 Cor Alamo and Villota. 314 co Quinta in Durneva. 315 Cor Market and Yturri no. Lemrise House 316 Cor Garden and Yillian electric Light Faublon s3l Cor Garden and Mill 321 Cor Mill and Adams. 325 Cor Beauregard and Mill. 412 c orking William and Turner. If you want a drink of the Fine old Woodland of 188? drop in at the Corner of Flores Aud West Commerce Street on the cast Side of military tuttlo9 proprietor also the finest brands of imported and Domestic wines liquors and cigars. 910 ranch Cor. Dolorosa and South Flores Street. A gentlemen s Kesot the finest of Domestic and Lepors wines and cigars. A cordial Welcome Taii Crawford Brown proprietors. Patents caveats arid Trade marts obtained and r Patent business conducted for Moder Alk f e1es. Our office opposite u. S. Patent office and we can secure a Patent in less time and at less Cost than those Remote from Wash Inton. And russet great Juca of per summon Bear in Kos now scarce and town Chrls mus noodles up in i catch the Mellow strumming of n Banjo on the i smell the spare ribs in the frying pan Chris mus comes bit oct a car Ever n Gujer wants Bis share to Rood Bye. I to twine to san m ak-1 0 mid twinkle in the on the Iro aty to Ells they beam. 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Plants for Sale Aud also Fine specimen plants for decorating purposes such As Palms ferns Pauda uus Cro tons ficus Grevillet robusta Dracaena a Ocasia and anthurium. Roses Chrysta Heini Irros violets Gera i Umus Cobus hanging Bas Quets greenhouse and pot plants. Other Nursery Stock ready Iti november such As fruit Shade ornamental and Evergreen Trees at san Antonio n Flores St., f. B. Rosenberger proprietor Louis Cook new Orleans says it gives me great pleasure to be Able to say that Rocock s cough elixir is the Best preparation for coughs and colds t Ever i have used a Good Many j cheerfully recommend sold by All druggists. Price 5oc. And prepared by i. L. Lyons co. 1. Berwick paints and oils Glass Wall paper. Agent for Geo. Pitkin go s Zinc paste. House training and painting special to. No. 12 Alamo Street. Anyonio offers unparalleled to tha Home seekers. A location of surprising loveliness a climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful sunmers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All com Bining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. John 7. Hambleton go. A p c the sae Antonio Light. 1 the Best evening paper published in the state of Texas. Delivered by friers part of the City at 500 per month. Commercial specially

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