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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 19, 1890, San Antonio, Texas, 1890 Cioti my n who would fill the mayor s chair with Signow Larj Anil ability. Apt. Kiziar Sui Hamm. To Kex. . Jno. Maykrum k. Man by al Mundorf. N. Noon an. H. And Kos. After a careful calculation of the of Llie Rity. Upon of 7.000 Volf to following i the loaves Asti of num it Tiu it polled thu in twinn Cut us Vii . The sting the of to from or it. Oulu i candidates Dav to Dav. Avau h personal notes. Capt. A. C. Jones of Beeville is in the it a m.5 a returned a Krait try. Or. Lenry Berg returned this morning hot Springs Aru. Corr Lnch. Of Austin 1 at Mav Erick. S. Mulvoy. Of Austin is at thu Mav Erick. Mrs. Or. I arson ind of Tkv Revillo. In at i Mahneke. W. T. Wood. R. S. A., is at Johi new York. Or. S. Jut tics and wife Are at the meager from York. Mrs. Lleni a Krolik. Of Detroit mich., ister of sin Hart arrived in the yesterday. Mrs. K of ala., is visit ing Straus her nuts Ehtor. In Cord Wood for Sale. For Host Post Oak we or in Mil. Cord Wood full measure Leavo or ii r at Oujini ifs. Military Plaza or one will receive prompt Rifi Krooni ital. A state. Ami the prices they bring. .1. J. . To k. I. Niklass Ami Block has rom Tiatco . B. Sruti i h. .1. Dooly and lots and look fit v kit a s. Sun Jac into Sti Vot. K. Niklass to j. J. Lots 17, lid al. Hloch 11. City Lor s. Second Shiv it .1. Us of land ont urus Cliris ii Road. Harrison. Ford and Stafford to William Bue Ineller. Lots 14, and Block 15, ily lot r Poesch and to .1. A lot Vito. A of lot in. Murk Howard Street j. Ii. I Utti tsim to ii. Ii. Lunnett lot j. 1. Street Wix Ltd Oil co to Weir concerts fast pop ular. The series of entertainments now be Iasi by this popular company in convention Hall Marks an Era in music in ban Antonio. Before have our music g oing people had an Opportunity of listening to a first class concert Given by a thais ability for the exceedingly Small sum of ten cents. At the present Tima but two respectable placed of entertainment can be found in on City. One the grand opera House where the sum of one Dollar in charged and the wizard Oil concerts where ten cents admits ail to the enjoyment of every privilege. Were it not for the fact that this company Are advertise inf they id not afford to carry the Excel Lent performers do. As the wizard Oil co., Only visit As every four years our citizens Avail themselves of the Opportunity now presented Tonia it Robertson s farce comedy entitled. Love and will be presented in addition to the Usua pros ram o music and Leisin Spe latties. The comedy will be presented in al its original Conception and those who attend will enjoy a rare treat. Pro Gram begins promptly at those desiring stats should be Early in at Tendance. Art of conversation from Francisco chronicle says an Eastern newspaper among the minor annoyances of the average or woman is the frequent Neces sity of saying something when not us Springs naturally to the lips to nay. The consciousness at any particular time that one can find nothing to say whatever be the cause is often much More distressing than the Occa Sion seems to there is a great Deal of food for re Flection in these observations As All of us have had occasion to know. We have Alj had attacks of temporary idiocy it would seem when nothing but the most trite and jejune ideas can be conjured up and put into As though our brains had been pumped dry of every suggestion an i thought and fancy. The worst of this sort of seizure is that it comes usually at the most Inopportune if we Are especially desirous of making a favourable impression of pluming ourselves and spreading our leathers to the Best advantage we Are ape to be stricken with this sort of intellectual paralysis and look even greater idiots Chan we believe our selves to be. But on the other hand by the uni Versal Law of compensation our very enforced silence is sometimes our most eloquent advocate. The Stam Mering halting timidly of the Bash full Over is sometimes the most effective instrument to reach the heart of his chosen one far surpassing the glowing rhetoric and rounded periods of the Man of ready wit and nimble tonne. Woman with that sixth sense which we Call in Multi a can readily Supply the Blanks and fill up the Hia uses in a Lover s declaration especially if she be prepared to favor i suit and the Art of conversation Between the lovers soon be comes reduced to the lowest terms with frequent pauses for punctuation in the shape of kisses. In company too the Man who can find nothing to say for the Timo being is not always an what Sydney Smith called occasional flashes of silence come As a Relief to the almost ceaseless babble and Clatter the never ending Stream of Vernal nothings which make up much of modern conversation. Among a crowd of Ordinary Suall talkers the Man who says nothing stands out like a great Rock in the midst of a fretful noisy Stream let. He is rest Ful to gaze upon it is a genuine Comfort to hear him say nothing. Let the bashful and the speechless take Comfort. Let them remember that sensible people can look beneath the surface and esteem for what they Noc for what they it is right and Wise that one should cultivate the Art of conversation and learn to talk with reasonable readiness and fluency. But at the same time there is a Good Deal to be said for the old woman s advice to her son which was not to say too much for if he kept his Mouth shut people would not find out How big a fool he was. Home Macle Basket. Detroit i Yee Pross. There is a Way to make Good bask ets at Home and pretty and cheap too out of outer hunks for Strong baskets and for lighter and finer ones the White in Ner parts. Wrapped an hour or so in a Damp Towel and Tneia Cut into strips of equal Width. Make an Ordinary braid with six or More which May be doubled or even trebled for greater strength. Thread a Needle with heavy waxed Linen thread and having dampened the braid form it into an Oval five or six inches Long and three wide for the Bottom of the Basket and sew the adjoining edges of the braid to Gether As in a Straw hat but Don t overlap them. Go on Colling and stitching for the sides of the sides of the Basket widening the opening until the Basket is deep enough. The handles Are made of a heavy three stranded braid which in sewed All round the top of the Basket just inside and looped at the Middle of each Side. For ornament wind the handles with Gay coloured ribbon or braid a Box plaiting of the same around the top and work a Bunch of Flowers on one Side in Bright worsted with Long stitches. The opposite Side May have a letter or a name. Fair programme. The new fair directory have out lined their work and Are merely waiting for the old business to be wound up before moving vigorously for next year s International exhibit. The first thing in order of course is the squaring of the old accounts that done and it Cali not be done until the subscriptions already made Are paid in the systematic carrying out of the plans already considered and practically adopted will follow. These include Turee special features. A Hearty cooperation with All the fair enter Prises in the South especially with the Dallas state fair association this cooperation to extend to arrangement of dates racing circuit Exchange of county exhibits and such other cooperative measures As will unite All efforts in making each fair a Success making of san Antonio fair pre eminently an International exhibit Eute resting if possible the cooperation and endorsement of Secretary for this International feature As Oue fully in har Mony and directly in line with his ideas of reciprocity with Mexico. To carry out this work our state govern ment will be import Ned to use its influence with the president of the mexican Republic to make its mexican exhibit More nationally representative than Ever before. A cordial co operation also with the Houston movement to represent Texas at the Columbia exposition in 1s9-. To this and the work of the san Antonio association will have direct reference to that work of preparation for a Chicago exhibit of Southwest Texas product in 1892, a Woff that will Tell surely upon the development of this Section of state. The work As thus outlined should if successfully and Intelli gently carried and give san Antonio an interest in All other fair gather Ings and All other fair gatherings an interest in the san Antonio fair not heretofore Felt. This will also very greatly facilitate the advertising of the fair in its general features end give it the Benefit of the advertising of All the other fairs in the Southern circuit. Mission Oil no. Nonh Sircar. Stavft a specially. And Yon h Man to repair stoves. will your Easo Lii e 12-2-Lmo. Liast auction Sale of furniture at Bolton s tomorrow at 10 a m and 3 p. Chas. Hauer w. 8. Asagi. Auctioneer. 12 19 it in quest of her son. Considerable merriment was Cre ated about the Bat eave yesterday by an Irish woman from Austin named Daugherty who was looking for her run away son John 16 years of age 5 feet g inches and described by the Mother As Roan Irish on both sides of the 8he has been laying for the unruly lad Tor some but he s dodged her every time. Of Don t know but be jabber Oina such a fidgety woman. Good Avening gents but of d like to Lay that boy once she As she departed with the Assurance of the police that they would fetch him alright. A nest of Viper. Last sunday while digging an excavation on his ranch twelve nines from Here on the Salado Philip Kie across a nest of Twenty three rattle snakes which measured from three to six feet. Sound sens11. From Thi Lobo Democrat. Grand old Texas. The democratic majority at the last election was Only about a Long As it is under we consider it it Republican Victory. Grover Cleveland Lias opinions on every question of social or political in Terest except Oue nud that one is the most important of the Peru. All. He apparently does not know what he thinks of the proposition for free Sil ver. The substance of All the newspaper interviews and predict docs concern ing the Republican Randi Day in 1892 which have been published since the election May be presented thus Only one g. Has any Chance to get the Nomina Tion. The Shorter the Reess which con Gress takes at the holidays the better the country will be pleased. Outside the regular Money Bills of the govern ment legislation is demanded on a greater number of really important matters than press for consideration in the average Short session. To business will undoubtedly be improved in the Long run by the pres ent Stringency. The weak and Reck Lessly managed concerns will col lapse in the flurry and those which observe the regular Laws of Trade and deserve to live will live. It is a Case of the survival of the fittest. Early and make your selections for Christmas presents and avoid being crowded. 12 12 2w Jess m. Bill. To City drug store 15-3-tf. City drag Stort new goods . Ladies cull at misses Kirc Hoor Como Toree for Holiday novel largest assortment in Tho City of to. And Sumio Chon let. Embroidered silk Masai silk Zephyr Saxony Ahu ail of yarn. Stamping Siik Scarf splashes and very thing in the styles in Fane at Tichnor. Us i to. In mind that Frank j. Beitel keeps builders7 hardware and lumber at the International and great Northern depot. N Choice assortment of handler Hief perfumes at tips Silver thorns prescription Druid gifts Corner of Houston Street and ave c. 9-29-tf Bear in mind that Frank j. Beitel keeps builders7 hardware and lumber at the International and great Northern depot. Of go to see or. Ward the dentist no. 254 West Commerce Street. Or. Ward in a graduate of one of the old est dental colleges. All work done at reasonable prides. Teeth extracted 50 cents. Rear in mind that Frank j Beitel keeps builders hardware and lumber at the International and great Northern depot. Of Saloon 23 i commit Mac Street. It the s old a Iii Storf. Lunch und Vry Friday Lino fish chowder. Every body Welcome. F. Eek lieu. Prop r. 1m gang of workmen Are and Adieu the streets in East end. Another i workmen Are building the East end electric car Tine and a Largo number of ladies and gentleman Are seen every Day in the East end office at 403-k hous ton Street buying lots in this Beautiful addition. . Latest designs in solid Silver. To have Silver in Plush cases suitable for wedding1 presents. These goods Are just in. Come and examine them. Bell Bros. Commerce Street. La j4-lt Light Kinnion will be a valuable paper to Send abroad. If you want any extra copies Send in your order Oarle. Rates for 100. Ail ready for mailing. Rough on corns. Hard or soft Toroa. 15e. On sure cure. 25c. Unusual display of line if a Wear and initial handkerchiefs just received by Pancoast son. Rj-2-lf three Fine lots on Over men Heights for Sale cheap apply to t. at Light office have All weights ill Sixes and All prices from a fifty cent Gar ment to a four Dollar one. 12 of f p Anco a St in cultivation 35 Miles from san Antonio fronting on the Medina River varas h be Pecan Grove Harare ivs Dence with All necessary stables barns Etc. Can be purchased for per acre one half Cash bal Neeson Long time at s per cent. 10-18tf Ixo. T. Hamill Knox co. Alamo fire insurance company solicits a share of the Public insurance business for the following Good reasons it is a solid Home company keep ing its Money in circulation in san Antonio and throughout the state. It is a prompt company adjusting All its losses on the spot and paying same without delay. It is a conservative company guaranteeing satisfaction in every respect. It is a Liberal company doing1 All in its Power to build up ban Antonio and the state. Patronize it its office until its new building is completed will be at the old stand Duerler s building no 222 w. Com Mer Estreet. Telephone no. 439. Alamo Fork insurance co. Keep it before the people that East end addition is at this intention. Why because it is nearer Alamo plan than any other addition. by Init cast of the City on ground it Fine South East wind in its health giving lower and because lots an Hein a sold on easy terms and away Down cheap. It will pay you to examine the solots. If you will Call at the East and co s Olliee. E. Houston Street they will gladly show Yon this property. 12-3-tf. Citation by publication sorts. Dicer voice of Good timbre. yes. He s a Chip off the old Block. His father a vocalist Chicago later Ocean. The chances for a la you suppose it was an intentional in 14 Well he threw his hat into the and then threw him after it. It was.1 Indianapolis Hook Ier. Where it would be found i can t Hud where that plumber did anything to this Heater neither could i. I told the Man but he said we d certainly find it in the Bill Philadelphia times. No. Ii. Is. Maht Ixko. In the District court of Bexar county judicial District. The state of Texas to the sheriff or any Constable of Bexar county you Are hereby commanded that by making publication of this citation in some newspaper published in the county of Bexar once each week for four consecutive weeks previous to the return Day Hereof you summon Estifana Martinez whole residence is beyond the limits of the state of Texas to be and appear it the next regular term of the District court of the 45th judicial District in and for Bexar county to be at the court House thereof in the City of san Antonio on the first monday in March a. D. 1891, the same being the second Day of March 1891, then and there to answer a petition filed in said court on the 8th Day of december 1890. In a suit numbered on the docket of said court no. Wherein Jose b. Martinez is plaintiff and Estifana Martinez is defendant wherein plaintiff alleges As follows to wit that plaintiff is a Bona tide inhabitant of the state of Texas and has resided in Bexar county More than six months preceding the institution of this suit. That he and defendant were lawfully married in the year 1881 and lived to until some time in the year 1s83 when defendant left him with intention of abandonment. That there is no Coin Mun Ltd property and no children the is sue of said marriage. Wherefore Plain Tiff prays for a decree annulling Tho mar Ria Ste Between him and defendant for and such other Relief As the court May see proper to Grant. Herein fail not but have you before said court on the said first Day of next term thereof this writ with your return thereon showing How you have executed the same. Witness George r. Dashiell clerk of the District court of Bexar county. Riven under my hand and Seal of said court at office in the City of san Antonio this the 13th Day of december. A. D. Geo. K. Dashiell clerk District court of Bexar county by a Kory Umscheid Deputy. Came to hand december into. A. 13 to at 31 o clock a. M., and publication ordered san Antonio daily Toht. T. P. Mccall. A county. By d. Deputy. 12-104 was notice to creditors. You Are hereby notified that Aaron Brunswick and Joseph lately doing business under the and firm name of a. Brunswick cd san at nos. 413 and 41.r East Houston Stirt. Sun Antonio Iveas on the St Day of ivc Embi r. A. D. 1890. Executed a deed of assignment conveying to undersigned All of their property for the Benefit of such of creditors us will consent to accept their proportional Semro of their estate and them from their respective claims and. That the undersigned accepted said Trust and Hasuly qualified As required by Law. All creditor consenting to said ment must within four months after the publication of this notice make known to the Assignee their consent in writing and within six months from the Date of this notice Lile their claims As prescribed by Law with the undersigned who at no. 317 Austin Street in the City of san Antonio Bexar county which is also his Post Olliee address. Witness my hand this 9th Day of december d. 1890. 12-9-3w Natian sch Itzko Assignee. Junes Murphy co., architects and superintendents 4o4 e. Houston St. Can Antonio. Ter. Will cheer Nuy Fern Mph All information relative to buildings free of charge and Guaran tee Bahtis faction to All who May favor them with their work. S. A. Brei in i ass n Hecl acc. B. Bishut. Of 4xt k. Sar. Anulio enrol my name Loiou the Mary have then relieved y or Wori Deroui remedy. I have been suf Prii g for Over Twenty it in Twenty m n notes. I shall never be without a pot All drus Radats. Marriage Heury Roif and Annie Castillo to Dolorea Ruiz. F. J. 8emple to m. Helena Jones. Kan do v a ease in still on trial and Wilt probably Tun throughout the entire part of next week. 2o per cent debate. Are determined to sell out our youth s clothing sizes 13 to 16 years a this la our season in this line to make the inducement we offer Clear to everybody we will sell goods at regular marked prices and give a discount of Iio per cent. Thus it our Salesman asks it Means a Honse like who Mark their Gooda in Plain figures can t Humbug the Public. A Marx of a baking powder used in millions of years the Standard

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