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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 17, 1890, San Antonio, TexasSan Antonio daily i j published lat san Antonio. Bexar county Texas. And registered at the Post office As second class mail matter. Volume 274 san wednesday december 17, 1 89o. Price a year Lotf oof National Bank. San Antonio Texas. J. 8. Lock food president Safe Deposit to Orand t. U. Three nights and wednesday Mati Nee commencing tuesday december 16, Rice Dixey s grand production of the Beautiful Puglist chinese comic opera the Pearl of Pekin. Forty Clever artists. All the Origi Nal f Orn Pany my the original scenery All the original performance and in t a Superb by an elegant company. Three commencing Friday a urday matinee. A millionaire s fest of merriment m. B. Leavitts magnificent Pant mimic burlesque production spider and illustrated a grand company of artists. New scenery Witul format Ion dazzling Armor Rich and quaint com who make void laugh. Vocal its dangers Gav Bunes Quera Aud the Radiant Climax of Panto nine. A latest telegraphic. Associated press dispatches and state specials. Up to the time of going to press Lime in his eyes. Dublin dec. Suffer of from the Lime in Bis eyes thrown ii yesterday s fight Parnell addressed a Large Crown from a Hetel window last smothered in a Salt bin. Warsaw n. Y., dec. Shovelin prs Sale in the great bin room of the Bradley Ait Plant Lant sunday night a you inst Mau named Robert Hoy was caught under the Cavinor in Ota heavy Bank and buried in its Snow White embrace Dufore work men could shovel away the eight tons of Crystal his life was saving. The brazilian parliament. To Janeiro dec. Assem Bly bus Eomme ced the discussion of the Dew Constitution. President a Foo Secarea a message thanking the Assembly Lor the Confidence it re posed in tha government and asking1 it to accelerate the debate on the con bit duo. The Indian to in Dor. St. Paul dec. Full accounts of the killing of Bitting Bull Bave been received. Indian pop iceman red Tomahawk killed him the trouble in Rock Agency is believed to be Over. _ the new fair Secretary. Or. J. J. Dickinson s election Secretary and manager of the fair will give eminent satisfaction to Al concerned. In the Best years of Early manhood and with tireless Energy and unquestioned capacity by practical experience in the Busi webs and editorial departments of the newspaper business he possesses that degree of popularity and Public Confidence necessary at this juncture to secure the co operation of the pub lie. Ban Antonio must have an an Nual fair and it can be made a Suc Cess on the Jine of policy indicated by the new Secretary s Assurance that Money will be raised to pay off All existing embarrassments. Now let our business men subscribe for those Bonds Ubich Are amply secured by the property and raise the Money at once to Square All accounts and got Down to the actual work of the fair. Hogg s majority May Dot be As deep a Well nor As wide As a barn door but it is dear and with answer since the Republican Candy Date has not admitted his defeat. The pase Herald fays col. Webster Flaim Igan late re publican nominee for governor is said to have written general h go a letter of congratulation in which he apologized for Dot writing sooner by saying that be meant to await the announcement of the official count but afterwards reconsidered on hear ing of the Republican crash in a Core of other states. He had heard from the North and sagely concluded that the Jig was up with himself and that he would have to join Mckinley and the rest at the Bottom of the from the merry vein1 in which he wrote one can easily see that the the colonel is not broken hearted be cause of his political Waterloo or rather Bull Bun. The fort Worth Gazette Calls Atten Tion to these figures. Id a table which shows the nation Al Bank circulation in the different states Texas stands at the head of the list. Of the 386 National bands in the South Texas has 162, and of the total Bank circulation in the same Section amounting to Texas Las the following from an Exchange does does not refer to anybody in particular but should be pondered Over by a great Many people in general a Man who will accept a Public office and oath that he will Ful fill the duties of that office in the in treat it the people and then deliberately violate that oath for a consideration May not be a perjure in the eyes 01 the Law but the people have their opinion of him just the same. Don t be a Democrat simply because your father was. The Bea Opont Kec order Advisee Young men read keep up with the Titues Don t wait to get your news and opinions from Ozue one else but think for yourselves. Breweries and the Chicago 111, dec. 17 is announced that All the Syndicate brew eries of the City have decided to Cense advancing Money to Saloon keepers for the purpose of procuring licenses., and the result is that possibly 00 saloons will close their doors first of the year. Many of the breweries have for several years been in the habit of doing even Mote than advancing the Money they have relieved the Saloon keeper of All trouble in the Nett two and have sen their to the City Hall and had them procure the lie Euse Tor the Cus Tomer and take it around to him. One or two breweries have gone farther. They have paid the free lunch counter expenses of some of their customers. This was All done t keep the Brewers signs out and the Burden Haa been heavy each License cog ring per year. Most of the saloons which will be closed Are on the outskirts of City and in localities which Are not particularly Beer drinking neighbourhoods. But there Are a number of Down town re sorts that will also pass out of exis tence somewhat to the Surprise of the Public. Not Only have the brew ers grown weary of advancing Money for the purpose or the larg est measure of complaint Haa come Tom those Saloon keepers who Nave been Able to make both ends meet these claim that it is not fair for the Brewers to give the Man who asks the Advance a better Chance than the Man who pays Casti. There Are now saloons in the City and the number it is believed will be reduced to next year. To teat the question Denver col., dec Moffatt senator Tabor and other million Aire mining men will test the free coinage question by sending a Silver Brick to the Washington Treasury t be examined for coinage. If refused a Legal fight will be commenced and the question fully tested. A coffin his bed. An of loan s strange Couch nightly shrouded for the grave. Alliance of. Dee. Fricke is a Well known character in the Vicinity of this City one of eccentricities is to sleep every a Ign in a coffin of his own manufacture and which he made nearly Twenty years on a recovery from a severe ill Ness in order that it might be ready for his death. It id prob Able that his mind was unhinged by his illness for it is said by those who know him Best that he prepares himself solemnly for Bis death and Robes himself in a shroud every night on retiring. He la sensitive on the subject of Hie mania and has been know to Fly into a dangerous passion when teamed about it although usual is very quiet and Good natured the coffin is made of oaf and put to Gether with considerable skill Fricke having been a Carpenter by Trade though living a life of perfect idleness on a Small income inherited from his father who was an in Venter of some note during the Early part of the Century. The coffin is ornamented with much carving representing scenes and allegorical subjects which Are by the very few who have been permitted to see show consider artistic Talent. Fricke is in his 7oth year and has a very pleasant dignified manner and when be can be persuaded to talk Doea so very very sensibly except when death is broached when he becomes excited and violent when contradicted or argued with. He is a widower with out children having lost his wife when he was 22 years old and after Only a week of married life. Short stops. What the people Are saying the people appreciate the fact that an Able reliable conservative City government the first sep to be taken to place san Antonio to the front As a live progressive City. The people will stand any reason Able amount of taxation and bonded debt if they Are satisfied the Money is Well invested. Ban Antonio if not set Back by a political mistake is certain to Lead All the cities of the South in a few years. Mexican politics Are not suitable for a live american City. The mexican is naturally stationary in Bis ideas As he finds things he is certain to let them remain. Population must change the political complexion of our ii. Cannot remain a City whose Are Soiu role or dominated by p life Eal Bosses who command the mexi can vote much longer. The people Are resting under the Boss Rule that has so rampant for the past Lew years in our City and especially when it is carried to the extent it has been recently. The recent appoint rents to county Are Naid to Emu ate from Headquarters and form a part of the bargain entered into during the ale county Campaign and reaching Down to the City Campaign just ahead. Move on will be the watchword in the near future in with All of violations of the state Law it will not be tie fashion to perform any kind of a ghost dance within 500 feet of the Ocsan Pedro to wards the setting Sun and it will not he live yearn before West of the san Pedro will have lost almost every vestige of sitting Bui 1" society the Indian tribes must move on or become thoroughly competent to vote under the australian ballot syst of. Pin up this Prophesy. When15 our oily government moves into Bryan s on i Plaza it will Chattre he neuter of business Gravity and Westward the Star of i he City Empire will take its Way. The Broad straight streets that Are now lined with the primitive dwellings of the Cave dwellers will be built up with handsome dwellings and blocks of business houses. The Mau can pointers to capitalists. There will be a general Dane soon West of the ban the club Ludis Lubie Wlla the performance. Dallas letter. From our regular correspondent. Dallas tex., december 15, 1890. Daily Light the fathers Are trying to keep before them United we stand divided we in acting on the amendments to the City charter. They have unanimously agreed to extend the City limits forming a Square six i Lee to a Side the new City Hall to to the Center tuis Extension takes in West Dallas across the River. The Square is be divided in co seven Destrie h. Each District to furnish two aldermen seven of these to go out annually or be re elected Alder Man to receive per session the number of sessions per week idiot limited. A w Childers presented a petition to the Council to construct a railway line on Klui Street. The wisely recommended that the franchise began fwd or. Childers since the Grue not been accepted Hyum put ettae Cable of a Bonus of was a ked a Cash fort it of and and Bond of pne Road to be completed by August the Hue will pushed rough the Thielm. Last year the Bois d arc pave was torn up for months waiting action the Cable co who had been granted a franchise finally Tell through and the Street was again fixed Only to be torn up now by the Eman who has undertaken it. Aud the Council know will push it through. Sign Jones preached in the first mrtshodis1 Church yesterday morning and in the afternoon to men oui in the House the House was packed and jammed every was men and All possible room it was a tree lecture but a collection was taken up the reverend gentleman he would 4be out of his sphere were he not after the Rno i says every body in Dallas is ghost Pedro Lead in slugged the big fellow. Dec. Only Man who Ever struck John l. 6u i Van in Auger and then added to the indignity by kicking his shins and still escaped without even a re Monet Iranee from the big fellow is whet rate tender at the Fairfield Avenue crossing of the consolidated Railroad in this City. And his Corn Pauy came Down the Naugatuck Road on sunday night. While others went into the waiting room where it was warm John l. Strolled to the Newten Douthe where he posed for the Benefit of an admiring through who had quickly recognized him. He was sober Aud unusually Good natured and when the Gate tender told him to move on As he was in the Way and it was against the rules a Hivan paid no attention to him. A rather forcible blow in the face was administered by the Railroad Man with a Little emphatic English concerning loafers but Sullivan Only looked at him and grinned. Then the irate Gate tender whose feet were Clad in Hob nailed shoes let one of them Fly. It. Struck Hullivan on the leg and Drew his at Tention for a minute then he smiled again turned around and walked off. The Gate tender is now a hero. When spoken with concerning the incident and told who the Man was whom he had kicked he remarked -an7 John l. Sullivan is it beg Orra divil do i care. He obeys the rules and regulations of the consolidated Railroad company or i la Flure him very time. If he wants to they it Over again hell find me Here ready for Pivot with London dec. News condemns the Parnell Limet Browing and says the Best Way to destroy Parnell is to let him live and rave. After Money. Conscience is dead. Yon Are about As Low Down As you get Aud i can t say any tiling to Hurt he must have to talc like the teamster going up Hill with a loud of potatoes the rear pole gave away the contents of the fall to the ground. As the Pota Tiosh continue to Roll Down the Hill Farmer said taters Roll i d Cums you but i know i can t do you Justice he pitched into the morals of Dallas talked of her saloons Keno tables upon a Titch the officers recently made a raid and institutions of depravity. Upon the whole re Borrner a Etue i to have a very poor opinion of the Metropolis. Postmaster Winner has written to congressman Abb urging necessity for an additional appropriation to enlarge the Federal building. The grand Windsor hotel property was sold saturday by col. J n. Hiu Ipson to h. Lark for 000 late saturday evening a fire Wah discovered in the Large implement House of k. V. Tom Puma. An alarm was sounded water was thrown freely and the fire soon extinguished the building is the old Sanger est building and Cov ered an entire Block. No fire is Ever in the portion of the building which was burning. J. F. Mitchell editor of the Green Ville Banner has been taking in dal Las. Or Mitchell says when a Man not want a paper see if you owe anything pay it Tell the publisher then to discontinue it Aud be a Man. Martha Richardson aged 27. Was adjudged ins toe by the county court. She been of unsound mind for eight years. Of late she has grown worse and dangerous Aud it is Neces sary 10 confine her in an Asylum. W. H. Patterson is to take unto himself a wife. He is to be married december 24th in Tay Lor Texas to miss Leta Florence White. Texas press Sparks. Concerning an illustrious son of Texas whom the it Cit helped to elect to Congress a few years ago and who by the Way was the first native to Xii Ever sent to the National legis lature the Waco news says the papers were teeming the other Day with accounts of a swell reception and banquet tendered Over in Europe to the Hon. Thomas p. Ochiltree by or Bonanza Mackey. The charge published awhile Back that mrs. Mackey was a Plain Washerwoman before she married the millionaire does it seem to have set her Back much Over in the old country among the i and is still Gratifying her penchant for giving by Dinius. But if there is any one in which mrs. Mackey More of a con Viseur than in another it is paintings on which she dotes Ideal paintings. Tom s use is something admirable ii painting itself Job eur you come to think of it and it mrs. Mackay sees tit to Over him other Pec pie ought not to make remarks. As Tex As is to have two More Congress Nian under the new apportion meet it might Avail the red headed Ranger something o drop Down again around Bis old stamping ground. The second Issue of the Oak Cliff journal finds he Way to the Exchange table. It May be mentioned that Oak Cliff is a City of which Dallas terms a considerable suburb. Withal it has a diminutive head the journal s Bradury is in working order Aud it tenders the following apology in making up the journal the head was about the last thing we thought of consequently we used the Best we had which from Aud criticisms we have concluded in rather Small. A head for a newspaper is not found in Job printing while their Type As a Rule is much neater. It must be manufactured for the purpose. We have one going through the Moulds Aud we Promise when it reaches us if we do not have the big it will be larger than the present. When Nat q Henderson dropped out and Bill snort left for the broader melds of metropolitan journalism the country press of Texas lost her two Choice and master spirits. But we still have with us the Genius who wields the lever of the Washington hand press which prints the Juu Etlor. City Clipper. Cord Wood does t come in very regularly for subscript t pm in and has advertising patronage in t very Large but he does t propose to get left. It to be hoped his constituents will understand the following in the Days that Are gone when there was a wedding the Clipper was usually presented with a Bice cake Tor which a Nice notice was Given but now it is not so. We do not work entirely for glory and we thought we d mention this in time for to have it m effects before Christmas. A word to the the Montague Democrat rises to say that the one Gallus and yarn socks Fel lows Are slowly but surely putting a crimp in brass Collar and Blurb Rule of the political affaire of this country. No ghost need come from the grave to Tell us this from Iowa Park. Tex Davitt to a scrapper. London dec. Kilkenny dig Patch says Michael Davitt was pretty badly used up in the fight yesterday. He fought through the crowd and directly up to Par Neh s Carriage. Pearl of the opera Domique or More prop Erly musical burlesque Pearl of which has delighted so Many thousands in the North and East was Given to a san Antonio audience last night at the grand opera Bouse for the first Lime. The opera is a trans la Tion of Lecocq s French opera is eminently chinese in every particular stage settings costumes and All with enough English wit and burlesque to make it go. There is no plot but lots of Good singing splendid new comedy Beautiful scenery and Rich and Correct draperies and Chi uses costumes. The topical and hits Are fresh and the general comedy business is new. The company contains several Good comedians a Gian 17 feet 6 inches tall a Dwarf about three feet High and a Good chorus of males and females. A chinese Weddum and Chi Nese dances chinese music and a chinese supper Are among the Fea Tures. The opera was Given at Mati Nee today and will be repeated tonight and tomorrow night. M another railway. The Alamo electric Street railway company will Survey a line from the government Hill to the International depot with a View of securing right of Way Lor a new line Between those Points. It is proposed to charge Only one fare if Chis Road is built. An. Texas her deep water bar tort and the great Panhandle wheat coun try will in ten years take first place in the grand sisterhood of states. His life is not entirely without Joy however for he records that while be editors and the Angel were working off the first Side of the Clipper monday eve our Sanctum was radiated and our work lightened by a visit from the misses Mankins. Wealthy and Mattie rus sell. After All. There is some pleasure in an editor s life. An English paper once referred to Cleveland As the first Confederate president since the Aud an other wrote up Buffalo Bill As the governor of Nebraska. The Houston Post tells a French lady who dabbles in political Economy explains to her lighted countrymen through one of the parisian journals that or is a Tariff advocate and that Delamater is governor of Pennsyl Vania but was Defeated at the recent election. The Post further remarks with equal density of population with Peiin Sylvania Texas would have people. Just think of the Texas contingent in yes by that time it is a e to pre dict it will include Many i

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