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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - December 1, 1890, San Antonio, TexasMonday december i 1890. Of you have headache Preston s hed aka cures you we Evoli cures Bill kinds of headache and nothing else. Prompt harmless 1 cent ans neither Antl pyrene morphine. opium. Cocaine or other Danga Ous Preston chemical co., sold by All druggists. Hak Hool y Young id a bouy and mind Iliof Erro reer excesses in old or to All whom it concern greeting. You Aro i Orrlie mini Lii d Elliut i Tun Lam Iru ulv constituted Ustance it dul mid solution Tui by Donu musings us Piu Ini 1-s-Miuvr Tho Stylo time Linn Iii too nos dal Kowelu by. Sit Atul -111 West to inner Street. Smil to Xii who Oil Tom will red Nimr Lurf Virke h p cd and pc Dpi still re jul not to e is Dick co profit mid loss. Knirr Kiili Caricu Lenrist. Winter no Stock that is not productive. To a dry cow through tie Winter is Wattu Good Money. Less beef and More Mutton Means belter no tit for the Farmer and cheaper food for the both ends Worth keeping in View. The ave Rugby Weir it of Flo cps sheared in the United states Iwuh Dou bled within the past in arty years. This is Proy restive agriculture. If blood will Tell in one Branch it will in another. It Piriya As Well in proportion to keep Well bied poultry so to keep Well lire i cows. The a Rubinjr up process will be very slow it Grade animals Are used for Nires. A full blooded Nore should be Ueeck for Breeding purposes. Pc Hoep growers have two strings to Bow whatever the condition of the Wool Murker Good Nuit Lou and Jamb ulna a stud ready Sale at pay ing prices. Warm quarters in Winter will save feed. It is not Economy of fuel to keep the House doors open in Winter or to the companies stranded this week says Dunlop s smog news Are mini Seroua. Agnes her Doii Wen on tie Bench at Colim Iwuh o. Insp Lilue Cameron on the Rock at in orly muss. The Jenft mount Ord c Lii Pany stranded at Detroit relict null the Fri Hon Jones company at Topeka Kim Katie Konney b company went ashore to Philadel Plizia their ship Ruh Lilg of. R. very bad Eek Lor the null try. Remarkable Rescue. Mrs. Michael curtain Hon Lilii lil ill makes the sin term in that she Ciu Nyht cold which settled on her limes she was treated fora month by her family play in Iii but grew worse. He old her she was a Hope less victim of consumption and Tomt in Medicine could her. Her or. Kick s new discovery Foi consumption Slie. Liou Uhl n bottle and l her four i by ii lieu from . Him continued itans Oaul after taking Tun bottles found herself sound and Well now docs her m u housework and is As Well As she Ever was. Free Tria boils of this creat discovery at druids 1 Rug Stern Largo bottles soc. Iuidfl.00 10-15-Lra Annie Ward Tiffany is presenting the stepdaughter in Buffalo to Largo audiences on december 1 this to Trees makes her first appearance ii Philadelphia As a mar opening at Tom now Park theatre in or. Whewell a new play which recently Drew crowded houses la new York at the Windsor theatre. To elaborate scenery used in the production o this drama requires two cats for il8 transportation Merit wins. To desire to say to on citizens. Ilia for yours to have icon Selling or. King new discovery for. Consumption or King s Tow life Piik Lonc Kulii s Arnica Salvo and electric killers and Lux Nuver handled remedies that Soli As Well s Tiik Sorc urea Tetli a Var talk Hud ill f Fri s i hcs. in tie w Lilcik. Clip Timu in Ilai u kill o Xvi Iii Ihl u Kivo Pittl l Iii ii y ref ainu t 1 rtct1 i Polo to n l i on co s. B Al Vuic. The Fly and ant nuisance. Flies and Aims tint i Nickly Umich whiled y Nii int a of Kou Jil in ats Wilh a Saucer of sweetened Waier lace on Hili shelved or in Thi room1 or mix u teas Winfel 01 n u half Pound of Crown ii Isar and apr Ankli on High nut of reach Lilves or on rear Border of lower lives out of reach of children. Cut this out. U Tyr. Dos Tressene Case Ard a Happy Jure for Over a year i have Hurt a croak ii out on my leg which trim bind be so bad i could not walk Lea bad y swelled of a purple color with a options to bad hat blood would out if 1 bore Ziy wifi Erht on it. Waa to try Mark s extract of lax papillon skin 1 have done. My leg is now la and i can walk two Miles o j it without any trouble. Signed a d. Hayw Jirvil. Clark b lax Boap Makos them a proven in Chipping. Cure soap Coli to. For y f Kov Tuyor on. Lit Ile of every thing. Free visiting cards. I Low to Sci them in line i hitch. City Sun uses and Are rather less liable to disease Aud Accident than the latter. It is just As bad policy to give poor food to Good Stock a to give Pood Good to poor Stock. Both should be Good the food and the Slock then there May be some profit in the combination. Wheat bran in not Rich in fat form log elements but is especially Valu Able for promoting growth of also when liberally Ltd will increase the flow of milk but will not give a desirable butter color. It is not wholly sentiment to say that theft tool the sheep is Golden this la the Only one among our Mettle animals that is incr Alang in value in the face of the present agricultural depression. A Colt should never be broken. In this relation the phrase to break Atwould become obsolete. Should never have to break the Colt any More than the boy. Both should be taught from their youth up. Disposition is a Quality to be considered with All Arm animals. In the Dairy in particular Tho quite gentle cow a Worth More than a Frac Tlouga Ono. The latter is not Only troublesome to handle Butis a disturbing element among Tho others. It la not Good management to feed fall pigs valuable Grain through the Winter Aud then let them shift for themselves through the summer. It you have not made Arau Gemuts for Good pasturage next Eura Raer better sell the pigs now and save the Grain. The profit in finishing of an Ani Mal for Market is that thus a better Price May he obtained for the whole. There is loss pain for the food Eon bunked towards the close Thanet any other period. Unless assured that a higher Price will result bettor not try too Long for the extra pounds. Death. Death to screw Worms. Death to cutting ants. Death to Roaches. Death to most Altos. Kayland co., City drugstore. He doake judge j. H. My Lumry of att y Oen l of twins and past Orand master of masons says Tho Best Medicine for head ache i Over Corea any head oho. For Laic by alld Tuk plats. 6oc. Or that have Given such Universal Satis friction do not hesitate to guarantee them every time and we stand rend y to the. Purchase Price if satisfactory results do no follow the air Uso. These remedies have won la Weir great popularity purely on their merits. For Sale by Roiss Thompson to 1 10-10-lm the Raag indent Boston theatre production of the Boudan has entered upon the third month of its phenom Ena career. Tie Gnu Iii a the Bigg not Success in the history of. The Boh Tou theatre o House which has scored some of the greatest theatrical iils. Nearly 1000 people Are employed in tiie great Battle Sceno of the fourth act and the stirring picture Oft anal Gar Square with the returning English soldiers. Martin Schryver of All sorts kinds and qualities. Building material of All kinds shapes am a Assort mini of pm is new Nof hand Large Iii ant n iem.1 it j l Wike. We Rie ii i Iii run 01-. 1 1 1 1 Cuil Refl. Office South of Sunset depot san Antonio Texas Lookout this will buy a lunch of 227 acres in Levaea county nine from Yuu Lium. Adjoining the town of Hope. All under hog proof Fence is Story House of seven room in filth n full set of necessary out build Ings Large tank Good Well living soil. 10-13-tf. Jno. T. Ham Ruiton co Alerta Gallatin begins a tour of the South about Dee Ember 1, under the direction of Gustave Frohm i. Her repertoire will include Romeo and Juliet Ingomar the Hunchback As you like jr., and pygmalion and Galatea. California has her Lotta Kentucky her Mary Anderson and Alberta Gallatin. Misa Gallatin will have the assistance of a competent company. Property for new Nhi Iii col Tsige i Gal Leriou Waier works Tuble House etc., uen Lral by looted two Fine loth on the government hug Lite 400.w two Luike Lota on West end Stroot railway one Hue Block of 8 Larfae lots la Laredo near new 800.0" doubt Ken Fine building in Lorp if machinery Type 10 fonts Job 20. Iso ibo. Trevier in cases is. Or. Or. Rowan in canes 1 Tuerke water Moter 4 horse Power 1 hand Power wheel 1-2 horse Power 1 wooden drum for hoisting 1 four horse steam engine. 6 horse boiler new with Gnitke stack 1 Otto Gaa engine 4 horse pow. 400.1 f address t. B. Johnson Light office. To secure some of the Fine bargain s now offered by 26. C 50.fc 0 no. 4 e. Commerce st., san Antonio Texas. Farms ranches and City property. Home seekers or capitalists desiring to make profitable investments will find it if their advantage Call on or write to them before elsewhere is prof. Loisette e memory system creating Gratter merest than Ever Al parts of he country and wishing to improve their memory should Send for his prospectus free a advertised in another column. 6-10 to Shilo a Ca Tarri remedy. No.3. Philo 8 Catarrh comedy a Marvel on sen re for Catarrh. Diphtheria Mouth and head Acho with each bottle there t an ingenious Natal injector for the More treatment 01 these comp Lamis Walthou extra charge. Price 60 cents. Sold a 13 if Hoyt s new piece a trip to Cal Haa in it a character known a the widow an which a great Deal of its Success depends. Miss Olive Archt Are during the Luu Rasof Lena Merville has been noting the part in Han Francisco and elsewhere on the Pacific coast and a Bitch manner As to evoke the warmest Praise from the critics and the Public. Viro Roub men and women. The vigorous Are they who pay Atten Tion to Tho Laws of health of which Ono of Tho Foremost is take care of your digestion. Should a temporary attack of the enemy dyspepsia Surprise you foil his subsequent assaults with Hosteller s stomach hitters. From the stomach come Trio fundamental supplies which minister to vigor and thoroughly trans muted into blood actively circulated Aro Trio maintenance of the system. Pallid in countenance nervous attenuated in figure appetite less poor a lectors Aro Tho dyspeptic. Reinforced and built up by the Groat Stomachin Oil wan and Tho Liln increase in color and bulk appetite improves nervous symptoms disappear Sloop grows tranquil and refreshing find the. I Tranquillity of mind and despond ency notable in invalids gives Placo to Light Hoarle Doss. A capacity for racy to Omant Tho Good things of this life. Uso Trio hitters for Mular Lal bilious rheumatic find kidney troubles. 11 25-ot Headquarters for Hay Corn Oats and brai bold by the Bale or ton. W. J. Illg Bro dealers m Csc cd and Staple groceries. Country produce bought old. Good delivered toll of the City. Telephone is a Bro. Nob. J. Solo Rose Elmendorf co. Main Puaza. Gin farming and Mill machinery of All kinds. Mechanics supplies. Cassady sulky plows warranted lightest draft made. Threshers engines Scales mowers and reapers hardware and agricultural implements agents for flip Ohlf in inn Alamo Holm Green sons. Proprietors. General foundry and machine shops san. Texas. Done b a new process and dried in ten minutes. Bungs pm. Curled 16c Bangs Cut and curled 25c, at if Paris France ladles hair Dresser and wig a kor. To 8. Alamo of Comero Antonio the new Kimble . And be quite lets Titan i Torello Volti to of i t or Roj tier engine. By of life enter to mfr in rur line w my a very larkely percentage. Of american people Are troubled with s Moat annoying troublesome and disagreeable complaint called it is not Neces sary to be so troubled. It is demonstrated beyond question that Clarke s i tract of flu papal lob Catarrh cure immediately to love Perm mently Catarrh. A thorough and of for trial will . Use cd Fork 8 flux Lor Tho skin. Of Tarrh Boap in Coots at Kalteyer son drug store. W i Hoo to Tonko "c.c. C. Certain chill the pleasant and Garnnt cd euro for 1 , Akob and than on Suino. Sold by a. Dress. 13-1-Lui Teh caveats and Trade Marici obtained and t rtt ont business conducted for pek8. Our Moi in oppor Tib to. S. Patent Omen and we can n Patent in less time at loss Cost than Ali Leo Remote from Washington. Bond Model drawing or Deal rep ton. We advise if Paten Tailoor not free of charge. Our fee not due till Patent is scoured. A Little noon How to bin in with names of actual Olivei ital in county. Or town Lamont too. Add cat of a. Snow co. O Opp of iwo. Wabbit Oil. D. Of

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