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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - August 26, 1891, San Antonio, Texas She oilily sight. Wednesday. August 26, 1891. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. 1ncobpobatkd i. M. Aubrey san retard and mgr office 421 e. Houston St. Will furnish rename abstract inf title to lauds in Bexar county either City or country property upon Short notice and reasonable terms. Telephone no. 406 Short stops. Abe you insured Sim Hart. Fire life and Accident insurance agent. 21 Alamo Plaza. Telephones 201 and 459. Change the custom. When should the criminal docket be taken up and disposed of editor Light it has heretofore been the practice that civil cases have had preference Over criminal cases. This is All wrong the business in which the whole a bite is concerned most should be at ended to first before the private suits of individuals for the Hest of reasons. The county of Bexar for instance Las generally from sixty to eighty prisoners in the county jail at an enormous expense to the people for feeding medical attention guards Etc. This Money comes from the pockets of the people and goes into the pockets of the officers. The Tonger the prisoners Are kept an jail a More profitable is to the officers and the greater the expense. To the people. But not Only on this ground is it wrong but humanity and the Law de it Coa ads that men confined in jail who Are unable to give Bond should have a fair speedy and impartial trial Aud not be compelled to wait for a trial Saintil from three to five weeks of the term is consumed Iii setting the disputes of private individuals. Neither judges1 clerks or District attorneys should have Auy discretion or Choice in this matter. The interest or convenience of the officers of court the interest of private individuals should % be made to stand aside until the interest of the Public have been attended to. If prisoners in jail Are innocent try them it guilty gel them where they belong. Let the state have the Benefit of their labor and rid Bexar county taxpayers of the expense. The Only plea for taking up the civil docket first is custom but custom ought nor to take away sacred lights of men confined in prison nor can custom Saddle the tax paying Public with debts or expenses that could be avoided to a great extent. Old in roared. Wanted Cook. A competent White girl for cooking and washing. Liberal wages refer once mrs. Henry Terrell 5 256t no. 519 Oakland Street. More Odds and ends in ladies shoe department this week. Everything in broken assortment a goes. $1.00 Aud $1.25, baby shoes 50c. 82t-3t Joske Brothers. V. Lorri the tailor. Announces to his friends and customers that he has received a shipment of 500 patterns of pants goods and 300 patterns suiting. Fine pants will be sold for in �?�12. Fine dress suits and Black diagonals a specially. Satisfaction and tit guaranteed beyond question. 825 of notice to the Public. The Only authored collectors for the Light at present Are h. Schumacher Fred Small and d. C bitter. Otherwise you will see that you get in properly receipted Bill from the undersigned. T. La Johnson manager 8-3 if. San Antonio Light. What the people Are saying. A the ovation Given him a speaking of the German emperor in his interview says mayor Callaghan a has created considerable Adverse feeling toward the germans in England where it is intimated that the governor set and especially the Royal family Are supporting the native born briton with the German and the beef eater has to go to give place to his German too this piece of information would indicate that our mayor has been very Busy looking into the affairs of state of great Baltian and Speaks by the card about the Royal family it is evident he has it in for the germans on either Side of the Channel. But when it comes to speak of Russia our travelled City executive brightens up he informs our taxpaying citizens that the German emperors a reception when he attended the Royal marriage was a very tame affair in comparison to the reception of the French Fleet at Crons Tad to and emphasized the fact that France Aud Russia Are in full Accord. Of course the Reading Public have read ail about this business but it will sound very grand to May of the mayors admirers who will believe that or. Callaghan actually enjoys close confidential relations with the crowned Heads of Europe. # # but the essence of his Honor a observations is Patent when he comes to drawing a comparison Between the French Soldier Aud the German Soldier says his Honor a every Frenchman is a Soldier from patriotism and he has the endurance inspired by that sentiment. Every German is a Soldier because he has to be and while he loves his fatherland he does not like the enforced service that is so rigid so lengthy and injurious to his business our mayor lacks a Good Deal of being a Frenchman or a German and ought to be an impartial judge As Between these two nationalities especially As he comes fresh from Paree but our taxpayers will begin to wonder if it is Worth the handsome salary paid Bis Honor. But then comes the conclusion the Young Mau has seen All the glory of the old world but has not become dazzled he says a i find however that i prefer to look at european affairs from this Side of the in this conclusion the taxpayers who support the City government heartily concur with him. A i have heard san Antonio derided at Home a says our mayor a was being dirty and filthy and yet she is the cleanest City i have Ever visited Aud i have been to Loudon Paris Brussels Havre new York Chicago and St. Louis since i left Here and none of them compare with ban Antonio in Point of cleanliness healthiness godliness and it is pleasant to be told that you Are Good looking Nice Etc., but there is an inner consciousness that the mayor is either a Gay deceiver or is in the fix of a belated husband who attempt to make Bis better half of Lieve he is perfectly sober and to avoid a curtain lecture by soft Sodden no it wont do or. Callaghan you treated the people Over whom you have the Honor to preside with marked contempt and no Cou Sidera Mon when you took your leave for France. World for its size. But it is not due to our sanitary regulations because we know of none worse. When it comes to comparing Bau Antonio with London Paris new York Chicago Brussels it sounds ridiculous. These Are great crowded cities. It was High time the Young Man came Home. Nothing like it Ever before seen in personal mention. Steve Kearney has returned from Mexico. Henry Boerner has returned from Comfort. Miss Fannie Andrews is staying at the Maverick. Her Home to in Austin. Or. We. Netter Aud wife will be Home in september. Mrs. Phil. A Bardeen has returned from Tennessee. N. Townes the mayor of Uvalde is stopping at the Maverick. J Fox from Washington d. C., is staying at the St. Leonard. Sheriff j. J. Seale of Helena. Tex., is registered Al the St. Leonard. J j. H. Jennings is at the Mali Hoke from Edwards county. Sheriff h. W. Baylor and family of Uvalde Are guests of the Mahneke. Mrs. Pauline Baker a resident of Uvalde is registered at the a Kitke. Mrs. Rate Mcguigar of Houston is at the Southern. J. Jenkins of Waco Texas. Is a guest of the Southern. L. L. Magners whose Home is in us Louis is registered at the Monger. Mrs. Hodgess of Palestine is staying at the Monger. Gov. Hogg and party passed though the City yesterday returning from Corpus and Rockport to Austin. Or. W. F. Conner southwestern passenger agent of the Wabash is in the City. W. G. Butler a Well known ranch Man of Kennedy is stopping at the Southern. A. J. Williams is at the Southern from Floresville. He is a prominent Stockman of that place. Or. H. C Archer travelling passenger agent of the o and m. Railway is in the City from Dallas. A or. Geo. Dullnig and family Are living on their ranch near san Antonio. Geo. H. Sage the Berlin Bridge Man of Berluti couu., is a guest of the Manger. B. Johnson a Well known merchant of Calaveras is now at the St. Leonard. Frank h. Church a prominent lawyer and real estate Mau of Oakville Texas is to be seen at the St. Leonard. San Antonio just received a car Load of the finest Rattan and Bamboo parlor furniture busted novelties which will be sold at lower figures than Ever before offered in this City in carpets Matt the most Complete line to be seen in Texas at prices that Knock out All Competition. Also the largest and finest assortment of bed room suits at prices unusually Low. Call and see your Purchase. Us before making a a. Woolfson. Guns and religion. The cheapest teas. Hollands a Happy thought 50c per la. Hollands a i know 60c per la. Real estate. A Joo too deals and the prices they bring. Denver and san Antonio investment company to a has. B. French lots 6 and 7, Block 31. Baptist Carl and Annie Bieber and others to William Fenster maker and Peter younger lot 13, Block 4, Durango Street. Edward Hall and wife to it. R. Claridge 373 94-100 acres of land out of original Survey i Cibolo Creek. 6,000 h. R. Claridge to mrs. Margaret Hall lots 3 and 4, Block 22, West Commerce Street. 3,000 estate of de sieves and Johana c Steves to pm ii in Wrase,54 x 182k feet in Western part of Block 2, Between Sycamore and Walnut streets and on Gonzales Street. 900 your Junke Tings abroad As Well As your prejudiced opinions As to French and German affairs and French and German character Are of no interest to them they do not pay your salary for this kind of thing. A a a the facts of your extravagant reek less management of City affairs have hardened in the hearts of the people and your recent escapade by taking a european trip has Only confirmed the Actu men. Ivese opinion of All intelligent painstaking efforts Well rewarded. Our fall Stock of boys and youths clothing is the Nastiest and most reasonable in Price it has Ever been our Good Fortune to possess an examination will make you a firm believer of what we say. Gray plaid combination Kilt suits All Wool Ages 2 1-2, 3 Aud 4 Yea a $5.00. 24 3t Joske Brothers. Other people have travelled even people who live Witch in the corporate limits of our City Aud have observed and they know that the statement about our City being the cleanest in the world is All Bosh. A even our paved streets Are untidy hut when it comes toothed streets and Public places they Are far from being kept clean in fact they Are never cleaned except when we have a rain storm. We have the Healthiest City in the sex regulars. The d 8. Stanley sex regular militia company held a meeting at Muthus Pavilion monday night and elected the following officers or. Delaney Captain or. Kasenburg first lieutenant and Patrick of Don Nel second lieutenant. Temporary elected non commissioned officers were sergeants Shelley Wilson j. Dunbar Nelson Walder Hines. Corporals p. Dilion Barr an others whose names could not be obtained. We. Muth jr., was elected As treasurer. Twenty three members were sworn in and Only 13 More Are wanted to Complete the company. The next meeting will be held monday a gust 31st, at much a Pavilion. Stray notice. Taken up a sorrel horse about 14 hands High branded a a we on shout Der. The owner can get same by calling at 814 North Flores Street and paying tor this notice. 8-26 it for Sale the program privilege of the grand opera House tor the season of 1891 and 1892 for specifications �to., Apio t. W. Mullaly at grand opera ouse san Antonio Texas. 8-28 3t Church policeman wounded from ambush by unknown parties. Two attempts to fire the coloured methodist Church on East Crockett Street near the Southern Pacific rail Way have recently been made and a special policeman j. W. Patterson has lately been sworn in to guard the property. He was armed with a shot gun and at services last night sat in the Church during services until some rocks thrown from the outside were heard to strike the Board bonding. He went outside and was immediately fired upon by some party ambushed in the Vicinity. He received a slight wound in the leg from the shot Aud fired in the direction whence he saw the Blaze but failed to make hit. Or. G. J. Starnes dressed his wound which was very slight and he walked Home. The shots alarmed the policemen in the Vicinity and they ran to the place but could learn Little about the matter. A parties on Alamo Plaza heard the shots Aud claim four distinct reports were heard. _ stage people we know. Larry Douley formerly an actor at the fashion theatre in Simms amp Samuels time is end Man for Primrose amp West a minstrels now. Delmau ing bros., known in san Antonio have become connected with the Corinne opera co. Signor Monte Grafto is now with the Emma j Ach opera company. Milton Nobles adds a new play to his repertoire this season a the son of he has a Strong company. Roland Reed has a new play a the club Friend a by old Rosenfield. Grade Emmet is playing a pulse of new her old play was a waifs of new Dannie Creelan a vaudeville favorite is at Ben Loeles theatre Leadville col. We. Lucifer of Lassard amp Lucifer was married july 24, to Louise Althea of the Althea Sisters. Miss Francis Field the angular Star of the Pablo Romani company is still retained with Walter Lawrence doing the work of Alden Benedict. Lillian Kennedy makes her debut As a Star in new York in a she could t marry three a written by John j. Kennedy her brother. A Rumor is afloat East that Henry Green Wail and Jake Tannebaum Southern managers Are to make a Southern Combine next season. Or. Hathaway j. Broadfoot. M do a assistant. Regular graduates the leading specialist of the sooth and West a a private blood skin and nervous diseases. Young men who by their acts of Imp Denoe or Folly suffer from nervous debility exhausting drains upon the fountains of life. Affecting the mind body and manhood should con nit the celebrated or. Hathaway at one. Remember Nelsons diseases with or without dreams or without dreams i/0 or debility and loss of nerve Power for a treated scientifically by new methods with eat Success. It make no difference what Yon ave taken or who Nas jailed to cure you. Lost i an Hood and All weakness of the sexual organs treated with great Success. Female disease cured at Home without instruments a wonderful remedy. Piles great discovery. A cure guaranteed. No knife cutting or ligature. Painless treat men stricture cured without cutting. The most wonderful discovery. Sam and sure. Syphilis. The most rapid Safe and effective remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin diseases of All kinds eared where others have tailed. Unnatural discharges promptly cured Ina few Days. Quick sure and sate. This includes Gleet Ana gonorrhoea. My methods 1. Free consultation at the office or by mall. 2.thorough examination and carers diagnosis. S. I lint each patient treated gets the advantage of special study and experience and specially is made of his or her disease. A. Moderate Cli Arges and easy terms of payment a Home treatment can be Given in a majority of cases. Send for symptom Blank no i for men. Send for symptom Blank no. 2 for women. Send for by upturn Blank no. S for skin Dos eases. A a ail correspondence answered promptly. Business St riot y confidential Medicine sent free from observation refer to Banka in san an Tonto Texas. Address or Call on j. N. Hathaway in. D., 29-81 w. Commerce St., upstairs i 5-1-1-rn san Antonio. Texas. Ply Dou Twenty five pal cents buys a pair fall knee pants not to be had elsewhere for 50c. Our boys clothing Stook is simply grand this sear and what a More we Are giving Otter value than Ever. 8 25 81. Joske Brothers. His Days longer. Patent tip oxfords for $1.00 and $1.25, Worth $1.75, in Joskey a great clearance Sale of shoes and slippers. A work of repairing the county courthouse commenced this moaning. Prices baking let Jip Owden used in millions of Homes to years the Standard a boys wants fully supplied in fall goods. None to equal our $2.50 Cassimer knee suits 50o knee pants or 25c indigo Blue waists. 8 24 St Joske Brothers. Skilled shooters. Yesterday afternoon at 6 30 of clock the soldiers at the Garrison of fort Ham Houston were drawn up in dress Parade to witness the distribution of the Gold and Silver medals to winners of the department Rifle Competition just ended at fort Clark. General Stanley made the presentations and the recipients were As follows Gold medal Corporal John Burns Isth infantry score 668. Silver medals sergeant t. Rose 18th infantry 562 Corporal win. Long 18th infantry 554 private d. Mckenzie 18 infantry 552. Bronze medals sergeant Thomas Kenney 18th infantry 548 sergeant Herman Ley 5th infantry 537 musician Albert Hiland 23rd infantry 528 private Ernest Carder 18th infantry 526 sergeant Wallace Hight 23rd infantry 612 sergeant we. 8. Phillips 23rd infantry it a Lari j a vomit 5f Export a Tsao a Jas mahr s. A. Brewing Assi. Xxx Pearl reer. The purest and Best any part of the City. Delivered to

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