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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 2, 1890, San Antonio, Texas 2pailg Jig Ltd. Tuesday december 2, 1890. The skin. Is a important Factor in keeping Good health ii it does not act in the Way intended by nature its function Are performed by other organs a the kidneys and the lungs and the result is a breakdown of general health swifts specific i the remedy of nature to stimulate the skin to proper action. It never fails in this and always accomplishes the purpose. Send for our treatise on the blood and skin diseases. Swift specific co., Atlanta a cannot cause stricture. Painless to use curia a a Mitao Usa msgr Price $1.00 Sci i by All druggists. Sent in Plain package Villi rubber syringe sri �0 sold by f. Kalteyer son. M. Herweck dealer in saints. Oils and Glass a a agent for gee. Vav. Pitkin amp cos 7ink pastel Bouse pointing and training a specially no. Is Alario Street. E. A. Seff e l. House and sign Painter shop East Commerce Stree opposite St Josephus Catholic Church a none but the very heat material used ski food. Honest work it reasonable role. Ult Alamo brewing association. Best Pale Vienna. Lager and bottled Beer. Orders promptly attended and delivered to any part of the City free of charge. I a to aul Points North and East through Pullman sleepers Between Points in Texas and Chicago St. Louis a and Kansas City. Clote connections in All of the above cities with feet trains of Eastern and Northern in a make the m., k. At. The beat line to York Boston Montreal and St. Pant. 8h.c amp a Ehley Gen. Bur. Bed All a to. J. Waldo Gen Ira e Sedalia to. H. P. Hughes. Gaston Shuler a sat gent pass at. Gent pass a ticket at it. Worthy Tex Sedalia la. And a it Egan to caulk and Mitten to keep out the cold and in a couple of Days we were As ready is we could ire. For four Days apis nights there Wasny to a puff of tile cold so intense taut ice formed to the thickness of seven feet alongside the hark. At Daylight on the morning of the 5th a Squall came out of the Southwest accompanied by Snow and before noon the ice Field was broken up. At noon the wind diet almost out but within an hour it shipped to the North and away went everything to the South. A Wilder sight than a sea covered with great cakes and blocks of ice each one tossing grinding and crashing on its own account no one Ever saw. We dared show ouly a rag of sail just enough to give her Steerage Way and the smashing she got that afternoon seemed enough to break every Timber Iii her Hows. At night the wind fell again Aud at 7 of clock the thermometer marked 42 dogs. Below. A soon As the heave of the sea subsided the ice was firmly welded together again and when morning came there were Hills and hummocks in sight As big As the ship. The men were now told by the mate that our position was about ninety Miles North of Smith s Bay and that our Floe was no longer Drifting. This signified that the Southern Edge of it rested against the Shore ice and that we were in for it unless some unlocked for Streak of Luck came to our did. Next Day there were heavy wind squalls but the ice did not break nor did the ship move. That settled it. For the next week we had calms and squalls with the temperature ranging from 27 to 518 dogs. Ber Low. But the pack was As solid As a Rocky ledge. We were housed Iii by this time and Hail established the Winter routine and the Arctic night had come. For the next month not to weary the Reader wit h details our life was that so often described in the books. Then a sudden and terrible interruption came. The bark began to heave out. The first movement occurred at about. To of clock in the Forenoon and filled everybody with dire alarm. After five minutes she heaved again lifting right out of the solid Field with great cakes clinging to her As if machinery was at work. As she lifted she canted to Star Board and at noon her decks were at an Angle of 45 degrees. It has always seemed to that powder ought to have been used to blow up the ice around her and let her Back. Indeed had not our Captain got so badly rattled we could have Cut and sawed and dragged half an acre of ice in half a Day. Tile Carpenter who had a Little plan of his own reported that the heave Hail shattered several planks in her Bottom and that she would fill if she a cradled Back. Bhe took one More heave canting Over until almost on Ber Lieam ends and then we got the order to abandon her. We got out clothing bedding provisions. A Compass and four boats and at Midnight headed away in four gangs for Smiths Bay each gang having a inuit which was dragged and lifted Over the ice. The order to abandon ship has t he same effect on the Sailor that the order to Retreat does on the Soldier. It creates a Panicky feeling and heliotes his judgment. We Hail not gum five Miles before some of the men began to curse the captains stupidity in leaving the neighbourhood of the bark and others expressed their doubts of the carpenters imports. However ail pressed Forward and after making ten Miles we went into Camp. Fortunately for us there was no wind while the thermometer was Only about 15 dogs. Below. After a rest of six hours we pushed on again and now our marches and rests were marked by hours. It was terrible Bari work crossing those ice Fields and five hours of pulling hauling climbing Aud sliding we Ere enough to Wear out the Best Man in the Crew. We had made forty Miles or More and were Strung out on the pack for a mile or More when a Man named tin Bergoo and myself who were ahead to pick the route turned a Large Hummock or Hill of ice to find ourselves bumping up against a three masted ship. There she Lay broadside to us and not Over fifty feet away looming up in the darkness like a Mountain. We rubbed oar eyes and looked again but it was not a deception. We sent the Uewl a Buck and waited till All Bud come up and then capt. Tree went Forward with his mate and hailed her. There was no response and after hailing again the first mate climbed in Over the bows. In three or four minutes he reported her abandoned Aud we All went on Board. We soon found her to be the Bristol ship endurance a whaler of course and two thirds full of blubber and Oil. She had a slight list to port and after looking her Over the officers said that she had Hove out the same As our Baj a but bad settled Back again. She had also been abandoned Iii u hurry As there were Many evidences but an inspection showed plenty of provisions aboard Aud proved her perfectly sound. We had our bedding and clothing and when it was decided to take Possession of her the Crew were pleased. In three hours after first sighting her we were As much at Home aboard As if we had formed the original Crew. So was a larger Cruft than ours and also better found and we profited by the change. We had been aboard of the endurance about a month when the Carpenter fell sick. In his Case it was pure homesickness and nothing Elsa he was Moody and Tad turn. Refused to make any Effort to throw off the feeling and at length took to his bed. There was really no Medicine to touch his Case. Lie was slowly dying because of his desire to get Home to wife and bairns. All of As had a touch of his Mal Ady but we Shook it off by Hunting trap Ping indulging in games und keeping our thoughts with the ship. Lord Man but i Jive often wondered Why half the Crew did not go dead crazy. It was endless night. It was ice ice ice. It was like being shut up in a Dungeon with the addition that when night came and All was still the ship was full of groans and sighs from Stem to Stern noises caused by the ice heaving and settling. I was appointed to nurse the Carpenter and when he had been brought very Low and knew that he must go he told a secret. He said he had made a false report to the Captain about the damage to the barks Bottom on purpose to induce him to abandon her and Start for land. He hoped in this Way to get Home the sooner to to confession was made to with the Promise on part not to betray toe Man while living and he lived on for two weeks after making the statement. When he had been buried in an icy grave i told the Cap Tam Aud he at once fitted out an expedition to go Back and look up the bark. The first mate and five men composed this party and after being gone a week during which time the weather was full of tempest., Snow and sleet they returned from the West and blundered right up against us before they saw the ship. Their Compass had been broken and they had been lost for six Days on that fearful waste of ice. One Man died of exposure that night and two others were used up for a Mouth. Two weeks later the second mate headed a party but they Only went about fifteen Miles to the North. They reported travelling so difficult that they had to return. Nothing further was done until the Sun and Daylight came again. Then the first mate set out again but alter making about half the distance he found open water and signs of a break up. Aud returned. 1 no further efforts were made. Day by Day the Sun lasted a Little longer giving us More of the blessed Daylight Ond at last a Gale came to break up the great Field and show us streaks of open water. When we were finally Clear of the icy lied which had held the ship we headed for Point Barron sometimes gaining and sometimes lofting ground. One Day i remember we made Twenty Miles to the South but on the very next a change of wind packed the ice and drifted us that far Back to the North. We were slowly working Down toward the Straits however when one Day at noon after a Snow Squall lasting about two hours we got into a Channel running Southwest. We had scarcely entered it before we caught sight of a bark coming Down a Channel from the North Aud not Over a mile to t he West of us. Twenty voices at once cried out that the stranger was oui old Craft the Emma Davis and tis we neared each other running no the Long lines of a Triangle every Boily Felt sure of it. We also noticed much excitement aboard the bark but it was Only when the two got out their ice anchors within a Stone s throw of each other that patters were fully explained who do you suppose the strange men were none others than the Crew of the endurance. They had our Burk and we had their ship. A Swap had been made of crafts. Their ship had Hove out about the same time ours did and they had aban dolled her for the Sam reasons. Instead of trying to make t he land they had sought to find a Brig which they had seen to the North of them. This Brig wits a myth or some foreign vessel which got safely out and could not afterwards be traced. In Hunting for her they came across our bark three Days ouly had passed and yet she Hail canted Back almost to an even keel. They had boarded her taken full Possession and then worked her out on the breakup. We changed Crews and resumed the voyage and both crafts entered the port of nil wok together whence later on both resumed the business of whaling. It was called even up All the Way round Aud Nei tiler was debtor nor York Sun. A a it a close Call. Lucy Emma Abd i went fishing yesterday and Ive made a narrow escape. Adar did you fall in a no we came very near catching a fish and there Wasny to anybody there to take it . Fine Presa. A a a a la i no 15 living is it Worth v ail As the years go of and Are lost to eternity s fathomless deep to a rms All the ills that about us May lies to crush the Rose Leaf and its Briar Stem keep Tbs stare Shine forever in Beauty u Rhead their Al rules will glow when Agos have fled Aud Fos and thorns shall tog to dead. Is it Worth while to keep Back die words that a dear heart in silence is to heart when Tim dark rays of Shadow land lie just beyond Anil the time tor a parting doth swiftly draw near wait not lest in waiting your life should Gro 44, the heart that was aching grow \u4 Colin and Tho Lorg that you cherished should aet w toll. Tile Mal ii oar doth not his largess of Light the Hlyn a soft fragrance is breathed to tile am the Brook Aud the River in gladness unite and give to the sea a sacrifice rare. Then banish Tho shadows clasp hands with the a a and withhold not the treasures th./, Gladden life s Way for giving is living and who shall soy nay a Young woman a mag aria e. Hew it seemed. A tis better to laugh than be sighing is Good philosophy whether for civilian or Soldier. Gen. Sherman during his March to the sea used to go out of his Way to avoid a Bridge. At any rate some of Tho soldiers thought so. Ile was very fond of wading. One Day the army was to Ford a River and for several Miles before the men reached it they waded knee deep in swamps. A Visay Bill a a said one fellow to another a i guess we struck this River length ways a a youths companion. Loss of steam Porrar a reprint of an address before the Frank Lin Institute by Thomas Pray jr., show an astonishing difference in the Cost of steam Power in different establishments the hinge being from $7.98 to $504.32 pet horsepower for a year of 8,060 working hours. A great waste of Power from Vari Job causes is believed to be very common in locomotives steamships electric generators traveler. Trees move a Church. The foundation of Achurch at san Como Guatemala has been shifted seven inches by the Root of two immense White gum Trees. It has been decided to either move the Church or Cut Down the Trees. As the Trees Tower Over Igo feet above the Church Steeple and Are each about to feet in circumference it seems us if the former would be the smaller Job of the . Louis re pub lie. Her Logie. Jack Dearest you Are cruel. I write twice to your once. Is that right Jennie of course it is. Two wrong done to make a right Aud two writes can to constitute a bulletin. Mer i Moth. 13 n. Alamo and 12 Losoya its. Cheapest furniture House to a k v a a 4kthf Law iiacal8fcia i ban been Boc Ming for some time and is destined to be tile great Metroplis of the South and Quot West and we have been booming furniture All along the line. We have been doing an error menus business for wans time past and have every reason to believe that our business will Continuo to increase As we have added More space to the store now occupied so that we can properly display the Stock of goods now on hand and our Mammoth Stock in route. A full line of furniture entirely new and Beautiful can now be seen at our store w Here you Are cordially invited to Call and respect same. After the Arival of our new fall goods we can safely boast that our assortment will be fully equal to that of any furniture House in the North and fast. We Are advancing with the Stream of Progress and Succes will be ours if the generous Public will encourage us in our efforts to build up a profitable business. Givens a Call if you want to buy or not and a assure you a courteous treatment on our part. Select your House lot for a residence while prices Are Low. Remember there is no spot in san Antonio More Beautiful. Electric car line will soon be in Lull operation. Choice bargains on the car line Call at our office and investigate. The Rais easy William p. Watson Gen. Mgr. Office Ino. 9 East Houston Street. Banks and Bankers. I. J. Alexander president. A. A. Alexander cashier. Miscellaneous. Row a us Dwyke Joseph e. Do i it i attorney and coun heal eat ate a Ren Mellor at Law. Live Stock broker fews National Bank. I Dwyer Eros. Law and land office and or Stock Exchange. Dwyer building. A Han Anton in 268 Commerce Street. Or a general banking Buskens transacted rafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other a reign Money purchased sir visitors Register kept in our Reading Tom where strangers in the City Are invitee f. Groos amp co., Bankers and dealers in Meigs sight Statts on the principal cities in the in ted states and in All european countries. For eign Coin and currency bought and sold. Patronize we g. Wagner if you want the Best beef Mutton and Pcek n. Flore and Marshall St. Meat delivered to any part of the City Barge Lien i a1 in sat faction warranted City meat Market no. In Acequia Street open All Day pure lard a specially. We. Smith prop r. Found at last i a filling As Ward and the sans color a the tooth and cheaper tha the usual filling. Teeth inserted wit or without plates Gold crowns a up Fialty. Gas Given for the painless Al traction of Teeth administered by the november Ano december Are the proper months to Plant onion set. Huth amp son 226 to 280 Market Street the old stand hardware paint seed store just received too Bushel d. d ret h a sons onion set. Health is wealth latest improved method. A opera Titus in dentistry performed in the nest manner and at reasonable rat a at the office on or. A. Blondin Dentis 2 Commerce Street next to the Bridge Given Awat fr�i7 5000 copies of an illustrated pocket guide to san Antonio Given away free at the Light office. Call and get one. 3t or k. C Vav but Nervi and brain a i a Mest. A guaranteed specific for hysteria d1l Ness. Convulsions fits. Nervous neuralgia headache nervous Poat ration caused by the use of alcohol or tobacco wakefulness mend Tai depression. Softening of the brain resulting in insanity and leading to misery decay a death premature old age barrenness Loo of lower in either sex. Involuntary losses an Sperina Torriea Raused by Over exert on of the brain self abuse or Over indulgence fan Box contains one months treatment. a Box or six boxes for $5.00, sent by mall prepaid on receipt of Price. We. Guarantee six boxes to cure aul Tass us each in a i Lee Ltd us for six boxes accompanied with $5.00, w will Send the purchaser on a titter Guarani to refund the Nix of the treat Mil does a effect a cure. Guarantees issued Only by Ragland amp co City drug store sol agents 8 East Commerce St., san Antoni r e d b Rick. Manufactured at the san Antonio Brick Yard la. La. Alvord crop. I a Jon Prospect Hiu san Antonio. 4-10-t f

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