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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 4, 1890, San Antonio, Texas 2hc gaily thursday december 4, 1800 the Exchange at work. The directors of the commercial Exchange have made commendable Progress in the work of organization. One week from the Date of the mass meeting which decided the question of organization finds the Exchange with its by Laws adopted its charter drafted and three committees appointed and ready for work. No Only so growing out of this Exchange organization has originated a movement for definite results in the matter of the Llano railway Extension. This is a Good beginning and May be accepted As an Earnest of the vigorous prosecution of the work entrusted to them. One of the committees appointed is a committee on membership the work of this committee also includes the securing of subscriptions in excess of the membership requirement for the carrying out of the work of the organization. This committee should be met More than half Way by every Man in san Antonio. To no class if our citizens can Quot the Appeal for corporation and Active and Hearty support in the efforts of the commercial Exchange come without Force. It in an Appeal that commends itself to the self interest of every citizen irrespective of his calling and it should be listened to. The work of this organization if successfully carried foreword Means Large increase to san Antonio an increase in which All legitimate business must necessarily share. There is not a merchant a Mechanic a hotel keeper a grower or dealer in produce. any kind a Stock Man a dealer in builders materials or even a Day labourer who will not be benefited by the increase of population and investment brought in by the work of this commercial Exchange. The amount of Cash necessary to constitute any one a member and meet his dues for the full term of one year amounts to less than fifty cents per week. There is not a Mechanic or trader 6f any kind or merchant or business Man or Day labourer who cannot pay that amount. There should be no trouble in securing a membership of at least one thousand at this figure. This would give $29,000 As the outcome of regular membership and dues leaving the other $21,000 to be met by the subscriptions of those who will pay in excess of the Mere membership requirement. No words should be needed on the part of the soliciting committee to induce a membership application. Tho benefits to be secured Are Patent to every one. The necessity of doing some thing to counteract the very vigorous efforts being made upon the coast to induce investment Tuere is apparent. No matter what our natural advantages they cannot speak for us where they Are unknown and the first work undertaken by the Exchange As set Forth their charter is the a collection of information Aud statistics relating to the resources and advantages of the City of san Antonio and country tributary thereto and the dissemination of the same throughout Texas Aud the United states with the View of securing immigration and developing said resources to do this work Money is needed Aud this Money should be freely Given according to the interests involved the ability to give and the benefits to be derived from the successful carrying out of the objects set Forth above. San Antonio has an Opportunity to make herself known abroad. If she neglects it the cities that lie below her on the coast and above her on Che North will reap the Harvest legitimately her own. Not a single excursion should Cross our state line no matter from what Quarter or of whom composed without being invited by a san Antonio agent and brought to ban Antonio if within the Bounds of possibility or Failin in this they should be filled up wit Stati Scal matter and Good live talk concerning our resources and future engagement for their com in a entered into. A live Exchange properly at work will arrange the Means and formulate the plans of such a system As will carry out this work satisfactorily. Money to Ald them in their work is called for. It is a prerequisite. It is the fundamental thing. That Money in membership fees and monthly dues and Over plus contributions must be forthcoming or the work cannot be carried Forward. This work is arranged not for the few but for the Many because it is a work in which every one is personally interested. Interest yourself at least to the extent of one membership when the committee visit you and Vou will encourage them to continue their canvass. He gives twice who gives cheerfully and promptly. Washington letter. From our regular correspondent special to the Light. Washington d. C., dec. I �?T90. Speaker Reed As the hands on the big clock facing him indicated noon called the House to order and formally declared the second session of the fifty first Congress opened and ready for business. After prayer by a a a amp a the shout stops. Chaplain the presidents message was received. When the clerk began Reading the message Many of the members were listless or intent upon Reading newspapers or writing letters but As the burning words of patriotism and party loyalty which not even the sing song tones of the professional Reader could make Dull began to pour Forth every form was erect and the closest attention was paid to every word. Speaker Reeds face Wasa study As the Reading of the message proceeded. He smiled most expressively and from time to time nodded his head in a manner which said As Plain As anything could a those Are my sentiments a and occasionally brought his Chubby hands together As if to congratulate himself for being a member of the san e party As the Man who could write such a ringing and timely message Junt after his party had been Defeated the democrats too paid close Atten. Tion to the Reading of the message but their faces did not beam with satisfaction at the Strong Points As did those of the republicans. Republicans Are All congratulating the president and the opinion is Universal among them that the message is one of the Best Ever sent to Congress and it is no exaggeration to say that it has made or. Harrison More popular with republicans in both branches of Congress than he has Ever been before and Tho party leaders express the belief that it will put an effective quietus upon the Small very Small minority of the party in Congress that lost their Heads Over the result of the late elections to such an extent As to be willing to abandon one of the Cardinal principles of the Republican party in order to Curry favor in certain quarters. It is now an absolute certainly that no backward Steps will be taken by the republicans during this session of Congress. The cry is a Forward Forward a and the marching will be done to the same old party music that has led the party to its greatest triumphs in the past which will be repeated in the future just As certain As intelligence always in the course of time gets the Best of ignorance. The republicans Are still in control of both branches of Congress and Republican ideas will dominate All the legislation passed Between this Aud the fourth Day of next March and in spite of democratic threats howls and piteous appeals the original Republican programme mapped out Long before the elections is to be carried out to the letter. Mrs. Harrison has gone on the Long deferred visit to her old Indianapolis Home she would have gone several weeks ago but the president wished her to stay Aud take part in the reception tendered to the brazilian naval officers who came Here to present this government with a Gold medal for its timely action in recognizing the Young brazilian Republic. The reception took place at the White House Friday night Aud was a very Brilliant affair. Tonight Secretary Tracy entertains the visitors and tomorrow they Start for Home not being Able to stand the cold of our climate at this season. I had a very interesting talk this morning with representative Bunnell chairman of the House committee on the census Aud author of the apportionment Bill which was introduced at the last session and referred to that committee. He says there will be no delay in reporting an apportionment Bill and that it will be along the line of his Bill the difference Between the estimated and actual population of the country being the Only drawback to the Bill just As it stands and that he thinks can easily be remedied. I asked him what he thought of the proposition to reduce instead of increase the num Ber of representatives. He said a it will not do at All. Representatives Are nearly worked to death now and to increase the number of constituents which each of them have to rep resent Means to increase their work you May be sure that the apportionment Law enacted this Winter will increase the membership of the House to at least 350. I Ani personally in favor of making the increase much from another source i Learned that that it is proposed to Amend the apportionment Bill in such a manner As to forever Stop the state Legislatures from making partisan Gerrymander of the congressional districts. Cor mainly such a Law is badly needed when the democrats Are openly threatening to Gerrymander every state in which they control the legis lature in such a Way As to practically shut out the republicans. Some uneasiness was Felt when the House opened this morning without a quorum of republicans but from diligent inquiry i am certain that quorum of republicans will be Here this week and i believe that they will remain Here continuously to the end at least they say they will and of they done to their political future not to be envied. R. What the 1 eople Are sating. There is no doubt As to the determination of the intelligent voters of our City to secure the election of some first class Man for mayor. A a # the intelligent tax payers and permanent residents of the City Are wide awake to the great first need of our Community a progressive but conservative Man in the office of mayor. The Man who will run the office for the advancement of the City Aud not for personal aggrandizement. # a the intelligence of this City must in the end win a remarked a thoughtful citizen. # x the thoughtful citizen was thinking of the horde of ignorant alien voters who have been driven up to the ballot Box Aud made to vote and by whose votes elections have been carried. A. / # but at last it comes to this the intelligence and the genuine Worth of an american City will Triumph. The people that is those upon whose shoulders rests the Burden of the local government will Rise in their might and take charge of affairs. Ban Antonio has witnessed Many political revolutions it has never happened that any one Man could perpetuate himself in office too Many times the people get tired and when the a a Bossy seems to be in the very height of his Power the people take the fancy to depose him. It has always been so. The members of our City Council Are All Good substantial citizens men successful in every Day life and noted for intelligence yet by some process of municipal administration they have become ignorant of the affairs of the City. Ask one of these gentlemen any Plain simple question about City affairs and he will answer evasively or say a i done to know. Ask a Plain question of a City official about business he is directly concerned with and he will answer in a not the people want an administration of City affairs not kept under lock and key but so open thac the humblest taxpayer can understand How this City is being run. A it would take Telescope As Strong As that in use at the lick Observatory to enable our City administration to see a greater distance than 150 feet. Building permits. W. H. May store Ward i $3,200. Jno. Brandling addition Ward 6. Jas. Dukes dwelling Ward 5, $000 o. Todesko dwelling Ward 2, $200 j. A. Jones shop Ward i. Pat. Field addition Ward 2, $75, Ual Letoai Loca Lettes. The Texas railroads will make a one rate fare to Asheville n. O., for the Southern interstate immigration coven Tion that is to Convene dec. 18 and 19th. The object of this convey icon is to draw some of the Large number of immigrants in the Southern states. Commercial . Fisher with head quarters at Waco is in the City. W. F. Conner South Western passenger agent of the Wabash passed through Here yesterday in route to the City of Mexico. Station agent capt. A. Millet of he i. Amp g. N. Station Millet showed is beaming countenance among the boys yesterday. General agent b. R. Thompson of the Canna cattle car com Pany has returned from a tour North and has made his Headquarters at the i. Amp g. N. Uptown ticket office. The Emma Juch opera company is said to carry their own train of eight cars carrying one Hundred people on deck. The freight traffic Over the i. Amp g. N. Has suddenly increased considerably pretty Well stocking the Yards and crowding the clerks. Outgoing passenger travel is comparatively Light but the trains Are always Well occupied by travellers who make this their who pass through this Point. The Holiday travel however is expected to prove very heavy. The s. A. P. Has just received the proof for its new map. In size it is about 3x5, containing the map of Texas in full detail giving with neatness and geographical exactness every Little Stream or Village. The states of Louisiana and Mississippi giving their important towns am Railroad connections Are also Given. In the lower right hand Corner is Given a Clear map of the United states while in the lower left hand Corner we have Mexico. The proof gives Promise of a Fine piece of lithographic work. It is being done by Woodward amp Tiernan a Chance. All Wool Tricot and flannels 36 inches wide reduced to 35c per Yard. Nice line of colors to select from. The greatest dress goods bargain Iii the City. John k. Beretta amp co. 12-3 of. _ _ he doake. Judge j. H. Mcleary sex atty Gene a of Texas and past grand master of masons says a it hed Aketa the Best Medicine for headache i Ever cures any headache. For a ale by wild Rug gusts. 60c. W. A. A allium lawyer rooms 5 and 6, Kampmann building. Commercial municipal and Patent Law a specially. German spoken. 11-11-Lui a dont die in the House a rough on clears out irate mice files Roaches bed bugs. 15c. 6 9-Lymayer, Schmelter amp 8 or Gower successors Quot to Mayer amp Schmelter m. I Usi Minnied si., Kui to est. Aka in Fine wines. Liquors and cigars. Tel those iss. Family tha de a specially. Good delivered to any putt of the City. Order solicited. Most Complete Stock in the City. For All the latest telegraphic and local a hews read the daily san Antonio Light. W. Morgan amp co., general land and collecting agents eau state references Maverick Bank. Antonio City National wild land neb land., farm lands a ban first Nall Bank. Brownwood first tracts furnished leases and applications for Nat i Bank a Ostia Waco state Bank Waco. I school lands made taxes paid Etc. Office at Hewitt a nos. 3 and 5 w. Commerce st., san Antonio Texas new York fire insurance clothing company Sfire Sale v Over �39,000 Worth of mens boys and children a clothing saved from the late new York fire must be closed out by order of the insurance companies. The appraisers of the insurance companies after carefully examining the Stock of clothing concluded that tile same was not so badly damaged As claimed by the assured clothing manufacturers and failing to agree As to the actual loss. Were forced to take the Stock turn it into Money and the goods must be sold at once in order to make finale settlement the great fire Sale will enable tile people of this City and Vicinity to secure their clothing for almost nothing. Menus Fine evening suits $0.95, Worth $14 menus heavy working suits $4.98, Worth $11 this $4.98 heavy suit is Well made a l trimmed. A splendid suit of menus clothes $4.50. This suit is Well made to match the latest style and is really Worth $10. Extra Tine Quality of menus suits tailor made $9.49. This is an elegant suit and is Worth $16. 1,700 boys suits All to match for $3.75, Worth $7.50, 205 boys suits at $3.95. 500 pair of pants ranging from 98c to $7. 2,000 menus youths and boys overcoats in Melton jerseys chinchillas wide Wales worsted. Cassimere silk and Satin lined one half doing coins Salero 0 33 and 35 West Commerce Street san Antonio tens. In in in in in in in m in in in in in in in in in in in m in in in in in in in in my in in in Mem my in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in my my in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in my in my in in open daily until 9 p. In. Saturdays until la p. In. This Sale is for to Days Only

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