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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - August 21, 1891, San Antonio, Texas A i Etc Joni he sight. Friday August 21, 1891. West Texas abstract and guarantee Short stops. Company. h. M. Aubrey Secretary and mgr or fir 1p� 421 e. Houston St. Will Amish rename abstracts of title to lands in Bexar county either City or country property upon Short notice Aud reasonable terms. Telephone no. 406 flying Sparks. Ten of clock to 12 is the lunch fiends happiest time. Elk Bride k. P., had quite a Large meeting last night. The uniform rank k. P., meets tonight. A the entertainment committee of the Odd Fellows Lodge Are already at work preparing tor the grand Lodge meeting in february 1892. The Safe banker now will Only discount Twenty Dollar Gold pieces. Building associations generally Are not now carrying much surplus. The knights of pythias will meet again tomorrow night to Complete the organization of the pythian Castle association. An English comic opera company is booked to play at the Washington next week. One thousand extra copies of the Light will be printed tomorrow to Supply the orders. Good Chance for advertisers. The Roncoroni company will play one night in Laredo Aud eight nights in ban Antonio. That injunction suit yet remains to be dissolved by the City. There will be another cow roping exhibition next runday. The two Lynch children at the Washington Are very Clever Little artists. Quite a number of aliens have filed their intention papers to become citizens since the adoption of the alien land Law. Quite a number of our citizens have been caught by the foreign wild cat building Aud loan associations. What the people Are say Trig the people have discussed the constitutional amendments with More Zeal since the election than before the vote was taken. The next thing is to secure intelligent legislation upon the amendments. A the registration Section affects Only cities of 10,f of and Over inhabitants a the Law will Only operate in about a dozen cities Aud it should be a easy work to secure in connection with registration a guarded system of balloting similar to the australian system. Registration of itself will not reach the abuses practice in our City. It willbeju8t As easy to Register the mexican alien Vole As it is now to furnish them with citizen papers. Aud it will be very convenient to secure a a Supply of registered mexican voters Aud on election Day produce the mexicans to answer to the names on the registration lists. # # # personal mention from or. Tho. Of Shields has returned a visit to Michigan. Vav. Grossman of Plato. Md., is a guest of the Monger. R. Vav. Nance is at the Monger from Quincy 111. J. Vav. Cochran of Dallas is now at the me . Mrs. J. M. Daniel and daughter from Lytle Are registered at the St. Leonard. A. C. Jones of Beeville is registered at the St. Leonard. Maj. F. M. Rundel of Austin is in the City. Ile is stopping at the Mahncke. Josepe Devine and family have returned from Corpus Christi. M. Stokes is registered from be n York at the Southern. A. T. Wood a wealthy Stockman of Runge is stopping at the Southern. Vav. B. Pool a Railroad contractor from Springfield Tois to be seen at the Southern. I messes. Lewis Berry Campbell and Vron have returned from their Rockport fishing trip. J. A. Lawler proprietor of the grand Central hotel of Houston is in the the registration provisions must be so drawn As to prevent fraud As far As possible. # a bad government has its birth in the corruption of the ballot Box. No wonder our local administration of affairs is marked by recklessness extravagance and arrogant disregard for intelligent Public opinion when the officials know that they hold their places by reason of a Large purchasable element who neither know nor care anything about the object they Are voting for. A City. In is stooping at the Maverick. A. Larralde and family from Piedras vegas Mexico of which place he is a imminent merchant Are guests at the Viah Neke. Or. Vav. H. Run a Pacific express messenger from Galveston w to is a visiting member of Houston a left handed fishing club is in the City on a visit. Surround the ballot Box with such guards that it can Only be approached by voters who must exercise some intelligence some manhood some Independence in order to cast their votes and a Long step has been taken towards eliminating the curse of our elections. Building permits. Chaa. Bull dwelling Montana Street 7th Ward $540. Frank Gorinski Nevada Street 7th Ward $200. A. Groom addition to dwelling Austin Street 6th Ward $350. De. Dietrich stable and Carriage House Leigh Street 7th Ward. J. O. Witt gallery Trenton Avenue 4th Ward. Officials elected by the Lute i get Choice of the Legal voters of the Community will feel a direct responsibility to the people in the exercise of their duties. Party action will become healthy once teat intelligence and genuine citizenship predominate at the ballot Box. The heat of the summer season seems to have Wilton much of the accustomed Energy of our City. It will take another $250,000 loan proposition to . # a nuisance that should be remedied by the chief of the fire department or the City Connell. To the san Antonio Light having occasion to come Down town wednesday night in company with my daughter our Way Lay past the engine House formerly known As no. 2. There we experienced a great Deal of difficulty in getting past. The sidewalk was occupied by the a gang who were amusing themselves with some kind of horse play accompanied by an amount of foul Aud vulgar Lan Guage which ill accorded with the respectability of the surroundings. Cannot the Chiel of the fire depart ment or City Council do something towards remedying this evil. The com Pany have Good Reading rooms and plenty of vacant space behind the engine House to loaf in then Why should they take up the whole sidewalk with their games and vulgar language making it impossible for respectable people to pass. Geo. D. Rohmer. Questions mat were postponed years ago because there did not seem to be a Clear solution have been solved. The River has not run dry on the contrary the very bowels of the Earth have been tapped and Ai abundant Supply of splendid water obtained. The City can run its own water works very conveniently and cheaply. It was a Wise vote that snowed the water works proposition made by or. Callaghan. The people will demand in the near future that the City own Aud operate a water works system that will sup ply water at a minimum Cost to con burners. No longer does the water Supply q Letioa stand in me Way of the Buie Drugof a sewer system. A City of 50,000 people Maui it Long avoid this necessity. # nothing like it Ever before seen in san Antonio just received a car Load of the finest Rattan and Bamboo parlor furniture Tvett novel ties which will be sold at lower figures than Ever before offered in this City in y h we a in n the most Complete line to be seen in Texas at prices that Knock out All Competition. Also the largest and finest assortment of bed room suits us before making at prices unusually Low. \ Call and see your Purchase. Italians meet. The italian Colony met last night Aud appointed a committee of twelve to make arrangements for the Celebration of Columbus Day october 12. All citizens of the City will be invited to participate and subscriptions to make the entertainment a the Springs a Success will be solicited. I i. Wolfson coloured Encampment. Today and yesterday the coloured Encampment was Only a Busy scene of routine duty and work. The men Are Well uniformed Well behaved and diligent and have proven themselves very Apt in the instruction received. Gen. Maybry has great Praise for them Aad but few words of condemnation. A favor has been granted the soldiers by the general permitting them to Parade the streets tomorrow afternoon. We Caa have natural Perpetua fountains playing in every Square at a a St within the reach of the City administration by the geysers recently obtained. A a will it rain Secretary Rusk of the u. 8. Agr cultural Bureau writes to parties in ban Antonio that col. Dyrenfurth in charge of the rain experiments at Midland Texas is alone to be consulted in regard to coming to ban Antonio to try experiments in producing rain at the expense of our citizens. Col. Dyrenfurth has received a copy of the request and his answer is eagerly awaited. But the people want nothing until they have a different set of Public servants to administer their Public business. No doctor s rills in Japan. San Francisco chronicle a japanese doctor never thinks of asking a poor patient for a fee. There is a proverb among the medical Fra Teruty of Japan a when the twin enemies poverty Aud disease invade a Home thou he who takes aught from that Home even though it be Given him is a a a often a said or. Matsui Noto a a a doctor will not Only give his time and hi9 Madi tines freely to the sufferer Bat he will also give him Money to tide Over his dire necessities. Every physician has his own dispensary and there Are very few apothecary shops in the Empire. A when a Rich Man Calls in a phys Cian he does not expect that he will be presented a Bill for medical Are vices. In fact no sub thing As a Doc tors Bill is known in Japan although nearly All the modern practices Are in Vogue there. The doctor never asks for his fee. The strict honesty of the people does not make this necessary. When he is through with a patient a present is made to him of whatever sum the patient or Nis friends May deem to be just compensation. The doctor is supposed to smile take the fee Bow and thank his West end picnic. The monthly Moonlight picnic for the Benefit of by. Luke a episcopal Church at West end Pavilion was attended by a Large number of people Aud As usual was a financial Success. Every one enjoyed themselves and dancing was kept up until late hour. It was under the charge of mrs. Fuller mrs. Cooley and mrs. Moore. The tables were presided Over by the following named ladies mrs. George mrs. By rapt mrs. Taylor and mrs. Martin the misses read Fuller Taylor Schuchardt Aud Bumph mrs. Moore was president of the cake stand. The following Young ladles who acted As waitresses were dressed in the most bewitching manner miss Maggie Moore wore a Pink silk dress with a Black silk bodice and a milk maids Black Cap. Miss Laura Cooley a Blue silk dress and a White milkmaid s Cap. Miss Naugle Cooley was dressed in White mull with a milkmaid a White Cap. Miss Lena Fuller wore a neat and becoming White mull dress. Miss Helen Moore was dressed in a White Serge with a purple milkmaid a Cap. The music was furnished by persians orchestra. Or. Hathaway j. Broadfoot. M do a assistant. A regular graduates the leading specialist of the Booth and weal z private blood skin and nervous diseases. Austins sensation. The testimony of some witnesses Iii ban Antonio in relation to the Gates Gaines divorce suit in by. Douis Nave been secured in ban Antonio. The parties were once prominent society people of Austin col. Gaines being proprietor of the statesman. The tee Timony taken Here was that of two of the lady a maids restive to her receiving company of gentlemen at her Home in Austin. Young men who by their acts of in Rondene or Folly suffer from nervous debility exhausting drains upon the fountains of life. Affecting the Ana should manhood con nit the Cele brute at once. Remember nervous diseases with or without dreams a or debility and loss of nerve Power treated scientifically by new methods with great Ancona it malts no difference what you Nave taken or who Hab lulled to cure you. Lost manhood and All weakness of the sexual organs treated with great Success. Female disease cured at Home without instruments a wonderful remedy piles great discovery. A cure guarantee. No Knie cutting or ligature. Painless treat men Stric to r e cured without cutting the Moet wonderful discovery. Safe and Anre. Syphilis. The most rapid Safe and effective remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin d seas is of All kinds cured where others have failed. Unnatural discharges promptly cured Ina few Quick. Re a sate. A warning in time. About three months ago on account of the number of explosions which had taken Phaoe throughout the state the powder houses on powder House Hill were inspected Audau ordinance was gotten out ordering them to move the houses farther out of the City which has not been done Aud since then the ordinance has not been Beard of it would be Well for the City a the Ontic to look into this As the Hill spoken of has been settled up rapidly and should one of the houses explode the others which Are very close would probably explode also and do a Large amount of damage to both life Aud property. A number of the citizens who live or have property on the Hill Are grumbling about it. Aud the sooner it in looked into the better. The people want a mayor and City attorney and City councilmen who will stay at their posts of duty both Winter Aud summer who will Bear with them the summer heat and choir them through the Dull season by schemes of Economy and care. American wheel company Chicago rails assets $410,000, liabilities $180,000. A Public office is not a pleasure bout a round of fishing and Nutting expeditions Tours Over the world and the subversion of the Public Trust to private interests. The people Are tired of this thing. $3,750 will buy a handsome cottage residence of 7 rooms with Bath stable Carriage House Chicken House Wood House Etc. Hydrant water Large lot with Fine Shade Trees and shrubbery new neat and clean about four blocks from military Plaza. Will rent easily at $10.00 a month. 6-17 of . Hambleton amp co. A or. Chaa. Lati Dauer requests the Light to say that he also received a Telegram announcing the Safe arrival of miss Kochs in Waring. A a charge of malicious mischief has been preferred against the car Tenter Mullins before Justice Herron. A the citizens Are anxious to see the ban Antonio amateurs play win Niue Ball but they would like to see them play with strictly Amateur members and also to see them bar All professional members of outside teams who May visit us. In tile approaching games with Galveston it is freely said that a paid Pitcher from new Orleans has been engaged to be pitted against our Amateur Pitcher Butler Aud while it is absolutely Safe to bet on butlers game yet it is not just to him to work him against a paid Man or even a professional working without pay. Notice to the Public. The new hardware store no. 413 e. Houston Street near Alamo Plaza of which Thomas b. Wren is proprietor will be opened on or about september 1st, with a Lull line of hardware of every description stoves tinware agricultural implements blacksmiths supplies Etc. Everything new and fresh in the hardware line will be kept Aud or. Wren Hopes by courteous treatment close attention to business Aud Low prices to win a share of Public patronage. He has been for Nineteen years in the business and feels himself capable of serving his Many friends Aud acquaintances and the Public in general who May kindly extend to him their patronage. Remember the place and the Date Aud Call and see him when he has opened up. Respectfully 8 18 in. Thomas b. Wren. Svs. Quick this inelud�6 sleet Sud go Norrinea. My methods 1. Free consultation at Ute office or by mall 2.thorough examination and cafe Al diagnosis. 5. I hat each a lie at treated gets the advantage of special study and experience and specially is made of his or her disease. A. M a it debate charges and easy terms of payment a Home treatment can be Given in a majority of cases. Send for symptom Blank no i for men Send for symptom Blank no. 2 for women. Send for symptom Blank no. 8 for 8kln Dos All correspondence answered promptly. Business strictly confidential. Medicine sent free from observation refer to Banka in san an Tonio Texas. Address or Call on j. A Hathaway m. Do a 2w-si w. Commerce St., upstairs 5-1-1-in san Antonio texan. Alamo v muons. The following called on the Alamo this morning j. M. Hudgens Buckner Ark 8. G. Borden m. Is. Borden. Ii. Borden and i ase Josephine and Alice Borden from Sharpsburg Texas l. J. Baxter Longview Texas. And a for tired feeling loss of appetite general debility there is no remedy equal o a pc. C. C. Certain chill sold by a. Dreiss. 8 12 pm five lots in Grandview. At a bargain. Finest located property n the . B. Johnson Light office aaa used in millions of Homes years the Standard Merit wins. We desire to say to our citizens that for years we have been Selling or. Kings new discovery for consumption or. King s new life pills Bucklers Arnica Salve and electric bitters and have never handled remedies that sell As Well or that have Given such Universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time and we stand ready to refund the Purchase Price if satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely on their merits. Dreiss Thompson amp co., druggists. 8-12-lm Keal estate. A Fer xxx x deals and the prices they bring. Edgar g. Glinto Herman Brendel lots 8,1and to Block 4, tries first addition to san Antonio. 1,050 Benito a. Viade e. V. And tel a Yglesias lots 7 and 8, Block 9, Elpaso Street. 825 Mary w. Schwalbe and husband to Joseph Spencer jr., and goo. C. Ai Golt one sixth interest in lot i Block 2, sub division of lot i Range 4, District 1. 299 auction. Cookery Aud household goods Gen orally three counters i cart paintings Etc., will be sold saturday August 22nd, at to a. In. No 25 Alamo Plaza n. A. Harvey auctioneer. 8t s. Una Iii aul xxx Pearl Beer. The purest and Best. Toy part the City. Delivered m to in. I a1

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