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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - August 15, 1891, San Antonio, TexasSaturday August it i worst forms of Catarrh with use of or. Sage s Catarrh Rem Edy. It s mild soothing cleansing and Liebling properties of oct a perfect and permanent cure no matter Tiow bad the Case or of How Long standing. It s a remedy that succeeds where everything else Baa failed. Thousands of such cases can be pointed out. That s Tho reason its proprietors Back their Faith in it with Money. They offer Reward for a Case of Catarrh they cannot cure. It s a Medicine that allows them to take such a risk. Does t common sense Lead you to Tako such a Medicine an advertising you say. Funny in t it Bow some people sickness to health when Tho remedy is positive and the Guaran tee absolute. Wise men Don t put Money Back of and faking does t pay. Hail Road time table. I. G. N. Railroad. Departures. Tor St. Louis via Iron Mountain or 41., k. Aud t. A. M fort. I Ouis via Iron Mou Utain p. I for Aveao a. M arrivals. From St. Louts via Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. M from St. Louis via Iron Mountain audm., k. Audit p. M from Laredo p. M Southern Pacific Railroad through express East. For now Orleans Houston and Galveston a. M. And 9 a in arrives from the East. Arrives from new Orleans Houston und Galveston 7 a. No. And p. M through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass p. M arrives from san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass a. M s. A. A. P. Railroad. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville daily except sunday p. M a leaves for Galveston Houston Aud Cuero daily leaves Lor Corpus Rockport. And Beeville daily l p. M for Kerrville sunday Only s a. M arrivals. A Roni Kerrville daily a. In from Corpus Rockport and Beeville daily p. In from Galveston Houston Aud Cuero daily m Kerrville sunday Only p. In Mallory Steamer pall from Galveston Overy wednesday and saturday. And Wriskey Hama cured at Home with out pain. Book of Par Ticu fire sent a Fluke. . Office 1ch Whitehall St. Rise 3 remedy for Catarrh a tha Best easiest to use and cheapest. Catarrh a romantic Young lady by George Grant. Sold by druggists or Bent by Moil. 60c. The. T. Nazi Lttie. Warren. A. Consumption. I have a positive remedy for the Dia Eue by pm of cases of the worst kind and of Long standing have been cared. Indeed so Bra of 13 my Faith i it Efficacy that i will go and two bottles valuable treatise on this disease to Sot Ferer who will Bead to their express and . T. A. Sld Czinu A. 1si Pearl St. N. Y. Pennyroyal Pius or Virtna pkg Dolly Fien Olno. A ire reliable. Tadlas aft Iggett for t and Brand had am oof with Blue re Boa. Talk vast Noo Lher. Butt Rill. V and Ai or Teal a fuck Fop 10.0oo . Amt fatty. Iliria Ted to Loci pallid. P a. Battaglia boots and shoes la Tea and Yenta Fine show to order. Repairing neatly Dono at rate in 2i5 Alamo Puza. The daily Light Only 50 Genta a month delivered Hills to logical yes. But do you not think it is cruel to turn the cold shoulder on a Man merely because to dresses undoubtedly. But they have them selves to blame for it. Tho world has not yet got accustomed to the idea that a Man with a Lawless coat on his Back Means to do anything. Not to very Long ago a thing unknown. 1 am Wil Lairg to i Druit that when the gentlemen consent work they make the workers but the Burden of Evi Dence is say is on thy world refuses to believe because it is envious. There one of the business men who decline to give or. Prime a Chance who would t give half his Fortune to be like him if to could you Are a philosopher us Well is a , Young lady i see. Yon May not be far wrong. Hut if sir. Prime know what a Champion he has he would cease to despair. You asked i think if i believed his Story. It is quite evident what your opinion is said or. Chelm with a High. Very Well then 1 do believe it and i want to help Roi Miuchu against the lawyers. A "1 am n very determined Young per son when i make up my mind. You cannot in ugh me out of or. heaven forbid but what do you propose to give him a the lawyer rubbed his Chin re elect ively. I Mil perfectly willing to Resi in his favor hut otherwise i know of i vacancy Eitl Erin your or my gift to to said with i smile. "1 cannot you yet. I have an other and a very romantic one As you have predicted. I propose to set him up in As a he is that already. No As a what do you think of my i have heard Only the beginning of it. It is natural enough to feel the inclination to set a handsome Young Man up As a banker but i fail to comprehend yet the details of Tho "1 shall leave them to to me but 1 regret to say. Miss Elar Lau that 1 know of no banking House at present that would employ the services of this embryo merchant of but Yon Don t or you won t in me. What 1 propose is to found a banking House and to furnish the capital or. Chelm leaned Back in his chair and hug lion heartily. This is Romance with a vengeance. Would 1 were Twenty five and in search of occupation and what Pray is to to the name of the new concern Harbin and prime or Virginia Harlim and com Pany i urn confident it will to a partnership for Francis prime and company of course. I will not submit to be laughed lit or. Chelm. Tina is a serious Busi of most certainly thoroughly Businesslike in every Steusel my dear Young lady if you expect me to preserve my Legal Gravity you must not be so humorous it is beyond the self control of even a fusty conveyancer. And what part in this financial Idyl am 1 expected to Are to arrange it All. I am to furnish the Money and rerun in strictly incognito. That is the first und essential condition i what or. Prime is not to know the name of jigs Bene actress " on no account he will he sure to search the Earth until he finds not if he made to believe she is ancient and homely. Besides How is he to know it is a forgive me miss Ilirjan but no one except a woman could invent such a project. It fairly takes my breath away. How much of your capita do you pose to embark in the whole four no or. Chelm i am not utterly irrational yet. That is one of the Points 1 mean to leave to your discretion. 1 merely insist unit he shall not be crimped. I do not think however that i care to Advance Over two Hundred and fifty thousand two Hundred and City thousand Dol and still you talk of is not that enough Why certainly not. If you Are Bent Ivion the plan. At least put it through handsomely Wiss Harlan. Let them have a Cool million at once and be done with i know of course that this must seem very quixotic to you As a business Man or. 1 continued after a moment s reflection. Very Likely you think i am merely jesting. But i Ain not. I am perfectly serious. I want to help or. Prime. I was very much inter ested by what he said and i believe he is in Earnest. The that i have just suggested seems to me entirely feasible. Even supposing that i lose a couple of Hundred thousand dollars what then it is a year s income at the worst where As of the other the scheme pros Pel s and lie turns out to a merchant interrupted or. Chelm. Yea a merchant Prince As i believe a you will be married und be Happy Ever after As la other fairy nothing of Tho sort or. Chelm. My conclusion of thy affair is much less sentimental. In Case events result a i Hope and predict. I shall to thankful that 1 have Given him a Chance to put his theories into practice. You May remember that to lie had theories regard ing the use a Rich Man should make of his a strikes me you Aro willing to pay pretty dear for Tho probable value of the information i Vun if turn out As you expect. But the Money is yours miss Harlan not mine and if you Aro resolved upon loing generous in this wholesale Way. It is not for to to com Plain. We lawyers get conservative As we grow older it nil any Romance that May Havo been in us dries up like the sap in tres that have begun to outlast their usefulness j to know How hard it is to earn an living and when we see any one in whom we have an interest n Tawlu for imprudent speculations we instinctively utter i protest. Still As you say. It is but a year s in come and May the cheapest Way in the end to teach you reason is to humor the expensive fancy. If the Money is lost you will never miss it while As suming that this Young Man is All your imagination a i life him 1 know of Noth ing that would give me greater pleasure than to see you happily married. That 1 say amen with All my thank you very much. Or. Chelm. But 1 will not obtain your Connivance on any such terms. If Yon regard this As other than a purely business enter prise 1 warn you that you will be to full i shall Havu to take my Chance of being right just As you Are going to take yours. But come now. Since you insist upon my treating this mutter seriously what is it that you wish me to or. even to giving away the Bride you must Promise me that he miss with it is a bargain then. Command my services As you wish i could say my capital also. But unfortunately i Carnot Ufford to Tosa away my hundreds of thousands like some people. But that is an aside. Tell me what you wish to to do. 1 no All to begin with when or. Prime re turns on saturday i should like you to inform him that you happened by Chance to mention his predicament to a Friend of of which that is entirely immaterial. But if lie should happen to inquire i Elmul de Pend on you to preserve my incognito. You most even fib a Little if it is Neces sary. Mercy on us this romantic Youngr philanthropist talks of fibbing As if it were the most simple thing in life. No Mademoiselle we never fib. If we Are Ever obliged to forsake the Nar Row pathway of truth we Tell a Square honest lie. Siut this is positively Ivy set Yon Are to Tell him that this Friend of yours was very interested in his endeavours to Bud something to do and sympathized with Liis to Wear a smile on his face and avoid buggy trousers to the last. That mean of course the willing to give him the Chance for which he asks to prove hims lt1 n Man by pm icing in your hands a sufficient sum to found a Bank ing honour undoubted solvency. He is to have Complete of tills Money of which he May any interest if he chooses in order to satisfy your business scruples or. He need never pay it Back unless he wishes to do so the particulars of which you will under stand How to arrange better than i can Tell you. Some Day in the dim future when he has realized his Dou t imagine for an instant or. Chelm that i expect him to make a Fortune All at May return the original loan if he sees lit. 1 shall be an old woman then and should it May be have less objection to being known As his Bene actress than at present. Is Mesee is there anything else to Guy As to the name of the firm it ought to to Francis prime and company 1 presume but the must be n Man of Straw. He is to receive no outside help not even from you. There 1 think 1 have made my wishes sufficiently you do not desire him to give secur Ity for whatever you May Advance not a very Businesslike arrangement. But As for that the whole scheme is the most utopian 1 Ever heard of. These women these women it makes a prudent Man tremble to think what would become of the universe if they bad full Sway but i must submit 1 suppose. I have Given my i fear to has no Security to offer unless it beautifully ugly Ike be the imperious do you suppose to would part with the animal 1 took rather a fancy to him did t you. Or. Nay there i shall put Down my foot. I will have no dogs in this office. Love me. Love my dog is a Inaxi to which 1 sold not subscribe even in your Case. No. A Businesslike As it is i prefer to make the loan without it May be easily imagined that during Tho next few Duys 1 was on tiptoe with expectation. Let it to said once that i was quite aware that 1 was about to commit what might fairly be considered a Folly ii prudent trended people. The chances of my Goose proving a Swan were altogether too slight to justify the 1 nr0posed_. V cams i never once wavered in my Resolution nor suffered doubt to mar the Mir ror of Funcy in which 1 chose to vol Mhz my protege fulfilling the ample measure of his Amhi Tiou in the years to come. What an absorbing interest it would to me to watch from behind my mask tiie Progress to made if he proved successful 1 could feel that part of the creating Power was mine for had 1 not trusted him let a Man realize that there is some one who has Faith in him and the Battle is half won. Even suppose Lio were to prove the Recreant and impostor predicted the world would not be Able to jeer at me 1 could hug my wretched secret and none would be the Wiser. Decidedly 1 was to be envied in the acquisition of this new interest. It

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