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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 2, 1890, San Antonio, TexasSan Antonio daily i publish Ofat san Antonio. Bexar county Texas and registered at the Post office As second class mail matter. Volume 258 san Antonio Texas tuesday. December 2. 1 89o. Price a year to clod Bank. Antonio Texas. J. 8. Fri plent j. Man. Cashier. Safe Deposit in Era House t. A Sterling legitimate attraction december 5 5 manager Mullaly bikes pleasure in announcing the engagement of the distinguish d actor and playwright Milton Nobles his famous com y of comedians Friday from Sikk to saturday Jav , saturday nil Jet the again heard of a. Pal lie to Story or i Jove Ami misery. New Yoke nov. Thin wild eyed woman 37 years old dressed in i Tobing Roach the worse Lor Wear staggered up k the House of Charles Collier no. 270 eighth Day afternoon Ami asked to Deal Lowed to rest. After sue had recovered her self she started to go but it was found that she was too ill to the police were notified and she taken to the twentieth police station Aud from there she was sent to the few York Hospital. There it was found she was suffering with has Telca. Nhe had re covered she told the following1 Story which so far As relate to events in this City has been found to be True Beirne years ago the woman said she was a Well to do Milliner just 30 years of one Day went to Atlantic City and there met a handsome Young Man of 25, who had come from Poland and whose name was 8evergn Gleason. She be came infatuated with him i d finally married him. 8he sold out her millinery business an3 they begun to Drift until they arrived in. Isan Antonio Texas where with her Money the claims they started a a hooting gallery. They made Money Aud lived nicely for a year and a Balf. Then mrs. Gleason says her Hue baud left to establish a business in inc innate. While a woman Douglas. Tio great was Lor his new acquaintance that she declares they eloped to Chi Cago Here they lived in idleness according to mrs. Gleason a state ment on the Money that was to Start the Cincinnati shooting gallery. As soon As let Tui got penniless his wife pays he deserted sirs. Douglass and came to new York with the in Tention of finding his Way Back to Warsaw Poland. Through a Mutual Friend mrs. Gleason was informed of this and she returned to her old Philadelphia Home finally they met again and decided Tofor Irive and forget. Since then they have run shooting galleries in Portland me., mass., Poughkeepsie Philadelphia and Boston. In Worcester mrs. Gleason or. Gleason got into some trouble Over the shooting of a Man in the gallery supposedly by Accident and he was locked up in jail. She supplied him with Money however a she made the gallery pay Well All the time. As soon As the husband was Gleason rewarded her Fidelity by leaving her and fleeing to new York again. To do this she charges that he persuaded her to go to Philadelphia to look for a gallery site. She again began a search for Gleason and finally she found him at the boarding House of a mrs. Clarke at no 259 West Twenty fourth Street. There he was known As or. Bockwell and the wife de clares that mrs. Douglass was with him and known As mrs. Rockwell. Mrs. Gleason took tip her residence within the same Boose and says she used every Endeavor to him Back. Failing she told the Landlady who she was and who the others were and or. And mrs. Bockwell were asked to leave the Boose Friday last according to the sick woman s Story. On saturday mrs. Gleason began searching for her husband and Saya she found him at nth Avenue and Twenty third Street. He gave her some whisky and she drank the whole flask full. She went to a Friend s Bouse on eighth Avenue where she remained until yesterday morning. She had lost her husband again and once More went out to seek him. Her search ended in the Hospital. She Gays that Gleason has All her earn Ings for the past seven years which Are considerable and that also he has Worth of Missouri Pacific Stock Oelo Gitig to her. The Gleason formerly kept a Little gallery on Alamo Street opposite it Choli s Saloon. While Here they seemed to get along very Well latest telegraphic. Associated press dispatches and state specials. Up to the time of going to press a crisis. Rio Janeiro Brazil. Dec. Ministerial crisis exists Here. Weal her. Washington dec. A slight change in temperature. A strike. Birmingham ala., dec. Strike of Coal miners in Alabama yesterday. A fire. Newnan ga., dec. 2 warehouse fire occurred last night. Dancing. Boise City ida., december is reported the fort Hall reservation indians Are dancing several departments during your with t n. In amounting to about . La Vic hot Mealii cum Ruilt disbursed with pro not Ness. So far not. A Smirk ease of Deal cation has invited to Van Congress under an Imperial form of or Nioni. Participated in deliberations is a riii1 International Marine a Nom in its i f the t Onier Enro Ai Brussels to a Evsi Tor the in afr ii u afforded an Opportunity t of u lie interest tin Anier Ioan it in in Irrett the a be submitted for rate location by the left while negotiations have been opened for a. And Complete treaty lit Friendship Coimin rce and Navi the Niimd statics in dependent Loniro. Iii d tin end of the Yea r t he Only Independent monarchical men on the. Western of Hrail ceased to by a Republic. Diplomatic relations a once established with ment. The Aie t anti Al America has Airai b. I a a Volu tonary Clia nire in Salvador which was not recognized by other and a cities broke out Between Salvador and Guatemala threatening to involve All America in the conflict in tin fac. Of tin had been to Ward a Union of their interests. The of 1 Orts of t Huv were promo Itzy and seriously exercised to compose their Difei Eui is and through the Active Elton to the representative of t i Nii ii slates a provisional treaty of Pence was Simun to of the re Public of Salvador to r House its own rulers to being evident that the minister or. Had exceeded the Bounds of his authority in intervening in compliance with the de Mand s of the guatemalan ant Hort ifs. I was constrained to disavow mr1. Uci. And recall him from his Post. The Nicauri Arua canal project is making Pryor i is. Oar relations i Lina have called for careful consideration and i have pro Kritun and Mexico it conventional if Irit Lazion of the of Rhino is labourers across on Northern and Mit Nln in Frontier. Our relations France continue cordial. The Paraoan Ireat y produces salutary results Tho new extradition treaty with real i it mip Fth n a effects Bat our Behring sea s Are us. It lieu. In the Tariff act a. Wrong was done Hawaii by the Laving of duties on con modifies included in the reciprocity treaty and Congress will to expected to repair the error. The claim of the. United states against Ilyati is . Propositions Are Heinz considered for at improved Extrado Tsoy treaty with Italy. Our troubles with Portugal Over the Hay affair Are committed to a jury selected by the president of the Swiss Republic a satisfactory Selec Tion is expected. Correspondence continues with Japan concerning a new treaty which is hoped will be satisfactory to both nations. Our mexican relations Are very cordial and should the pan american railway he built the Mission to Mexico should be raised to that of first class. On relations with Spain warrant Tho Hope of increased Trade that coun try. The Venezuela claims convention has settled All matters pertaining to 1866 in a manner satisfactory to Tho United states. On consular service is be in or regarded with More justness and its importance so recognized that i need Only commend the Means of increasing its efficiency to your attention. Domestic matters. Our revenues for the year ending june 30, 1890, were f4q.01jc.080 expenditures for Sarao period f358.618.584. Receipts for 1800 were expenditures in excess of 1879. For year ending june 1891, receipts arc calculated at expenditures surplus the Silver act approved june 1890, has been administered with a View to secure All the benefits possible under the act. The recent depreciation following the rapid Rise is largely due to speculation. An International agreement is hoped for that will give us the free use of Silver As a con Metal. The efforts of the Secretary to increase the volume of Money in circulation by keeping Down the Treasury surplus to the lowest practicable limit have been in remitting and in a very High degree successful. There have been purchased and re deemed since cd 4, 1889, 4 and per cent Bonds to the amount at a Cost of resulting in a reduction of the annual interest charge of and a total saving of interest of internal Revenue receipts increased during the year while Cost of collecting same decreased the percentage of Cost of collecting custom s Revenue was less than Ever before. Army desertions have decreased 24 per cent. The pension cases awaiting consideration june All been attended to and since considered have All Boen the recommendations for coast defences made by 11n or dietary of Are heartily concurred in and the encouragement Given the National heartily approved. The report of the department of Justice goes directly to Congress but Especial at Tention is called to the facts connected with the prosecution of violators of the elect Ion Laws and of against uni Ted states Otti cers. If Ore searching inquiries into fact Ary before naturalization papers Are granted. Gambling in the District of Columbia should Stop but existing Laws Are inadequate. Postmaster general s report shows most Gratifying Progress. Be seipts have in creased leaving a deficiency of against last year. Construction equipment of s1 for the Navy satisfactory p Ruder the several act of ments have in in since m in wins to United states 14. 000acres of Indian lands and the atre monthly Issue of land patents a creased the disability pension act. Of june has been put into operation As rapidly practicable and its i a fire Are n in express Hie Estima the decreasing influence Aud num of the mormons in Utah i viewed ii fat satisfaction. The country is congratulated on Tho admission of Idaho Ana up on the Vork of the Patent of i a Nii a Given for returning unsigned. A Nadir building Bills the need Foi such buildings not justifying the outlay. The n n Tufa t Ion has been completed and returns Are ready for con upon these a represents apportionment must. Made. Special attention is invited to the port of the Secretary of in of events of t he Pat Yea specially organization ii Niong Farnon increase tin in profits. Inspection of Teal live cattle for exports also Sugai producing crops Are noted and a recommendation that the Ollie a super of sugar under the Tariff act be feared to of agric Vilynn. Work has been done very limited appropriations in the civil department. And the Conuto a Are congratulated upon the unusual number of Laws of an important character that have this legislation is destined to enlarge our manufacturing industries our Market for bread stuffs. The Alaric. Of Trade is in oiu1 favor. Failures for october were ski for previous labor is More fully employed. No loss our credit hut depression in Musil and caused the return of american securities. The Tariff Aci is As yet untried Many of its provisions being As yet being in the Early strictures upon on importations Are being re Vised. Imports under the act continue to increase and for the first three weeks in november were greater than for Cor responding period in Issi and nearly 30 per in Otress of 1sss. The act is carefully reviewed and approved it Cip Rocity clauses Beinor especially com mended. The attempted increase of the Ameri can merchant Natine is warmly con intended. And the necessity of pushing our Trade in our Bottoms pointed out. To connect icon the message says the South Atlantic and Usif ports occupy a very favored position toward the new and com mime which the reciprocity clause of the Tarity act and Tho postal shipping Bills Are designed to promote steamship lines from these ports to some Northern port of South America which will almost certainly Electa connection Between the Railroad system of the continents Long before any continuous Lino of railroads can be operated. The benefits of a National bankrupt Law International american Bank copy a Wirht Laws Bill for Relief of supreme court and for Protection for railway companies Are All referred to. And favored As proper subjects for congressional actions As also the subjects of Aried land irrigation and postal telegraphy. The need of fed Oral supervision of Federal electors to dwelt upon and the violations of the Tion Laws in the South pointed out and condemned the. Message closes As follows i of the general appropriation Bill should be conducted with the great est care and the closest scrutiny of expenditures. The appropriation should to adequate to the needs of the Public service but they should be absolutely free from prodigality. 1 venture to again re mind you that the Brief Timo remaining for the consideration of the important legislation now awaiting your attention offers no margin for waste. If the present duty is discharged with Diligence Fidelity and courage the work of the fifty first Congress May to confidently submitted to the considerate judgment of the people. Signed Benjamin Harrison executive mansion Washington december 1, wrestling. The wrestling match for 150 a Side tween Joe Batiste and James Kinehan at the turf theatre last night was won by Kinehan easily owing to his Superior knowledge of the science of wrestling Al though Batiste was the stronger Man of the two. The style was catch As catch can Best 2 in 3 Falls. The first was won by Kinehan in 0 min. 10sec. Second fall in 4 my. 45 Sec. Immediately aft a this match another bet Ween Kino an and an unknown was arranged for next sunday night for a Side. Still going on. The great closing Sale of dress goods cloaks and jackets will continue All this week at John k. Beretta a co s. A splendid Opportunity to get Nice stylish goods m to x per cent less than usual value. 12-2-tf i i committee of the san secular society appointed to draw up a memorial to the next legislature asking the repeal of Alt Laws compelling the Observance of sunday met at Turner Hau last night and submitted the memorial which will to circulated for signatures

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