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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - August 10, 1891, San Antonio, TexasPlace your insurance in Sim Hart Alamo san Antonio daily Light. Volume 174 publi8hcd at ban Antonio. County Texas. And Berlat Grgo at tub Post office As Seloom class Money to loan at h a r t s Alamo Plaza. Mail matter. San Antonio Texas. Monday. August 1 o. 189 Price a year Loc Kisou National Bank. San Antonio Texas. J. S. Lock Wood pres j. Cashier. Rare Deposit vaults Mallory line new York Texas Seleara slip co Newyork direct steamers leave Galveston every wednesday and saturday the cheapen and most delightful route to new York and Europe for through tickets Kurt rooms etc., apply to the Mallory line office i Commerce St. . Young. Gen l South n pass r Wigent. The Washington life insurance company of new York. Assets if you contemplate insuring your life Reserve decision until you have examined the plans methods and practices o the Washington j. B. Day manager southwestern dept., Sau Antonio Texas lore Star my association. Pilsner and select lager and bottle Beer. Be sure and Call for it. K-i2 a prayer. Containing the lord s prayer let there be i Yitoi ii Fatini unsaid and thou who Aht of life tie fount he Avn divil Irir. A. God Load beyond nil earthly count worshipped Betti Vnak Borovor create within us new. Clean hearts. thy kingdom com p. To sover us from sin Pood. Tiny . Imparts. Ahoy we us Dom with sinful strife , and to is to Given to live so pure this earthly life ii May to As it is in Cha vex acceptable to thee. And o lord. Hive us this Day save Hiiva need on ii daily i Ibali. Toni us is thy word and i of give us we daily plead gun turks passes. Let not our prayer of As we k redound May to i sincere kor those who in life a daily round. Ires Raas to asst us. Still we Pray an us yen to try our souls i Jato to imitation. While we say hut us us limn Rolls a idiom Koi we Luime dear lord think Isth in heaven and the Poukh and from thy word learn of the that s Given Viiu kuku Ami Eveh. That spirits hound thy throne in sours divine Clifine Lafr always of thy merits King amen glorious love is thine. Emma . Ban . Texas. July 10, Isiu. Union rates fixed. Boston August Semi annual meeting of the railway freight claim association of the East Ern Southern Aud Western states the committee appointed at the last meet ing to Confer with the freight claim association of the West with the View of making the rates of the two bodies similar reported that Union rates for the two Ambo ovations have been established. A record breaker. Font Dodge io., aug. Record in somnambulist in feats has been broken by Henry Lynn a liver More Farmer. Lynn arose in a som Nambu Listic trance a.1 an Early hour in the morning and walked eighteen Miles Belore he awoke. It was Well along toward upon when the Sleeper came to himself and found that he was plodding along the Highway near Ali Rona. Several neighbors met the Man during his Long i ramp Index changed greetings with him without arousing him. Shoih leu killed. Memi his aug. Norfolk Landing miss., d. B. A Young menu Easeman had a dispute with a negro about work. The negro loft there with a shot gun which he tried to hide from Wall who followed him. The negro ant Wall in the Side Aud he returned fire from a revolver. He unloaded the weapon and reloaded in and continued to tire on the negro he fell dead. The negro also fell fatally wounded in the body. Late Telegraph. Associated press dispatches and state specials. Up to the time of going to press athletic club i n distress. Gaj Weston tex., August writ of attachment has been issued at the instance of George 8. Be Ligeon plaintiff in an action against the Cestou athletic association to recover a debt of for rent. The writ has been levied Aud the property of the association is advertised for Sale thereunder on the 17th lust. Since the passage of the Law by the last legislature prohibiting ring con tests for prizes interest in the the association Beean to decline. The assets of the organization amount to about j2000, including of unpaid dues from members Blaine h bar Hakho me., aug. Was said that some time ago or. Bald win wrote or. Blaine informing him of his in Tention to visit America for a vacation. Or. Blaine has no knowl Edge of his reported intention to visit bar Harbor and certainly has no in Tention of seeing him professionally. Or. Blaine refuses to see any one who comes upon a political Mission or to talk politics at All. Thoro Bre it is exceedingly doubtful if would see collector Erhardt should he come. Or. Taylor or. Elaine s physician says the report that or. Baldwin was sent for is absurd and untrue. There la no necessity for seeing him professionally As or. Blaine has no need of a physician s services except to guide and restrain him from too much exertion. He la gaining con stantly and his Progress a All thai could be expected. Mall seized. Pan , August mail steamship City of Panama Cap Tain White has been seized by salvadorean authorities at la Libertad Lor leaving port of la Union without permit. Kicked to dentil new 10.-John a Lack a teamster for Nassau Gus Light co of Wihl Ainsburg Ami son aged four years were kicked to death by a horse which a Laok had driven for three he took his Little Hoy into the stable to see the animal when the horse a Large Percheron. Picked them on the head crushing the skulls of both. The lunch counter injunction Chicago aug. A Bill filed in the circuit court by Fred Harvey judge Driggs has leaned an injunction restraining the and Santa be Railroad company from running dining cars upon its lines West of the Missouri River covered by contracts with him from feeding passengers Between any of the Points upon this portion of its Road and from refusing to Stop its passenger trains at complainant s hotels and lunch rooms. Harvey represents that the Plant no w control led by his lunch system cover from 2200 to 2500 Miles of Road and has Cost him that he is conducting Twenty hotels and eating houses at which he feeds daily about 2500 persons and Twenty four lunch rooms feeding As Many More that he established them in the face of great obstacles such As incursions by hostile Savages and the raids of Gam Biers and desperadoes and that now the Road threatens to put on dining oars and give his places the go by. The Railroad people claim that Che contract does not Debar them from putting on dining cars and will move for a dissolution of the injunction. Political disruption to South car Olina. Charleston s. C., August congressman Geo. D. Tillman of this state has come to the assistance of his brother nov. Ben Tillman in the sub Treasury scheme. In a speech delivered at Parksville Edgefield county he very plainly outlines the fight that the Tillman Wing of the democracy is going for make against the Farmers Alliance next Campaign. The third he said a projected by political assassins and Cut throats and if the caucasian race was divided by it hell would Yawn to re receive it. One cause of the hard tunes is the Scarcity of Money. One third of All to Money is expended for taxes. We need greenbacks More in As Iong As the Alliance confined itself to business and social advancement he waa for it but since it had gone into politics he was against it. The democrats of this country continued be should throw Cleveland overboard. They can t afford to sup sort him. The democrats of the West and South affiliate too much with Uch a torn democrats a oppose the free coinage of Silver. Tillman s utterances derive significance from the fact that they indicate a break in the hitherto solid ranted of the Alliance in the state. Under new York aug. Austin Texas Deputy sheriff Aud an eight year old Sou of an Austin merchant who were bitten by a Rabid dog Are patients lit new of Pasteur in Stitzle. Three More patients will arrive from Texas today. Man Hosaku iii., August a Oriel Aud pose has arrested an in sane Man who had attacked several Persona on the Highway. He was armed with the Blade of a Stokle and made a desperate resistance. He waa shot through the legs before Cap tured. Killed Al out an of Ocuin Atlanta a aug. Arp a Ephew of late Bui Arp not William Bramlet and his brother to death in Fagain county. Arp Attoh of a Yoke of steers belonging to Bruin let who was about to leave Tho state when a quarrel took place and Arp shot him through the heart. Bram lot s brother then interfered and was shot through an Chest. Gunboats ordered to i inn. Washington aug. Titus have been sent to Tho unite status Steamer Marion to proceed immediately to Shanghai Bini where affairs Are threatening a an uprising of the Catamen Agana foreigners is imminent. The Alert a the hazardous Art ordered to Leav Bohring Rea with the Marion of China. The Charleston May be or dered to follow. The two first name vessels will reach Shanghai in Bop Tern her. 1 or tinant paka.gk.-11 is. Minor tklhg11ams. Augustio 1891. Dodge King a farm who was bunched out of two thou Aam dollars declares that he was hypo med. The Confidence men Are arrested. New an avoid eur to Tho freight train near Bradford on he Shore line ranch new York new Haven and Hartford Railroad nine italians who wore in the taboos were injured. City of Mexico aug. Ident Diaz refuses the renewal of the subsidy of the Spanish trans Atlas tic steamship line druggists Doc tors undertakers and. Livery stable keepers will boy oot the Telephone us less rata Are reduced. Was the hot teas Day this year. At five look a Thunder storm across and a teamster named William Collins was killed by lightning. Reveral houses wore struck. Aug. Boiler o the Ole Triu Light works Here exploded at Midnight killing Engineer Van Wickle Aud an unknown farm hand and demolishing the Plaut. Racine August c. N. Pul Ruer of Raymond a prominent Citi Loti was arrested yesterday Tor Burg Lary. West Bay cite boys twelve sixteen and ought Eli years drowned yesterday a Vve Noonan by the capsizing of i boat. 8t. Louis a general free fight at Ailanthus mo., Over a pint of whisky Frank Coulee was killed Robert Stanley fatally stabbed aug Homer Mccullough Slot Inythe wrist eleven shots were fired. Ohio. Policeman while arresting George Duhl Rue yer at his residence waa shoe Aud mortally wounded and policeman von was slightly wounded duh Meyer was wounded in the leg. Hail is dead and duh Meyer is very Low. New spot Low middling t 3 4 11-16 Molas i b 23 tos5o Rice 4 78 to 5. Gazette in an article on British Trade says the object of the i Ckinley Bill waa to hit the foreign manufacturer especially English and that the object has been attained. Fred Douglas has tendered his resignation As minis Ter to Hayti. Returns for August to agricultural department show cot ton crop in about same condition As last year. The ordnance department has approved the contract with the Bethlehem Iron works for 100 High Power guns. Cape Choate Shan non was today appointed minister to Nicar Auserau Coata Rica audit Salvidor. Government will establish Complete Telegraph system on the East african coast and officials left today to organize the system. Cansas City Withers and Walter Holmes were appointed receivers of the Kansas City Bridge and terminal company and Chicago Kansas City and railway. New Saloon keeper Michael Dutke who was shot by policeman Foster yesterday died at believe Hospital this morning. Written for Tho Light. If should borrow Money at 10 per cent for five years they will Laud in Tho abyss of bankruptcy As sure As falling Slippery the Austin Globe is one of the neater pc and Best weeklies in the state. Its columns Are free from spite ulness Aud Sci trility. Tho present Law As to Legal notices appears to have been prompted by a spirit of unfriendly Tiess to the press never manifested in other states. The greater the number of persons at a Aale the greater Tho likelihood that the property will fetch a fair Price. In prosecutions for seduction under Promise of marriage the production of a Promise of in writing should be made indispensable. Thea sort of seduction is becoming Eidem ical As Well As demoralizing. When Farmers in Texas Ceane to raise Cotton in order to Purchase Corn flour and meat they will have no More attacks of crazy user. Every farm should be self sup porting. Texas presents the Best Field for foreign capitalists to of paiute in Aud they know it. Whore else can they obtain 10 per cent interest on Loans Aud the Loans amply secured they have been playing the Bluff game. Not one of the apostles disciples or any one of the army of martyrs attained the distinction Ham Jones has had thrown at of them were pelted with a Shower of Over Ripe Hen fruit. But they never visited Houston. Wonder if Bill Torrett whose head is done up in red Juo Rooco is still at his old Trade of a snug at the rate of forty to the min fort Worth. In Case governor Hill should m t b e nominated for president the Edi Tor of Tho times Herald will have to take a room in the Lunatic Asylum. To prevent this let Hill be Nomina Ted Krouti All accounts the Bottom has fallen out of the Hoo port fever of speculation has subsided a suddenly he it came on and Rock tit is left As As the Lake that slum Bers in the it a an imposition of Bexar county or so Many counties to pack Oil their Pri Louera to the jail Here for Safe keeping. They should erect secure jails in their counties or Corral their prisoners Aud Sec guards Over them. The Bexar jail la sometimes so full that our own evildoers Are unable to get accommodation inside a Walls. Every county in Texas is Able to build a secure . The iconoclast got a bad Start. The Craft itself is All right the helmsman ran it too close to the Breakers out of a spirit of bravado. The editor is an ishm elite his hand is Agal Nat every body and everybody s hand is against him. In reply to his unjust and unprovoked attack on All the newspapers in Texas the press merely Saya to him physician heal the Waco Day is one of the heat papers in Texas Aud is generally fair Aud Manly in its comments of Meas ures and men. There la nothing underhanded or sneaking about the Day nor does it talk with a forked Tongue and a studied ambiguity of language. The Presa or Texas owes in to itself to insist upon such a change in the Law As wll require All sales by sheriffs tax collectors executors administrators etc., to be advertised in a newspaper in Tho county for three weeks. This would attract people to the Aale As Well As produce Competition among bidders. Just think of Dick Hubbard sex governor of Texas and sex min leter to Japan Goi Jig along in an exhibit car with a lot of Cranks a hireling he will to Bellow rant and cavort a every station. His self respect must surely have oozed out of the democratic party of Bexar seems to have eone the Way Ward s ducks went. All the Rural democrats Are burning incense to the sub treas Ury and fixing to jump overboard from the ship democracy. The City democrats with the exception of about Twenty of the old whose motto la the old guard Dies but never have grown too fond of mixed or half ind half in county to Deal in straight goods again. Sic transit Gloria Hunke Rorum. Every aspirant for office in that portion of Texas situated weat of the Colorado River should pack his clothes into his Valise and strike a be line for East Texas. Tylar would e a Good camping ground for them Utor the fact that it is already Over flowing with aspirants Lor office is also a Lucky place. Lightf plug hits it frequently but it usually lits John h. Reagan but were one o get into the Good graces of Reagan 10 might allow lightning to strike one r two other aspirants. West Texas t no place for aspirants for office to Ive in. Lightning will never strike hem in this Section. Public opinion in the Best support of the penal statues when it can be arrayed decisively against crime. Let Public la the aggregate sentiment of the people be brought to condemn murder As brutal Wood thirsty and a gentle Pauly in the highest degree and juries will not acquit murderers in Defiance of the Law and the Testi Mony nor will men be Anglo a to face the frowns of an entire common booms Are Nice things while they last. They put prices up most Beau to Lully and excite Tho brains of people Tismeu doubly but in the twin Liuo of an Eye they eol lapse shrivel up Aud die out. San Antonio neither needs nor desires a Patent Boom which a the product of the boating of tin pans the blowing of horns the shooting off of sky rockets Aud the Gas pipes. Han Antonio desires a steady and healthy growth and a solid Prosperity such As she has enjoyed for the past fifteen years. Bun Antonio is not a mushroom pity nor a City exclusively on paper nor is is she founded on a Quick Sand and built of stubble. Capitalists need have to fears As to investing in property in ban Antonio. It is a Safe thing Ana it will pay. But for Houston s being such Tough and wicked Plano Sam Jones would no doubt like to be Laid to rest in the Law Aud order league Ceme Tery under the auspices of the Post. But it is not a Safe place for even a Saint to pop up out of his grave on resurrection morn As he might get lost in the sex loading great multitude of the wicked that would skip out of their Graves with the Jaunt est air imaginable. Bam Jones had Best be buried where some saints repose an at the resurrection if he arose in Good company he might slip into heaven St. Peter. He will Timve a tight squeeze to get in any How. Olauus should to organizer in very slate county ant Preo Inot. From Tho Ilo lir Domo Crit. It is hardly too much to say that without the wide awakes of 18gci the Republican party could not elected its first president. The in fluence of the clubs bearing that significant title was certainly one of tie control plug forces of the Campaign. Thomao who were living that time will easily recall the ibid Vatrious and picturesque of torts of those who carried the torches and wore the Caps and capes of the unique organization. To have never since had anything quite Tuul to it in the Way of practical service but tie idea or the political club rms continued to be a part of the Republican philosophy. The Amoret of Success in politics is largely a matter of Organiza Tion and the club theory a the Moat available Aud effective one for such a purpose. When the voters of a Given party Are associated together in a Way that tends to stimulate their Zeal and their desire for Victory it Makua a great difference. They take pains to defend and promote the party s interests they ure constantly of the Alert for chances to make converts Aud to Gaili advantages. The facilities for Doln useful work Are put within their reach Aud to every Opportunity in promptly improved. One does not wait Tor another they act in concert and every blow cells because it accurately adjusted. The great need of the Republican party acthia time is a a atom of clubs that shall have the effect of Consoli dating its voters in every locality and inspiring them with a proper degree of enthusiasm. This implies something More than drilling and marching spouting Aud singing. These clubs should be educating agencies. They should Aee that to the right sort is plentifully circulated and that speak ers Are provided wherever the people Daspro Thorn. The Republican party has nothing to fear irom the Fraitik Aud thorough discussion of its principles and policies. It Baa always invited the closest scrutiny of its record and its purposes ant the Way for it to succeed is to continue that plan. The clubs should make it a Point to encourage Che of prevailing a area and to Nasiat in Furu Ishaug the information that is Eason tall to a proper Delaion in such cases. A great Deal can thus be done to Alren then the party lines and to simplify the work of Conquest and the time to inaugurate the system la this year not next year. The clubs should be organized during to pres ent summer in every voting precinct Aud placed in the Way of doing Active and beneficial service before As Well As after the opening of the next National Campaign. It a not necessary to incur any Large expense. A email amount of Money judiciously applied will answer uie purpose and Auy Republican should be willing to con tribute his share in anon an under taking. Tho clubs already existing Are Good As far a the go but we used More of them. They should Semul to piled by hundreds in every state and it is to be hoped that the local leaders of the party will give particular attention to this feature of the situation

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