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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 13, 1886, San Antonio, Texas 3fhc 5uly sight. San Antonio Light publishing company. T.1b. Johnson Secretary amp treasurer and Genera. Manager. Ady1bt1hifo Ratki space Inch of 160f 5ooif Soo 18tw$3000 $54 00 co subscription per year. Special rates Given on larger pack and Long time advertisement. Legal advertisements $1 of per Inch Hist in certion 75 cents per each subsequent insertion trustees sales to Cio per Inch first insertion 35 cents each insertion afterwards. Reading matter editorial Page so cent per Ine each insertion. Local columns 3u cents first insertion docents first week 5cents Atter first week. Special rates on 50 and iou lines running for month. Home advertisements payable on first of each month transient advertising payable in Advance Only Metal Cut printed. Subscribers not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Sub Sari Bere Aro warned not to pay their subscription except upon presentation of a properly eoe opted Bill from this office. All communications for publication or pertaining to the editorial or local news departments should be addressed a to the editor of the a All contracts or Bills must be approved by the Secretary Aud manager. To correspondents. All communications for this paper should to accompanied by the name of the author not necessarily for publication but As evidence of Good Faith on the part of t he writer. Write Only on one Side of the path a in a Plain hand. Anonymous communications will not be noticed. The Light will not be responsible for the statements of its correspondents. Entered at Postern in at san Antonio Texas As matter. Agents for the Light. 8. C. York to. W. Aver a Nelson . Louis Geo. P. Rowell York monday december 13 1886. Settlers to Settle Are poking into Polk county and the Outlook for agriculturalists there is encouraging. Rover is getting he use of his understandings again and will soon be Able to carry his avoirdupois beyond Lite confined area of his room. Cotulla youngsters Are hankering after a skating rink. A Buzz saw is a much nicer thing to Monkey with according to orthodox theories and Dolivo Era noes. Galveston seems buffering with a Semi epidemic of typhoid pneumonia. Other sections of the state do not appear to be suffering. Western Texas never was healthier. The drawing for the Confederate Home at Austin begins in two weeks from today. Collections of gifts Are arriving by every express and All Are gratefully received and regularly acknowledged. The Charity is a Noble one. The thanks of a much perplexed and Little Beneti ted Public will Crown the efforts of that legislator who will draft a decent Road Law for Texas and Clear the statute Book of the seventy Odd regulations on this subject that now encumber it. Dillon Scase Bas been called and postponed in order to give the accused an Opportunity to secure needed witnesses. The delay was bitterly tie noun cd by the Crown lawyers but they had to submit it will not be the Only delay they will have to submit to before Dillon is sentenced. The Laredo times would have All men every where believe that a perpetual Sabbath of peace and Good will reigns along the Rio Grande it May to True if a rain of Leaden Hail is the forerunner of such an evangel. Less Lead and More love would till the Bill better. When the democracy Settle their own irreconcilable differences on the Tariff question it will be in order for them to Settle a policy for the country on this same question concerning which they Are so everlastingly unsettled themselves. The representatives or the live Stock exchanges of Chicago Kansas City Omaha and St. Louis in session at St. Louis on saturday took Strong ground against the Ole Margarine onerous and oppressive. This is the general feeling outside of the Dairy circles and it is Only a question of time when the tax will be repealed. The Laredo times Calls for documentary evidence before Congress in regard to obnoxious partisanship in the Brownsville customs District. The documentary evidence will not be forthcoming. There is no offensive partisanship in this country except in oases where republicans hold office and there Are none such in the Brownsville customs District. The James Brothers Are dead but their spirits still live. The materialization took place on a Denver and fort Worth train near Bowle Early saturday morning. The train robbery was scientifically executed and the thieves got away with the swag in Good style. The passengers dutifully obeyed orders Beld up their hands forked Over their valuables and were As politely treated As under the circumstances was possible. The whole amount taken did not exceed $1,000, although there was much More than that on Board. In. By gutting a lecture Bureau did not amount to even a Pine washstand affair lie is really working up a filibustering scheme under the Guise of mexican colonization. One would think Bis personal experiences of colonization in Mexico would satisfy the Ordinary hunger for a Plant on mexican soil. Ile will find lecturing on this theme of bus personal experiences in a mexican Dungeon As profitless at the North As he has in Texas and Missouri. The capital is too Small for the speculation. War rumours have depressed the German bourse and International securities particularly Burian have sold Down. There is a very uneasy feeling in All financial circles and the assurances of continued peace Are not so Strong As they have been. The speech of von Moltke the changes in the French Cabinet the evident preparations for War by Russia the unset by condition of the bulgarian question the Compromise Between France and England on the egyptian questions nil have their influence in unsettling the Public mind and depressing values of securities. The of Varsall news having no Fea of the consequences before its face and fully persuaded that libel suits Are not fashionable in wan Antonio Bas die Cheek to perpetrate the following a that projected Ineat refrigerating establishment at san Antonio would be of great Benefit to Southwest Texas. The same Enterprise that lost the smelting works the Woolen Mill and other similar institutions May manage to defeat it. Lott and Kennedy forced the s. A. Amp a. P. R. La. Down their throats and if they take bold of the Cotton compress and the refrigerator it will probably be established in spite of the what kind of Medicine is this the Sun is giving us any Way does the Sun insulate that there Are any Mossback in this Region. The supreme court of the United states has declared the legality of the Louisiana lottery Charne under the jaws of that state. It is no longer lawful therefore for the United states postal authorities to discriminate against Wail matter for the Louisiana lottery and that great state institution will continue to nourish. In the meantime it becomes a tax upon every state in the Union that makes lottery schemes of its own illegal and Calls for a change in the legislation a fleeting these matters. Regulation that can be made effective is the thing demanded not a prohibition that is Dis regarded. The wharf lease in new Orleans is proving a veritable old Man of the sea 10 the shipping interests of that port. The Timea Democrat of that City Bas been waging unrelenting War upon that nuisance and trying by every possible Means to have the municipal authorities void the lease claiming that it is driving the Cotton Trade to Memphis Charleston and other cities. The Memphis Avalanche in a recent Issue publishes a humorous article reflecting this decadence of new Orleans Asti shipping part in which among the Silt of the Mississippi Lite ruins of an ancient City Are descried and the remains of w hat is supposed to have been a Cotton press brought to View by the excavators. There is a lesson for Galveston and new Orleans in this satire that should be heeded. The cholera in Chili is spreading and the epidemic is causing a regular panic in the Penitentiary at Mendora where seven cases were reported. The most stringent quarantine has been Stab 11 bed. It remains now for our state Board of health to make effective the quarantine order by gov. Ireland along our Gulf coast. The plague As heretofore is slowly coming Westward. In Asia in 1884-5 in Europe in 1885 6 in a South America in 1886-7 in the United states in 1887-8.the Only Sal Val Ion lies in rigid quarantine and the most effective sanitary regulations. It is not a question of medication but of sanitation. Col. Cunningham state agent for the National Bureau of animal Industry does not think that the cattle disease at Dallas is pleuropneumonia but has asked for a veterinarian expert to come and make a thorough examination. The col. Is of the opinion that tile cases Are merely acclimating fever but the mortality reported seems hardly consistent with such theory. It would be perfectly natural to report As favourably As possible upon the Case because once the fact of Pleura pne Winonia is settled As existing in Texas no matter How introduced or How utterly unconnected w Ith native herds it will seriously cripple the cattle Trade of this state and possibly prevent importations altogether. Still if the disease be Pleura Neu Ionia the fact should be distinctly stated be the consequences what they May and every intelligent precaution taken to prevent its spread. There is Little doubt that this will be done. In the mean time the report of the governments veterinary expert will be Aux Ousby looked for by the cattlemen of the state. Will the twentieth legislature be As dumb on matters of cattle contagion and the remedies by quarantine and Slaughter As was the nineteenth legislature ? we give it up. Let the legislative records answer. Gov. Ireland a recommendation to the last legislature was unheeded. It will doubtless be renewed this session and should receive prompt attention. The democracy outside of Ohio Are terribly distressed Over the situation inside the Buckeye state. The Republican doctors have got their lingers on the pulse of the democratic malodorous Ness in Hamilton county and elsewhere and have Given the legislature a trite diagnoses of the same. The Medicine administered does not suit the Bourbon ites but it is political salvation for Ohio. The Colen Campbell divorce Case seems to have taken a new turn in the lady a favor. The evidence of the servants is contradicted by positive testimony showing that their mistress was not at certain places As sworn to by them and altogether it seems As though the Argyle Campbell crowd had conspired to destroy the reputation of the Young wife in order to save the debauched son of the household from social damnation. As foul a conspiracy if True As Ever was concocted in the lowest purlie us of vice without adequate cause or with apparently no cause at All chills and fever thought to be cured terminates and re fru stifles in the is Stem. This Riant among diseases cannot be Laid out with quinine. The Only Way to give it a final and extinguishing quietus. Is to use persistently the National antidote to Miasma Poison Host Ettory a stomach hitters which roots it out completely. The process of cure is of course much easier if the Flitters to used As a preventive when the first chill is Felt but persons who Are not acquainted with Tho nature of the symptoms Are sometimes in error As to their cause and neglect the simple and pleasant remedy of All others Best suited to Cheek the Progress of this dreaded and destructive malady. Visitors to or sojourners in Valarious localities will moreover act the part of Wisdom if they use the bitters As a Preparative. Rheumatism constipation bilious Ness indigestion and kidney troubles Are removed by the bitters. Lost children. Why to Manv mile once have been i of i Aud the responsibility of Parent. There was probably no happier Home in America than that of or. James v. Allan of Philadelphia. Tin re is probably none More miserable to Day. Four weeks ago or. Allan had a Bright and attractive child that was the pc t of the Inge and Hie Joy of ail hib friends. To Day no childish voice is to be heard in tile House hold for it has been stilled in death. Mrs. Allan noticed that the child Wab ailing that. It failed to take its food properly or with relish and that something seemed to be troubling it but she thought it was Only of a temporary nature Aud would soon pass away. She now knows that then was the time to have taken the disease before it had obtained a lodgement in the Little child a system. Children require More careful attention than adults. They Are in the formative period. The slightest influence effects unpleasantly and it is an easy matter to invite de Sease. The fathers and mothers of America need not Only to be very careful of these things but to see to it that the child is helped Aud strengthened by those Means which have been prove purest Aud Best. Probably nothing of modern times has shown so much efficiency in this direction As the wonderful Volina cordial which is attracting so much attention in a i tile leading cities of the land and is being talked about so generally the nature of Tho remedy itself however is such that it is unusually adapted for the stomachs of children while it is none the less valuable when used by the fathers and mothers. It is these qualities which Are making it so popular and it is these qualities which Are destined to make it the most popular Medicine of Modem times. Any Parent who wilfully or carelessly neglects the slightest symptoms of disorder in his or her child is criminally responsible for Tho sickness or death of that child should such a melancholy event occur. We Are compelled to believe that where such neglect does occur it is thoughtlessness but the results Are none the Icib disastrous Aud there Are thousands of Homes in America to Day that mourn the loss of departed children which might he made joyous Aud Happy by their presence had the parents ouly exercised the p oper precaution and care. Such facts should come As a warning to All parents and cause them to not Only guard their own health but to exercise greatest care Over the health and lives of the Little dependent creatures who can not exercise such care Ever themselves. consumption can be cakes. Amp Halls Balsam p the text of that inter state Corn meroe Bill As accepted by the committee will be looked for with interest by All sections of the country. If the measures proposed be practical and fairly equable they will be heartily endorsed by the business of the whole country in whose interests the Bill is framed. The states Are generally alive to the importance of regulating Railroad matters within their own limits but to. O interstate traffic is beyond their control and in very Many instances negatives All a Tate efforts to equalize freight Tariff s. Could All pooling of Railroad lines be effectually prevented there would be lit tie need for inter state Commerce regulations. The through freight competitions would regulate that on the basis of legitimate business necessity and Tim state commissions would take care of rates to Central Points at which this Competition would be available. The practical working of inter state Commerce regulation by the National Congress can Only be determined by actual Experiment. One thing seems certain. The country must Baw some adequate Means of regulation charges and preventing extortion by the Largo carrying corporations through their pooling combinations or this present Bill is found defective it will at least Demon Strate the Way of a More effective one and so serve a Good end in a proximal Ting the Huai result. All experience proves that the Ocean freights for Long hauls will be sought wherever practicable and in this Mailer Texas has an immense advantage Over the Inland states. Deep water at Arkansas pass and Texas is comparatively Independent of inter state Commerce regulations. Cures coughs colds pneumonia consumption bronchial difficulties bronchitis hoarseness asthma croup. Whooping cough influenza and All diseases of the breathing organs. It soothes and heals Tho membrane of the lungs inflamed and poisoned by the disease and prevents the night sweats and the tightness across the Chest which accompany it. Consumption is not an incurable malady. Halls Balsam will cure you even though professional Aid fails. For Sale by All druggists. John p. Heney a co., new York. Is write for illuminated Book. Co 0 to in $ a to in o of c c a e of w go w pm pm e cd re in he Al a a i him w to i in a it o so of in a my my 2-5 a h�?3 it Christmas presents. We have just received a Large assortment of colognes and the latest specialities in handkerchiefs Etc., also the latest novelties in ladies misses and infants celluloid sets jewel cases Basket odor cases mirrors Tine leather and other fancy goods suitable for presents inspection of our Stock is respectfully solicited. Ragland a co8 East Commerce Street. When the blood Moo ivies poisoned or overcharged with Wasto Mattor it begins to purify itself through the medium of the skin Caus intr boils pimples and various eruptive diseases and instead of going around with your face covered with Hose eruptions you should take Ackers blood elixir which thoroughly cleanses the blood and rids the system of an impurities. Ragland at co agents san Antonio Texas. 3 a we desire to caution our readers against buying a cure ally remedies purporting to cure a fall the ill which flesh is heir to a and to Purchase Only such remedies As Are reliable specifies for certain classes of disease. For instance what Man endowed with reason would think of buying a cough Medicine to cure syphilis yet there Are hundreds of a nostrums thrust upon us daily with such claims the manufacturers of Ackers blood elixir do not claim that it will cure everything but positively guarantee it to euro All diseases of the b Ood such As syphilis scr Fula Etc. The Well known nod reliable firm of Ragland amp do. No 8 East Commerce Street Han Antonio in x., Are agents for the remedy a during a serious run of whooping cough at Stillwater n. Y., Tho physicians found that Acker s English remedy was a positive cure and prescribed it freely. We therefore guarantee it to cure ail coughs especially chronic cases croup asthma and consumption. This splendid remedy can be had of Ragland amp co a or agents for san Antonio Texas. 4 announcements. Ran Street commissioner. I hereby announce myself As a candidate for re election to the office of Street commissioner. I ask for no commendation other than my work in this City and if re elected i will do my work As t have done in the past and will work for the Tiest interest of the taxpayers of the City of san Antonio. John Cavanaugh. To the voters of the City of san Antonio i most respectfully announce myself a a candidate for the position of Street commissioner at the coming City election and Promise. If elected to work to the Best interest of ail taxpayers. Asking your Hearty support at the harlot i am respectfully Jab. T. A. Bowman. Kor City collector the undersigned most respectfully announces himself to the citizens As a candidate for re election to the office of City collector at the ensuing City election to be held Oil the 14th Day of february 1887. Fred. C. Haueisen. Look to your own interests and patronize the popular Cogie drug Stose Cor. Military Plaza and s. Flores St. A Al for recorder. The undersigned most respectfully announces himself to the citizens of san Antonio As a candidate for City recorder at the ensuing City election lobe held on the 24th of february 1887. John Stappenbeck. A i. To Elhami we o i its r c. C h s a a so amp a�s3 eds w a a a is o a 4 a Jim y Isis h a ass Quot the 2 to ai�3 s-2 est a 5 4 i. A. 3, a a a a % a a a a a a a a 5 too 5�?~b�?~es g a St 2. Or is go a 2� o a sri 5v g or to a a it i 2.?s i Al 8 a. A of a a p o St g s. A of a 2 a a b a 3 2 i �?�31� a l. Orynski &co., a Hai hand my dint eleventh series. Tile eleventh series of the Bexar building and loan association is now open for subscription. Parties desiring Stock will please apply at the office of the Bexar building and loan association no. 37 Soledad Street As Only a limited number will be issued. 12-9-to Jan i John e. Ochse Secretary. Notice to insurers. On and after november i 1886, All policies of fire insurance will be delivered Only of payment of premiums in Cash at time of delivery. Fannie ii. Florian r. Vav Lay amp co., Vav. A. Bonynge a. Moye Smith amp co., Franz Elmendorf n. A. Young t. F. Brady 12-6-tf__ agents. Testimony of a physician. James Beecher m. D., of Sigourney. Iowa says a for several years i have been using a cough Balsam called or. Halls Balsam for the lungs Hud in almost every ease throughout my practice i have Hud Success i have used and prescribed hundreds of bottles since the Days of Ray array practice 1883when i was surgeon of Hospital no. I Louisville. to the Public and to All whom it May concern hereafter until january 8,1887, i wills Elythe City Beer at $2 per Keg. It. P. Tendick. Assignee of estate of j. B. Belohradsky amp co. 12 8-1 in of my Back Ivery Strain or it and net Brm for Sale at hts Sash door and Blind factory on Nacogdoches Street Good solid Post Oak stove Wood which will be delivered to any part of the City. Make no mistake a the popular Corner drug store a 303 and 304 South Side military Plaza Corner South Flores Street. I ure fruit syrups and ice cold soda and Mineral Waters constantly on draught. Every Strain or cold attacks that weak bark and nearly prostrate you. To the Best tonic strengthens the Muscles steadies the nerves enriches the mood gives new vigor. Do. J. L. Myers. Fairfield Iowa Barb a a Browne a Iron bitters is the Best Iron Medicine have known in Ray to years practice. I have found it a. W. F. Shown. 537 main St., Covington ky., says a i was completely broken Down in health and troubled with puns in my Back Browne a Iron bitters entirely restored me to Gennine has above Trade Mark and crossed red lines on wrapper. Toke no other. Made Only by Brown chemical co., Baltimore. Us. Money to be made. Cut this out and return to us and we will Send you free something of great value and importance to you that will Start you in business that will bring you in More Money right away than anything else in the world. Any one can do the work and live at Home. Either sex ullage. Something new. That just coins Money for All workers. Vve will St Art Yon capital not needed. This is one of the genuine important Chance of a lifetime. Those who Are ambitious and enterprising will not delay. Grand outfit free. Adat Ess True amp co., Augusta Maine. Alamo Beer Saloon situated on Alamo Plaza next to the Alamo building san Antonio. Fresh Beer a and finest brands of cigars always on hand. To Efthia is a popular resort for chess and Domino players and i am always ready to attend to their wants c. Basse proprietor. A. Schiesman dealer in and repairer of boots and shoes has removed from 4 Alamo to 34 w. Commerce St., where he will be pleased to see All bus old customers a Well As his new ones. Satisfaction . 11-31 Telephone to. 61. 1 11-28-1 in Gus Cave Corner turn table. Oysters Iii All styles Shell oysters in can and for family use Wiener Vuerst and horse Kad dish Ham cheese Coffee chocolate and ail dainties Tossit epicureans. Come and see me. Louis a. Berteaux. 12-4-1 in d Quasso merchant tailor 26 and 28 main Plaza near French building. Large and Fine line of fall and Winter samples of suit patterns which will be ordered As desired. Suits made to order at new York prices and fit guaranteed. Uniforms for organizations a specially. A new method of renovating clothing Guaran lug the color. Repairing promptly done Green front Saloon 604 West Commerce Street. J. Fry manager. Missouri Pacific r y system International and great Northern r. R. Division. S a i d Tsai is s with All modern improvements through Between tit a t Louis Jan Antonio amp St. Louis via Texarkana. I via Denison. Without change of cars of any description and Only one change to Chicago Cincinnati Louisville Baltimore washing ton Philadelphia new York Boston and other principal cities in the Horth and East. Taitz train leaving san Antonio at 6 30 a. In. Has Pullman hotel car via Denison through to St. Louis. J2m�?�traiu leaving san Antonio at t in p. In. Bas Pullman Palace sleeping car via Denison through to Kansas City connecting at Donison with through Sleeper to 8t Louis i Quot passengers booked to and from All Points in Europe via Tho a Ramert loan s s. Line Between Philadelphia and Liverpool and the a red Start s. S. Line be tween new York Philadelphia and Antwerp. For full information Call on j. S. Manamara. W. F. Simmons ticket agent 285 Commerce Street Kampman building. Ticket agent i. Amp g. N. Depot h p. Hughes b. W. Mccullough. P a., Houston Tex. G. P. Amp t. A., Dallas. Texas san Antonio amp Arkansas pass railway Mission route. Until further notice our trains will run As follows daily except sunday. In effect nov. 29, 1886. A Kava san Antonio. 10 30 a. M. Southbound trains leave Bee Ville. 4 15 . Arrive at Corpus Christi. 8 35 p. M. Northbound trains leave Corpus Christi. 6 45 a. M. A a a a a Beeville. 11 10 . Arrive at san Antonio. 4 00 p. M. Connect at san Antonio with Missouri Pacific and Southern Pacific railways at with Stago lines for Sutherland Springs Pleasanton and Lavornia at Kenedy for Helena at Pettus for Mineral City at Beeville for Goliad and at Corpus Christi with Texas mexican railway. U. Lott president and general manager. B. F. Yoakum traffic manager. Bar room and restaurant. Martin amp Schryver of All sorts Kotos preparing of Large Public and private dinners and suppers for parties balls Etc., a specially. A Sis it Quot. And you i can live at Home and make More Money at work for us than at anything else in this world. Capital not needed you Are started free. Both sexes Ull Ages any one Ean do the work. Large earnings sure from first Start. Costly outfit and terms free. Better not delay. Costs you nothing to Send us you address and find out if you Are Wise you will do Soat Onoe. H. Hallett a co. Portland Maine. We. Keuter 00. Keuter. 3 it id dig material of All kinds shapes or Sozos. A Large assortment of ornament goods always in Stock. We keen constantly on hand Large quantities of the never yet sur . Halsey a a Barb and Fence wire. We Are Success fun competitors in pro and goods. Come and Ooi. Tlre<-1 office South of Sunset depot san Antonio Texas two Brothers Saloon bargains a for Sale for rent. Corner Commerce and Alamo Street Kloor Koep the finest imported wines champagnes and liquors. Specialities in the fines brands of Domestic and imported cigars. Come and see a it first class gentlemen a resort. Fine lunch daily at to of Oleck a. In. Working classes a pared to furnish All classes with employment it Home the whole of Tho time or for their spare moments. Business new Light and profitable. Persons of either sex easily earn from 50 cents to $5.00 per evening and a proportional sum by devoting All time to the business. Boys and girls earn nearly As much us men. That All who see this May Send their address and test the business we make this offer to such As Are not Well satisfied we will pay one Dollar for the trouble of writing. Full particulars and outfit free. Address go Hue Stinson is co. Portland Maine. Dot Okay buy a five room House with two galleries outhouses and Large lot House bran new and nicely finished waterworks Iii House a number of Young fruit and Shade Trees centrally located. Terms�?$1500 Cash balance in 12 months. Address t. B. Johnson Light Oft co. 9-2-tf ti3wo�?Fine building lots for Sale size 110x170 j. Feet in Block 137, West of san Pedro Creek ail joining Krisch property. Inquire of t. B. Johnson Light office. Refrigerator sixty dollars will buy four Nice building lots in Block Kio on Alazan Creek. Inquire of t. B. Johnson Light office. I a aaa subscribers to the weekly Light in Usu wanted at Only $1 year. For rent a nicely furnished office suitable for land or commission office centrally located. Inquiry of t. Ii. Johnson at the Light office. 9-2-tf i three Fine lots for $75�? lots i 2, Aud 3, in Block 36, original City lot no. 3, Range 2, East Side of san Antonio River. T b. Joun sgt a Light office. 9-2-ti new advertisements. Absolute perfection in baking and All meats roasted in their own juices by using the wire Gauze oven door found exclusively on the a Vohen you want any printing done just Call around to the Light office or ring a up by Telephone. 9-27-4f Saloon and restaurant. Opes Day and Hight. Tho bar supplied with the finest of wines liquors and cigars and the restaurant with the very Best to in had in the Market. Mint if. Tea at we a a orders promptly attended to. Polite waiters and satisfaction guaranteed will be pleased to have you Call. W. H. Simms proprietor. Visiting cards free at the Light office. How to get them. Inquire of the City subscription agent Hilton amp Young a rial estate insurance and loan brokers marvelous results loss in shrinkage of meats. Very few people know that the shrinkage of meats a close oven la from thirty five to Foi Lieut contains my Zeuty five per cent. Of lid in toasted in sent. All i do hyper Utu effect of the solid oven door a ten Pound sirloin i Odiamar Well done will be kid used to Bix Pound and four ounce of roasted inuit showing a loss of three Pound and twelve ounces of juice. While Lite lose in Sik percent of the total weight it thou the enormous lob or i err nut bluer of tue juice _ effect of wire Gauze oven door. A Xun Pound sirloin medium or Weldone will to reduced to nine Pound Aud eight oui one Oil collected luaus knowing i ukr of eight of use of j. Ii cd. While thin to i five per cent. Of the total weight it Siow la very smell Taw or but seven i by Cen t. Of juice a a a $03 illustrated circular Aho Price list. Leroux amp Cosgrove agents. Ofiu ice no. 41 Soledad Street. Next to Patterson a scudders Bank. Tii ird door from Houston Street. Sau Antonio Texas. Investment and loan agents. Have lauds for farms gardens Shook ranches Aud colonies. Will give reliable Legal Aud business information to owners and purchasers in reference to titles taxes and value of ands in Texas. Forty years residence in Texas. 327 e. Houston St., has been thoroughly renovated and is prepared to furnish the also fish and oysters delivered free of charge. A card. To All who Are suffering from the errors and indiscretions of youth nervous weakness Early decay Lesof manhood fco., i will Send a recipe that Wilt cure you free of charge. This great remedy was discovered by a missionary in South America Send u self addressed envelope to the Rev. J of Xiii t. Inman station new Fork City. Tag orders taken by Telp Bone no. 560. Upon front 3jt. In. Until 8 a in. James Murphy architect office a no. La div is bin Dino. Correspondence solicited. 8an Antonio Texas Seffel amp he Wiek Scenic artists ornamental Plain sign and House Painter Alamo St., Opp. Scholz Hall. A work first class. Charges reasonable. Give us a trial. A a. Kuhls. H. Thode. Kuhls amp Thode manufacturers of Best artificial Stone sidewalks Garden Walkes and cellar floors building stones. Also cemetery work coping Carriage stops. J4t All work guaranteed. Orders promptly attended to. P. O. Box no. 646
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