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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - August 8, 1891, San Antonio, TexasDaily sat Day August 8. West Texas abstract and guarantee company h. Aubrey Secretary and mgr office 421 e. Houston St. Will furnish Reid Soiu abstracts of title to lands in Bexar county either City or country property upon Short notice and reasonable terms. Telephone no. 4o6 notice to Only authorized a Coll motors for the present Are h. C. Schumacher. Fred Small and d. C. Kilter. Otherwise you will Soe that you oct a properly receipted Bill to Miu it Sirnoi. T. B. Johnson managers St san Antonio Light. Flying Sparks. The news a daily of the Callaghan Wing of the democracy made its appearance yesterday afternoon. There was the usual big run at Wolfson s yesterday and Many bar gains were bought by the ladies. The big crowd will be at the Wash ing ton tonight to see a big1 show. The dudes and Youngr bloods were out in goo number at balls last night. The wrestling match craze has struck the town almost As bad As base Ball. A detachment of the uniform Hank k. P., under command of col. Cain left today for Beeville where a new division will be organized tonight. The knights of the Green cloth Are Happy a ran and the rattle of the Ivory quips once More is Sweet music in their ears. The work of paving Kosovo Street is being pushed quite rapidly. Some of our coloured citizens will hold a meeting at 222 Houta Center Street for the purpose of org Aniz Uig a company to buy a Park for the coloured people. The Grey mule element Are getting the cold shoulder at the ban Pedro takings. The managers of the baseball Park should erect some Nice Booths and lease out the privileges. The coloured people who were fooled into voting for Callaghan and the Grey mule now having their eyes opened to the fact that Are not wanted. Solomon Morris has returned from his visit to the watering places look ing the picture of Good health. Bolo Man says while a sew York he bought a Nice Stock of goods for the fall Trade. Wolfson s of bargain Days beats a porous plaster drawing a crowd. Why because he always says what he Means and does just what he Days he will do in his advertisements. Shout stops. What the people saying. Are not so distressing Bonne people imagine. Under the Hammer the v. K. Mar Shal has sold Over Worth of neckties dude hats etc., belonging to crate co. Vet there is a Strong current of opinion prevalent that the Alieu land Law will seriously affect speculation and business if it is not repealed at an Early Date. I this Law will be repealed no doubt at the next session of the legislature. Gov. Hogg responsible for this foolishness in his harangues during the canvass he pictured the evils of Alieu Laud ownership As a great danger which would result in a condition of affairs similar to that existing in Ireland. The legislature responded to the governor s views Aud passed the Aikin land jaw. The people Are growing restive and suspicious Over the Way our county affairs Are managed every property owner within the City limits is compelled to Bear a do Uble Burden of taxation As he contributes to the maintenance of the county As Well As City government. The courthouse scheme at this time is an outrage upon the taxpayers and it was entirely unnecessary at least for some time to come. The site selected is not the Best and the Price paid for the property entirely too exorbitant. And now comes the first chapter in the courthouse building the employ ment of Day labourers to shovel dirt at 50 per Day. These Day labourers Are selected to become the pets of the county ring. Little Good it will do them a year hence when the people bring them to account. It is the duty of the county commissioners to spend the people s Money in the most economical manner Possi ble and it does not appear that the expenditures of the Money was at ail considered but simply How they can spend it to do the most Good to the ring. Let the news be spread that the county has a big Job on hand and is paying f 1.50 for Day labourers Aud our City will be flooded with alien labor from the Border. The increase of taxation in the Way of increasing the valuation of property by both City and county officials has had a depressing effect upon property. There is such a taxing people beyond endurance. Every one looking Forward to a better state of things but Relief will hardly come until it is had at the ballot Box. Written a few to Kiyan. New officers. At the meeting of the san Antonio building contractors Exchange Fri Day aug. 7, 1891, the following offi cers were elected t. W. Carrico pres ident f. Dingel vice president m. Braden recording Secretary , treasurer. Meetings every wednes Day p. M., Rische s opera House Houston Street. The Wilder Case. The Wilder assault Case comes up for hearing before Justice Adam this afternoon. Or. We. L. Wilder has filed suit for divorce from his wife Annie Wilder and for the custody of his daughter. He charges defendant with adultery with divers and sundry persons and makes j. T. Day a party to the suit. Re a i just ate. By Sharl Kyd. O Bryan we Welcome Theo a thousand tunes i gaels 80 t t it there artistic Inay a for ninety or lews. We always shake before we fake our Medicine dear brine. 80 wonder not when digits hot compress that Paw of thine. We be Hoerling in to carve and skin thy aldermen at Small and put a crimp in every Imp about the Friy Hall. We be Boelhauwe out to roam about and Chew the Raj let Fine while Oscar dissects the Law and Oasis it to the Swine. The court House new Tho out of View is narrowing in our minds though whiskered Mack is going Back on men of Many kinds. Opinions rough Are smooth enough to work our City dads who Otten burst subduing thirst their sunday liver pads. The City Hall and Tower Small. Are yet in state quo and people say they re in decay. Age crumbled All below. Of course Paree is fair to see when viewed the Days Between so Bryan dear Pray Tell us Here bout Capers thou Hast seen. We d love to hear of antics queer of mortals slim and thick 80 let or go for people Enow thou surely Art a Brick. Pis said the dance in Paree France consists of reaching High with Dainty boots on such Galoost As strike out for an Eye. To doubtless know now is it so that you have witnessed eyes kicked from the Heads of thoroughbreds and scatter to the skies. There s not a line in this dear brine intended to offend so put it there artistic May a and let s to something Bend. Personal mention. Misses Sallie Glass and Sallie Patton Are in Corpus for a visit. Or. And mrs. Fritz Guenther left today for Rockport. Mrs. Conductor Wilder has gone Home to her parents. Or. L. J. Polk of the s. A. A. P., has returned Frooma Austin. District clerk Lewis has returned from Uvalde. N. K. Powell a Well known Stockman from Pettus is a guest of the mahi Icke. Ill. Johnson a prominent merchant from Moore is at the Mahncke. Mrs. F. W. Week and child from Lare do Are staying at the Maverick. . Roberts of Austin is at the men f. F. Baggerly of Chicago is stopping at the menger. W. Winger is registered at the menger from St. Louis. A. Moore is registered from Galveston at the Maverick. Misses Joe Kokernot and Cora Fitz Gerald Are guests of the Maverick. Their Homes Are in or. F. W. Kaiser Flatonia is a guest at the Southern. J. R. Hamilton a wealthy sheep Man from Mexico mo., is staying at the Southern. Ben Darling is at the Southern from Moore. J. H. O Connor the leading merchant of Beeville is now at the St. Leonard. Nguk Ever before seen in san Antonio just received a car Load of the finest Rattan and Bamboo parlor furniture which will be sold at lower figures than Ever before offered in this City. In grrpkt8-mhtting8 the most Complete line to be seen in Texas at prices that Knock out All Competition. Also the largest and finest assortment of bed room suits at prices unusually Low. Call and see us before making your Purchase. Ball. The University team of Austin will Cross bats with the ban Antonio champions this afternoon and to Morrow. Houston is dated for saturday and sunday the 15th and 16th inst. Proctor manager of the Houston team was one of the old sunsets Aud played shortstop. The in the news a wrong when it says that the san Antonio s Are the jokers under a new name. The manager says that it is an entirely different team with a few of the old jokers in it. Butler says look out for another shutout. Jack and Gummy will try hard to Send her Over the Fence. Austin will be strengthened in the Box by a new Pitcher. Pet Becky of the austins was injured yesterday and could not come Over with the boys. A new baseball club the Alamos was organized last night. An interesting game will be played tomorrow As both teams Are equally matched. Old Mau Dick Phelan made a hit in Seattle by his Fine playing on Sec Ond. A table for Tea score and reporters would be of great value to both a then games could be properly re ported Biily Kerps is playing second in his old style. Tony Garcia has his Eye on the Ball again an some great work can be expected of him with the Bat. Tony also holds Down Short in Fine style. Is he near sighted from Eagle aug. Or. Krisch custodian to whom Tho City Council gave Han Pedro Park for the glory of it and All he could make has attempted torte Nylon the Public prints that rough characters of All classes and shades of color frequent the grounds Al eventide. It a possible that the custodian is near sighted enough not to see but others who Are blessed with better eyes have had occasion to shudder at the appear Raul of some of the visitors when the shades of night began to fall. Hamlet without Hamlet Are you doing with All the burday papers most. To find a Cable let Ter from Berlin without a scandal in it. Deals and the prices they brine. W. To West end Street car company lots 11, 12. 28 and 29, Block 6. City lot 133 300 b. F. Johnson to geor preg. Clifford 7 and 8, Block 4, West end 300 h. and Difoto . Ohlen Dorf lots 3 and 4. Block s. Wood Lawn. Bartek Stanish to Ocelia stanch and acres in Wil son county. 1000 j. W. Burrows from Sulphur Springs Texas is registered at the St. Leonard. Or. And mrs. Mauney Aie staying at the St. Leonard. I knocked Down. Price was knocked Down and offensively a text. Whom Are you going to support next he asked of the accomplished actress. I am or oink to act with or. Carry she replied but i shall continue to support nay husband As licenses. Corea and Rafalia John offinger and Annie Antosie. Building permits. Hitzfeld a two Story dwelling Braje Street 4th a vent Kromeke. Cotton House Cevallos Street 1st Ward. Church notices. First Church Corner North Flores and West Houston . Rev. J. S. Of it. By. Will preach this sunday in morning at 11 o clock and in thee Enins at sunday school a. Prayer meeting wed Neslav even ins at the cigarette Trust doomed. Gazer Hughs ii promises to Knock out the cigarette Trust with that new scheme of his. 19 it the picture of an Angel with each package. Well a snipped. Fluff say the fellow can t speak a word of English. How will he manage to live in new York has friends who have sufficient influence to get him a Job at guard on the a Road. To printers Auu i polishers. Yon can buy a bar Spain in a press. Or an engine by addressing to b. Johnson office. 5-g-tf. Fine grapes and Kaitie. Pref. F. Toupous has been devoting his attention to the cultivation of the grape Aud Ramie Plant on his farm at Osoyo crossing on the Medina. Or. Prof takes More than Ordinary Pride in showing his visit of his nine acres of tar lofty grapes and his Ramie Patch. The grapes Are bearing heavily and in addition to the crop now Ripe a second crop is appearing on the vines. His Ramie has proven a Complete Success notwithstanding the drouth and it Only remains for others to engage in the culture and the Purchase of machinery to prepare this valuable it a Valu Able addition to the products of West Texas. Prof. Toudouze is a scientist and has contributed much toward bring ing texan to notice abroad. Open hospitality intelligence and learn in Hae marked the life of this accomplished gentlemen and valuable citizen. For Ive Tjoksin View at a bargain. Finest located property n the City. T. B. Johnson Light Offick kicked out of or ten k. Store recently since then the store has been crowded with eager Pur chasers of dry goods and clothing at their of summer goods All summer goods at and below Cost. 8 6 to wanted at Monterey Mexico two first class Carriage painters two blacksmiths and two wheel Wrights. Address Henry Reiss 8 7 3t Monterey mex. Or. Hathaway j. Broadfoot. D., assistant. Regular graduates the leading specialist of tha South and West private blood skin Aud nervous Young men who by their act4 of Imru Tenc or Folly Buffer from nervous debility exhausting drains upon the fountains luf n to the and manhood Arnould the celebrated once. Fri Pomiber Nerv Ous i seates with Witham dreamt or debility and loss of nerve Power rated scientifically by new methods with greats Access. It Maks no difference what you Lave or who fail Al to cure you. Lost manhood and All weakness of he sexual organs with great Success. Female disease Curneil at Home without instruct its t wonderful remedy. Piles or at i co7ery. A cure Guaran by pc Iii. C sitting or ligature. Paul eat Rea Tulien stricture cured without cutting the Moat wonderful discovery. Safe and Ante. Syphilis. The most Safe and effective remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin diseases of All kinds cured where others failed. Unnatural discharges promptly cured in a few Days. Quick sure Aad Date. This includes Gleet and gonorrhoea. My methods 1. Free consultation at the office or by mall. examination and careful diagnosis. S. That each part eat treated gets the advantage of special study Aud experience and specs Alty a Uxa be of his or her disease. M operate charges and easy Terras of payment a Home treatment can be in a majority of cases. Send for symptom Blank no 1 or men Send for symptom Blank no. For women. Send for Syu torn Hlanak no skin Dis eases All correspondence answered promptly. Busi Ness strict y med Cir rent observation to to Audi in san and Tonio Texas. Address or Call on j. N. Hathaway m. D., 5-l-l-m w. Commerce St., san baking powder used in millions of years the Standard 8am Jones Jubilee Cine. The Cincinnati quartet club will give a grand concert saturday even ing at Rische s theatre bar. Elegant Turtle soup will be served free for lunch. Everybody cordially invited. An Amateur wrestler. A wrestling match took place last n 12hi, at the fashion theatre Between Buster Rosen Burg and sheeny Roos. The match proved very amusing to the a Dianee. The first fall was Wou by Rosenburg in 5 rain. During the second bout Roos got a Strangler on his opponent and proceeded to put him Down Rosen Burg commenced to Call on Sweeney to turn him lose which after giving him some More of the Medicine sheeny did. Upon find ing himself free Rosen Burg rushed at Heeney with the intention of smash ing him one in the face but was pre vented from doing so by his second i Riam Graves who grabbed him and1 took him to his Corner. The referee j called on Rosenburg to come Back and wrestle and received this reply i wont wrestle any More that fellow which was greeted by the a Dianee with shouts of laughter. This was Rosenburg s first match Fie was taken out of a Kitchen about an hour before the and shown a few Points by Sam Graves. He says that he to bet that he can throw sheeny the next time. A. Brewing Assn. Xxx Pearl Beer. The Preat anal eat. Amy part of the oily. Delivered to i

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