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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 9, 1890, San Antonio, TexasTuesday. December 0, 1890. C1tv Council mkt Tiu. 1 edit Liik Uii ii several Ordin ances Etc. At Tho regular meeting of the coun cil yesterday afternoon Bryan pre sided and Deputy Guilbeau read the minutes. am i Futi tons. The following petitions and in not Isle were submitted to the Council Lor action August Persch and William Reich for a porn up ii to a nip to per Market from no. 348 Bouth fiores mini i m la Ilia Iii Zibik on the same Street. Referred. Dolores Herrera for permit a lumber Metal roof addition to a House on South Side of Dolorosa treet to tween the ban Pedro Creek Tuil s Hith Laredo Street. Referred. M. Zimmerman desired to rent the Hall at san Pedro Springs of de Cember 14 Lor a walking contest. Not granted. Mrs Caroline Kam Roann for per Mit to Lay Pipo of Jefferson Street to the main sewer to receive water Iron a roof and boiler. Granted. Mrs. Purkiss for correction of lines of Street surveys. Referred to Street and Bridge committee. C. H. Miller for permit to erect a Brick warehouse with lumber stud dings. Referred to lire committee. Professor Louis j. Witts asking to advertise Antonio in his spectacular show the burning of Dallas Texas referred. Judson Brothers for permit to erect a Derrick Sheds and machinery East of the Casino Hall and South of mar Ket Street. Granted. Tho object of the petitioners in constructing the shed and Derrick in question is to bore for Coal Oil. Mrs. G. L. Coburn petition to have Johnson Alley opened. Referred. A petition from citizens was read protesting against the ordinance prohibiting the opening and main Taining of variety theatres within 150 feet of main military and Alamo plazas and asking that the same be repealed As it discriminates in favor of the turf and Washington theatres. Referred to committee on petitions and ordinances a petition from properly owners was read asking that a Street be opened from the property of Michael Bellou to River Avenue. Referred. Ill outs of committees. Alderman Luckwood for the Gas and water committee submitted a re port on the petition of taxpayers of Liast Commerce Street for the Exten Sion of water Mains recommending that it be granted. Adopted. The committee on streets and Bridges presented reports As follows favourably on a Resolution to have All Street Crossings of a Vogue c put Good condition. Also favourably on a Resolution authorizing the mayor to curb and pave in front of City property on fourth Street. Also favourably on petition of j. M. Campbell asking permit to Lay a temporary Plank sidewalk in front of tits property on Soledad Street. Granted Tor a period of six Mouths. Also on petition of f. W. A. Fro i Berg asking payment for property taken from him by the widening of Zavalla Street the committee recommended that Petitioner to paid Tho sum of adopted. Also favourably of the petition of property owners on Mac ii Street asking that said Street be Gravelled. Adopted. Alderman Weber for the fire and fire limits committee presented an unfavourable report on the petition of c. H. Mueller for permit to erect an Iron Clad building on East Houston Street. Widening of tym Street was Over under the rules. The ordinance providing for Tho placing of guard wires under All elec tric wires within the pity limits was read. Ordered printed Laid Over under Tho rules. The mayor appointed aldermen Weber Kalteyer and Bohre tier to act As a we Oil com Mittee for the purpose of ascertaining the Best method for constructing such guard wires. A ordinance to Amend Section 3, chapter 28, of the revised City ordinances was placed before the coun cil. The amendment prohibits the burying or shipping of dead human bodies by any person without having first secured a certificate of death from the City physician on penalty o a Fine not less than ?2o for More than passed under suspension of the rules. New business. The following Resolution was presented by Alderman Lockwood re solved that lie Seifter when it shall become necessary to repair wooden culverts that the said Culvert shall to replaced by. Iron piping in All in stances where Iron pipes or Mains can he obtained of size to carry of the storm water. Adopted. Alderman Kalteyer presented a re solution to Mio us salary of the City physician to per Mon i a beginning december 1, 1soo. Adopted. Alderman Webor presented a Reso Lution requiring the International Aud great Northern railway company to place a Flag station at the crossing of their Road Over the Fredericksburg Road. Adopted. By Alderman Schreiner a Resolution requiring property owners on West Nuey a Street Between South Flores Street and san Pedro Creek to construct first class sidewalks. A adopted. Also a Resolution requesting Tho mayor to have the Blanco Road re paired mid put in u condition for travel. Adopted. Alderman presented a Reso Lution requiring the ally Engineer to inspect the Street railway track on South Alii Uio Street Between Goliad and Nueva streets which is said to be eight inches higher than the Street and if so to report the fact to the mayor. Adopted. Also Resolution requesting Tho mayor to cause the removal of a Liy Draut on the East Side of Garden Street the same be intr in the Middle of the sidewalk. Adopted. By Kalteyer a Resolution that the City pay Sam Maverick for property taken in the widening of West Houston Street. Adopted. By Rogers a Resolution ordering property owners on Burleson Sher Man f live Oak and Burnett streets to Lay first class sidewalks within sixty Days. Adopted. By Boelhauwe a Resolution that All property owners of the paved streets and clean their gutters before 8 o clock in Tho Mornine. Adopted. By Conner a Resolution requesting Tho mayor to order the Extension of wafer Mains from Tho Corner of Chu Paderas and Commerce streets to the Corner of and West Commerce streets. Adopted. The Council then adjourned. The Doli iks 111 the or jul Vollie. Before judge Noo imn this morning very Little was done. Jesus Martinez charged with Toft of a horse allowed Bond of oud w. T. Rose was Given a divorce from Florence a. Rose. Before judge King judgement for defendants wag rendered in Garnish ment suits of Johm is. C w. Ogden and Alfred Giles and dismissed the injunction suit of marm is. Mccall. Before Justice Adair win. Harlan was fined for assault. An in quest was held on the body of Mary Elizabeth Patterson coloured who died last a Light of Brooks Street near the Sunset depot from hem Orr age of the lungs. Tho county court did nothing but audit accounts this morning. Bids will be opened Tor supplies this Aitor upon and tomorrow the election for county appointive officers will take place. A strike. Of Ibn Utah dec. P. Switchman Here struck last night. Johnston r out Dock. Mayer Schmelter the name committee recommended that the petition of cello c. Navarro for permit to erect a lumber addition to a House pm the East Eide of Camo Ron Salinas and Kings Bury streets. Alderman Conner presented the re port at the City Pound master finding the same Corrock. Also the report of the City marshal for november the same being Correct. The committee designated to locate the boxes for the electric fire Larni asked for further time. Granted. Unfinished Liu siness. The ordinance to regulate the Speed of electric cars within the City limits Laid Over until next regular meeting. The Resolution requiring the laying of sidewalks on Gollad Street was also Laid Over for future action. An ordinance to provide for the widening Gray ton of Sirwet from River Avenue to new Braun Telo Avenue was read. It provides for the condemning of property for the purpose named and Lor the appointment of to assess benefits and damages. A map prepared by the City Engineer showing the lines of the proposed widening accompanied the ordinance. Passed under the sus pension of the rules. An ordinance to prohibit the hitch ing or leaving untied horses or other animals on Soledad Street Between West Houston Street and main Plaza and on Commerce Street Between main Penxa and and the san Antonio Tver was read ordered printed and Laid Over under the rules. An ordinance to provide for the sex ten non of Mason Street was read and paused under suspension of Tho rules. I am ordinance providing for the contractor Licker. Who is in charge of tie Soullion Pacific Cut Oil at Shumla is in the City to get men for the work. A train Load of fifteen cars of hogs Enro Ute to the City of Mexico passed through Here from Kansas to Eagle Pas. They were transferred at this Point to Tho b. P. Toad from the i. W n. Superintendent of car department a Sid clone of the i. G. N., has returned Home. Tho i. G. Will continue to to late until the m. K. T. Changes its time card. A Gay coloured poster issued by the Texas Pacific company announces that the line will sell Holiday excursion tickets to tit. Louis Cincinnati Louisville and All principal Points in the Southeast at a rate of one fare for the round trip from Deo. 21 to 23, inclusive Good for thirty Day s. Tickets will also be on Sale Doc. 23, and Jan. 1, Good for return until Jan. 2, Between All local stations on the Road not exceeding 200 Miles at a one Faro rate. Homer kids has returned from Laredo. The View time cards make a Valu Able change for the san Antonio peo ple in As much As Austin merchants can come to san Antonio at a. M. And leave at 6 p. M. The same Day transacting All of their business in and about Home the same Day. I of. Oji Itchell of Ann abhor does sonic Ann Arbor mien., nov. 27. Prof. Chas. E. Gatchell of the homeopathic department pronounces mind read ing a he was in Ohio ago Lual fall when p. Alex. Johnstone Tho great Niaud reuder did his wonderful feats. Prof. Gatchell studied the matter thoroughly and finally concluded that he could do the same As he Calls it and All the other Triska which Johnstone did. He then posted 5500 with a Chicago paper to be forfeited to Charity if to failed if or. Johnstone do the same but the i fitter did not see fit to accept the of Tor. Johnstone an exhibition Here this evening and prof. Gatchell has not changed his opinion of his has made an Flor of s500 to to gym Weium fund under the same conditions As he it Foo made at Chicago. Prof. Gat Cheli is not a believer in mind readers and claims nut to belong to that class but whether he does the Woroby mind Reading or Clever slight of hand. I Tho professor certainly performs the Bame work and accomplishes the same ends us Jour store. Monday evening to gave a number of Johnstone s feats at the past up Ullin. All of them successfully. This afternoon he did Johnston e a Groat feat of driving a Lively team on the dead Ruu through a number of streets Over which the committee had previously driven the first thing done was to decide on a word to be take ii from Webster s dictionary and the committee decided on Niu cd Lagoon Page 84 a team which had been procured was driven Over a route thirteen blocks Long turning first one Way and then the other and complicating the route As much As possible ending where they had started. then blindfolded prof. Gut hell with a heavy Bandage and drawing a thick Hood Over his head and tying it close around the neck very thing being ready the professor and committee jumped into the Carriage Gatchell took the lines and drove the horses on a dead run first turning one Way and then a other following the exact route taken by the committee. Of the committee asked if to could not drive a Little slower and he said us mind readers All drive this Way lashed the horse into a faster run. On arriving Back at Tho office he went to tire dictionary turned after a Little hesitation to the right Page and calling for a Papor and Pencil wrote the word mucilage without hesitating. An overcoat was thrown Over his head during this latter Parton the test As an extra precaution. The com Mittee then made another Examina Tion of the paraphernalia used and the test ended the professor enjoying the discomfiture of the committee which had expected a failure. The wrestling match at Tho turf jump across in two Mayer Schmelter no. 2 last Commerce to Usaj Jehu in Pine wines liquors and 1s file . . A i goods delivered to Auy part of City. most Comolot Stock in the i a Cibij. W. C Morgan co., general land and collecting agent re a. Estate i refer Knees stay Erick Dank son Antonio City National Bank first Nal l Bonk Brownwood first Nat j Bank Ane Tab Waco Batto Plank Waco. Office at Hewitt s nos. 3 and 5 w. Commerce st., wild land ouch , i Bim lands a Al rata Furus sued. and a for school lands Mode taxes 1 Aid Etc. San Antonio Texas a visit to an Oasis life among the people of an old saharan Village. A Lis our and us Trio a fives in lie give fun spots of Trio Raj inst Theaton Cosof the Nom Ndu to lie inhabitants of Tho sours Ore rapidly losing their military character. A Century go they lived in a state of perpetual War Are. The of their villages Lone proves this. Each Ksor is built after tie fashion of our ancient Feudal cases Union an Eminence overlooking the a Deus and the Valley. You Montev through Lim itary formerly solidly fortified. And now All these fortifications five in wins. As Stone Btij Wood were scarce the sours were built of Nind s not appear As in Morocco to enhance lie mud Walls and terraces. The villagers six for to Liti construction of their houses a ittle i list and water and consequently Tho itself partakes so much of the color r the soil that it is hardly distinguishable t u distance. It is a sort of ant Hill that towns the fining ground pierced with Nicl regularly formed openings. Ordinarily Sib an Early hour in the mailing to reached these High grounds from Wuich we could see the villages Ami their theatre last night occurred at about 1 a. M. Johnson and Klaban were the wrestlers the conditions being that Johnaon was to throw Kinahan in thirty minutes or forfeit j100. The first fall Johnson gained in one minute and fifteen seconds. Second fall n Johnson gained in eighteen minutes and forty seconds. Third fall for Kinahan in three minutes. Fourth fall for Kinahan minutes and forty seconds. Tho fifth fall was a draw ended the match. Kafir Isno ngh from America. O Flanagan. Kin this Pond Moike Lafferty be gobs i can jumps. Without seeds. From Tho american agriculturist. Seedless apples Are known to the ancients and Vinco then Many mentions have been made of the name fact. Within the Laet Century not Only seedless fruits but those pre ceded by no blossoms have been of in three and thus tried to put out his eyes. Yesterday afternoon a mexican prisoner dashed a handful of slacked Lime into the eyes of a fellow prisoner in the Bat Cave named j. H. Need whom the mexican claimed spit upon him. Tho prisoner suffered consider ably until or. Oldham attended to his painful condition. Eye tonally met with. Thus the no blow variety was without Anparan Blossom and bore no seed. Other examples of the same peculiarity have appeared under different Iiames in the common Cherry the Kernel 01 embryo of the seed is frequent Yabor Tive and therefore useless for germination. The second Bloom of pears acid of strawberries is often doubled Pistillate varieties of the latter Fri will to Melmes produce berries by without seeds. The banana is one o the Best illustrations of be Oates fruit. There Are Many varieties o this tropical fruit and it is probably True that the wild plants were seed bearing. The so called dried cur rants Are seedless grapes from Corinth. In California this graph produces seeds and attempts to Rale the Standard article have failed. On the other hand Tho Sultana grape of California in needless As Are Law Home Vinos of the Black Hamburg. Tired of that to a for a cent. That excellent Painter digit exhibited this comical scene recently in the Filion Wiki in astonishing precision. Tii a Cloud of dust you Sec a lot of cram i Linig red rags and my Caps while the mo.4t yells Ami screams Porco your after this Iii St Winolee which set tha Public in fits of High tar we in Udo Tab Tir Ritus i Iii Ioimo unit is to say Bililc biscuit. S duo up in tin boxes. Thieu i. Ill re was Neil Siml Excil Reut and. If by 1 All Trio doors of the Lious i s in Ilia Iii igbo Rhoud opened Atul upon tie there u perfect swarm of charming Little girls. Iii Kikino Tiik guests. We travelled six or seven hours Starling n the night in order to to Able to finish he journey before Tho Sun got too High in he horizon. Our Spahi then started Lis horse at a Gallop in order to arrive be Ore us and notify Tho Caid of our personage would immediately Don his burnout Ami Advance toward us Ollo cd by a few of the oldest of the tribe. When he reached us he took the right hand of each oho of our party raised it to his is and Theu placed it on his heart. That s the usual form of Salute. This polite less was generally accompanied by a few pm Itic compliments and protestations of Fidelity. Col tee and siesta carpets were Tjien presented to us at the place which we had chosen under the Trees. Then the notables of the place urine and squat a nil around a. Our visit wits not made the social occasion for this laziness. A Good Sourian never works. He rises Early in the morn ing in order to enjoy the Aurora. Then he Homes Donn from the Ksor to his Garden to inspect his Trees and to see if thieves have stolen anything during lie night. The gardens Are enclosed by mud Walls and the it Rance to Thorn is so Low that one is of to crawl in on All fours. The plants Are irrigated by a very Cleves system of Little canals which wind around to Trees mid main artery which passes under the Wall at either end of the Garden. According to the wealth of the proprietor water is Given to him twice a Day once a Day or even once every other Day and this repartition is regulated with an impartiality and ingenuity that Are really surprising. The Sou Ian. The is always in his Garden it the time when his turn for water Cornea around. Aided by his slaves he directs the watering of Tho Trees and vegetables. In miniature it is the ancient system of the egyptian Nuala which lined to tie inundations of the Nile. In a few Momenta the Little Garden is under water and when Tho water official shuts Oil the source there remains heavy and enriching moist no that is gradually dried by the nun. When this piece of overseeing is done the so Arian has nothing More to trouble him. He takes a seat in some Street of the Kasai in Tho Shade of some House. In this shelter which is formed by beams of Palm Trees Suppo Ryng n roof of laths benches arc placed and in each one of these places lit conversations or debates no carried on. During Thia time the women knit for Tho coming Winter and prepare the couscous in which their husbands dip their spoons stretching themselves about noon upon their siesta carpets. Among Tho a Baouris to were present at our of Theao evening meetings. We seated Hume Lea in Tho place Public que a Cru Tho entire male population Hill a rendezvous. Thoy watched Trio Little boys playing Coura a game very much like the pm incr list. Whf Tii Thuv Evtif with their anus legs and nexus uncovered Siml their doilies enveloped in a piece of Styli embroidered my or yellow a Audrin Oples i Bersimis with Irga Flowers and Louis Xiv stuffs Aud their Ankles and wrists ornamented with Silver bracelets Tlajy looked lilo idol. They Wen children in stature in agility and in their Gay laughter hut by to Pru copious maturity of their forms they Wivo already women. Their unfinished Grace and Usu Light Mold of their legs and Nrma might recall the delicate Little Duns uses of to narc Lino Tho moment you approach them their a ipod disappear no with their Yuri Conli a Robes in Tho crevices of the houses would remind you of a flight of hoards. We. Beckoned to them and encouraged them. They approached timidly but not close to Talco Tho us count from our hands. U was the Little Sou of Tho Caid a toddler of o Yutis Clad Only in a my and Green Shin who brought them our pros ii Luu i lib favourites in Tho Little troop and pushed the Otlie a with Tho insolence of u Young emperor. He Only distributed one half of the cakes the remainder in slotted by Han Stul into his own Mouth. These a rocks of it spoiled child excited lilo Gayety of Tho spectators. Then emboss ened Ivy the growing shades of evening the women appeared out silo their houses unveiled like nomads. We sent them their Shuro i i la ii Louat. By Trio same Little Mes Senger. They laughed and dispel Ineil White Teeth and Lilack eyes More Brilliant than jewels. And thus the old formidable sour but like an Eagle s nest with i to fortified streets and Walls full of loopholes was in Turol in an hour with a Caso of biscuits and the of children and Yount women. How Itlene Stuch Ling originated. The term stocking was originally used in Venice about Trio year Moo to Des Ignate literary classes by colors. In Mill s history of to Are told that members of Tom various academics were distinguished by Tom color of their Stock Ings Blue being the prevailing color. Tho application if the term to women originated wit i miss Hannah Moore s Admira ble description of a Blue stocking club in her has Detroit free press. Anew in Isle Lif it has recently been in vented int Inderl to Triko Tho place of Sev eral we Iii have of late pro veil dangerous in Pra Tuv. The composition consists largely of charcoal made Crom the Silky Down of Tho milk Xvi Cal a form of Carbon preferred in Caum of its Freedom Crom Tuli. was recently caught in the Columbia River although its proper Homo is in the deep sea. Peculiarity is its Tunis pvt try. Liy holding it up to Tho Light every bout can iks easily counted. In Hus a Ivi dish Ling mid this one Ivna about seven ii to s although they have been a night. In drag Neta off the coast iliac were eighteen inches Long. Very year divisible by four without n remainder except a Century year is n leap year every Century year divisible by four without a remainder after the two ciphers to dropped or which with to two ciphers on 13 divisible by 400 without n remainder is a leap year. The year 1900 will no come under this design Iatrou nor did 1700 or 1800. The year 1600 was a leap year Aud 3000 will be one. Prehistoric Man used in Flake of Flint to remove his locks and eyebrows disfiguring Hia countenance on occasions of mourning. The modern Hindoo shows his grief at Tho barter s hands in the Sama fashion As did his Mother Laud old Egypt. The plan of Gas in Small Electria arcs to ilium an their Power at a less expense Tymn that extra current has been effectively carried out by mams of carbons. An Cost of g per cent. Baid to give in this Way a Light equal u Ono the Bulf times that of Trio Ord Iufer a lamp

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