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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 18, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Get Gailija sight. Friday december 18,1801. Co Perl a childless Home Smith anti his wife have every luxury that Money can buy but there is one thing lacking to their happiness. Both Are fond of children but no Little voices prattle no Little feet Patter in their Beautiful Home. A i would give ten years of life if i could have one healthy living child of own a Smith often says to himself. No woman can be the Mother of healthy offspring unless she herself is in Good health of she suffers from female weakness general a debility bearing Down pains and functional derangement her physical condition is such that she cannot Hope to have healthy children. Or. Pierces favorite prescription is a soverign and guaranteed remedy for All these ailments. Worn out a run Down a feeble women need or. Pierces favorite prescription. It builds them up. Ifs a powerful restorative tonic or strength giver free from alcohol and injurious drugs the entire system is renewed and invigorated. It improves digestion enriches the blood dispels aches and pains gives refreshing sleep and restores flesh and strength. It s tile Only guaranteed Medicine for women sold by druggists. Banks Ano Bankers. . Alexander president. A. Aue Xander cashier. Has National Bank 253 Commerce Street. Is a a. General banking business transacted. Drafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other foreign Money purchased. A s2f"vl8itor8�?T Register kept in on Reading room where strangers in the City Are invited to Call. amp co., Bankers am dealers ii sight drafts on the principal oldies in the uni ted states and in All european countries. Foreign Voln and currency bought and sold. Rail Road time table. I. Amp g. N. Railroad. Departures. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain or m., k. And t. 5 45 a. M for St. Louis via Iron Mountain 6 00 p. M for Laredo. A 9 55 a. M arrivals. From St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. 9 35 a. M from St Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And to Roo p. In from Laredo 5 35 p. M Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leaves for new Orleans Houston and Galveston 9 15 a. In. And 9 p. In arrives from the East. Aves from new Orleans Houston and Galveston 7 a. In. And 3 50 p. In through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass 4 20 p. In arrives from san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass 8 45 a. In s. A. Amp a. P. Railroad. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville Dally except sunday.5 00 p. In leaves for Galveston Houston and Waco Dally except sunday 9 55 a. M leaves for Corpus Christi Rockport Beeville daily except sunday -1 30 p. In arrivals from Kerrville daily except sunday 9 45 a. In from Corpus Christi Rockport Beeville daily except Sun. 2 55 p. In from Galveston Houston and Waco daily except sunday 6 40 p. M Mallory Steamer sail from Galveston every wednesday and saturday. And whiskey habit cured it Home without pain. Book of Par Ticu a Kent t be. B.wool Ley,d. Atlanta. I it in. Office ill Whitehall St. I cd in Heater English Diamond it mag. Pennyroyal pills original and Only genuine. A ars always reliable ladies ast druggist tor counters Hng Tith dui Mon j i Brand in red and Gold Metalou Hiu i us. Siu no other. Befree dangerous tubs ii flow and imitation. By is sealed with Blue ribbon. Tike is Temh at Drua Irla h5.-ifb part in a Relief for ladles a in inter by return i?.1?"? j particulars dangerous v i. At druggists or stud titular t As tins us Aal w jag a eat Iki tvs la Tetter d 011119 r Mulla 10.000 Futi in oui als. Sam Pup the daily Light a is \ Only 60 cents a month delivered Marmaduke thit tary a St Academy 6 i Vii i bin i s and Ake Sakkt Hakim is. My. Author of vib rsm Ca a Keyork , Tenor a with a faint smile. A i Only wish i could believe everything you Tell .�?� a you must believe or renounce All claim to intelligence a answered Tho Little Man climbing from his chair and sitting upon the table at her Elbow. His Short sturdy legs swung at a considerable height above the floor and he planted his hands firmly upon the boards on each Side of him. The attitude was that of an Idle boy and was so oddly out of keeping with his age and expression that Norna almost laughed As she looked at him a at All events a he continued a you do not doubt Ray absolute sincerity. You come to for an explanation. I give you the Only sensible one that exists and the Only one that can have a sedative effect upon your excitement. Of course if you have any special object in believing in ghosts if it affords you any great and lasting pleasure to associate in imagination with spectres wraiths and fairly malicious shadows i will not Cross your a perhaps you Are right a a will you allow to say something Frank Norna a said Keyork with unusual diffidence. A if you can manage to be Frank without being a a it will be Short at All events. It is this. I think you Are becoming he watched her closely to see what effect Tho speech would produce. She looked up quickly. A Para i w hat is superstition a a gratuitous belief in things not proved a a i expected a different definition from a a seriously Norna i am not Tho Devil. I can prove it to you conclusively on theological a can you they say that his majesty is a lawyer arts a successful oms in Good Ansu Pride is is crier am i proud Norna the question is absurd. I have nothing to be proud of a Little old Man with a Gray Beard of whom nobody Ever heard anything remarkable. No one Ever accused of Pride. Ii1 w could i be proud of anything exc it of your acquaintance dear lady a he added gallantly his hand on his heart and leaning toward her As he sat. I Nora laughed at the speech and threw Back her dishevelled hair with a Graceful gesture. Keyork paused. A Why should Tho evil one have a monopoly in the soul Market you remind of argument. You would have distracted Demosthenes in the heat of a peroration or Socrates in the midst of his defense if you had flashed that hair of yours before their old eyes. You have almost taken the life out of argument. I was going to say that peculiarity is not less exclusive than Lucifer a though it takes a different turn. I was going to confess with the utmost frankness and Tho most sincere truth that Only crime against heaven is a most perfect unswerving devotional love for own particular self. In that attachment i have never wavered yet a but i really cannot say what May become of Keyork arabian if he looks at you much a you Are betraying yourself Keyork. You must control your footings better or i Elfall find out the truth about Riou have really no cause for nervousness now that it is All Over a remarked the Sage. Who had not descended from his Perch on the table. A the is very Well. It is one of those cases which Are interesting As being new or at least Only partially investigated. We May As Well speak in Confidence Norna for we really understand each other. Do you not think so a a Nihat depends upon what you have to a not much nothing that ought to offend you. Y of must consider dear a he said assuming an admirably paternal tone that i Raig Jit be your father and that i have your welfare very much at heart us Well us your happiness. You love this Many no do not be angry do not interrupt . You could not do better for yourself or for a and yours is in reality a charitable nature Deal Norna though you Are sometimes a Little Hasty with poor old Keyork. Good again. You being moved by a desire for this Man s welfare most kindly and mildly take Steps to cure him of Hir madness. The delusion is Strong but your will is stronger. The delusion yields after a violent struggle during which it has even impressed itself upon your own senses. Tho patient is brought Home properly cared for and Dia Al Medius Hegman Singer cts posed to rest. Then he wakes apparently of his own Accord and behold he is completely cured. Everything has been successful everything is perfect everything has followed the usual course of such mental cures by Means of hypnosis. The Only thing i do not understand is the waking. That is the Only thing which makes uneasy for the future until i eau see it properly explained. Ile had no right to Wake without your suggestion if he was still in the hypnotic state and if he had already come out of the hypnotic state by a natural reaction it is to be feared that the cure May not be Norna had listened attentively As she always did when Keyork delivered himself of a serious opinion a on a psychiatric Case. Her eyes gleamed with satisfaction As he finished. A if that is All that troubles Yon a she said a you May set your mind at rest. After he had fallen and while the watchman was getting the Carriage i repeated suggestion and ordered him to Wake without fail in an a a perfect splendid a cried Keyork clapping his hands loudly together. A i did you an injustice dear nor a. You ure not nervous As i thought since you forgot nothing. What a woman ghost proof and Able to think connect edly even at such a moment. But Tell did you not take the Opportunity of suggesting something else a his eyes twinkled merrily Asho asked the question a a what do you mean a inquired Norna with sudden coldness. A ooh nothing so serious As you seem to think. I was Only wondering whether a suggestion of reciprocation might not have been Wise a a if ignorance is unpardonable As you always say then your speech la j last forgiveness a said Norna re enting by Force of habit but gathering her fur around her. A if you know anything of women a a which i do not a observed the gnome in a Low toned interruption. A which you do not you would know How much such love As you advise to manufacture by Force of suggestion could be Worth in a woman a eyes. Y of would know that a woman will be for herself for her Beauty for hoi wit. For Lier Virtues for her faults for Hor own love if you will and by a Man conscious of ail his actions and free of his heart not by a Mere patient reduced to the proper state of sentiment by a trick of hypnotism or Psi Slatry or whatever you choose to Call the effect of the Power of mine which neither you nor i nor any one ran explain. I will be loved freely for myself or not at a i see i see a said Keyork thoughtfully. A something in the Way Israel Kafka loves a yes As Israel Kafka loves i am not afraid to say it. Asho loves of his own free will and to his own Degruc Tibne As i should have loved him had it been so a a amp of you Are a fatalist Norna a observed her companion still stroking and twisting his Beard. A it is strange that we should differ upon so Many fundamental questions you and i and yet be such Good friends is it not a a a the strangest thing of All is that i should submit to your exasperating ways As i do a a it does not strike that it is i who urn quarrelling this time a said Reytik. A i confess i would almost prefer that to your import rabble coolness. What is this new phase you not to be like this. You Are planning some wickedness. I am sure of a and that is All the credit i get for keeping temper did i not s in awhile ago that i would never quarrel with you again a a you said so but a a but you did not expect to to keep word a said Keyork slipping from his seat on the table with considerable agility and suddenly standing close before her. A and do you not yet a Dpi that when i say a thing i mean a a a so far As the latter Point is concerned i have nothing to say. But you need not be so terribly impressive Aud unless you Are go Nigto break Yoni word by which you seem to set such store Aud quarrel with you need not look at in so fiercely a Keyork suddenly let his voice drop to its deepest and most vibrating key. A i Only want you to remember this. A he Suid a you Are not an Ordinary woman As i am not an Ordinary Man and the Experiment we Are making together is a altogether extraordinary one. I have told you the truth. I care for nothing but individual self and i seek nothing but the prolongation of life if you endanger the Success of the great trial again a you did to Day and if it fails i will never forgive you. You will make an enemy of and you will regret it while you live and longer than that perhaps. So Long As you keep Tho compact there is nothing i will not do to help you nothing within the Bounds of your imagination. And i can do much. Do you understand a i understand that you Are afraid of loosing a that is it of losing your help i am not afraid of losing you in the Norna smiled rather scornfully at first As she looked Down upon Tho Little Man s strange face and gazed fearlessly into his eyes. But As she looked the smile faded and the color slowly sunk from her face until she was very Pale. And As she Felt her-1 self losing courage before something which she could not understand Keyork s eyes grew brighter and brighter till they glowed like drops of molten Metal. A sound As of Many voices wailing in agony Rose and trembled and quavered in the air. With a wild cry Norna pressed her hands to her ears and tied toward the Entrance. Nervous to night a As he opened the a you Are very observed Keyork door. Then he went silently Down the stairs by her Side and helped Hor into the Carriage which had been waiting since his return. Chapter Al month had passed since the Day on which Norna had first 9een the wanderer and since the evening when she had sat so Long in Conversi Tion with Keyork arabian and in that time the Jove that had so suddenly taken Root in gnomes heart had grown to great proportions love will when boing Strong and real it is thwarted and repulsed at every turn. For she was not loved. She had destroyed the idol and rooted out the memory of it but she could not take its place. She had spoken the truth when she told Keyork that she would be loved for herself or not at All and that Aho would use neither her secret arts nor her rare gifts to manufacture a semblance when she longed for a reality. Almost daily she saw him. As in a dream he came to her and sat by her Side hour after hour. Talking of Many things Calm apparently and satisfied in her society but. Strangely apathetic and indifferent today they sat. Together As they had so often sat among the Flowers and Tho Trees in the vast conservatory she in her tall carved chair and he upon a lower seat before Ber. There was a Long silence. He gazed at Tho plants and his gaze wandered from one to Tho other As though he did not soc them being lost in meditation. His voice had been Calm and Clear As Over but it was the first time he bal Ever said so much and Norna s heart stood still half fire and half ice. She could not speak. A you Are very mean to a he said again at lust. A since i have been in this place a change has come Over . I seem to myself to be a Man without an object without so much As a real thought. Keyork tells that there is something wanting that the something is a woman and that i ought to love. I cannot Tell. I do not know what love is and i never knew. Perhaps it is the absence of it that makes Rue what i am a body and an intelligence without a soul. But i have realized the worthlessness of life since i have been Here. Perhaps you have shown it to or helped to see it i cannot Tell. I ask myself again and again what it was All for and i ask in vain. I am lonely. Indeed in the world but it has been own Choice. I remember that i had friends once when i was younger but i cannot Tell what has become of one of them. They wearied perhaps in those Days and the weariness drove to from own Home. Meanwhile i May have 30 years or 40, or even More to live. Shall i go on living this wandering aimless life and if not what shall i do love says Keyork arabian who never loved any a thing but himself but to whom that suffices for it passes the love of a that is True indeed a said Norna in a Low voice. A nah i see you despise for apathy. Yes you Are quite right. Man is not made to turn idleness into a Tine Art nor to manufacture Contentment out of his own culpable indifference it is despicable and Yot Here i a i never meant that a cried Norna with sudden heat. A even if i had what right have i to make myself the judge of your life a a the right of Friendship a answer the wanderer very quietly. A you Ara Best Friend no Nornan Sanger Rose within her. She remembered How in that very place and but a month earlier she had offered Israel Kafka her Friendship and it was As though a heavy retribution were now meted out to her for her cruelty on that Day. A i never knew what Friendship was before a he went on. A of course As i said. I had friends when i was Little More than a boy. But in those Days there seemed to be nothing Between that and love and love i never understood. That i can remember. But Friendship like ours Norna was never dreamed of among us. Such Friendship As this when i often think that i receive All and give nothing in again Norna laughed so strangely that the sound of her own voice startled her. A a Norna do you believe in the migration of Tho soul throughout Ages from one body to another a a sometimes a he succeeded in saying. A i do not believe it a he continued. A but i see Well enough How men May since i have known you. We have grown so intimate in these few weeks we seem to understand each other so wholly with so Little Effort we spend such Happy peaceful hours together every Day. That t can almost fancy our two selves having been together through a whole lifetime in 9ome former state living together thinking together inseparable from birth and full of an instinctive Mutual understanding i do not know whether that seems an exaggeration to you or not. Has the same idea Ever crossed your mind a r a perhaps i am so fond of you already a said Norna looking away lest her eyes should betray what was so far beyond fondness. A they say that the most enduring passions Are either born in a single instant or Are the result of a treacherously increasing liking. Take the latter Case. Why is it impossible for you or for to we fire slipping from Mere liking Friendship adj for All j know Inay soft cd shy fall headlong from Friendship into love. 11 would be very very foolish no doubt but it seems to quite possible. Do you not see it a the wanderer laughed lightly. It was years since he had laughed until this Friendship had begun. It a what can i say a he asked. A if you Tho woman acknowledge yourself vulnerable How can i Tho Man be so discourteous of to assure you that i am proof and yet i feel that there is no danger for either of 1 a you Ore still sure a a and if it re were what Hahn a would be done a he laughed again. A we have no plighted word to break and i at least am singularly heart free. The world would not come to a an untimely end if we loved each other. Indeed the world would Havo nothing to say about a to to it would not a said Norna looking Down at her clasped hands. A but to you what would the world say if it Learned that you were in love with Norna that you were married to the Witch a a the world what is the world to or what Ain i to it what is v. Iti i am not afraid of its judg i Ems in i he very improbable Case cd falling in love with Elnorna Shook her head. Thoro was a momentary Relief in discussing the consequences of a love not yet Bora in him. A Why Are you so silent a Norna Uskert alter a time. K a i was thinking of you a he answered with a smile. A and since you forbade to to speak of you i said nothing a a How literal you Are a she exclaimed impatiently. A i could see no figurative application of your words a he retorted beginning to be annoyed at her prolonged ill humor. Perhaps there was a in that cases a a ooh do not argue i detest argument in All shapes and most of All when i am expected to answer it you cannot understand you never will a she broke off suddenly and looked at him. She was angry with him with herself. With everything and in her Auger she loved him tenfold better than before. Had he not been blinded by his own absolute coldness he must have read her heart in the look she gave him for his eyes met hers. But he saw nothing. A a what is Tho matter pm asked Tho wanderer watching her in Surprise. She did not answer rile Rose and stood before her and lightly touched her hand. A Are you ill a he asked again. A no a she answered shortly. Then All at once As though repenting of Hor gesture her hand sought his again pressed it hard for a moment and let it fall. To took her hand and then left her wondering exceedingly Over a matter which was of the simplest. It was some time before Norna realized that he was gone. She grew Calmer when she found herself alone but in a manner she grew also More desperate. A Resolution began to form itself in her mind Winch she would have despised and to be Cox Tutti amp a

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