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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - August 24, 1891, San Antonio, TexasMonday August 24, 1891. Used up. It s the Only Way to use some things but it s a bad condition for a Man or woman. It Means disease. Take or. Pierce s Golden medical discovery. That Means health. It invigorates the liver and kidneys purifies the blood and cleanses and Renews the whole system. F or All so Romulous Humours and blood taints and even con sumption or if taken in time it s a positive remedy. It s a guaranteed one. In All diseases of the liver blood and lungs it s warranted to Benefit or cure or the Money is refunded. No other Medicine of its class is sold through druggists on this Peculiar plan. You can judge Why. You Only pay for the Good you get. Rail Road time table i. G. N. Railroad. Departures. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain or Al k. Of tilt. A. U for St Louis via Iron Mountain p. I for Laredo a. U ah1uvals. From St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. N from St. Louis via Iron Mountain and Al k. And to in-.00 p. In from Laredo u p. In Railroad. Through express East. Leaves for new Orleans Houston to and Galveston a. In. And 9 p. In arrives from the East. Arrives from new Orleans Houston und Galveston 7 a. M. P. M through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass p. N arrives from san Francisco Elpaso Anil Eagle puss Sim a. N s. A. A. P. Railroad. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville dully except 11 leaves for Galveston Houston and Cuero daily 11 leaves for Corpus clip Loti inc port and Beeville daily l p. N Leftwo Syfor Koiv Lilii sunday Only 8 n. N arrivals. From Kii Tville daily exec pm a. N from Corpus Rockport and Beeville daily p. 11 from Galveston Houston and Duero Dally p from Kerrville sunday Only re Mallory Leamor sail from Gulf Cost every wednesday and saturday. Bucklen s Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for cuts bruises sores ulcers Salt Rheum Tot Tor. Chapped hands chilblains corns All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no required. It i guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction o Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box for Sale by All druggists. Dreiss. Tho Tnp son co s wholesale. Scared i v. lout Pipiu. 3 lit a ars Soni sb.v oof . Quire Loy k Nail at. Piso s remedy for Catarrh is Tho Best easiest to use and cheapest. Sold by druggists or Bents email. Soc. A. T. Hazeltine. Warren. A. Consumption. 1 have a positive remedy for the above disease by fit use thousands cases of wore kind and Ohio us a Tobson cored. Indeed to Strong is Faith Ita Efficacy to lat i Wil Senrt t to bottles k valuable the Atinsk on Lila disease to Ridant to their express and . Address v. A. Stocum. M. A. 181 Pearl St. N. Y pennyroyal pills or. Refute dangerous it and . La Coj Keller Fop Berft Lumi 10.000 . Yemi part pjih.55.jp2 local the daily Light in Oaly 50 gents a month delivered shadows. Ardara Hawthorne of Ermilo by Tho cats song on Hor lips Anil la Trot la her orca Ever u Shadow of Homlok Fulo Hud darkened Bur life la Nuy Wise. On her lips and Tho Aliy love that door zeus Tho Huo of her rut Lieut Blush. Her face is. And Rosy and Bright a touched with a dying Twilight s Mush. L lds a Tho hour of Tho tryst Buo had Tho tryst made under Tho Rose. Ii Giyik she for her heart is glad no can Como of her lire., who knows. of a Nuezca. And fall of leaves. Twitter of Birds in a downy Uesel. Murmur tit Brook Are Tho sounds shy weaves Luto Trio of a Lovo confessed. Slowly Tho Moon comes through Iho Trees Tho Iii he la her heart is Clear As its Boilini. Sire coming. She almost sees her Luver Juio Over Tho Woodland Stream. Site almost bees so Suro is slip hut Tho moments Erie cd mud Tho Moon sails by. Trio shadows Are Ulghero and seem to to Becking to dim Tho Street Light of her eyes. Barbara Law Thorto altering Noea slowly away from Tho tryst Bijj Filacc. Sorrow has Cuoio to her now Aho Hows shadows ars veiling her fair fuck sorrow that never can pass away or the tender Lover love is Llama played Witlip cart for a Mouth and a Day Antl left it in Shadow Florov Criore. A. Curb in oreo a origin of tie song Dpi Ling Niello Gray Tho old pm Natalion favorite Darling Nellie published first in this City. 1 do not know Liy whom. Was at a i Tutlo Musicale Tho other night and some were to litre who were belter posted i Ilion the of Yin of which have be come famous than they Are about music. One Tif tie ii arty said i Inive just told you. And Tsien he added some information which a is new to . I i Iii tacit the Anthon was Benjamin u. La Diruhy if Bihler county 0. Lie was a Pix Uchur and in abolitionist. He read an a court of a coloured Gir whose name was Nellie Gray who hat Huen sold and taken away from her Coloret Lover lie wrote n soul from the in Ideiil Ami sent the words to a Chicago firm but Lvi r heard anything from it. A time after the sending of tie he was a visitor at the Huus of a Young Lily who lived at Columbus o. He Succi her to play something. She said she noticing new except a negro s Linin in gently come out. She Liei played and a Collie Ilar by asked to see the music which was grantee of rom is. Lie then jointed out Bis name on i Ilc she had not noticed that she Hud she had not connected the with uie visitor. It the firn he had Ever Licord ii. Len Ruby wrote i uie ii Jii Liat Poldi Slid the .sic Call Iii Aue Niou to the net that he wrote tin in urls. The publishers sent six copies of i lie swing which Iho pay to eve gut. The publishers according to the Gen i Lenin who told the Story Niido a Fortun on of in Chicago Tribune. The clime of is. The game of chess filters in the a Triou count fits if the world. Thus in the Hindoo four Are. Pm loved each with their King each counting aiming its slain. The Chine a name of of the title it Vidu of in of Hasa i Iver sunni big throng i lie of tiie Tuiai in which their ele . To our hops canno mini Luiei a is a fort which their King i under the Sirius Evrit name of Clia Taranga a it Sivine As Moden Euliess was played in Hindustan Murly years ago. I Roin Hinl Ustari tin Kui Iio i o line been to Persia Anc hence to . Ilju arabs introduce to Liilo a Iii vile i est of we Stein during tie Centuria where i lie pastime about the Yea Thi ii in a i Toul of l Onu Alexande ii n for playing and compelling to Wash the fiet i Lucke beggars us a punishment fur sin Republic. Tho ago of dressing. There said a dude a great Ufa o pleasure to Law out of clothes if Yoi Only knew in easily i Here is if Yon can Hariu. Yum in it hut of us have Tiit i arc in on Mills. In what May by vernied he age Ali Init runs fron a Lieut seve Jiten la , and to Ali inti of i hem. Liucy How Maiji Aie Ibert Liat Diton t Liia stage clothes wire chief Subjec of i ii ought. When Infin by looked Hiliot i rely in Vert i file Iulo t Ron Sers and Coats and hats Mil the dressing was ii Lea and not bother when 1 were looked Poi merely As Lay figures no Iii which the arts of the Tai Cir might lie displayed. Let i lie clot lies at a i a the when you Man in likes Ahji cd if Afir that ii Kajii it tha he v. Ii ii Vel i All a Wash Oil slav. Kati s. Hut i has been Hen Over weeks. Nothing was Iii Lahout riling a we Clim go by the week or by the what in that package he left in i Fie to Azov thru go by the news. Too ready to shout Stop met Wim a Zooi 6rimn a Umnik Irv caused Cotini Depablo merriment among a crowd not very hard to please and the Many facetious remarks of the glib sales Imu though stale enough from lung usage were accepted As pure wit and answered accordingly. When Tho Sale was Over the auctioneer who bad fairly been earned away by the fluency of own Tongue and Tho Success of the air air stepped Down Fotu Tho Ros Trum und prepared to put on hat and coat. The. Crowd had lingered to pick out the goods each Bud i night and see to the Transfer Beu suddenly to auctioneer exclaimed i be been robbed who took hat coat and Cane he shouted to the policeman who had stood at the door to preserve order Don t let any Man reach Yonl then he pushed Way to the door and scrutinized eagerly each Man As he Camu out. Presently he made a grab it one Young fellow who wus gayly balancing the auctioneer s Silver handled Cane in Bis baud. I be caught you Fly Roginel he yelled give the Thane and come along with this Anil he made a grab for the stick. Tho youth pretty bold for a detected thief aimed a blow at the auctioneer and savagely proclaimed honesty and intention to have revenge. Tho policeman collared however and Straightway the auctioneer spied a mail walking 08 with coat. Another arrest and another indignant protest. A victim with the hat quickly followed and the onlookers began to get warmly interested Yon put that Bat up for Anc Liou your yelled the last Man and 1 bought it along with a lamp Ami a mucilage poll1 "1 Bill of this coat and bad it handed to shouted the other with a scrubbing Brush and a lie Steadl you knocked this Capo Down to to for two dollars along with a broken Cradle and a yelled the third and i la Knock you Down with it Yon Anil he made i dash for the auctioneer. Bystanders interfered Here and the a Salesman was with some Difili culty convinced that he had really put up and knocked Down own clothing in the excitement of the Yolk Tribune a smart auctioneer discovers that Tho 3inn on Tho lilo re Itlie Der. An auction Sale was in Lively Progress in an up town Roadway store the other Day. Tho go oils were a miscellaneous lot of Lio Mehold stuff and were Beins knocked Down at a Lively rate. It was necessary to Clear the Wulc lot out at any Cost and so a valuable article generally sandwiched in Between two undesirable ones and the lot Lipil for in the Lump. Tie incongruous combinations that the made such in a picture a and in Ter or a Bat . Very daring a tvs the re Fornance of n certain Housek Ejier in a Little Ohio town. She had just come a Bride and n stranger among these people. She was and Quick witted and her House hold goods had Only just Lieen thrown Down tier Llu ors. There came a ring it her door. She thought it was the truck Man and she hastened to open it. Before her stood a woman whose face she but had pointed out to her the Day before As the society Leader in the Little town a woman also of Sharp eyes und Sharpe Tongue. She was elegantly dressed ant evidently came to make her first Call it the time auspicious fur observations Trio Young mistress had her Bend tied us in a she wore n dressing Jacke and a Dusty dress skirt partly covered with a Gingham apron i n her hand sin held a whisk Brush. Is mrs. Smith a asked the Dainty lady card ii hand. Now the newcomer had been the heat ant Over a Cress in the City where so had lived mild she had not played Tho Pur of to singing chambermaid who whisk the Feather duster about coquettish by i the air All fur nothing. No Sli in the Irish Brogue you Ove heard "nt1, she s had to go up Pittsburg Fiir i Day or two. Shell Boback the u t lie week and the bad Ileal society Leader Back to herein t a later site sat in the Niimi Imti a Iii Ali parlor in tiie new House Well poised Young what maid you had Rtin is i Calk is she still will tin other her eyes a hat. My to s lit i be uni via to Lilli set the lint Slit a ult of i Borg. She s n t site s Moth York Sun. 01 no t fee masons arose in today there Are orders in in Dia hint Are Magnus in principle Anil prac Tice if not in name. The Only Dill Ere Nice in the masonic fraternity of the occident and the Orient is the latter strictly like the. Ancient orders timed. The former live Kapusta fixed in so far As they eat flesh. This site mint. Is based on the fuel that the passwords and forms used by lie mister masons in t heir Lodge will a per in into 1 lie san t us Saneto Ami of an Indian Temple. A master a Sun of not tidily d himself into relic Sareil part of in adept no of Une of i ii i May Shiek the nerves of some who bit oppose secret societies in style was a Kree in Irne Hilt in principle. he was an i essene an which hrs l Uci ii Oil in Princi ple and practice were masonic. With the Exi ent Ion of ail the apostles were i linux Sonbi born Peter t statement t hat not Hing common or unclean had entered is the equivalent of an acknowledgement that he Ives an i Sene an. Ail Iho in state jews were flesh eaters. History says thai the ancient masons lived in great purity of body Anil soul the a holc body every morning it mid wore pledged to have no Earth save their rabbi. The following were a few of their Many exalted doctrines thou shall keep the ten of Moses Thon Shalt not in War or Aliet War icon shall eat no Ilish of any animal or fish or Bird 01 fowl or creeping thing created alive Oliou Shalt dwell in families after the manner of the ancient israelite who held All things in common Thon shul love thy neighbor As thyself find do thy fellow Man As Thon wouldst have do unto Liee Thon Shalt return Good for evil if a Man strike ice on our Cheek turn to the other also. La is in evidence that Jesu scrupulously lived up to the letter find spirit of the 1 Sene an doctrines. Tan Ner in Kaunas City to Coiii-.v., ii Huv material which Juicy it once piling up on of the Box ill lil it Rose u1 Lilleh s the Edge la the Middle of they Ziadi the nest not Only using hair Bill every Feather Mil Odd bit they could . At the end of the season they built a second Nesi which showed they had a Arne 1 Soai ething by for Iner experience. nest being composed of Sui Lucient material and no More an swering the Puri Isi every Way with tibent half the of labor used in Timeir first. Alter it. Again it is very interesting to watch them under the condition of having unsuitable materials to build with mid Pudei these pundit ions they Point n moral to us by doing their Best under the worst circumstances. To one pair of Birds which bad bred three seasons 1 give nesting so Small that the Hen could not possibly sit in it Mvi ver this on h called Forth special Eliot and and after filling the Box they gradually extended the sides of Tho nest a Little at a time As it Rose above the Edge of the . Until t be circumference was Large 10 allow of the in Side being formed. One pair which were caged together could never give As to which lion they should build in having a Khoiee of two. Tho Ben decided on one the Cymek on the other so they both began building on their own account Kulil All the material was used. Then the worst of the quarrel began. While the Hen was Down feeding the cock Wii in go and fetch tin Moss out of Hei Box to put in own Anil so vice versa Many desperate lights being the result after 111ix e Days of this unhappy state of married life i removed one Box and gave them some fresh , after which the Lin ill. A very Nice St and reared a family of Oliree in love and Concord with Eric i tit Kovnat. In St Itti Lillne i Captivity. Canaries when Bol ii Are Young often make some very Radical Les with their first Nasf either by using far too much a or Iii to Eno Norh up Uzwy watched of i Jaul and to tight the world Hov to spin a Lundn a or More threads at oni operation years after these Early ious before they came into Gen Cral use. Paul worked own machine for Many years but when he died the. Were broken Iii Ami sold and the work continued to spin on a foot wheel. The. Tardy of Ali Verdue of these ill Venti uns was Tine primal ily to Theognosi lion of tiie operatives to the Intro any Liing in the nature of in Provell . Tho Mii ids were Strong and determined in Iligir refusal to operal or Luicha new Deviov fur dispensing Hail labor poor John a after inventing h shuttle Colip Eligil close Liis Mill a by i he riotous i Iii of the Ham in i also Ell Yagod in devising Niue fur spinning .1 mul broke hi., to Lestroy Everyl Liing it and Vuu old liar filled the inventor Seir i Rietl smuggled Huiai in a Sheet. Mail not Iki surprised Al lie Blind Brula Ity of ignorant the looked upon the inventor As in Encino planning to Lake tin Bivi Uli from the . Hut what shall we say of Triem Annac to rows who tie intents of Kay with out recognition of tin service Guiu Hud done and what shall we a of the government Wirich Lenni Tecil the Man in old age without re Cummens for invent ions which added untold million to the i bin country to seek refing Toni Iti r vaut.-, Tea re la die i abort ii n 1 North in Poi la Lily. L Owa that live in ii air. Volt would Iii rely lie to guess where some tit i he cows Are furnish Trio milk of the City of i urn not ail of but a few null Here else Titan Oil i lie lops of sch urine Hutis As the Voogd Aie tier Svetly Lenl the people util ise them for All in Minnei or Kidi Bly fur Heneries do Gar. Lens where Llo Veis and veg grow in and even barn Jarols. In Many n Lima cow spends All her Days on uie roof of her owner s residences having been liken when a calf and brought Down at the end of her life As fresh beef. In i lie meantime she is fed on Alkali i. 1-Ropieal Clover and slops from he Kitchen. Coups Are Stilt More common on the roofs of dwellings Ami in the thickly populated portions us the town your neighbors1 Rock Yun at Cihiy ii.ji1 Piui renin Atli s of is. Pele i. a Jiuu Portny. sol Shingl does i re really l.-Li--l. Yowl to we whip a yes son very much More than i is you. Tummy drying h i Vest Rin so glad i language of apes. A Iii Rcv Lias Ahlai Kiml is Vei Al Clowa to the dialect of Anil there is a remarkable i Roper by Fessor Garner on tiie language of a Heth lie has been studying with the help of uie phonograph and of which he thinks that lie has it least some of the rudiments. He tells us that Willi the con sent of Frank Linker director of the National zoological gardens at washing ton he separated a pair of apes Ivsich had been living together and placed them in different rooms. Then in placed the phonograph near the of the female and recorded a few of Tho sounds which she had uttered in that instrument it was then removed to the cell of the male and made to the sounds registered. Theser Prisland perplexity of the male were evident. He traced the sounds to the Horn from which they came and failing to Lind mate he thrust hand and Arm into the Horn Juite up to shoulders withdrew it and peeped into the Horn again and again. Lie would then Retreat and again cautiously approach tie Horn which he examined with evident interest. The. Expressions of Bis Fez a Yvere indeed a using Tho phonograph and doing All in Power to imitate its sound after to had obtained what he believed to to the Chim Panzee word either for milk or for Tho de sire to obtain milk professor Garner made the greatest Effort to repeat this word with own Tongue and lips to n Capuchin tie Minkov turned o Loo i Al . I urdu Ett Fie Nan repeated t three or four times very distinctly the Nonkey repeated the sound Ami turned to pan kept in Bis Cage for supplying Villi drink brought the pan 10 the front of he Cage came quite up to the liars and itt Rcd the word himself though As yet professor Garner bad not shown any Iii Kuruny other drink. Then and not till then milk was brought and poured nto the pan Wirich the Monkey drank Vith great zest and then repeated the sound again some three or four times. And professor found that when he wanted pan replenished lib always used the same sound. And when water was used instead of milk the same word was repeated to express the Dimitri for it tie inference was drawn that the word de noted Eilicer or tie thirst which was sat Islic by liquid. The was tried with a sound in High professor Garner discovered to he always used in connection with solid , a banana or h Eai rot. A bit of bread or an Apple and As the same word seemed to apply to All of them equally professor Garner inferred that the word described either solid food in general or i he hunger fur it. And in tie same Way he discovered the sound which described or and another which Eil her a sense of danger or a threat the effect of its utterance being la alarm the Monkey Suvi. Lent that he always sprang i u the Point in Bis Cage Ami after a find in in re pealed three or four times the result that the creature became almost with in Ond this Monkey even allow himself to Law attract two by the words for drink or food after he had once Learned to associate i Rofe Saor Garner with this sound expressive of either danger or menace. In Elliis fashion professor Garner trained the Mastery of anon eight or nine sounds which May be changed by different modulations into three or Muiir Rimes that number so As to express mod tiled forms of the same word All of them chiefly Vowel sounds with the Barest indication of some thing like a Congo int and sounds professor Garner regards As the constituent elements of an ape language which has i variety of different according til the specie of London Spectator. 1 it Ijelu who kill horses. Once upon n Lime Lic Foro the Argentine was Tri ironed with rambo acts a Little dirty of us in the Saddle to Cross the pampas to of Bolivia. Coming a Dav. Also came upon a Camp of Curi Ous Hall of while we had Bill with whom i. In Eusel Lirl never made Catti Iniel Ance a ample of them were earving oni. Of in of a horse w Iose hide was out in the to dry. great mor Sels n Hail Roas Edwil Hunt Salt in the Emler. Of a of Ini Feon Slit Ted the to which Trio nachos Welcom etl us. It was Beany eating though the conk Ery could not Compart with that of tiie Man 1 in Paris and it was the Only om1 rude ii osts knew. They lived by tha Burse and Oil the horse As Well As on Back. His hide went to the traders to clothe t hem and h is flesh went Impi their iridies to Render them Worth clothing no one who seen them running Down their game with their Long lariats tipped with Leaden bulls will do Lii that it was of. Deli inf in Epi Civ Iii ii it in a Reil to Ruihle. In York Iii Icib. Miji Ile for a in Yehei. One is by As fans i a Monk. i lie nativity re t liar was the first to an non Are in the Llu great event by sliding Christ is born Christ is Bovny Christus mites est and in latin t he Monk imitated the Crow Tinguf u Iciek. Continued of impatient to know where Christ was born cited out where wider i 1 ubi Ami a Ain he imitated with the latin tin deep Low of to t question of the of the pre Zieher said i he sheep made answer. A i Lile hem in and so saying he pleated like a sheep finally the ass invited All to repair to the place by Biying out let us go let , let. Us Kamiah audit in Liu Birnirt of. To ass tie or. Louis i so a to Sjol Rahni. Aino Tig thu i right Anil shining lights in tin Rural in Njamin Frank iia Llic , si. Leeond to mine in and . I pursued the same of invest ii Atiim in is an of the of a Large number

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