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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 17, 1890, San Antonio, TexasWednesday december 17, 90 the spooky realm Phon Omena. A Khouv and Tkac Hinus. Phenomena of . It a very bold oui however that a in Lucu is gifted with More Thau one or two sle Glit Omi Aud or of hese qualify Mylous. Then again Peg away at the Home mediums can produce manifestations it choir will while some can not and Tjia arising out if the Dolra to produce manifestations at their will that mediums who Are unable to do so often resort to fraud. Mediums and their Manifest n tin spiritualism in san Antonio. Liis is a Broad world and thanks to its Broadness every Taa Naud every idiot can hold or propagate Hia pet or false which in the eternal fitness things will survive or sink according to its Worth or thus be it that a Man me time in our City and Lias finally located Liere. Or. Peebles has lectured for thirty years upon spiritualist platform and travelled around the world twice and was known to the spiritualist is the spiritualist Pil or. Peebles is also noted for Tui a ii j Cut plod to ii having three times attempted to draw the spirit Ulibas of America in one grand body. However he failed in every attempt owing to the fact that to wished to make the great con of spiritualism upon the basis of Christian spiritualists which proved unacceptable to the great eat portion of american spiritualists who Are unchristian. We mention this to show the diversity of opinion As to among the adherents themselves. Krom the theory and teachings of spiritualism Towt spirits can Nold communion with those on Earth Only through the medium who consequently alone is the Channel of spirit Ual and worldly communion it can seen of what importance the medium is to spiritualists. Without this important Channel they could hold no conversations with their departed friends or relatives and spiritualism without mediums would gradually die out Tor As the adherents admit you cannot become a spiritualist without witnessing spirit manifesta Tion. That then is the relation lie tween the spiritualist and the and fraudulent ones swarm about the country. Mediums Are generally gifted Vith the Power of Clairvoyance Ienco Plato writing rapping Taole automatic writing and other thing that go to make up the talking of the travelling mediums an old Loul spiritualist said to the reporter i do not Bank much on the mediums that travel from one Point to another. Home times a Good one comes Down this Way while Doz ens of frauds drop in the balance of the time some of the Best mediums that i have Ever met i found la private families who bad gathered around them circles of friends. There were it one time ave Era Sunh mediums among our Resi dents but of late i have lost track of them or. Slade a famous spiritual medium was in this City several years Airo and gave a number of sittings to local spiritualists. Tho reporter was shown some Slafko writing obtained through or. Slade by one of our oldest inhabitants. The particulars As told Are. That some years since a of this citizen Niue to Texas for his health but died almost immediately upon his arrival Here and the Rian Auto Ian anxious to obtain some private information from Kiln dead brother had a sitting by or. Slide. The san an Loulan is perfectly assured that was no possibility Lor the medium to have p or ably Learned anything concerning him or his brother. He proceeded to Ovid Lii his information by his questions Aud laying the same on a double slate which he had bought for the Pur pose Aud Theu had or. Slide to drop a bit of slate Pencil Between the states after some remarkable actions of to sealed questions by pass ing through the air and returning on the slate again which our citizen held Tagalu Blois shoulder Well under his eyes writing Between the slates Bug an. Three raps indicated that it was finished and when the slate was opened to and behold in the very handwriting of the deceased brother was u Patill Totory reply to the ques tons propounded a letter written by the brother twelve years before was obtained and compared and the hand wilting on the slate showed a remarkable this All occurred in the office of the citizen and the slate and writing can still be seen in the place. It is certainly interesting to hear some of the experienced spiritualists string out their experiences and Man reminds one so graphically of a group of drummers around the Gnu Wing hotel stove of Christmas night. Snake stories and imbibing in the antidote. Obi b id another experience Given by one of the local adherents of spiritual ism which he vouches to to the truth. I had a brother in Law some years since who was sheriff of Lavaca county. In that county there was also a judge named b. 1c. Foster but who bad died some years before the incident i refer to had incurred. This of mine had a number of men in jail suddenly an uneasiness came Over him and even drove him from his sleep. It bras an unquenchable desire to write something he knew not what. Fin ally he took a Pencil and paper and directly his Arm quieted Down and the following words were found Puu the paper. Dear a go to the prison at once or he Law will be out. Signed b. R. Foster Well he awoke a room mate and the latter suggested that they go to and see what this Maunt. T5o they went when to their astonish Merit after invests rating the place they found thac eight it loners had burrowed under the Wall Ana were within some eighteen inches of the outside world. So there was some thing in that and it is the truth. No a Lelith of hand about were the narrator s cios lne words. And so run the different experiences and spirit manifestations of the different spiritualists whole honesty can not be impeached or questioned but whose tales we would rather nevertheless personally verify before swallowing entire. A Good medium will almost without fail give some True history of your Pust or present without knowing a these Phenomena of spiritualism and seeing that they Are not done by trickery do Yot probable natural causes Aud falling to find to lies give them up As insoluble and remain a natio on the question but they immediately Fly to the realm of spook and say that the spirits beyond the i grave can be cited like slaves to lift pianos pull Oil help shrewd med Lutent Coin out of the nug gets of credulity that he hidden in the uranium of so Many people. San Antonio has a goodly share of spiritualists and a number of private mediums who give sittings and seances among circles of in Tomato friends. Tho local spiritualists have but Little Faith in travelling mediums and do not patronize them As do the adherents la Moat other cities for ban Antonio has always had Good Home Nedium Distio Talent and the spiritualist s have always had More or less Opportunity to com Mune with the spirit world through Tho private mediums. There is no Way of finding the numerical strength of for there is no Well organized spirit Ual Circle Here and further the spiritualists who like the adherents of h great Many other in popular theories do nor Ali show their color but seek to hide under Tho cloak of beliefs More congenial to the minds of most of the people. The Canadian i Abihu. From Ali Cisin Francisco Tho Gigantic Railroad combination that is apparently about to be consummated lends a contemporary to Trio conclusion that the Javadian Pacific hallway is All that stands be tween the people of the United is Atea and a considerable increase in rates. It is intimated that the san Francis co chamber of Commerce committed an error in resolving that tie Rivwa which prevent ships from doing Buni nebs Between american ports should deny to a foreign railway the privilege denied to foreign ships. A indies which throw american business into foreign can urls should to regarded Widli distrust. Buch is not the Way to effect a cure. A government that cuu not handle Domestic quest Lonn without calling in the Aid of foreign nations confesses its inefficiency. A very poor Wuy to keep american roads from charging exorbitant rates Over their routes is to Procuro transportation to be Donn Over foreign routes and by foreign companies. In the event of such a consolidation of Railroad interest As have been foreshadowed our government will be called upon to protect Tho people from extortion. Tha coat of transportation can be ascertained with suf fluent approach to accuracy to enable the government u establish maximum rates without danger of injustice to the capital in vented. The interstate Commerce ant demonstrates to ability of the gov Ern to control the most powerful corporations. The Railroad combi will possibly make the eur it action of corporations to the Law Tho leading in american politics. Marron to o licenses. Frank j. Badger and Blanche Eagar. D. L. Better ton and Maggie Nick Olson. 3. O. Keeton and Carrie Smith. James m. Collins and Maggie Brooks. Hair Ruad news. If you want full value for your Money then Bojo Wollson s everybody agrees that it s the cheapest place in for furniture carpets matting shades curtains curtain linens dress goods Silks flannels blankets and comforts. Millinery cloaks shoes clothing hosiery gloves trunks and Valise underwear hosiery and Xmas novelties. Special bae Gams every Day this week grand remnant Sale on Friday i there la be a Ai eat Rush at this week thing about you and give some re Marrable but. Honest nuni gestation of her Peculiar phase of mediumship Oulu oui Lillis find their business owing to the unpopularity of spirit Nal Stu unprofitable Aud they sail under the Guise of a Fortune Teller hence whenever you find a Fortune Teller that knows ooh aug of you at All but judges correctly and gives your past and present truly put her Down As a spiritual medium and depend upon it that her deck of cards Are a Mere kind of novel Scarf to cover up the unpopularity of spiritualism in which she evidently believes. It May be further remarked of mediums that they Are born As me other words its a gift which sometimes shows itself in childhood sometimes in maturity Aud is sometimes discovered by the merest Chance. There Are two kinds of mediums physical and mental mediums. The former perform physical wonders they take a steel Polo Between their fingers Aud a in an on each end with All their strength can not Force it to the ground they lift heavy piano by the sheer Force of their Knees and like wonders. Mental mediums on Tho other hand perform remarkable feats Luclair Royance Clair audience and so Forth. S Orson vary often upon seeing the machinists Union cons tins chiefly of Southern Pacific men will give a bail next month. Six cars of hogs passed through yesterday in Rouee City of Mexico from chicago1. A freight broke in the Middle at Hondo monday and two lat cars were badly wrecked. Or. We. Murray general Southern passenger a Gentoo the Illinois Central rond. Is in the cily. The i Okwit agents report a flourish ing ticket Trade Aud Sny that from Al indications there will be a heavy Holiday Trade. The receivers of the s. A. P. Have decided to Complete the Waco Branch of the Road Frum Lexington to Lott after the completion of which they propose to finish the line to Waco. N Pav car arrived yesterday Aud paid off the men. The 8. A. P. Pay car next then the Pacific and the boys will be fixed for Ilka no has a Fine lot roses shrubs now is the Best time to Plant. Evergreens. Pansies Are now ready flowering and decorative plants Cut Flowers and Floral designs. Ilka Kea head of rim flock hairy read. The holidays. The Southern Pacific will have live Stock pens erected Aud in per foot operation by january 1, at Beaumont and Houston and Lafayette will be discontinued As feeding Points. B. W. Thatcher general freight agent of the mexican National Road was in the City yesterday. He denies that there is anything in the report that the mexican National is obliged to pay duty of new cars brought in from the United states or of repairs re adorn this country. A recent order from Headquarters on the aran Eab pass Road has been issued that Only employees of the Road who have suffered injuries while in discharge of their duties will be received us the Road a patients in the Banta Rosa Hospital. Fever and others will not be taken at Tho Road s expense. Or. Amos Graves remains in charge As surgeon general of the Road. Maybe Scult Mayer Schmelter no 2ceast Commerce st., next to brid6e. ----dea1eks in. Fine wines liquors and cigars . Family Titak a specially. Goods delivered to any part of City orders solicited. Tiie most Coin plete Stock in the w. C. Morgan co., general land and gents asat Gucci u Sale. Soiling out entire Stock of Wick Bon regardless of Cost. 12-12 n. Schnitzel Assignee. References Laverick san Antonio City National bunk Tirats Katl l link not j Tsan a Austin Waco state thank Waco. R . Kami , air for note Fennii Ehud lenses mul n Pica school to Nils Mindr q Acca i Sij Etc. Okpick at Hewitt s n of. 3 and 5 w. Commerce st., san Antonio Texas

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