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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - August 11, 1891, San Antonio, Texas A he daily Brentt soc2 tuesday August la 1891. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. Incorporated h. Maubrey Secretary and mgr office 421 e. Houston St. Will furnish rename abstracts of title to lands in Bexar county either City or country property upon Short notice and reasonable terms. Telephone no. 406 notice to the Public. The Only authorized collectors for the Lieut at present Are h. C. Schumacher Fred Small and d. C. Bitter. Otherwise you will see that you go a properly receipted Bill from Tho undersigned. T. B. Johnson manager Fig if san Antonio Light. Pertinent paragraphs. Henry Tracy is an itinerant Mill. Wind there is no Man who does not cidely prefer riches to poverty. it is an humane Beu Ilcent Wise and just Law and is Invulnerable by the statesman a declamation. The statesman s attack upon judge Terrell reminds one of a Mosquito sailing iut of an elephant. Harry Tracy wants the misguided Farmers to elect him to Congress. All of them want office. A ecu Mem with m Muir us Cay one Peper hat the mail is ouly imitating Don Quixote attack on the windmills. Attacks on any class of men Are always unjust. There Are lawyers that should be in the Penitentiary and there Are editors who ought to be there too but that is no reason Why the class to which they belong should be abused in the Lump. The Saloon men in Texas show a woeful Lack of common sense they should close up of Tutu May front and rear and in this Way compel the legislature to repeal the sunday Law. So Long As men Are Able to procure drinks on sunday they Don t mind the sunday Law As it does not Pinch them but when their usual Supply is Cut Oft they will pitch into the sunday Law like a terrier chewing a rat and repeal it. The Austin statesman is now playing the part of a schoolmaster to the citizens of Texas Aud dealing out his censures with a free hand. It lately belittled and sneered at the Texas legislature and described it As a menagerie of asses monkeys and parrots so far As mental gifts go. The Gall of these imported editors is without limits. Nun Onuf ins internal Ween on min null his heart out Quot Jim would treat Jay Gould in that inhuman fashion solely for the crime of he tug Rich. It is far More Likely he would hold him to Ransom and loot his pockets. The statesman ran full tilt into a Buzz saw when it attacked the Homestead Law of Texas. The Homestead Stead Law is not in any Way promotive of fraud. Everybody is aware of the existence of the Law and that a Homestead cannot be sold under Legal process for debt and they Uever give Oue credit upon the supposition that they can collect it out of the Homestead. The Texas legislature Rould lose nothing by being compared with the Legislatures of other states. Every legislature that Ever existed contained Meu utterly unfit for the task of framing Laws. Men May not be dudes in their dress yet be the superiors in brains of the cynics who ridicule their disregard of do deism in apparel. Adipose and Paunchy Dick Hubbard has at last hit on his right vocation Tuat of Bellows Blower for a nondescript travelling show. Done to Ever worry about anything past or to come. Enjoy the present moment Aud extract from it All the happiness possible. Or. Macune has fleeced the credulous Farmers out of a handsome sum of Money. He admits he went to Washington a poor Man and that he has purchased a flue House paying Down $8,000 Cash Aud will pay $100 a month till the residence shall be said for. He and his partner Sledge ought of Cheteoui hem Alliance Farmer the Organ of the Alliance in Georgia and paid $7,000 for it. Sledge owns a controlling interest in the Mercury of Texas. He admits that the economist oat $16,000. Here Are two Alliance men owning three leading Alliance organs. A those who think the manufacturer divides his pie with his labourers Are As simple As Point courier. This is the marrow of rot stewed Down. Does the merchant a Divide his pie a with his clerks does the Farmer a Divide his pie with his labourer so does a contractor a Divide his pie with his labourers and does the courier a Divide its pie with its printers the courier Man should have his head bored for the Simples Aud Wear a tag with the Label a i am a Ramphool done to Hurt me a Sam Jones was Rotten egged at Houston last week. Houston is beginning to crowd san Antonio uncomfortably close for the Honor of being the toughest City in the bulletin. The bulletin evidently does not read the newspapers or else it does not mind slandering 40.000, people. The statistics of crime double As Many murders Are comr it Worth or Dallas and Are committed in san Antonio. Newspapers should Tell the truth. Nothing like it Ever before seen in san Antonio just received a car Load of the finest Rattan and Bamboo furniture. A3xtd novelties which will be sold at lower figures than Ever before offered in this City in we show that thefts and ted Iii fort Houston As bflrpet8�matting8 the most Complete line to be seen in Texas at prices that Knock out All Competition. Also the largest and finest assortment of bed room suits at prices unusually Low. Call and see us before making your Purchase. A a. Wolfson. A Short session. Rattled off the rails. Whenever you hear a Lesiow abusing plutocrats be sure he is trying to enhance his value in order to sell out to a plutocrats. When a five year old boy roams about the streets Hunting the stumps of cigars Aud cigarettes and smoking them All Day Long what sort of a Man will he be. The Farmers need Industry Aud to Tuomy in allopathic doses Aud pol Itsos in homeopathic doses to make farming pay. patriotic people approve of these inhuman Lawless and anarchical utterances by a prominent speaker of the third party puritanism has left new England in disgust and established its head quarters in tax amps. Puritanism is i caricature of religion executed by fanatics. What is the rate of interest charged by the alien Money lenders doing business in Texas what disposition was made of All the interest they have heretofore collected in Texas can they get As Large an interest elsewhere As they squeezed out of the citizens of Texas ? these Alieu Money lenders loan Money for As much interest As they eau get. And Are Bere for the purpose of making Money and for nothing else. The Public schools of today differ very much from those of the past age. The Public streets Are now getting to be the Public schools which boys and girls attend. Iii these they acquire Slang vulgarity bad manners bad habits and Loose ideas about morality. Some parents in san Antonio seem to prefer education in the streets to any other sort As it keeps their children from bothering them at Home. Special action on Toniana Street and the Street car muddle postponed. At the special meeting of the City Council yesterday afternoon called to take action on the report of the commissioners on the widening of Romana Street and to Settle the Street railway controversy As to the right of Way on Austin Street the aldermen heard the attorney for m. V. Beze a property owner on Romana Street. He asked the City to defer action until his client returned. This was granted and the Council will wait for or. Bezel a return. The commissioners assessed the benefits As follows estate of j. Morrison $100, f. Nagle $400 p. J. Thomas. $150 . Rote $300 mrs. Mary Paschal $1600 mrs. W. B. Leigh $200. Damages mrs. W. B. Leigh $800 mrs. Jesusa Pena de Aroch $2500. The Council then adjourned before Lockwood could get in a Resolution to Settle the Street car muddle which it is said he had prepared. Good clothes helps Good manners. Boys clothing department chock full of new suits and single pants. Something extra in a youths suit at $12.50. Knee pants 60c to $1.76. 8 to 3t Joske Brothers. Talked by Telegraph told by train men and taken in transit. General freight agent Polk of the s. A. It pc a. Railway has returned from Austin where he Lay some More figures before the commission in regard to the roads lumber business. This railway will lose $25,000 annually on lumber if the Cut is made. General superintendent w. G. Van Vleck superintendent Mulvey Aud other officers of the Southern Pacific Are in the City. They Are on a tour of inspection of the Road going West. C. B. Lane who has been night operator for the s a. At this station has left for Yoakum where he will be stationed in the future. J. W. Menefee has taken up the duties Here. The Stock shipping season is about Over. For the last week there has been no shipments Over the s. A. I. N. Turner car clerk of the s. A. P., returned from Corpus Christi where be has been spending his vacation and is now Back in his old place. E. Holt the popular claim clerk of the s. A. P., is spending a Lay off up around Boerne Hunting and fishing with a party of friends. Or. Charles Ross night Yard master on the s. A. For the past two years has resigned and gone to Galveston. He has the Best wishes to carry with him from his Many friends in this City. His successor is or. . Hall formerly night Yard Forman on the s. A. The Law and order league of hous ton has ample material to work on but it will decimate the population in Case it secures the conviction of All the toughs and hoodlums burrowing in that City. The Palestine times boasts that is Bas no trouble in making collection from its advertisers who Are thirty four in number and this boast will probably Lead to the starting of at least two More newspapers in that a neck of Woods a As there Are always thousands of men who Faucy they can get Rich by running a paper and a the same time Light up the world by the effulgence of their immeasurable Genius. The Ramphool family s numerous and widely spread Aud its members Are born editors. Knocked Down. I Price was knocked Down and kicked out of John a Berretta a store recently since then the store has been crowded with eager purchasers of dry goods and clothing at their closing Sale of summer goods. All summer goods at and below Cost. 8 6 of when Buck Kilgore tackles a third party Mau he should use his feet and not his brains. As an artistic kicker he is unexcelled and has achieved a National reputation but As a Man of brains he Bas out no figure so far. The alleged Scarcity of Money is not confronted by the facts. Not a Dollar of the Money in circulation in 1890 Bas been destroyed. The surplus of fifty millions in the Treasury is in circulation. The pensions will require $il5,u00,000 for their payment this year the papers in Texas Are badly split up on the amendments to the Constitution. Many of them a Darken counsel by words without that is always the Case when men write about a question on which they Are not posted. Editors Are not oui in scent by nature. The contest in Louisiana is hot and fierce Between Money and principle. The lottery Bas divided the democracy captured the negroes and subsidized the press and bids fair to run the state. For years it has controlled the elections by the Liberal use of Money and is now pouring Forth Money As if it were water in order to secure a new lease of life. The Alliance and the democracy will have a Battle Royal in Texas but the Only result will be a reduction or the usual majority cast for the bourbons. The sub Treasury scheme has no More Chance of becoming a Law than a steer has of drinking the at Tan tic Ocean dry. The fort Worth mail outs tie cuticle off of criminal lawyers and the Anvil of Castroville of the Date of august7, paragraph to the effect that a since the death of Grant ouly two of our sex presidents remain among the living Hayes Aud Arthur of the sex vice presidents Only Hannibal Hamlin and w. A. this is one of the Beau lies of publishing a Patent outside Arthur and Wheeler died five or six years ago Aud Hamlin two months ago. The Waco Day is usually quite cute but did not show cuteness in asking How Many Farmers gov. Hogg has appointed to office. Will the Day name the offices at the disposal of the governor which Farmers Are capable of filling. It would not wish them stuck into offices requiring a professional training As a qualification. The whole town will be there. Busy times at Joske Brothers this week. Grandest reduction of the season. Clothing at Cost millinery at half Rioe bargain counters filled to overflowing Straw hats at half Price All serves to keep their army of hands hustling. Hurry up and come this week. It will soon be Over. New goods Are already arriving. 8 to 3t Joske Brothers. Verdict of the jury. We the jury find the defendant Texas Tea and Coffee co., no. 233 East Houston Street guilty of Selling the Best Tea and Coffee in town. Signed John Bmith Foreman. Of five lots in grand View at a bargain. Finest located property i the City. T. B. Johnson Light office Alamo visitors. Those who called on the Alamo this morning were we. Kleim of Cleve land Ohio e. F. Wood it. Gilead n. C. A. G. Alexander Pete Mulholland and h. N. Bunsen of new Orleans j. L. Bayli City w. W. Griffith Houston Quot Texas f. B. Lee new York City f. Priestley Gonzales Texas Louise a Lesesne and or. La maims Mobile Alabama misses a. M. And a. L. Griffith Houston s. T. Lowry san Antonio Texas Garland Tobin Pilot Point Tex. The visitors of the Alamo this morning were As follows c. L. Nichols Philadelphia a. Rome Dinsley Clinton ont. H. Rowe t. E. Bolling and j. W. Bolling Comanche Tex. J. Bryant and c. I. Boyle san an Tonto. Tex. S. N. Harris Manatee Fla Keal estate. Or. Hathaway j. Broadfoot. M. D., assistant. Regular graduates the leading specialist of the sooth and West a a private blood skin and nervous diseases. Young men who by their Cauca of in Spudeno or Folly suffer from nervous debility exhausting drains upon the fountains of life affecting the min it i body and manhood should con ult the celebrated or. Hathaway at once. Remember nervy Ous diseases with so or without dreams go or debility and loss of nerve Power treated cols trolly by new methods with great Sui Cess. It no difference what Yon have taken or who has f a Eti to Core you. Lost Mayhood my All weakness of the sexual organs u with great Success. Female disease cured at Home without instruments a wonderful remedy. Piles great discovery. A cure guaranteed. No knife cutting or ligature. Painless treat men stricture cured without cutting. The most wonderful discovery. Safe and sore. Syphilis. The most rapid Safe and effect be remedy a Complete cure guaranteed. Skin diseases of All kinds cured where others have failed. Unnatural discharges promptly cured in a Fow Days. Quick sure Aud Safe. This include Gleet and gonorrhoea. My methods 1. Free consultation at the office or by mall. 2,thorough examination and careful diagnosis. S. I hat each patient treated gets the advantage of special study and experience and specially is made of his or her disease. A. Moderate charges and easy terms of pay Anent a Home treatment can be Given in a majority of cases. Send for symptom Blank no i for men Send for symptom Blank no. 2 for women. Send for symptom Blank no. 3 for 9kln diseases. All correspondence answered promptly. Business strictly confidential. Med Cine sent free from Onset Vatious. Refer to Banks in san an Tonto Texas. Address or Call on j. N. Hathaway m. D., a a is w. Commerce St., upstairs Frd pm san Antonio Texas. Deals and the prices they Brinie. Polonio Almaras Aud wife to 8. A. la Valle lot 9, Block i Alazan b. E. Taylor to Gustave and Mary j. Schmidt lots is 22, 23, and 24, Block 16, City lot 3,. W. C. Robards to d. I. Inglehart Block 101, City lot 101, West Side of san Pedro Creek containing 3. Acres. 325 2,500 a a methodist Jim Davis Oue of the stumpy tailed Piney Woods orators of the third party blurted out the Fol lowing lurid and anarchical senti Menta the other Day a ii i had hold of Jay Gould i would put my foot on his head and take him by the legs bottles 50 and $1.00. La Grippe again. During the epidemic of la Grippe last season or. Kings new discovery for consumption. Coughs and colds proved to be the Best remedy. Reports from the Many who used it confirm this statement. They were not Only quickly relieved but the disease left no bad after results. We ask you to give this remedy a trial and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with results or Tho Purchase Price will be refunded. It has no equal in la Grippe or any Throat Chest or lung trouble. Trial bottle free at Dreiss Thompson amp drug store. Large 7-11-lm i mice Sam baking ibid powder used in millions of Homes to years the Standard attention land owners i we have a customer who wants to buy farming lands in counties South and West of san Antonio in tracts of from 200 to 1,500 acres. Address j no. T. Hambleton amp co., giving location and Price and other particulars. 6-26 of $3,750 Willi buy a handsome cottage residence of 7 rooms with hath stable Carriage House Chicken House Wood House Etc. Hydrant water Large lot with flue Shade Trees and shrubbery. New neat and clean about four blocks from military Plaza. Will rent easily at $40.00 a month. 6-17 of . Hambleton amp co. Contractors and sunders attention. Are you in need of Austin White Lime plaster Paris hair Portland Cement fire Brick fire Clay if so ring up Mcallister amp Wurzbach Tei Ephue 163, who Are prepared to quote Low prices to prompt Cash customers. We also have a flue line of Groo Ereis. Give us a trial. 201 to. Alamo tit. The Worth of your Money. Go to Piggott a and get the Worth of your Money in wagons or carriages. Horse shoeing and painting a specially. Cor. Mistou pad Soledad streets. 8 3 3w s. A. Brewing Assn. Xxx Pearl Beer. The purest and Best. Any part of the City. Delivered to

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