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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, San Antonio, TexasFee monday december 15, 1s90 Over a Fiuk insurance 1 Ltd mums sunt away Fatom san an Tonio during the fa8t year. A Large portion of which1our citizens might have kept in san Antonio by patronizing their solid prompt. Home insurance the Alamo room for improvement still. Citizens of san Antonio reflect a mom ent and keep you ii Mosky at Home by patronizing the Alamo Firo Liisu Ranco company of your City a solid fearless Homo institution which is closely watch ing Tho Public s interest and a Liili is distributing its Money among the peo and help inc to up an Tonio. You run no Chance of delays by dealing with this company. It has promptly paid every loss it Ever had. In san Antonio Ull los sos of the Alamo will us adjusted Uio very Clay they occur you will Havo no St Antevs to Deal with. But can make your settlements with responsible business men of Kan Antonio who know you. Find whom Yon know. Is not to Iii a vat a overdone bundled of inn Antonio s Host. Citizens have made the Alamo i xxx company Sointu of the Ablest most conservative gentlemen being made its directors. What better Security or what inner guarantee could be desired their rates arc the lowest Given and their terms the Best. So rive your Home company the Rit Feii kick with your fire insurance and put your Seal of your disapproval on All Tho combined statements being made against this Uona fido Home company which is striving to attend strictly to its own Busi Ness and give the people honest Sale insurance. This company Desmet to . Thirty thousand More of its new Slock to Iii Isminy in san Antonio in amounts of too and upwards. This is a Pood invest ment. Offered at Par Only until december 27th, 1890. The company is in a pins porous condition and will pay yearly n Pood profit to its members who in turn will api Iii this Money in Kan Antonio it believes the More Stock holders it can Comita Monib the people Tho More influence it will have and the More business it will do. Thereof Are it will be satisfied to Placo this Stock in Small amounts. Prominent among its new stockholders of Soo Are messes. Charles Hugo Gustav a Climort we. Licker Meliin Goldfrank Frank to co., j. C. General d. S. Stanley. To. S. A., Houston Stephen Applewhite ii. J. Graham of Jos. Of new f. Maga Willou n. Maekey ii. Schultz a jr., c. Voechting lately of a nope Klemiuk and others who would not Havo joined the company without knowing that Tho investment would prove a . It you can not accept this invitation to become a member rive the Alamo your us sinks and help yourself by keeping so much More Money in the Trade circulation of san Antonio. Until their new building is completed Tho company s offices will he in the Tuerler building no. 273 West Brand opera Lilse a r o g r a vim monday december 15th. The successful picturesque Melo drama Beacon lights Mells Fogle manager Chus. Hartley known an Phil Murray col. Clay will Jania Phil. Wood capt. Win. Gray commander at the . Her Alden Julian Hadley bugler at the Francis George Washington . J. Sully Grisley a deformed . Lubin soapy p. Fisher , Hadley Mallei . F. Aubray Harley Sadie Carrie Cal Holm. Alice Coleman Nova Haynes soldiers mexicans and minors. Act suburbs of san Elizario. And the evening and the morning were the first act Cabin near Fern Creek. And can it to two years have passed it seems but a act the Sierra Blancos. Come All this Rock shall ily from its firm base As soon As act at Hunter a station thriving told his soft Talo and was a tuesday eve., december 16th. Production of Charles a. Byrne s comic chinese and English opera in three Sola entitled Tho Pearl of Pekin under the management of Edw. A. Stevens. Sol Kin Bergen musical director Commerce Street. Imitating globular the phenomenon of globular Light ulnar was imitated by m. Fiance it will to remembered with his second Ary batteries. It has a Gnu Sii own by Herr von Wiepel Accord ins to nature that this Waii also be done with so called Static Al electricity Btu inet from an influence machine. Two this brass wire Points from the poles of a powerful machine being held at a cer Tain distance from the opposite Side of an Lii plated plate of Mica Ebonite Glass or the Liko there appear sinal red Luminous balls which move a bout now quickly now slowly ant Are sometimes still. Even better effects were had with a Glass or paper disk which had beep sprayed with a raffle. Small parti cles of a Enid or Duat seem to be the carriers of the Light. A slight air current makes the spherules disappear with hissing noise. These she rules the author remarks Are Phenomena of weak tension an increase of the tension gives a Rose spark Dis charge. Various interesting anal Ogies with globular lightning Are traced. Greasing a trolley Avic. A suggestive fact involving the value and Efi act of colors for specific uses is reported from Belgium. The overhead Linos of the Telegraph and Telephone systems of country follow in. A great Many cases unfree Quested roads and by ways where supervision is naturally not very close. The destruction of insulators began to be quite a. Serious matter and 0.3 among the various kinds of insulators employed the White porcelain insulators seemed to Havo the greatest attraction for the destruct Ive beings who used them As targets for the exercise of their skill with the Ballet or the casual Eri ments were made with porcelain of various colons. A greyish Brown was i m decided on and several Hundred insulators coloured in this Shade by Means of nil Dieato mixed with the enamel on the surface of Tho porcelain were ordered and were Sot up alternately with White porcelain Insulat ors. The results of a year s trial showed that out of 102 insulators of each kind while and coloured on a line of Twenty two Kilometres in length Twenty five Ordinary Insulat ors were broken while Only thirteen of the coloured ones had . It was consequently decided that wherever a White insulator was found to have Boon wilfully destroyed a coloured one should boat up in a Ito place and Ghoul in this in turn he music by c4ustave a. Kerfees and Charles which will to presented with the following cast Pearl of 1 Kirin daughter Oft Foo and a simple chinese Lille West find Otto wife of Petit Pierre and a Vivan Dier mias Bertha Fiath Pierrette i four Charm Jessie Schanou Angelique ing French Susie Marion Pepine waiting 1-Anliuo i maids miss Minnie Parker miss Stoh Ward i waiting i. J maids Petit Pierre a. Dashing Young Quarter master of the 1 Rouch Navy stationed on Board Lia Whoso wife Hue opened a restaurant in pek5u, Sis a Side . Edward Webb so Soriki a japanese of some distinction chief of the Imperial with still higher aspirations or. Oscar Gir Jird Paul Mortinez Boatswain of la useful if not ornamental or. Bertger Dye sing High a chinese . George Brunning Tyfo mandarin a and governor of Pekin who frequently remarks he is As knowing As a Sphinx or Edwin Chapman French sailors chinese men and women officers of state. Edw. . Sole proprietor and manager Henry p. manager Geo. manager Laid in China. Time 1801. Act inn at Pekin with View of City in distance. Act in the governor s Palace. Act Blue Kish overlooking the conservatory and Gar Dens of Tho Palace. All the latest telegraphic and local read the daily san Antonio Light. Rohen a substituted. One would Call up Nolli. Washington dec. The sen ate today Morgan gave notice tint he would Call up the Dolph Reno lotion on right of suffrage tomorrow. A valuable remedy. A Lottor Fror olb. A Wardwell Boston Gay i used Clark s extract of Max papillon cure 1n Juno last for Hay t even with great satisfaction and find u the Only thing i have seen which would allay with out irritation Tho Leifi Smallon of Tho nos and Throat. It Booth inn and her Len properties worn Morkert and immediate . Flax soap is thu West and Best. Try it. 88 Ash to Thom at f. Kalteyer b drugstore. Vj-17-tr, Juvee visiting cards. How to fret them inquire of Fred. Small City sub script Len no Clit of the daily Likht. U o tin if no a Fly o ii 11 us dim o want full value for your Money then a. Wollson s everybody agrees that it s the cheapest place in town for furniture carpets matting shades curtains curtain linens dress goods Silks flannels blankets and comforts. Millinery cloaks shoes clothing hosiery gloves trunks and Valise underwear hosiery and Xmas novelties. Special bargains every Dat this week grand remnant Sale on Friday 1 there la be a great Rush at this week Ilka nurseries has a i Ink lot of Home grown roses shrubs Ait evergreens. Now is the Best time to Plant. Pansies Are now ready flowering and decorative plants Cut Flowers and Floral designs. Ilka nurseries Nea head of River Rock Quarry Road Mayer Schmelter Burgower Lii Cosca. C. Conley and Nellie Gillis. Charles f. And Emllia Pelzl. Jose Osoyo and Sofia Esponosa. T. T. Marshall and Edith Max. Mayer Schmelter no 2 East Commerce st., next to bridged dealers in Fine wines liquors and. Cigars. Telephone family tfa1je a specially. Goods delivered to any part of tie City orders solicited. Tile most Complete Stock in the City. This will inv a ranch of 227 in Lavaca county none Miles from Yaolium adjoining Tho town of Lopo. All under hog proof Fence 2-Story hons of seven room completely finished with a full Sot of necessary Largo Lank Cood live no soil. 10-13-tf. Ixo. T. U co hed3ake. Judge j. H. Maloary cd att y you l of Texas and Vaa Torand master of masons in Tho Best Medicine for head ache i Ever cures any Hoar Tacho. For Ottlo by of told a Igims 60c. W. C. Morgan co., general land and gents estate wild land i Linn , a. a Tiff of i school Luimula , to co 1 Neil Etc. Office at Hewitt s san Antonio nos. 3 and 5 Commerce

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