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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 6, 1890, San Antonio, TexasSails saturday december 0, 1800. Sunday . Quite . From Tho Boston Globe the Groat majority of the opponents of sunday entertainments occupy the too common position of special plead ers and As is too com m Only the Case also these special leaders Are ignorant of the question from any Point of View than their own narrow location while they wll Hully close their eyes to anything beyond that limited horizon. What does the average Clergyman with the exception May be of the clergy of the roman Catholic Church know regarding the theatre or its Community of patrons Little or nothing. Froth his earliest lessons he has been taught to avoid them. Now if one who has avoided churches and Church services from his youth in should critic ii he would be you Bivi ered presumptuous and impertinent. The analogy is obvious to an unbiased mind. But in order that special pleading shall not he asserted As the writer s condition in turn let him say imprints that Tor Twenty years he was a sunday school teacher and certainly ought to have some knowledge of both sides of the question. In any Large City Tho majority of its inhabitants Are not a lurch goods. They deserve a head aug. Years of Earnest honest True hearted Endeavor have not succeeded in making this majority a minority. Again the majority o f Church attendants Are also com Jiuu cants. They need Tho incite rent of Church service and Church associations Only to keep them to their duty and in the right path not to direct them to it. Oae Means of ten altered for this purpose and to gain a now audience is the sunday school concert. Well of what does such a concert consist of singing recitation Reading talks prayer. At 6 of age Many a time at a Sabbath school concert the writer Sang in childish treble. I want to be an Angel and such like compositions. Considered As a performance his Young Ellerts May have been Good bad or indifferent considered As a tact it was untrue. No of held of 5 wants to be an Augel. No child of that age if any Oue really does know what an Angelie. Being a boy he ought to have Sung i want to he but that would never do. His poor Little brain used to fashion a woman with Long White Robe and great heavy was his Only idea of an Angel. Btu e putting All this aside what real Dif Ference is there Between a child actor reciting a tender truthful Little Story at a sunday night concert in one place and an another child actor for he is an actor unless he really believes and Means what he sings or recites singing i want to be an Angeliu another place on the whole probably the former would be the source of More Benefit to an audience. Is there any real difference except in topic Between a descriptive lecture on Jerusalem in a the lecturer using maps and paint Ings and utensils of the far away land As a lecture on Paris or London with like proper in a theater or for argument s Sake the on Jerusalem shall be in the theater and Tho one on London shall be in the Church would either be harmful necessary Lily if so which there Are thousands upon thous ands in a City whom no amount o eloquence and no form of entertain ment could influence to Cross the threshold of a Church. And they a often True hearted honest Well mean ing and worthy people. They have an Idle Day sunday. A theater otters a decent wholesome harmless and generally instructive entertainment often it is Given for Sweet Charity s Sake and they will attend that. They Are bound to get some educational Good often to hear a Reading better to their understanding than any ser Mon and surely they Are in a place harmless in itself if the opponents will investigate and find out. Edu cation a Good rest is Good amuse ment decent order is Good and not the great teacher himself rebuke Tome Busy bodies with the remark that it was lawful to do Good on the Sabbath will some Oue object if we on our Side say that what is lawful is and that the master s dictum is Authora Lve the foundation of tie special pleader s argument is that anything in the theater except at least on sunday a Sermon is wrong. In Short that the things theatrical Are fluence association everything. Real knowledge would Knock away that foundation and the writer will not Tor fear of the charge i special pleading that in an equal experience with Church theater not separated by time or dates but concurrent he absolutely Learned More that was harm Fol As a you intr Sabbath school scholar together with a great Deal of Good than he Ever Learned in a theater and he would much dislike to he called Tho following complimentary notice of Trio editor of Tho Light appears la Tho literature and Art column of the Kan Sas City daily times of december 1st. A Beautiful let to brochure enl the a Golden wedding just Cen published by or. W. A. Mess for of san an Tonio Texas and dedicated to colonel Aad mrs. O. Fulton on Tho 50th anniversary of Ali or wedding. Colonel and mrs. Fulton wore married at Brazoria Texas March 12, 1840, and Tho Golden anniversary occurred last March in Runsas Tex As at which time Tho poems in this Book were read. The principal poems Are the work of or. Vossmer and evince i Are poetic skill As Tho following will show the Bay behind you known the Gulf be fore unknown Aud Quintor Pretch its everlasting moan it lies in Solitude that earthly thing Alono on which Iho Shadow of infinite is thrown to Typo its awful mystery. Appreciating the compliment the author disclaims any responsibility for millions spent annually fou Floral beauties. The publication which was Tho work of col. Fulton while in Cincinnati. The. First intimation i had of their being in print was Tho receipt of a copy. Editors Are not Apt to Rush into print with poetry having the waste Basket Ever before 15ail.koad news. August Pete claim agent of Tho Mal Lory line with Headquarters at Gal Veston was in the City yesterday. Engineer Smith Engineer on Tho i. And or n passenger train that run Down the German Farmer Herman Dali he save that the unfortunate Man whipped his horses in Tho attempt to Cross before the train reached him. But Tho train going Down a Grade made it impossible to Stop in time. Dul Wihs still live but stands j very Little Chance for recovery. On dec. 20, 31, u2, 23, the i. G. N. Will Sill round trip tickets to St. Louis Cairo Kansas City Hannibal Louisville Cincinnati and Memphis and to sell Points in Chr Southeast at one Faro for tickets Good for thirty Days account Tom the holidays. Dispatcher w. B. Steed of the Softli in Pii civic has Givon up his Job and akan a situation with Tho Pullman coir Jenny. Or. J. M. Booth formerly in Union chief operator at Tho s. P. Has Aucon his place. There was an unusual dullness at Tho a rious depots and offices yesterday. The diligent inquiry resulted Only in Tho ii formation that this was Ono of the in the Railroad calender. Ono r two Lone Railroad Uini had spent a Day Ith the boys but otherwise All was we stand Serene and the Low of the Gular routine work was enough to drive almost any anxious news gatherer to dish in Tho fact that a ticket agents wife was la and that a dispatcher s was tech into several ponderous Railroad items gods it was almost disparaging enough to sing to the world glories of two coloured Railroad porters. Stax e. Deals Ami Tho prices they bring. R. Hamilton to mrs. Rena Gollot Blocke City lot 2. Lii Abuali a. Gill to Albert u. Gill cast 1-2 lots s and 11 and West 1-2 of lots in and i-5 Block 35, Tillman s addition Edwin a. And Almae. Libby to c. L. Digit Wity. Lots 37, 23 20, 30, i 37, 33, 40, 41 and Helena Avenue . Sum Maverick to 51. C. Vui As on Cameron Street Sun a. Stein Hardt to me c. ,3 a varas on Cameron Street b. H. Thompson to Ella a. Fedei. Lots 11, blocks City lol 14, j. .1. Herke to Chas. F. Murphy lot 2, on Mclvin Street b. V. Overman to t.1. Panics one half of a lot on Utica Street s350. Gov Hill in Lor the presidency. New York december Al Bany special to the Herald says gov. Hill has declared himself. He will not be a candidate for United states senator. He will not try for a. Third term As governor. He will make fight for the presidential Nomi nation in 1892. A shocking murder in Switzerland. Berne dec. City Lias been startled by a orime similar in Many the most costly Uio most fans liliom Blo until Ulicy Are arc always that arc favourites in new York. Thero is a fashion in Flowers As in other things with which Rich people have to do and it is Veu null move capricious than other fashions. As ii Rule. Whatever is most costly is most fashion Able or at Uii rate most sought lifter. A Flower that is difficult to procure from its being not yet in season is sought after for that re Sou and As soon is it becomes plentiful it is no longer1 prize a above its Fel lows. Another forced lower takes its place and so the fashion changes from one premature growth to another. An exception to this Rule is the Orchid which is always in Vogue because it is Al ways expensive. On the other hand Many persons especially women have their favorite Flowers which they order in season As Well As out of season idiot despising them when they become comparatively cheap. A person whose favorite is the Orchid never has of course this reason for thinking less of it you could put Worth orchids in your a Florist said and would buy Only a Small Centrepiece for n dinner a Choice in Onylia costs 75 cents. It is perhaps on account of us Cost that the or chid is Trio Holiday i our. At cams tons tide people arc More Likely than it other times to buy the most expensive things they can get. The Jacquemino or in its English form the Jimick roses Are also Holiday Flowers. They first Bloom about then and sell readily at from a to a dozen. The american Beauty finds favor All the year round even when it is comparatively cheap but it becomes in Espe Cial favourites soon after Christmas for. Be coming rare it Sells for from to a dozen. Varieties of hoses. Until the Jack blooms the meteor a new Flower quite like it will have a Sale for reason in spite of its Selling at the comparatively Low rate of from to a dozen. Tho. Mrs. John Lang also .1 new Rose which stands in the nine re lation to the american Beauty that Tho meteor does to the is quite As Large but it has a lighter Ami some think a More delicate of French origin and was introduced by an English grower who it. After his wife. It for from to each. A Florist said people think the sum Mer is the time for Flowers. They Are very much mistaken. The summer in this Cli mate is too hot and us we eau not regulate Tho heat As we can the cold we Are it the mercy of the elements. The Winter is the time for Flowers especially roses. Then Only the Fine varieties which people Are grown. Tho colder Tho weather the belter for cold Days Are More Likely u lie to be sure there is in interval in midwinter when some of Tho choicest american Beauty for in cultivated with difficulty but n revival begins in the Hothouse just before easter the season which typifies the re Vival of life out of persons who believe that nature raises finer roses than a Hothouse Horticulturist probably flunk that owners of greenhouses Are Independent of florists. Quito the contrary Sny the latter. In the first place they cannot As a Rule raise such Fine flow ers us professional growers and it costs them More to raise a Rich Rose than to buy it. When a Man finds that his Floral Home Industry in addition to being unreliable and Uncertain is More expensive than importations from the greenhouses of florists to goes elsewhere for his Flowers. I be got tired apiece for my own roses. Good and bad and prefer to pay a Florist to raise them for a Green House owner is quoted As saying. Among Tom Flowers that Are expensive and correspondingly valued on that account Are. Chrysanthemums. Choice Japan Ese varieties sell at from -5 to s10 a dozen. The More expensive kind Are from eight to ten inches in diameter. Viol i s always in demand. Violets always have inc Call and Are never out of fashion except when they cannot be Hantl for love or Money which is Seldom or never. They Are used in House or table decorations is Well As in Ifni Quets and boutonnieres. A inn Ali of a Hundred violets costs generally j-2.50, but Mayer Schmeer Burgower Mayer Schmelter no. 2 East Commerce St.lnex1 to bridged in Fine wines liquors and cigars Telephone 1w5. A s goods to any part Ottlie City. Orters Soh cited. The most coi Nordete Stock in the cite for All the telegraphic and local jews Bead that daily Sari Antonio Light. W. C Morgan co., general land and collecting agents references Maverick Hank Eon Antonio City National Bauk first Sal l Bank. Brown6-Wocd Fust Nat j Bank Austin Waco state bunk Waco. Nuch Landol orm a leases and applications Tor school made taxes paid Etc. Office at Hewitt s nos. I and 5 w. Commerce St., san Antonio Texas the i Arlo ship Unmil. To Iii Ike Pui is once More a seaport Liy rendering it accessible to Mere Hunt vessels of Tho largest size is a problem which has repeatedly engaged the intention of civil who have however ii til recently Eon lived themselves to schemes for deepening and straightening the Seine. These projects have now been discarded in favor of u Lnu which Aims to use the Seine and its Lill tents merely is feeders of a ship canal which is to follow a straight line from Rouen to Paris. The length of this artificial waterway will be ii amt 110 Miles the depth 20 feet and the breadth sufficient to allow two Large vessels to pass one another. The estimated Cost of the proposed canal including excavations dams sluices and Bridges Well As the sums requisite for the Purchase of land but it is computed that dues of u ton com ing and going will pay a hand Tomc return on tie capital great is the vol Umes of traffic . If this Long cherished project of reviving the Mur ilme activity of Paris is curried out tie inhabitants of Berlin Are Likely to be spurred to emulation for they have fre or gently discussed the opening of their City sea going vessels either by Means of n ship want a it by widening and deepening the River York Ledger. The flying dutchman. Respects to those which were com ate in the reason it will Cost More. Matted by Jack the Ripper in the Whitechapel District of London. As Home men were passing through a Forest in the Vicinity of this oily to Day they discovered the body of Young peasant girl who had been murdered and mutilated in a most booking manner. There la no clue to the murderer. I brains in York Speaks on that subject cliche opera promptly p. M. Sunday seats free. At Naglit building permits. M. A. Higgins auditory 2, f. Urban dwelling Ward i Coupe Pylon Flores Ward 2. Jas. Lamm dwelling Ward 2, o. Perez dwelling Ward. 7. Jose Maria 7. Alamo fire insurance company solicits a share of the Public in bit Rance business for the following Good reasons a Home company keep in circulation in Bau the state it is a prompt company adjusting he admires and deeply re specie. Choice of kills. New York weekly. Horrified Mother. I just this min Ute saw or. No ciello s Arm around your Waist. It s perfectly awful daughter. Mother1 hut it would he Good Deal More awful to eco his Arm around some other girl s Niet it is a conservative company guaranteeing satisfaction in every respect. It is a Liberal company doing All in its Power to build up san Autonio and the state. Path oxide it its office until us new building is completed will be at the old stand Duerler s building no. 222 w. Corn Nerce Street. Telephone 4d9. Alamo fihe insurance co. As Cost and not cheapness is an incentive to pure Hsc it is easy to believe that Tho amount of Money spent in a year by new yorkers in Flowers and plants would keep poor families in Comfort for the same length of time. What tins amount is it is difficult even to guess at. Each Florist is Likely to estimate it differently. One is inclined to think that 000 a year is seut in Cut Flowers and As much More in plants. This estimate is based on the assertion that one wholesale chief to be a Busi Ness one year of Stock that Cost wholesale May retail for and is certainly Little enough to allow for the Sale at retail of the Stock of the other wholesale dealers. The Cost of private greenhouses must be considered besides. Florists sometimes paid a year to take charge of houses. The Flower Bill of the comparatively poor who do not buy plants is a Large one. More Money in proportion to the slender incomes of the buyers is spent for Flowers at funerals and weddings and in the sick room in tenements than by Well to do peo ple who the florists say spend More in proportion than the very Rich. The num Ber of florists shops in densely populated sections indicates that Many Flowers Are bought by slender purses. Flowers too Aro sometimes considered almost a necessity in Tho sick room they often do More to cheer the sick than Al most anything else. That is Why the Flower Mission which seeks to Supply Flowers to the very who cannot pay for them is one of tie most practical of charities. Flowers at festivities and funerals Are now sent by Many persons to the patients their five oreo institutions. Very often a Church is stripped of its Floral decoration immediately after n wedding and funeral Flowers Are not allowed time to novt York Sun. C a lbs of the Union and Knickerbocker clubs Ore unique. In i hem the association of gentlemen idea carried out to the fullest. Neither has a charter and any Mem Berot either club can be held responsible for the entire debts of his club. By de Clining to Avail themselves the Protection which tic Law gives to a chartered corporation the members assume the risk of unlimited liability associations but they hold that which their free Dom from Legal trammels surrounds their institution is full compensation. Neither club Ever takes any Steps to enforce pay ment of members indebtedness. A Mem Ber can run up a Bill of a couple of thou Sand dollars or More on a big dinner for Iii Tiik of and should he fail to meet his debt of Honor when the Bill is presented Noah met ism Adrito Foric a settlement. Should such n arise he would simply be expelled and thereby be forever ostracized in club Dom. Cases of the kind Are however no rave As to be practically York press. Killing Tho West in Lorn. An editor s lot in some of our smaller colonies is hardly n Happy one. The people lie has to print news of and opinions on Are All personally known to him so that he risks nil kinds of social difficulty by Call ing attention to abuses or deficiencies. Then he has great difficulty in keeping up n sufficient Sale of his paper. The editor of in Antigua paper has been complaining that people who ought to buy Bis paper Content themselves with borrowing it. Lie adds some to far As to to talc once to borrow the current number every week. This is certainly carrying n joke just a Lection too so we think. But another weal Indian paper says of him he expresses himself like a Man now to the ways of the Public spirited is True for us an irishman would pall mall Gazette. The rim Itom ship Liat was the forc Rumira of awful Thumler storm. Oue of the most adventurous voyages on record was that completed by the new steamship ails i Craig which docked at heed Street wharf after a voyage of sixty two Days from Java. This Steamer which is commanded by capt. Llobet t. Was built by w. B. Thompson of Dundee and this was her second trip across the Ocean. Capt. Who is a Salt of the old Kast India told Tho Story of his voyage in. Terse and vigorous language. He remarked has been a most adventurous voyage from port to port. We left lava with tons of sugar Oil Board. We in to through the Suez canal and no incident of. Importance happened to is until we were Well out in the Day of Biscay Wynn Oue Naglit in the mid Lii watch i was hastily summoned on Duck. A strange phenomenon was presented. A full ship steering Large with lower and to Gallant stun sails set Ami heading right athwart our course. I Onle Ivil the Helm to starboard so As to make sure of Clearing her and pre pared the Niglis signals in readiness to answer her in Case she wanted to speak to us. Tust no that moment the Moon a Biel Hurt been shining brightly on the passing Craft was Olk cured by a Cloud. In Tho Darkie is which followed we lost sight of the strange ship. The instant the Light reappeared All eyes were turned in the direction of the moves Sotl was to to sern she had vanished from the surface of the Waters. Nothing furl her of interest occurred for it few Days when about 7 a. M. We fell in with n tremendous Thunder storm. The wind blew All around the Compass and the lightning was vivid and incessant. At a. M. The third officer or. Swart More on the Bridge having charge of the Dit a when n blinding hash of Light Ning followed by an awful clap of Thun Der startled All Hii mls. The electric Bolt struck thu fore to Gallant head shivering the Spur. Hence passing Down the Back stays along the Iran rails to the Bridge when it struck the Good officer and the Lookout knocking Herboth senseless. At the same moment a tremendous sen. Lifted Tom Vissc-1, broaching her to and throwing the Steersman who was a dutch Man named Krutul Over the wheel but fortunately escaped with Only slight or wisps. During the height of the storm a run Clown the main Royal Back stay and exploded close to the rail sending out i Shower of Sparks and scaring every Ono on Board. This however seemed to break the storm and tiie weft her gradually got Fenev and the next morning we Wero on soundings with a Bright Sun nud favor ing Luis Birtir. If not Klein it. The waiters of Gotham seem to Liao a monopoly of curious and humorous expressions to designate certain dishes Ami employments. Two of them were talking White Fitch. A iwo White pitch for shipbuilders is coming into use and which it appears supersedes the usual laborious expensive and inadequate method. Of treating decks by working Putty into the seams with i knife. The peculiarity of this White pit Eli is As claimed that it is Tho Only material yet introduced of a White color that can to run into deck seams in n hot state like Ordinary pitch. Tie material is especially suitable for hot climates As it. Will stamp the Sun s heat instead of melting out of the record. Si7.o of the sunni what is the apparent size of the disk of the Sun or Moon seen with Tho miked Eye most people estimate it at from their Runks. The Man in had about three inches in diameter to the been employed to take Nway the soiled size of n soup plate. An investigator Dis Piesina big restaurant where work at pays that at a distance of ten feet u this one Branch alone could keep a Man Gulver Dollar would conceal the Busy nil Day. _ disk of Tho Sam or Moon As would a said one of the waiters a Boult to Allf Tutor of in Inch in diameter if hold at is London Holograph

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