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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 3, 1891, San Antonio, TexasLaily eight. Thor say. Dick Mukk l4nce Elliotts y a a t Wolik rns la ii v Dar this the ,1 ,.f and it that i a m let Tike this or something like it All my life hardly a Ole to or to mtg my own always to i poor ignorant Lance Elliott Datum from his eyes with a Leei Niu though there was no one near to his chevies quiz Ermi Coward to be crying at my with his elbows resting on Tho Iron Brake wheel and his head Between his hands Lance thinking idly Iii lie was Only fourteen year old. But for nearly two years he had earned living in various ways. He had blacked boots run errands and held horses. More than once he Ike gone Rapp Erlem and very often theft a had. Ceu a to Nylon t or a cowshed. Now however he was regularly employed Selling papers on rhe express train which left Wood tix k at every evening. Though he was earning fair wages considering his Aire. He was growing More and every . For he saw no improvement or. Basconi. The conductor to whom Lance had confided ins troubles had said the thing my boy. Is to do your duty in whatever position and itt tie rest take care hut Lance was Content with seems to he had answered. Just the difference Between walking level ground and climbing up a pair tonight lie had sold All his papers for trip and had gone out upon tiie rear platform the train where he could be alone. The rapid motion the express deemed to soothe Iii troubled thought1-, and he a Lonn while watching the lights Al ii tracks As they uns hed by Ami were lust in the darkness behind. As lie dreamily before him. Gradually a dim perception something unusual or out among the familiar objects along the Road upon icim. At first he could not make out what it was. But in another moment he understood. It was a new Light and one that lie had never seen before. But what chiefly puzzled Lance was the position the Light it seemed to be directly in the Center the Jine rails upon which the express was travel ing. It could not a signal lantern for it too High in the air besides there was no signal at that part the Rand. As he continued to watch the strange object with growing wonder lie Sud Denly became aware that the Light was in motion. More than that it was Fol lowing the express As the train swept around a curve the Light vanished Only to appear a moment later showing that it too had come around the curve. Lance had already guessed what it was but he was afraid to believe his own eyes. it should that lie Felt a old chill creep Over him. While he was confusedly trying to think what be ought to do the door the car opened or. Basevin the conductor step Ved out upon tiie plat form. Without waiting for him Lance caught him by the sleeve and pointing to the Light behind a look look do you know what that or. Bascom shaded his eyes with his hand and gazed at the Light. Then without a word lie turned and hurried Back to rough the train. In another moment the engine the express sound a shrill warning whistle and Lance 5 Elt. T be rain suddenly in crease its or. A Selim. Accompanied by one or the bral Cem a was Back on the platform Lance again. Both men examined tiie which Hail meantime drawn Niue ii nearer with evident alarm. Then Trie conductor swung the red lantern he earned Sev eral times. Is . Said or. A Coin she was standing on tiie siding at. Lulich yield As we what she mean by following unasked 111 and Why does t she answer our a said or. The no one on Board to see or hear a exec Aenied tiie Brake Man. Jast replied the conductor. It has happened before. They have run her out on tiie track ready to take her Tram and somehow Slu has got Lance who and listened attentively to this conversation understood it perfectly. Thu Light behind them was headlight engine n o. To. He. Too. Had seen it on the Side track he the express passed. As or. Bascom Iliad said after the express had gone by this engine drawn out upon the main track ready to take its Tram which was not to Start until half an hour after the express and in some unkown manner had got started under a fail head steam with no one on Hoard to guide it. Engine no. knew was one the most powerful engines the Road and it was running free whereas the Imigine was drawing six heavily loaded ears. Unless could be done to Stop the runaway it must soon catch up with the express. The express should have stopped at Beverly but there was no time for that air. I a Means with a la i. I x a Tui at m yet l Ino he suddenly or and in i heard Over after we tiie next there is a heavy a stalled there a few Mouths ago. Jut after the Oil Raiti had brain or. Bascom Podmol he to understand. Then Why Rau t we Oil tiie tracks and that or for a i can me said at length his Pale face Ceai it is at least a and i hurried away. Lance s i was Liis. As every one knows win m tracks Are coat d with ice tin Dri Vitigo wheels an engine will p did revolve rapidly without moving the engine the same is True the tracks Are coated with Oil. Win the train is under Way a Liis might Hap into Nastop upgrade the it. Atul the wheels would probably slip on with ichor Oil or. 11 pushing his Ali Rontril t i error strip ecu crowd is Cim tying two Large Oil neb containing a Rallon or the thick Oil and tallow Iii ii i to lubricate the machinery id to can at i spout on the oppo Sites u it in and behind Hun ii i Disi Niit. t us Pursi Piug e. I s head he streaming broadly in Trio anxious the men gathered i the rear Pla surm tiie ear. Or. Bascom handed tallow cans i dropped on their Knees and Learng far Over la Plit Tronu h-d-1 the curve spouts the cans within a inches the rails. As the express Lanco saw the thick fluid Rush from the spouts Liu. Rails in the Glare the engine s livery one. and trainmen who had crowded to the the car to witness the Experiment held his breath As the runaway engine rushed upon the Long shining track. On it came with a pod. Lieu yes it a Mirely i Tanct Between the Ami the engine was widening and As the imperilled train la Bop in up the i line push no like an de runner All Ihei uttered cry Joy and re Lief 11 n untie no. had run daily lost its and now. Hissing and ing stood still upon the oiled track its wheels revolving uselessly a Mise like Tannd to. A Sciort fart our the express was stepped and the Engineer ran bade Aix mounting into the stalled engine turned Oil the steam rendering the Pursuit engine Incaini Iole Narni a train band Ubo und a me it. And Rai it Back to 11n is at Ion whence it escaped there was a meeting certain Pas so not is on the held on the spot a vote thanks told Tor. Or l i thai due him and in very bashful explain that uie the express was due to.u boy s is Tion big the . S shaken oif at t be v. By i sen Aii i Mai a t Iii disco it s on kissing him meanwhile Mua Iliad bees talk ing a Low a Well do i. D o t a boy Ami a i kindly smile Lance my the a gentlemen agree Mitizi your i. Wort b the course at col Leue Yogi have always Tor. They Nave mad provide the necessary fun Lamee 1 i Neil to Sud nov is Blanks but tie and tears sprang tour. R. Tin gentle men seemed to think he had said enough. As t lie resin Iid t heir seat acid the Trail started on again or. Com said to 1 not Tell Yon to do i Lei Tiger to Takecare ii afire veil ing and now 1 am for limb Harper s Young location Saai Tinial ire Mara Boies no. At Ion. S floras a str s floras and Arsenal. 14 Junks Laredo and a i Laredo and s a prox. Cor is floras and 17 cars fume shirt Lachapple. S v k ii crossing 18 Union Istock Yards. Cor s Sai Adoard Crux. 21 1 c n k k Stock san Luis. Cor Medina and w Commerce i a Nib Cor Commerce and i cos. 25 Ives ant matai Noisin. Cei ural office military Plaza. Cor Houston awl is flon a. U Cor Houston a d san Saba Cor Leona Morales City Hospital. 31 Cor Morlaes and n Salatto. W Cor Leal and Cornaj. 04 Cor Hidalgo and East. S5 Cor awl Iii and a Roiriguez 36 june san Pedro ave and car Den Rind Ward Hose 37 Cor san Pedro ave and Elviira. 38 Cor Warren and Jackson. 41 Cor san Pedro ave and Laurel. 4- june Laurel and Fredericksburg Road John fest s store the biggest All booms coming at Corpus Chri 43 Cor san Pedro ave and Locust san Pedro Springs and car stables. 4ti Cor Poplar and main ave. 4ti Cor main ave Ami Mawn. 47 cur Lexington ave and Augusta. 12? co Soledad and Salinas Cor e. Houston and St. Mary s. Cor e. Houston and ave co. 2 engine House. Cor Martin and Jefferson. 1-7 Cor Avo i and eighth. Cor ave b and ninth. A h Lone Star brewery Irand ave. 135 Cor grand ave and Austin Sunset Lof Cor Austin and Duval. 142 Cor Austin and Carson. 14h Cor military ave and Grayson. I4o Cor Austini ave and Grayson. 152 Cor military ave and Crosby 1w Cor Olive and Burleson. Cor Olive and Jovian. Cor Hornet and Walnut 214 Cor ave e and sixth. Cor ave t and fifth. Cor e Commerce and Altunio. 217 Cor Nacogdoches and Nolan. Cor Crockett and Howie i Cor k Commerce and Walnut. 2. In Cor water and Mill 2-11 Cor water and Joli sul. Cor i Clad and Santa Clara Lime water and Alamo Mission Hose 2-vi Corca Marto and labor. Cor 1 Resa and Pereida. -u2 Cor a Alamo and Villita. Cor Quinta and Nueva. S15 Cor Market and Yturri no. I Kimme House i Cor Garden and Villita electric Light station 321 Cor Garden and Mill Cor Mill and Adams. 32.5 Cor Beauregard and Mill. 412 c William and Turner. Get in fathead it sea port to water is now actually flowing through ropes pass from the Gulf Mexico Corpus Christi Bay. A Channel has been dug completely across Mustang penetrating Hills 22 feet in height. The most eminent engineering authorities on deep water report that Corpus Christi Kay is unquestionably the finest tidal Basin on the Gulf Ami that we can obtain deeper water at ropes pass than is pos sible at any other port in Texas. The Waters the Gulf and Kay first met through ropes pass August 28th, 1891, after 14 months work. This great work has been prosecuted wholly by private capital and that is Why we need More Money am have decided to make a great auction Sale. We now expect to formally open ropes pass to commence moderate draught in a few months and work will be pushed Forward till a a foot depth is obtained without the delays and uncertainties attending congressional appropriations. We expect Vii 1c room to come As soon As the pass is formally opened to ves Sels moderate draught. Big Money will be made somebody will make it Why not you a huge City will follow deep water. Everybody admits that. You can buy property Gricate future value at your own Price by a Encl ing our great million Dollar auction Salk december 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19, 91. An honest Sale no Straw bid no buy bidders we shall 1. Worth handsome building lots overlooking Corpus Christi . 2. 10 Small houses for artisans. 3. Elegant modern houses 7 to 14 each. 4 Cotton Giu situated 2 acres land. 5. Rapid transit Street railway 6 ?4 Miles Long. 6. The new elegant Alta Vista hotel nearly ready for Furni Ture the handsomest Frame hotel in the whole South West. All the above Are on private ale until the Date auction. Will make attract Ive Pirc Sand terms Oil Auy them. N. We shall have More than acres left after Selling All the above we need funds for our extensive system improvements otherwise we should wait and get the big prices ourselves. Jobs Espedal rates on railroads from the and Texas Points. For maps and particulars apply to the port ropes com a Corpus Christi Texas Post office department week Days. Stamp window opens 8, a. M. Closes 6, p. M. General delivery opens 8, a. M. Closes 6, p. M. Registry window opens 9, a. M. Closes 5, p. M. Money order window is 9, a. In. Closes 4 . General delivery and Carrier windows open on sunday from to a. S. M. Johnson postmaster. Notice to creditors. The state Texas county to the creditors Fred. Korble to i Are hereby notified thai a red. the county Bexar Ami state Texas. On the 5th Day november. A. D. Executed a deed convey Iii to the Unuer Stitik d All Jii properly for the such i i in Dilores ase r to accept their proportional Sharp his and discharge him from their respective and that the under sight cd Acet Ted Aid and has duly qualified As Roq Irod by All i i editors consent i Iii 1.0 said intent must Whin i Wiir months Chr Public icon Thi notice make known to the a sir Nee their consent in Ami within six months from tiie Amiee Lile tie in claims prescribed by Law with the . Resides South a lore treet. Mar ii get. San Texas which is Al Ohi Post Lite Adires. Wino my hand at san . Day i Mai i. A. In Simon kist. Is the , Cor. Dolorosa and Smith Floies Street. A gentlemen s resort the finest Domestic and imported liquors lines and Diara a cordial Welcome Crawford Brown proprietors. James t. Bradys Opp. Southern hotel office bar is Headquarters for stockmen and other gentlemen who know where to get something Good in the Way liquid refreshments. Drop in to Brady s once and you will a sure to Call again. S-12-Ti help advertise san Antonio i a ii digit Oil on lie ln. to i us illustrated edition Irr irem Day. Single copies ready nailing o he had at the at cents per i1 i so t guaranteed cure. E an our adv t it sell or. Kind s new Jort ii Iii re upon this condition. Yon ii Alliv de a old or any a Nair. Throat or trondle. And will this reined v us directed. It a fair d experience no Liei a it. Yon return the Hittle and have your a Tonry refunded we Souid not Nike this Oiler did nol know that kind s new could he relied i 1 disappoints. Trial bottles free a Ann Dreiss. Thorn Psia x t o. La Rue and 11--. 7 2 you want a drink the Fine old Woodland 188? drop in at the King Corner Flores and West Commerce Street on the East Side military b Tuttle proprietor. Also the finest brands imported and Domestic wines liquors and cigars. 910 Excelsior steam laundry no.c33 Alamo Pakiza opposite hotel. Telephone v. Lorra. The Antoum is to his friends tailor. And that he has received a shipment 500 patterns pants goods and turns in Tinius. Line min will sold for Fps to 112. Fink stress Black diagonals i sati Siai Tion and fit Guaran teed beyond question. 9 Alamo sanitary co icis Commerce St. And i save. D. Earner Houston St., Opp. L Tyire. Tel. All orders Alu a did to on sin ill notice. Charges reasonable. R. W. Wallace proprietor collars and specially Tor and Udit red work Jdavid Kirk Matood sanitary r and plumber 116. Alamo .St., Telephone 440. Modern sanitary Miok a spec laity. N. Clarkwood employees Only Eru to plumbers Fai Nilar Aii to Romju Irene its modern plumbing for this climate. This in a Sumic Keiit guarantee Torst m. Berwick dealer is ss3.75o will buy consumption. And oils Glass Wall paper. I have a remedy for the above disease by it a use t the worst kind and Long standing Haro indeed so Strong is my Faith that i will twi hot Kek with treatise on this to suf Ferer who will Send me their Kepr Ratard p. O. T. A. Slow Iii c., 183 Pearl St., n. Y. With hath stahlt1. A Hick in Wood hydrant water Large lot. With tin hade Trees and shrubbery. New neat and clean about four blocks from military will j at a . Hams ton co Illora. V. Hoys have t ill h., close to their Heads. Or. P.a1 yes i find the.-Ishion a 1 to them to when the boys re around the flies sort o Divide themselves up and give me some Good news. Ton t be for he Sze Nurije Oil Besl deodorized 74 stove c Rinir i to Oil co. 43, a North Alamo sire to. Also will you a Man to repair your stove. Al u a. Heusinger hardware Steves tin and Granite Ware. Wagon Naila Points Oil and Gla pc implements sort wagons. Iron set vol and nails. West Side military Plaza. Agent for Geo. Pitkin co s Zinc paste. House training and painting a specially. No. 12 Alamo Street. The Standard Ware House co have just received Tho and lines Load Vezich a Ever to this i Ity pee Diciur Phaeton. Buggies i to. Have the lib Shell Sorn is in the car loads Hacks arts a rents for War ii it h ult taken it. Exo Hanse for new m Nuevo Street a i patents. Caveats and Trade Marks obtained and a Patent business conducted for Moder ate . Our Tolice opposite s Patent office and can dec ure a Patent in time and at less Cost than those Remote from Washington. Send Model Diaw Inu or photo., with Cripi Ion. Patentable i not charge. Orr fee not due till Patent i a Little Jiow to obtain patents with actual clients in your state county or town sent address A. Snow co. Opp patient off ice b House and sign Painter. Shop on East Commerce Street oppo site St. Joseph s Catholic Church. None but the very Best material used and Good honest work at reasonable prices. Satisfaction warranted every time. I cure fits when i cure t do not mean merely to Stop them for time aim then return again. I a i have made the disease fits Dpi .psy or Mph Ness a i warrant my remedy Wiiret be worst castes. Bac Oiw others failed not now i at Taco for a treatise and a bottle my infallible remedy. Jiro Sipress and Post . Hoot 31. C., 183 Pearl it n. V. I

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