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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - August 13, 1891, San Antonio, TexasHe Hix Btij oboe no. 4 comm san co. T b Johnson. And mama air. At the Post at Sas Iri j. As second class mail Light m the Only daily Republican Papek published in subscription rates. Dally per 5o Dally per year. 5. Of Deli Erkd mail or Carrier tabs. Weekly. 6 Mont 6o weekly. 1 year. subscribers not receiving their paper will make complaint to the Floe. Sub9crt- Are earned not to pay their subscription upon presentation of a progeny re red Bill this office. advertisements a per mod first in 75 fonts per Inch each t trustees sales f 1 00 per Inch first in 25 cents Ucb insertion afterwards. Biding matter. Editorial Page x outs Apex c i Wal 20 cents first 10 cents first week. Sente after special rates on 50 and 100 lines r to month. Some payable an ii first of month. Transient advertising payable in and f a Xoe Only Metal cuts printed 8peeial rates Given on larger space and Long discount Given for Cash ror state and county off Loera in or and is approved by to cqrbjc8pojj dents All ror Tala paper be by tie came of the author not for publication but As evidence of r Sho writ a. Write Oal crae Side of the paper a Plain hand. An Wui not be noticed. Tace Laahty will not Renoon Sable for the state Saint of its to Eastern advertisers. All advertising for the daily Aud week Light must come to of through oui special ascents messes. Palmer a key. 232 235 Temple court. New York August 13, 1891. The solid South will never have its Boue broken by the Alliance club. Of this fact there be can be doubt. The Mckinley Bill knocked off 000.000 customs revenues. The de crease for 1s91, Over 1890 will be alone in duties but the expenses of living1 Are largely reduced. The Maryland democrats pronoun cing against free Silver has Cut off All Gorman s presidential chances if he Ever had any. Campbell s friends nominated him. But his enemies built his plat form Campbell will have to Strad dle like Mills. A new York judge allows 10 cents Alimony and lawyer s Lees in a divorce suit. That Breaks the record. The woman in the Case was earning a week Aud had a wealthy father the Man was penniless. The marriage was a had the Good times coming this fail have not taken the express train but they Are jogging along on the accommodation run. James Lowell. Id the death of James Ell whose death in announced in the Tuo Ruiu dispatches America loses Are mo0t distinctive poet Aud the or cited states one of her most Loyal citizens. No Man Ever lived who had larger sympathy pith nature whose Sou More completely in unison with her everlasting Harmon ies or whose ear was More acutely tuned to catch her faintest whisper us. His in which Only he soul of patriotism breathes with out one feeling of Petty distinctive Ness his Hosea Bigelow papers in which he arraign England for her pro slavery sympathy during the War of 186o, have no equal As satirical writings u the whole Range of modern Litera ure. The sense of Justice is the Dom Natu Quality of his writings. His abundant Faith in the final outcome of All things for the Best and his unconquerable Trust in Man As the con sum Date Flower and Truit age of Crea Tion when his divines shall have been evoked through Cul Ture and discipline Are very marked. He was More the iconoclast than the builder in times of peace More the builder than the iconoclast in time of War there were no false notes sounded from his Harp vocal with All human melodies. He was As Strong As he was tender and As sympathetic As he was Brave and fearless. His great heart Ever beat responsive to the heart of the Universal humanity and in him neither Che meanness of littleness nor the littleness of Section Alisa had any place. His mind took a wide Range and covered All human interests and in his poems these things Are truly evidenced. His deep insight into the souls of things is one of his most remarkable qualities. He was at Home with nature and her secrets seemed revealed to him. For the pure spirit of childhood he had an instinctive reverence. With oppress i is of All kinds he was at perpetual War. He had a divine reverence for free Dom intellectual moral and spirit Ual As As for the Liberty of the press Aud the largest free Dom of human action. He was a close student of men and things As Wei As of nature Aud no Man conferred greater Honor upon he office he held than did James Russell Lowell both As u. 8. Minister to Madrid and to London. As a humorist be was without an equal and he was worshipped at Harvard University whore he succeeded Long Ellow As professor of modern languages he was editor for years of the Atlantic monthly and afterwards of the North american review and has left his stamp upon the literature and mind of his age he died on the hither Side of his threescore and ten years being at the time of his death 72 years of age. A arrest poet and a Good Man a Wise citizen and an Able teacher a Loyal american and a True Patriot has gone to and left a nation to mourn departure. Merit wins. To a to or i that for have in ii or. Kmit s Tor in us Jitian. I. Kinin new pills. a Niru and in Etric and handled that i iriv Imi Fai to to nut to Thorn i very tinii1. Aud mind a Jidy refund try ii satisfactory do not follow their these remedies won their Ireat purely on their merits. Civiss Thomp son co., drum lists. 8-Rmni attention land owners i have a customer Olio to buy farming lands in counties South and of san Antonio in tracts of r Rorn to acres. Address .1 no. T. a Trivin location Aud Price and other particulars. Of notice of of dissolution partnership. Firm of Jacob us Lnier. Composed of la Dull Niff and John Dull is has this Day dissolved partnership by Mutual con Jacob Dull Niff retiring and John dul Lejk continuing the business u rider the term name of John Dullnig. A outstand ing d Bis due the firm Are payable to John Oulu Nair. And All the liabilities of the h pm will be paid by him. Than King the Public for their i Herne patronage in the past and hoping continuance of the same to Thi new firm we an. Very respectfully. 7-1 r in Jacob , John san Antonio. Texas. July Hager Moths. The largest and cheapest furniture House in san Antonio 13 Alamo Plaza and Losoya Street. Owing to the dullness of the season we will Al Low to Cash customers 10 per cent off on Ori Ginal figures. Our Stock is com plete in every line. A Safe investment. Is one which is id Heinz you satisfactory results or in Case of failure a return of Purchase Price. On this Safe plan Yon can buy from our advertised Aru Jurist a bottle of or. King s new for consumption. It is 10 bring Relief in every Case for any affection of Throat. Or Chest such As consumption mation of lunar a. Bronchitis asthma whooping cough croup Etc. Etc. It is pleasant and ukr Reahle to taste perfectly Safe and can always lie depended upon. Trial bottles free at a co s Drill store. 8-12-lm please give Usa Ca lil Ger Moths. I f. Kalteyer son wholesale and retail j special bargain acres on Medina River Short distance from san Antonio improved ail can be cultivated Tine soil never failing water. Apply to .1 of it. Ham Bucton a Job exporters urns chemicals and Draggett s Patent medicines Etc., photographic Stock. Sheep suppl or tar Chryst Iio ointment. 8oio proprietors of f. Kalteyer s Patent screw worm ointment and liniment promptly attended to. Correspondence solicited f. Kalteyer son 507 606 West Commerce St Bei Worth 8idk military Plaza. To printers aim you can buy a bargain in a press or an engine by addressing t. B. Johnson office. 5-g-tf. I Salisbury thinks that the Irish Home Rule movement has about sex nans Ted itself and Gladstone thinks that Salisbury s party has about run its race. The coming parliamentary election Nav a deceive both. Of. What a cough. Will you need Trie warning. Tho signal perhaps of the sure approach of that More terrible disease consumption. Ask yourselves if you can afford for the Sake of saving to run the risk and do nothing for it. We Unow from experience that Shiloh s cure will cure your Couch. It never fails. Thi explains Why More thar. A million bottles were sold the past year. It relieves croup and whoop ing cough t once. Mothers do not be without it. Or Lamo Hack Side or Chest use Shiloh s porous Piaster. Sold by Adol Dreiss. 3-28-Eod Bucklen s Arnica Salve. The Host Salve in the world for cuts bruises sores ulcers Salt Rheum tet Ter chapped hands. Chilblains corns All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is c Kiran teed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box for Sale by All druggists. Dreiss. Thomp Soa co s wholesale. Elmendorf co., main Plaza san Antonio. Mechanics supplies. Cassady sulky plows warranted lightest draft made. Thresher engines Scales mowers and reapers. Hardware and agricultural implements agents for the celebrated la Belle Wagon. Distressed mothers. Having just buried my Little boy As a philanthropist would Eay to you that i can cure any Case of cholera Iti Vantura with the attendant congestion of stomach Aud bowels reflex brain symptoms Etc. No charges. Mrs. E. Croom 422 Bowie st., ban Antonio. The free Silver men Are bunched for the speaker ship race. There is not an opponent of free coinage in the Batch. The Eastern democrats will have to say on this matter before a speaker is chosen. The Western democrats demand free Silver the Alliance democrats demand sub Treasury pledges the Eastern democrats demand that the present state quo be preserved in financial and monetary legislation. Each of the groups demand a speaker in Accord with their ideas. Who will he Brand what the Harvest Mills has the straddle s position on Silver. Campbell is naturally a Republican. His ideas Are More Republican than Democrat and he has not concealed them. He is Bow placed in the most critical period of his life upon a platform that does not har Monize with his Oft expressed View and forced to fio Fht the most popular Man of the Republican party upon a platform chosen by himself and heartily endorsed by the people. It is not in the Hooks for Campbell to win under such circumstances. Oil. Prevents tendency to wrinkles or a reing of the skin. Prevents withering of the skin or drying up of the flesh. Nature s wonder for preserving youth and Tresh Ess 11.00 hrs re bottles at drug wrists. This Che that will not grow Damp and your food with a bad odor causing sickness Etc. The self cleaning North ask our customers How they like Star there Are hundreds in the City. Our prices Are the lowest. House furnishes 409 411 East Houston Street the democracy is predicting what a tremendous Swath the third party is going to Cut in Ohio. The Swath they Cut in Kentucky was not heavy enough to pay for gathering with a horse Rake. It appears quite Secre tary Noble s resignation is in tiie hands of the president Bat it has not been accepted and will not be until some other things Are decided. The Only cause for the Secretary s retire ment is his impaired health and the need of a less arduous position. Theosophy seems to have been the gainer by the death of Madame Bla Vatsky. Her successor countess of Caithness is in Way a contrast. 8he is i Earnest student a lady of refined tastes dignified bearing great accomplishments and withal a woman of wealth and Beauty. Gladstone and burgeon Are not making that rapid Progress toward recovery that their anxious friends have hoped for. It is extremely doubtful if Gladstone is Ever Able again to stand the pressure that has been put upon him of late years. His vitality is largely exhausted. 8pur Geon doas not gain any material strength As the Days go his friends Are fearful that he is nearing the beginning of the end. A guarantee Cora piles of whatever kind or internal bund or re evil inst itching chronic. Recent or hereditary this remedy has positively never known to Tail. Box t boxes for sent by mail on receipt of Price. A written a Tiara driven o each per Chaser of b boxes. Hefti purchased at one time to refund the paid if no cured. Guarantee Isayed by a Dreiss. Wholesale and Metal druggist sole san Autonio Texas a in m c i Martin Schryver of All sorts kinds and qualities. Building material of All kinds shapes and health is wealth a Large assortment of ornamental goods always in Stock. Hand quantities of the never yet surpassed Haisch to wire. We Are successful competitors in Price and goods. Office Fet up constantly of Hab and fee Nib be convinced South of Sunset depot. San Antonio. You can Daman a due in your mind but not on paper if the paper goes through Uncle Samuel s mails. There must be no outward and visible sign of that inward and Unspiritual feel ing which finds Relief in cuss words. Damn All you want to in your mind. U. 8. Is no mind Reader. Cleveland will keep out of Ohio on the principle that discretion is the better part of valor. He cannot take his encyclopedia with him. A advantages o to Thi or. E. C. Want 8 a Krak brain treat a guarantee specific for hysteria Pizzi Conan Lions fits neuralgia use of alcohol or tobacco Wake fitness mental depression 8 of the train resulting in insanity and leading to misery decay Ani premature old a barrenness loss of Power in either sex. Involuntary and caused by Over exertion of the self abuse or Over indulgence each Box contains one month s treatment. a Box or six for sent by mail pre paid on receipt of Price we guarantee six boxes to cure any Case. With each order received by a for six boxes accompanied with we will Send the purchaser our written guarantee to refund the Money if tit treatment does not effect a cure. Guarantees Sauert Only by City drug store Sale arts. 8 e. Commerce st., san Antonio an Antonio offers unparalleled Home seekers. A location of surprising loveliness a climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All com Bining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. John 7. Hambleton do

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