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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 12, 1891, San Antonio, TexasSaturday december 12, 1891 what s that a new invention which works All the year round Days Are not Liko the old times. By cedi was the Only remedy them Days. But now us you say or. Pierce s Golden medical discovery is a True remedy for the it s not like Tho Sarenpa rills that Are said to be Good for to blood in March april and May. The Golden medical discovery works equally Well at All times in All sea Bons and in All cases of blood taints or Humours no matter what their name or nature. Golden medical discovery is the Only blood and liver Medicine sold by druggists guaranteed to Benefit or euro in every Case on fair trial or Money paid for it will be promptly refunded. World s dispensary medical association proprietors no. 063 main Street Buffalo n. Y. Banks and Bankers. . Alexander pc Filmont. A. Cash Lor. Teas National Bank Commerce Street. Oneal . Drafts on Europe. Mox Ionn dollars and Othor fort irn Money purchased. Register kept non Reading room whore Ati Annera in thu pity Aro to voted to Call. Bankers sight drafts on Tho principal cities in Tho std states and in All Enron Oak countries. For Coin Ami our Ronny bought and sold. Rail Road time table. 4, g. N. Railroad. Bova tukes. Forst. Louis via Iron Mountain or St., k. Ami t. A. M fort. Via Irois Mountain p. In Forl redo a. In arrivals. From St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. Andt. M from St. Louis via Iron Mountain audil., k. Anutt p. In from Laredo p. In Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leaves for new Orleans Houston and Galveston u. M. And 0 p. M arrives from the East. Arrives from new Orlans Houston Aud Galveston 7a. A. And p. M through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass p. M arrives from san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass a. M s. A. A. P. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville Dally except 00 p. M leaves Jor Galveston Houston and Waco daily except sunday a in leaves for Corpus Christi Rockport Beeville daily except sunday p. M arrivals. From of Orrville daily except a. M from Corpus Christi Rockport Beeville daily except Sun. P. M from Galveston Houston and Waco daily except sunday Mallory Steamer sail from Galveston every wednesday and saturday. cured Uumo with ont pain. Of per Ticu ars sent Vikke. We in Lull St. Knoll in Diamond i a Binn air Mona. Ennyr9yal pills Orl Folant and Only Barc lad ii us j act t in. Slih by Ether. Tut Lions an at Drof Ruu for Partei Iliria Willef far Letler. Mali. 10.000 a i he by the daily Light is Only 50 cents a month delivered 41 hmm pm i i heat and ass miss Smikat 8fhi3c9, be. In Oua Pter . She culls herself a a wired Koyoji a with co score. I do not know Eliut she is nor what to Call hop a sensitive tin hysterical subject medium. I Witch u fool if you Liko oi1 a thin Lilun. If you prefer the. Term. she is it Juat whatever else she May not yes she is so you have Scon hoi have Tho Little Man again looked sharply up at his tall companion. You have had a does she give consultations la she a professional the wan Derer asked the question in a Lone of burp Ribo. Do you moan thut she maintains an establishment upon such a scale out of the proceeds of Fortuno i do not mean anything of the sort. Fortune telling is excellent very Keyork s Bright eyes flushed with Amuso Mout. What Are you doing i menu in this Church to put Tho question Sud Denly. An idea if you please to Call it not knowing what you mean i must Jil enso to Call your meaning by your own name for it. It is your nature to be enigmatic. Shall we go out if i stay Here much longer i shall to petrified instead of embalmed. I shall turn into Diny old red Marble like Teiho s effigy there an awful warning to Fortune philosophers and an exam pie for Tho. Edification of Tho faithful who worship they walked toward the door and the contrast Between the appearance of Tho two brought Tho ghost of a smile to Tho thin lips of the Palo Sacristan who was occupied in renewing the tapers upon one of the Side altars. So you were pursuing an said Tho Little Man us they emerged into Tho narrow Street. Now ideas May to divided variously into classes a for instance ideas which Are Sood bad or indifferent. If you have a idea upon any subject i will utterly annihilate it to own most profound satisfaction if you hive none con Corning any special Point i will Force you to accept mine As mine or to die the intellectual death. That is the general theory of the and what does it inquired Tho wanderer. It you knew anything answered key Ork with twinkling Oyes you would lir now that a theory is not a. Demonstration but an explanation. But by the since you Aro not i you can know nothing certainly. Now theory explains Many things and among others tie adamantine perishable impenetrable nature of the substance vanity upon which Tho showman nature projects in fast fad Iii colors the unsubstantial images of men. Why do you drag through this dismal i passed through it this morning and missed in Pursuit of the idea of course. That was to be expected. Prague is constructed on the same principle As the human brain full of winding ways dark lanes and gloomy Arches All of which May lend somewhere or May not. The self which you propose to preserve from corruption since you think so poorly of the lodger and the lodging. I wonder that you should be anxious to prolong the sufferings of the one and his lease of Tho it is All i answered Oyork arabian. Did you think of that circumstance May serve As an excuse but it does not constitute a not a reason is the most abject poverty a reason for throwing away the daily cruel myself is All i Havo. Shall i let it perish when an Effort May preserve it from so soon As you speak of enjoyment argument answered the wan Derer. You Are wrong As re turned the other. His the other Way. Enjoyment is the Universal solvent of All arguments. Enjoyment enjoyment is Tho protest of reality against Tho tyranny of have Wisdom and study led you no farther than that Keyork s eyes brightened suddenly and a Poal of laughter deep and Rich broke from his sturdy breast and rolled Long echoes through Tho dismal Lane. But his Ivory features were not Dis composed though his White heard trembled and waved softly like a snowy veil blown about by Tho wind. If Wisdom can teach How to Oro i Shuger As., Long Tho lease what study can to compared with that of which Tho re sults May beautify the dwelling what More can any Man do Foi him self than to make himself Happy Tho very question is absurd. Is it for the Sake of Imp roving the physio a condition or of promoting the moral Easo of Mankind at Large that you Are dragging through Tho slums and byways and alleys of Tho City on this Side of eternal perdition you admit that you Aro pursuing an idea. Perhaps you arc in search of some now und curious Foi a of mildew and when you have found some thing else you will name your Ais covery fungus in Gensis or cryptogram lib minor wan Derer s Toadstool but i know you of old Good Friend. The idea you pursue is not on idea it till but that specimen of Tho Genius Homo known As species variety vulgar designation Sweet heart. Tho wanderer stared coldly at his companion. 1 the vulgarity of Tho designation is indeed Only equated by that of your taste in selecting he said slowly. Then he turned away intending to leave Keyork standing Wheir he was. Lint the Little Man had already repented of his speech. He ran quickly to his Friend s Side mud Laid one hand upon his Arm. The wanderer paused and again looked Down. Is it of any use to be offended with speech am i an acquaintance of yesterday do you imagine that it could Ever be intention to annoy the questions wore asked rapidly in tones of genuine anxiety. I hardly know How i could suppose that. You have always Beon i. Names for Lulu s Aro Tho Iii Idisro a did not. Complete the sentence but looked gravely at Koy Ork us though wishing to convey very clearly again Wlms lie had before expressed in words. Come forgive Lack of skill and do not let us quarrel. Perhaps i can Holp you. You a Iii know Prague Well but i know it better. Will you allow to to say that i know also whom ills you Jire yes. You know. 1 Havo not changed since to last met nor Havo circumstances favored ." Tell you really Scon this uni a and talked with this and she could not Holp i refused to accept her help until i had done All that was in Power to you were rash. And have you now done All and failed3" i if you will accept a Humble suggestion from you will go Hack to her at i know very Little of her. I do not altogether Trust Trust her Power of any other Powers who talks of Trust does the Wise Man Trust himself never. Then How can to dare Trust anyone your cynical philosophy exclaimed the wanderer. Philosophy i am a Mayo sophist All Wisdom is vanity and i Hale it tautology is study Auto Sophy ambition autonomy Pride i am i one indivisible Central of i Hail and live again the Little Man s Rich Bass voice rang out in Mellow laughter. I you Are Happy he said. You must be since you can laugh at yourself so at myself vain Man i am laughing at you and at every one else at everything except can you Tell nothing More of her do you know Hor 1 she does not offer her help to every one. You would have Dono Well to accept it if the first instance. I had supposed from what you said of her that she made a profession of Clairvoyance or hypnotism Ormes May be the right term it matters very Kyork gravely. Used to wonder at Adam s ingenuity in naming All living things hut i think he would have made but a poor figure in a tournament of modern terminology its. No. Norna does not accept remuneration for her Holp when she vouchsafed to give and yet i was introduced to her presence without even giving that is her fancy. She will see any one who wishes to see her bog Gar gentleman or Prince. But Ehe Only answers Sirju questions As she pleases. Key a arabian was silent us though he wore reflecting nor a a character and Peculiar gifts to fore describing them to his Friend Tho wanderer preferred Tho Little Man s silence to his wild talk but to was determined it possible to extract some further information concerning Ouuor and before Many seconds had elapsed to interrupted Oyork s meditations with a question. You toll to to see for to Baid. "1 would like to know what i am to expect. Will you not enlighten asked who other vaguely As though roused from sleep. If 1 go to Uii Ormi and ask a consultation of her As though she Woro a common somnambulist and if Sho designs to place hoi Powers at disposal what sort of assistance would i most probably of two things one will to answered. Either Sho will her self fall info the a Normi state and will answer correctly any questions you put to her or she will hypnotize you. You will yourself you wish to "1. You yourself. Tho peculiarity or the woman is her duality her double Shocin. By an not or volition become Hui Moizio. Ever you choose to Call or. If her visitor is at All sensitive she can re verse Tho situation and play Hie part of n i never of Liko after do not Seo Why it should not to said the Wande Ivi. Thoughtfully. At All events what Ever she can do is evidently Dono by hypnotism and such extraordinary experiments Havo succeeded of i did not say that there was Noth ing but hypnotism in tier Watt Hon Tim wan Derer s lip curled scornfully. I do not replied Tho Little Man speaking slowly. Whatever her secret May be she Koops it even when speaking in i will answered Tho wan Derer after a moment s hesitation. Very said Oyork arabian. If Yon want u find to Ngi in Como to lodging. Do you know Tho House of the Black Motohoi of is a legend about a Spanish picture of our lady onto pro served exactly it takes its name from that Liick picture. It is on the coi-nui1 of the fruit Market Over Ugains. Tho window at who i the Prine uss will was shot. I live in Tho up per Story. of Aptak in. W flu the Wii do re i Hud loft her us Oren continued to the Book Sho had taken up follow ing the printed Linos Dian from left to i Fol. Frorup the lop of tic Pago to the foot. It Sho asked aloud in a voice ringing with the Joy and Tho four of a passion unit Kos waited Long and is it lust approaching Tho Fulli Lemeut of suit Szuc Tion. It lie is it to is it Sho repeated again and she did not see the dark red Sun Ria of Marble alternating the White and the Gray but As she looked a and a form Rose before her in Tho contemplation of which All Hor senses and faculties concentrated themselves. Are you indeed Sho asked speaking softly and doubtfully and yet unconsciously projecting hoi Strong will upon the vision As though to Force it to give the answer for which she longed. And the answer come imposed by the Effort of her imagination upon Tho thing imagined. The face suddenly became Luminous As with a radiance within itself the shadows of grief nested away and in their place trembled the i Ising Light of a Dawn ing love. The lips moved and 11. Voice spoke. I am he i am that Lovo for whom you have wailed you Are that dear one whom i have sought throughout the world. The hour of our Joy has struck Tho new life begins to Day and Theio shall be no Norna s arms went out to grasp the Shadow and she Drew it to hoi in her fancy and kissed its Radiant Faco. Eva Nefcy a Curyto Ages of she cried. Then Sho covered her eyes As though to impress the sight they had seen upon the mind within and grop ing blindly for her chair Sank Back into her seat. A but i she exclaimed. And what i As though Sho were satisfied with the Promise thus made to herself Sho smiled her eyelids drooped Tho ten Sion of her Frame was relaxed anal she Sank again into the indolent attitude in which the wanderer had found her a moment later Tho Distant door turned softly on its hinges and alight foot fall broke Tho stillness. There was no need Jor Norna to speak in in order that Tho sound of her might Gullo Tho noncom or to nor re treat. The footsteps approach of swiftly and surely. A Young Mun of singular Beauty Cumo out of Tho Garcon shadows and stood beside Tho chair in Tho opon apr. Cd. Norna betrayed no Surprise As Sho looked up into her visitor s Faco. Sho knew it Well. In form and feature the youth represented Tho ii oblast Typo of the jewish race. Israel Kafka stood still gazing Down upon Tho woman he loved and drawing his breath hard Between his parted lips. She interrogated. Under an Hrc Sistilo impulse to fell upon his Kness beside Uno riia covering her Marble hand with All his lean dark lingers and pressing his forehead upon them As though he had found and grasped All that to dear to him in life. Norna Gulden he cried Asho Knelt. Norna looked Down upon his Bent head. As Houar i collecting Hor thoughts Sho closed her yes As she triad to draw haul band then Asho hold it still Sho be faced Hook find Opolko to him. You have not understood Sho said As quietly As she pm id. Be repeated in. Startled broken tones. Norna sighed and turned away for the sight Hurt her and accused Hor. To you Havo not understood. Is it fault Israel Kafka that hand is not yours to not to Lanep yet to could not Quiter Rollo to what she said i am in she answered. Up you think i Aro jest Jug with you or with Ibi Al Kafka still Knelt bar Trie bar motionless and hardly breathing. I Hilo Boon a Lorna continued at Hist. Is Biol Rose to his feet and Drew Back a atop from hoi Side. How easy it is for exclaimed the moravian. How easy How simple you Call and 1 come. Vou let your eyes rest on to and i Kneel before you. You sigh and i up Pink words of Lovo. You lift your hand and 1 Crouch at your feet. Vou i humbly leave you. How you Are wrong and you speak foolishly. You Aro angry and you do not weigh your angry what have i to do with so common a madness As anger 1 am Mure than angry. A you think that because 1 have submitted to Tho veer ing gusts of your Good and evil he mors those Many months i have lost All consciousness of Lysol up have Yon promised to nothing Havo you Given to no Hopo have you said att Dono nothing whereby you Aro "1 never gave you either pledge or answered Norna in a harder tone. Tho Only Hopo i have Over extended to you was this that i would one Day answer you plainly. I have Dono so. You Aro not satisfied. Is there anything Moro to to said i do not bid you to leave House for Ever any More than i mean to drive you from from your Friendship. A i thank you. Norna i most humbly thank you. For Tho Moroy you of tend in allowing to to linear near you i am grateful. Your Friend you say a truly your Friend and servant your servant and your slave your slave und your dog. Your Friend have no words for take it or take it you Norna glanced at his angry face and quickly looked away. Take it yes and More too whether you will give it or an swered Israel Kafka moving nearer to her. Yes. Whether you will or whether you will will have nil. You Friendship your love your life your breath your or Noth you Are Wise to suggest the latter alternative As a said Norna coldly and not heeding his approach. Tho Young Man stood still and folded his arms. Do you mean what you to Skod slowly. Do you mean that i shall have not All but nothing do you still dare to mean that after All that has passed Between you and Norna raised her Oyes and looked steadily into his. Israel Kafka do not speak to to of but the Young Man s glance did not waver. The angry expression of his features did not relax. Whore is your Power he asked suddenly. Where is your witchery you Are Only a woman after Are Only a weak very slowly he Drew nearer to her Side his Lithe figure bending a Little Asho looked Down upon Hor. Norna leaned far Back withdrawing her Faco from his As far As Sho could but still trying to impose her will upon him. You he said Between his Teeth answering Hor thought. Men who have tamed wild beasts alone know what such a moment is like. A Hundred times the Bravo Man has hold the Tiger spellbound and crouching under his cold fearless Gao. To be

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