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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 17, 1890, San Antonio, TexasWednesday december 17, 90 Railroad time ta3l.e. I. G. N. Railroad. . St. Louis via Iron Moun Tain or m., k. A. M for St. Louis via Iron Moun Tain for . Arrivals. Prom St. Louis Iron Mountain and k. A. A prom St. Louis Iron Mountain m., p. M from Laredo. P. M Southern Pacific Railroad. Thkou6h express ka8t. Leave for is new Orleans Houston and 9.25 a. M Arr Fyk from the East. Arrive from new Orleans hous ton Galveston p.thbou6h West. It eave for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle p. M arrive from san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle a. M the a. A. A. P. R. route. Departures. Leave for Ker Vuie daily except sunday leaves for valve Stop Houston and Cuero daily oat. A. M leaves port and Beeville daily except sunday arrivals. A from Kerrville Tauy except sunday a. M from Corpus Christi. Rockport and Beeville. Daily except sunday p. M from Alvoston Houston and Cuero daily . X summer picture. Farmer sat in i air. 8iookink his of Clay. Of flights of pythias endow nit rank offers the Best and safest in 6nran.ce. Further particulars ask any member of thu order or t. B. Johnson at the an extra bargain. Two and one half acres 12 lots near Arkansas pass depot can be had at a bar gain if bought Early. Will to in Market Only a Short time. Apply to Jno. T. Co., no. 4 East Commerce Street. Theun Veraa verdict of the people too Nave Clarke s extract of flax that t Roiti the j of the sump. The next Day John Owens slipped Al that vory unable to hold tin Slimy Tim Bers and fell into by ii Jig he wart cooked like a lob Terv at strand voices. V is Call to each other from Drift to Drift there Are whisperings Wuthe rocks and terrible groans in the sides of the Fuls. In the it a let 1 once a tear Ful shriek Cosmo from the i exc. It echoed Drift to Drift and startled everybody. 1 rushed to where the sound was but there was nothing. Bill Sharon Don t dare to go Down the it now jacket. The time it did a troop of miners sheeted in followed him Alouf the drifts to the foot of the Shaft. He to like a madman Aud Ranji tie quirk hoist. The the top he a the floor insensible. A. Never Toul what it was but 1 thus the hmm fellow would spend telling of tin mysterious and sounds he had encountered in Depths of the great he worked under ground hut he always seemed discontented even morose because it was no permitted to him to grasp the lever of an or h in 1. Lie Felt a Hutiu upon his reputation. Looked hopefully Forward to the time who ii he could it out. Tho Ojito Prunity crime. Cue nip lit he came into the South consolidated works and sat but Chin tic machinery. Sud Denly he turned. To the Engineer nil said i hem tin death moan on Tho wheels had the Engineer looked at Mark s lace masked in a horrible pallor he would have indeed thought the Man had heard a sob from Tho grave. Murk Bent Bis head n Little lower and waited. Out of the Roar and rumble he Hoard Only Tho he called it. Suddenly the Bel. out so a juice Aud Harj that both men were Suraud. It us signal of a Arr and the Quick hoist. The wheel to whirl until Tho spoken mingled in n Maze. A moment later a puff of smoke drifted from the Shaft s Mouth Aud then a Shower of Tho mine was on fire. Tho Cage Nuie to the Hurla e. And a crowd of half naked men reeled off mastered and half Dufloe Jurd. Into the dressing rooms. The of the mine sent Forth a cry for help in a few seconds More other whistles up Tui cry Aud North thu in hoarse notes from the North consolidated to the in Cher. Scarcely was the a ii Tiv emptied when Thow below sign Lod sharply for it to come Down. It shot Buck into the Depths almost is fast As it it lad being the Cable touched h of Iron near the sheaves Aud from the Point of Contact streamed a line of Sparks. Another burst of Smoko came up the Shaft und a Sheet of Dame followed for an instant. The Umbers became a of fire. The hoisting works went like a Box. The Engineer must not ouly bring Tow Cage to the surface but must Stop it there. The machinery was growing hot to the touch. The reached the Bottom then came the signal to hoist. Just As he re versed the lever n falling Timber knocked him senseless. A men sprang to the unmanned engine but Mark was there first and pick ing up the body at his feet he handed it to the nearest two men if it Hud a child and merely said take him a Man clone at his Side leaned Forward to grasp the lever hut he Flung him Back into the crowd. A flare of flames sent them All staggering away. Mark Laid his hand upon the lever the first time in five years and grasped it with his old Energy. The hell was in his face. It would be a Long minute and a half before the the surface where he must prevent its dreadful ascent into the his hand held the gives of a Down men. Re faced the fire like a Sala Mander. A cheer went up and the folds of red smoke covered him from sight. The Cage reached the Shaft s Mouth full of men most of them insensible As they were dragged out. As Mark threw the lever Back to its place and stopped the engine the flumes closed about him. The superintendent called out thousand dollars to Tho Viau who saves a dozen Brave men had already started. It was too late the had Over whelmed him. Three Days later t he men whose lives he had saved dug among the ruins the engine Tiluy found his charred Natl stood by them a while with uncovered beads. They bore away the of Mark Haverly in a and the next re of Bis giving will Betir please she sighs first and always for a lion s the most Superb of rugs and the Barbaric of the modern Belle likes the great head of the King of arranged in size Ami effect As nearly like life As to Swible. The Rug she chooses for her morning room. For her East India ferry minstrelsy. Queer characters who make living by their wits. Iho is tilted they Are Rotti ily applauded for their Axl both live nicely from the collections they make. 1 it diff front tires filled Small engagements but Money in the ferry boats for the in and besides they Are their tera. Another of is an Irish boy who generally Ance inthe Cubit with Tho follow. Re Marks ladies Aii l gentlemen if it will not bother you too .ch i d like to give you a Little exhibition of i Wil first you a Irish next a a the a Wing dance. Please notice the different lie takes a Small Harmonica from his pocket and after tapping the floor who Nis of begins his Irish Jig. As he the music his the sly. Of dance change Aud True to his word he ends with the whig ii. Is a ticker pie of work for playing Quick jigs not easy Vespe Ckuj -.1 one dances to his own music. The boy s Steps Are accurate and list and a i d and troll re Dinul Lor Bis York world. Musicians Ami acrobats among tin per sons who coax coins from the of passengers on new York ferries. Their Money of themay curious classes of charities in the Vicinity of this City the ferryboat fairs come very near being the most interesting. To the passengers and commuters on the numerous lines of ferries at both sides of the City they have been a source of n increment for Many years. Probably the most interesting and Wel come character on the boats is an old negro. He begins operations with the Rush of traffic at 5 o clock in the afternoon. He takes it sent in the rear of the men s Cabin and just after the boat Start it walks into the passageway the two Cabins and begins to whistle very softly it first. The mocking with out a single break he finishes the Nir a Marvel of Sweet Ness and simplicity. Then he begins it again. This time a lit louder and with variations. Old men put Down their papers ind Lis ten intently Tho conversation becomes subdued then ceases the boys leave their and stand at the Entrance to the passageway but the Oid Darky never and All the time his wonderful exertion is becoming More and More melodious. Finally to launches off into n series of Sweet Tunell notes and a look of mingled interest and admiration steals Over the faces of All within hearing distance. Then he drops Bock into the air again and the tune is finished vory softly. Appeals to women. The old negro then walks to the end of the Cabin and holding his hat out bows Low and passes around the seals All the time whistling some Lively Little tune interspersed with melodious variations. The Nickels dimes and pennies rattle an accompaniment to his music and his nightly coi led ions vary from to on sunday nights he can be seen on the boats running from Cortlandt Street and then he selects the ladies Side of t he boat. Standing under one of Tho chandeliers with his hat in his hand he whistles nearer god to and repeats it with variations. All of his selections on sunday nights Are pop ular hymns and for his Sweet and soulful rendition of them be is Well repaid. Lately the attention of the passengers has been attracted by a deformed boy who works upon the different lines from Early morning until late at night. His entire left Side paralysed shorten in his leg and drawing up his . The Side of his face is also his clothing is poor and scanty. When the boat is Well out in the River boy enters the Forward door of the lady s Cabin and stands for a moment at the threshold apparently Uncertain what to do. Then he takes from an inside pocket of coat two Lesul pencils Sharpen etl and provided with Rubbera holding these in Bis perfect hand he limps slowly around in front of the seats pausing a moment be fore each passenger mutely asking them to buy. His face is a picture of despair and Many a dime and Nickel arc dropped into his hand. Nine out of every ten passengers refuse a Pencil after they have Given Hirry alms but u one is taken be continues his journey holding the remaining one out for Sale. If that too a opens to retaken the Little fellow Down and brings out two More from his inside pocket. The Little scheme succeeds admirably and to does not dispose of More than four or five pencils a Day. Tho boy is a professional beggar and under and training of his father. Athletic feats. Among the most interesting characters Are two Brothers Between the Ages of 14 and 17 years. As soon As the boat is Well on its trip they appear at one end of the Cabin and one of them taking off his hat says gentlemen if you have not got any objections we would like to entertain you for a few moments. Although we make our living this Way a Only ask for what you think we Are both Bow with a Quick movement the younger lad puts his foot in his brother s band and is thrown High into the air. Turning a Back somersault be lands on his meet on the floor. Picking himself quickly no he mount on his brother s shoulders Aad again turns backward to the floor. Three or four More combination feats of this nature arc accomplished when the two boys for a moment s rent and then go at it again. They turn Forward and backward somersaults leap to one auth j or a shoulders and finally walk around i Cabin on their Hank the u woman will. A Youni win is just mysteries housekeeping used More doing i or her Kitchen fire than her Btu ipod liked to he decided to Only .1 Cert Van amount and to Holt her to what be thought a proper Quantity. The first title ran Short Sho promptly dumped in the family Stock of clothespins Wonake the muffins Hudson Poutto the grocer s for a fresh Supply. A can circumvent the to Ort Ian Al most any Day in the week half try. Homestead. A i it the some Oue is acquainted Here kindly select a Good subject end ask him to step up voice from the Don t want a Man of Strong will Power do Yon mesmerism sir. Just Tho opposite. In is the Only in the crowd who allows Bis wife to select Hia Seckt is for furnished the i not directly euro they Ine Raeljr by in moving obstacles. Anti Pyron. Fori Shim a. Lowers the in typhoid fever but it does mov rare i Otily Eom buts an unfit Tih by Neft i while nature work out. The Etric by which tit a none have in tin Powei of Medicine Tia Iione phys one prominent Doc or in Boston it on his Tombstone "hen-1 lies i who never Ltd i medi Ifo one will que Pitlon tue Ian that the timid u Medicine has grown rapid year. Youth s haul i t i i in pour i. Fluid invt in Voine of the Uris new Vork drugs making establish ments the apprentices and a i d in quarters where the is dior. The vent and the i for or com fort. In the largest. Siul i reheat in i i til. Work under ground one end the Sousou to the other. It is to Burn Gna All Day and Only fresh is admitted through the Crystal open in its of the Iron grating that the Hole. In that uen the girls remain from morning till night and eat Clu in noon lunches. Good he Hald. Another instance of a subject of speculation proving in tact surprisingly differ ent from what enthusiastic fancy painted it is an Story of or. Parnell told by Tho Jondon Spe Aker. Or. and i wore sitting in a Side gallery of tin Bouse of. Coir icons. It was a serious moment for the Irish. Had retired in High dudgeon from House the ministry were hard i upset and required the Irish vote to prevent them from in Insi Defeated. Or. Gladstone hat heightened the by in lie were Defeated he should have to his position. All turn Tel to in ill Tiro up of irishmen who had such momentous at their a next y. At that to Junt or. Looking Down on the surging excited and deeply Tow Ervrit House underneath a few words to with u look of inscrutable mystery. No one can toll what is on would have been Given to that Friend who would reveal such a confide Nee and Lay Bare the great and secret thoughts that had found expression in this supreme hour. What. Or. Parnell had said i won Der Why so Iti Uny men in the House of Cora Are Forward. Of Tho time when a Telescope sixty .Inieter and Ovet eighty feet ii Dumille i to what no this h be Itury in i v. I i i Syible to answer but we have the dwell of the word it not in ten it when for t he limit in colors in dec nun f r n i n r d i o t. A n h 1 y i i ii who while of to. William Lle Olivnel the Ort Tuttoi Pilot in even of Lor t do stars which r a attired to of Itan while fix Moon will be Viti in True in up Dis Tan Tut t Boron Kitowitz a by the apply r. From Teart Uin Ikins Eye the cob in cd on Thor a

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