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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 9, 1890, San Antonio, TexasTuesday do Cicmil he 0, 1890. His own defense. Railroad time table. A g. N. Railroad. For St. Louis a in Iron Moun Tain or m., k. A. T Vor is. Louis via Iron a loin Nln Roux p. In for laretto 11-jd a. A . From St. Louis Iron Mountain and m., k. A. M prom St. Louis. Iron Mountain and m., k. At. Routes p. I from Laredo p. M Southern Pacific Railroad. To Bouse Ixl a less East. Tea be for new Orieana Houston and . . And 9.23 a. A tajik Ink Kuril ti1k East. Arrive from now Orleans hous ton and Galveston tjd1ouoh West. I Avo for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle 1 ass arrive from san Francisco Elpaso and Bracio pass a. M the is. A. A. P. R. R. Mission route. S Dei Aji turks. Leaves for kor Riuo daily except sunday at p. M leaves for a Alveston Houston and Cuero Dally rat a. M leaves for Corpus Christi. Hock port and Lic Ovillo daily except sunday at n Pali Ini xviii to from Orrville any except sunday at a. A from Corpus Hock port Aud by evilly daily except sunday at p. M prom Galveston Houston and Cuero Dally. At p. M. Endow Iii jilt Tiu by it Ami int us in Mirance. P.further Parl ii us irs ask any Mumar of Ordija or t. 13. Jota Ioa at Trio Linoir Rominio an extra bargain. Taro and Ai i a i u3 near Arkansas pass depot can lie had at a bar gain if bought curly. Will on in Market Only a Short time. Apply to Ino. T. Humbleton co., no. 4 last Commerce Threet. Triau Elvernal verdict or tha Leopla too Nave Nail clerk ivs of Flat f o i set cure award it Tho Orst in Shust . Ali in 1 your hour a it of inc ii your cried i Junyer it of tit Muiir Honor you pics firm f is i should like to Salv what Aski d Tho judge. Ii b Jum i or. With something mme than Iii.? Usu jul acerbic a you Ron ii Nijor of course to hut when this Ipiniu love first brought to t ring to win without counsel. That Horn Fusil to Sec Iivo any Mill that you therefore Norri Uip trily appoint in we us Nuvoli. The , for the defendant refused to Eay i Tord to his Case. "1 wish it to distinctly understood1, that this silence of t s his Itjen main Tineil in the most efforts to Dorni Reserve for while i crat accepted your Conor s in Junction 1 ended by becom ing it Cpl interested in what is curls july a unique Sattof of practice goes. What i wish to with particular stress is that urn absolutely Aud entirely ignorant of the nature of tin statement which or. Jove asked Pei Mission to Mike. In fact sir All i can Oili Cinelly clan to to nov of this Man is that Oil Tia 14th of this of August. 1s90, he was found in the very act of Thrett Linfu no Thor Man to death no. 8c3 Pine Street that to wins or rested in Deli Cut by officer Thomson Aud that been con Nodin the City prison Ever Rince. Lie is no Moron client of mine than he is your Honor nil it would be a Rose misuse of of corms to Stylo him u As or. Inn if of Down the Man referred to Cephas love Hook Hauda with him cordially and repeated his request for a hearing. It is n rather unusual at this Aturo of t he the judge for a Pri son in your position u Muir a to Tiv Nice i but the whole in this Hare moreover i have not the to deny you. Do you wish your Stu intent t o Appi Ftp ass sir.11 Tako Planco on the Tsien and be s he the clerk s Mumblo jumbo of with so inv emphasis Laid an into nution upon the concluding Worda us help Tomt Kiwe them a Rov civntin.1 effect not often heard in that court Nam. The Loketch which thu riot of a morning Piiper wus at this moment milking showed i tiny mini Hsiug primly with v Rosseti and out the folds of red ilk of Sirwid Lvov his Ilia hand face and Scalp wore of As a Rood left tront to All Ortega of 3ktn pm plus a a oboe. Lumli Hullit Urup Tonii. Bolls on Bunola Tetter Etc. All yield to this wonderful Preim Rahim at onco Price for n Loeffe bottle at k Kun Stoyor a store. Clarke s snap to for the skin. I req Moonta if Well s hair Balsam. Fray gradually color ele Htit Tonio Reasi Iii 50o, drug Gluth or size prepaid by express e. 8. Wolle Jorvey City by for 6ale--a bargain. Pack House tour Largo rooms lil Tehon. Hall thirty Feut Long servant s room Bath room hot and War pantry Wood a bad and Wash House. Let 70x150 foot co Trully located. In front Yard. Prico one half Cash. . T. Co. For Sale by f. Kalteyer Oon. Each Saloon earner Dolo Riisa and soil i flares streets. Tho float 5ontloiuon 8 resort in the Civ. for the brands of liquors wines cigars courteous Aucul Noli to All tonies. Tea Tinnat a Call and see the merchant tailor he Lias received largest Stock of imposed and Domestic sni Tings Ever brought to san Autonio. He will make you a first Glass fitting suit Al tiie lowest ruling prices. Dou t forget to Call at once on the popular tailor Val. Lorra a Fuluso Rud lines i that was caused by a net of Small veins in the skin and that Wiik mix do nil the More vivid by the Cou troist of it Fri tre of flax White hair and two patches of close whiskers that Lay Yon say. Thoroughly aware of the Giava Ity of position. What i say is simply tiie truth and tie truth can no inc. I am a murderer and i purpose telling the Story of crime with out templing any there wag a stir in the court room and n veiled Mother of the victim it. Was Forward in her chair and your cried or. Lung again on those ready of his Thuro it Hii at tempt at with n vibrating forefinger pointed in tin direction of Tho sobbing woman and i ask that it be Well said Tho prosecuting at Turner Wii not sarcasm to Imbi toy a like Klimt. In Altig to whole of these pro to Haven t said u blessed word. We be allow Vil you to put your on tin with wet stand with All Tho stage effect you wanted and without a boo and now be cause thin bereaved Hunt Trio Ken Way to her natural grief when Trio dam Noble crime that Roblick her of Hei Darling brought to her you you sir who should be the last Man to Nihiko a sound go to blab Bini shout sensationalism. Why will do said _ the judge quietly but firmly for or. Laug was actually Bonnet lug about in his anxiety to make a retort. Go on to added turning to defendant who during discussion had busied himself folding Tho red into a neat Square pack age. Since working for musses. Hooker Cephas Contin Icid of have been in the Imbu walking Down to Tho store along Pino Street each morning from boarding the Corner of Ixia Kitt and Jaquon streets. On Tho 10th of june Laist or it might Havu been the 17th, i noticed that no. Having been vacant for Many Mouthy Vita about to be tenanted. The next morning and it was u Kris Pitt i remember attention was attracted to no. 803, this time by a tory Peculiar incident. The two win Dows on the ground floor where Tho per Lor was evidently in tufted were draped with heavy Curt uni of some Maroon col ored stuff after a fashion which used to be in Vogue for dining rooms when i wins a boy. A i passing the House the cur Tail nearer to was drawn aside and a face be crawl a face an frightens a child in what Are milled its bold it or. Wiil attorney i the trip less both hands in a gesture of repulsion twist win strangely he Orgelio in n Nevin Seemi by Placid and a demonstrative it was Moro of u than face. Not one of the fatso it Tesque masks you understand but Trie of utter luuk he emptiness a soulless nothing Tho eyes were big opon. With which Shinn ing All around the Pupil Between the fixed lids Tho checks Pale und flabby thu nose a Lino Anil tha Mouth Hulf with the lower lip Here ,1 thing happened for while Tho prisoner Icv scribed the own. Took on that of thai creature to was delineating until in the Lauu of the Little Silil Ina of Semi clerical aspect there appeared Tho Doddle us head of n mowing idiot. Thu red handkerchief had been i from where it Lay smoothly folded Over or his knew Ami now gripped in both like a Ball. I con i Only his said Iivo dropping Buck so to speak into himself i Flamia he brought Tho curtains close about Liis neck Liko a a dreaming gown. After i. Had moved on i few paces i turned round for so Strung Una the impression produced in to that can liken it to Little lews than fascination the face moved but Tho Jurea staring Eye were still fixed on us the a portrait Doug in Oil int uiting ill ways sick to be no mutter a hero thu observer May move. More Thun once during the found myself thinking of i vacant fatuous face and Thon toward the afternoon 1 managed to dismiss it with the Resolution that it undoubtedly Belon Yei to squib poor unfortunate being who friends preferred o take private Clargo o him rather than to Send him to an us Yhun and that Hia it Tho window in duo to tha temporary of Thos Whoso wis to look after him. Liu with All this common sense View of the matter i found nays Milf stupidly excited an nervous As i i run near Trio House nex morning. Well mean your Liono full Orr runt have been in Ching Fomo for i Cusnir opposite to window again Thill White bund the curtains am the vacant face was turned Onu Moro upon this time i thought thu the eyes though fixed and wide open a the Light of u panty smile in them audit Iii Thodoro Oping lower lip out in contempt. 1 had n Stout Wal ing Cane in snid i lie witness up and i threatened tile with it in Thih hero lie Shook 01 Tho red Tilk Hund kerchief and of Nam a the jury Box is though n danger signal. Control yourself or. Said lit Tell your Story ii Lily is i will your he replied wit Meekins and an of ill Manor no though it noted tent tire i Earls of perspiration Hud broken out o his forehead Ami that now and then theh in Tgcy one in tie in then i in his face i on a wins due Piini. I or to a o or three Days of qty to t hi1 Ron Linned and took Anotle t to an to Escute the1 this oot ivc Salvo face. It was n pre. Puutio i however for Whit bar a Tlajy Lior Rov nn-.1, became it Urther first jinn1 in. My life 1 became Tho Vic Liin of tie horrible Blank tie a paper they Vine As a isibu1. Iti tiie us in they kept eyes Tjien and stared into them Antl like rolling Over bed. Viil face in a him for Iii tic until and 1 Felt that 1 could have strangled Tiiu by ast of 11 he come Tho Little gift ii it voice Rose into a screech Tho Dull glue Eye in Sheil like a Man ing Mirror ind his client heaved ivhih1. Lie to is cd Tho red Scilk Handke Liick into a Scarlet on the morning of Tho third Sci Pless to went on sinking his voice into a hoarse Lii scr a Philo Tho crowd in Tho court room Forward As one Ofiu to hear what was Teing Slih Thor cd morning i got. Up Ami retort nil to put an end to it i took out a razor threw Back col sir in this Way and going to Cut Throat when the Cut Erbil head that 1 would go mid squeeze the life out of tormenting Devil and come and make Way with myself. Dressing hurriedly i ran downstairs and into the Street i was in front of no. Liko Tifin so of Doi Ihli greased lightning. Quick huh i was the monstrous villain was inst is i ii c. Went tie curtains As Lio tight jerked by a ctr Tau Siut Hiu Iselt Ana iut Eliot Tho scarecrow that would High thu Lilii very Blue Birds of Phravi ii. No out new it it the ghost Zifcu thing was misery Locking poor old who Hud been used by it for years. I Don t know what 5 said. Call them Black bad words. To licit with what i thought All to Blond rushed to head until like the seven Bells of kingdom Ion. Nyuli a one two three i was in he Lious and with r. Four five six 1 was squeezing his damned out judge yelled ill. I Jug while a cry of horror Rosu from the people. Tho Jungo Hod been gently swinging i Milf in a Quarter Circle on Hia chair looking keenly now it tie Cilious witness and now inquiringly the prosecuting attorney. As he swung noun in the not time Tho prisoner leaped out from his place is though mos cd by a steel a Prius upon the Juilo like a cat. The Shock Tine the judge out it the chair and both Tuut Down together. There welts and screams from in hid the Lesk. And when the Bailiff leaped in Pris Oner i Jil wound the red Tilk Hind Kerchill around t lie s and Ugrina at it like to inn. A dozen Otylior rescuers were of Lix cd the next minute but it took nearly the whole of their misdirected strcuj.-1-h to tar away Tho shrieking froth lug maniac and Earry him Down Stu is to a Fifer accommodation of the argon till. A Bunch of magnolias. Catheron a Bunch of Poons from a Gai Defi in Trio nov and they were Flower poems Blu Chi us from of to hath he out to to lady her a Iteck Hinl Maile to Lionil a poem Liat from by Soai and Ono next to a prison and a rwec4 Toov one far away is dreamily la j Timlic tilt Tel it Ella Ai incl lev to Vij boudoir earn and Oik in his memory Ltd fico tied on a new Orleans by malays i save in a ullies Duy the Sti tement that no less than five triv Ingve Assels hulling Eliut Imit wore Long overdue from the Java that Whitro Werf Grayo re Sibons u Feur Lwy and fallen into the Inman of the such a statement an Odd sound to the Render vrho is not Well posted in tie locality and its the juju Neu which sep Nantes Horne from Java contains Over a thousand islands great und Kim ill. Inc aft sur St nits to the i it of con almost us Iii by More. From but Viu looking North the Cal nest sen is studded with islands for two Tho Suud Milts. U is in old saying among i Tiloi a when that. Overy Man who Eter lived on the Inland should be a t that foul lift Isof the Coli it people have for Tho lust Tyx years been engaged in this business no . The Muley a hold Tho sen front while the dunks and other tribes Hollis Interior. Olulo i Traoy by organized fleets no longer exists every malay Craft Atoui is ready to do business on its own Hook. I captured by u single , and a Small one it hot and will now give you tie particulars. The English firm of War nor Llull at Dauvin employed three or four Small trailing schooners to cruise among Trio isl ands no Ler fico Woods furs shells bid a roots dyestuffs Etc. I wn3 left in bit Tavia off an English steam or father having died on the voyage and tie term spoken of Guvo a birth on the Orient one of Toiv schooners. Sim was of ninety tons Burden and carried a Captain Uiato Cook two Foremost hands Siml a boy. Tho Captain stood his we uni turn Ami turn about and the Cook wan on cull As a Sailor. This gave us they hails to n Witch which made handling to Craft ail Enay matter. To took out ii Xea powder Hois shoes the Vari Ous trinkets Nanri Moro or less Money and As in armament we and a Tipeti or t i lit Good muskets. This was third trip nil to left i Antavia for in Island culled Anello. This is situated about forty Miles South of the Southeast Point of Borneo nil at that time was an Island containing about people. We reached it. After n pleasant run and for the next week Fere anchored in a Hay on the North Side lit thin Timo to had secured half a and at the end of t lie we cd Rcv uly to up in Rhor and sail for Mother Island to the South. The. Kirilj of Aik Ilo wanted to prove his Friendship for up and therefore Madu n banquet to which nil were invited. No Dou lit All would have Pone but. That after noon 1 in Civit vitally Cut. My foot and it pained so much i hat. to remain us Shiok Ceper. All others went ashore at Sundown. We Lay within 200 feet of the i Oach. And the Village was right there. Large fires Scro Iii it and i could see Natl car it a we Sam i incl after n while i Lay Down on Dick find despite the Noi fic on Saboi e wout to sleep when 1 opened is Irmin some one was ni3 Al Roainy it Holty per formed Flint Job on Mynn Klucs. As i tried to no i Rucci a snip try tap on the bad from a club mid a voice which 1 knew he Long rail in a to ice fun it. I had licked enough of the lint to to in div Sanii v Whit. Meant nil is 1 caught sip lit of five or six other i Sproson deck and Nelsn re Ilizal that the in Honor was in motion i Lay Back and kept Niet. The Chi twas Inthac Luton Sof the malays. They had sneaked into Tho Harbor under cover of drip Knss Cut. Her Hempen Cable and she Hud drifted out with the tide. She Mist have been a mile off Shore when 1 Nwoke for they now proceeded to wet her head a Rouill and k be her nil soil. In Nix int in hour t he Leader of the no ponched and cast off Bonds Nurt motioned into the of Castle. I Fol nil enough to go for i was in n terrible fright. I Lind been in Hipfl shout but Nevin. Often enough but Lirse been told that the real residents of i Nornoo Var n cruel nil Navy go lot and Kiil jul Noiin unfortunate to with Ito Tik in viands could Lor no Mci-fj1. I ii Riv n Fine ii jul Fauvor Lili and fellow i on deck so Linn dec the i Kift. Khz wok nil . of flustered was i that eyes did not shut Fin a minute. About s o clock ii t be we into n Harbor on of the Island of , which is i the coast of and i in by a narrow i went j was Vidt i in deck. Were in i land locked Harbor and not Over 1u feet off Tho Iwach. A Wirht opposite1 Large Village and Sev Joil Huni Icid people had rushed the Tiore to evil mid i lieu. A soon i -ii-.tslrlr, and Imo one of i i Tikiun is uhf. A who Uii i no curios Ity to the Nativi s. Even it Ilia and i Nutini d is 1 to is lint in for of to litre Only a Liana a ii Pitt tie they Well knew that Sci guard von Ucci led to keep i in re. It Loon in Foro Lulli Iny or drink n i told thai i Mirhel. Walk a Lieut i i if i l. 1 did t Caru to Tiko of this but sat in the icer of hut and saw them haul the Schooner inshore and Laud her cargo. Scro Over two Hundred men Heugn Jcck about her. While some by Oke. Out the Enryo others went Kari ppm her of fails Cordage. Before Dink not bin left but n Bare Hull Ami two mists. The Bowsprit and. Meta were sent , and Vui i Nihil was taken out exempt the bail Loat. I Don t think they left u foot of rope or Chain and every Board or cum they could get it was taken Newny. Tim lust Hting Rawhy the Mansle. Soon after went overboard the Hull floated off the mind and they then Toi cd Ber out of tie buy and scuttled her. As Flint the was Jandl it. Was to Ken to in the con Var of the Village and Hud on capt n or rive no at in Pursuit of his Craft lie would found nol Bisig that Vurion the t Cinarli to him . About dark n woman fool and drink Aud seeing that 1 was in pain Frith hit foot she brought Antei mid washed it stud then hound it up with some bruised in Nora of n soothing Mitsuro. She quite Wii heart by her kindness amt was led to Hupp Tom lot Nick it not Boho wretched nil. As is i could Nei tin it the door nor any on appoint Oil to watch . Thorn were ils Many wih samoans on the Bertch in Plain View and line night s puddling to the South would have brought to an Island. They Rejis Oneil correctly however. I did nor have the nerve to risk it. A boy it in it Canoe without food water or Compass Ike As Oil As tuning the malays on Shore. Next Iorii Iii do Ier Hrank full. Lilo head Man sent Ilie n chop of great and evil hut this of Tho Schooner him in Good humor. He Lue she How Long she had luvs Mil mid Many other Quea Titus. By whip i he sought to no certain what sort of an inv Stigal Ion might follow. I a. Examined foot which was now Al most Well and then called in an attendant who conduct cil in a Lio store houses. The hoes mid hatchets were without handles and i whim now Given to u hint 1 Indusi. Go to work and lit them up. I was t Mill it of a Nim Leanir but was of non ii the Job. I overhauled the Carpenter s Chat St for tools and then san Rcd into the . To search for Timber. A Duxon or More Lulf grown boys followed and while some of them were inclined to Niti tricks to get up i they cute rid inn no violence. Indeed it Toto end of half an hour to were All on a Friendly footing. 1 found a tree which is culled Back Yii in Borneo but which him Tho Grain nud filter of English olm. Was one at with u handle to having used it on shipboard. This i and brought along and now proceeded to fell the tree which was Pitons a foot think and very straight and Hill. Tins buys were astonished beyond measure at Way of handling Trio no. The Licorni be use Hatchet and strike while squatted on tin ground. It would have i mini two hours to accomplish what i did in Linen minutes. I found i lie Annil easy to rive and that Day n which occupied for tie Lonco months. During this time j was i girly Well used though Given none too Sincli to eat. The Mau Ivhon had first planned work for continued to be Boss and Oner a Ilay it least crime a found to sen . As none of the Bernese won in Nile in an no i and to make All sri right. The Village wins very compact., the houses Al Noat each other while shout Twenty Naivs of land to the North of it was Umlor it As the x Illige Gar Den and Iii play after i Linail Job nud . Working in Liis Prangen the woman who bad exhibited such kindness on first arrival came out to to and told that i Siad sold to Tho ruler of another Island to the cast of us. A hour before liar Fuji Iino. I had seen i Large Iii tic put. In and could not doubt that to new owner. Tho woman s object in thing was Liat i Ink a in flu Wii nos. Init i hesitated to go. I tin1 to abound with venomous Scasta and 1 would he

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