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Was Iii More than to ii in hour hut it Hud set Nied to uie an Eter nity. I wailing for Tho summons with the Box containing my securities lies Ile me mid with this in my hands i confronted my father once More in the parlor. To was no longer visibly angry. Both he and Ito Ger were smoking and sitting at ease As 1 catered. 1 took a chair close by my Luver s Side and looked at him fondly lie returned my glance but Thiv was Ishii Milow of annoyance in his expression Llinat made me fuel uneasy. T in my mind his face t had noticed it the previous evening when lie of my father s prejudice against Nim. At last my hither saw fit to begin. U deliberate Businesslike tone or u passion. I have sent fur you. Virginia to repeat to you 1 have Ilia i by said to or. Dale. Once Aud fur ill 1 will never give my consent to your . 1 utterly and radically opposed to it. I have been from the , to you Are u Vare. If you ask for my reasons 1 in not consider this i n fir ii d to be my son in Law. He As in Iii own admission no Means to support a wife he has no ambition or l.ip. To Excel and i if now from positive Vivenee that Iii habits by no Means he paused and 1 glanced anxiously at Roger but his eyes Wera fixed of Tho Hoar Aud he sat drumming gently on the table with the fingers of one hand. Yon persevere in this Picco of. Folly contrary to my expressed wishes you do it Virginia at your own peril for i warn you that my Resolution is fixed and cannot be shaken. Do not Hope either of you by nursing the. Affair along to overcome my object ions Laler. That is a favorite resort of Young people in novels but if fathers in real life Are so weak in general 1 shall prove an exception. As you know Virginia the part of a tyrannical Parent is the last e Ever expected to be called upon to play i have allowed you indulgence and trusted Yon to an extent that i am Ligini Piug to believe was unwise but i will not waste time in words my Reso Lution is perfectly explicit. My will is made in your favor. If i should die Lyday Yon would be mistress of All Pmj Yerty. Unless you Promise me not to marry this i shall alter it tomorrow and neither of you Synill Ever receive one cent from me during my lifetime or at my decease. This sounds a threat but it is Only intended to show to tie fullest extent in my Power How fatal to your happiness i consider this Union would be. I Cau say no More than this. I cannot prevent you from marrying or. Dale if you Are Bent upon it. There Are no Laws to inn foolish women or mercenary men but you must take Tho consequences. What you have in that he continued nodding toward me is All Yon will Ever receive at my Luuis. If i am not mistaken this Young gentleman would play ducks Aud dikes with that in a very Short time. I have said Ray say. And now you Cau suit i had listened to his words with n con stantly increasing indignation that Over shadowed the remorse i Felt at Ruvii a disappointed his Hopes. So incensed was i at his aspersions of Roger that i almost laughed when he spoke of Dis inheriting me. But the taunt that Roger was courting me for my Money was most galling of All by very Force of reiteration. 1 started to my feet once More with a defiant air. It is not True. You misjudge or. Dale cruelly. To show Yon father How our love is from the base and paltry motives you impute and that we do not need your help see i rushed through the open window which led to the Piazza and before either my father or Roger divined my intention hurled with All my might the Box of securities Over twin railing into Tho sea beneath. It opened just Liefer Erechin the water and the contents were sub merged by the Seething surf. I re entered Tho parlor with a triumphant air. Roger s face wore a half be ired look As he began to realize what 1 had done. Mad cried my father with a sneer. Or. Dale will not to link you Tor that. 1 fancy. You have however Dona me an infinite he turned and left the room. When he was gone exhausted and buried my face on Roger s shoulder and sobbed bitterly. He tried soothe me and finally induced me to sit Down tie sat beside me holding my hand and urging me to Calm myself. At i Triu a to him and said with a sudden transport of new happiness and smiling through tue tears i promised to remain True to you Roger and 1 yes. Dear i know. When Yon Are a Little More composed we will talk the matter Over there was something in his tone that chilled me he was so Calm Aud i so car ried away by excitement. Do not think of my father s i said. Forget them. I shall lie perfectly Happy so Long As you Lovo he will never to answered gloomily. He is known Down town As a Man who makes up his mind once for Oil i would rather disobey my father i the ii of i be to 1 responded Grimy. Yes. But How Are we to he asked rising from tin sofa and promo Nadia Tho room nervously with his hands in his pockets. Livov i echoed. Unfortunately we should have to eat mid drink like everybody else. It was a he continued reflectively that you Flung that Mot toy overboard to might have been very comforts Halo with 1 replied in a dazed sort of Way. Was it the tie stood looking at me with Iii head one Side. The whole of what was All Tho properly your father gave you in that certainly. 1 wonder who Yoa ask to walked up Ami Down a few times and then took a seat me. Us look at this matter in a com Mon sense Way Virginia. Heaven knows 1 love you. And that i am As romantic in my feelings As any one could desire. But suppose we 10 Many without your lather s consent what would be result we should starve. To speak frankly i find it difficult enough to make both in is Noiret As a single Man. You Are to every luxury and com fort and have not no customer to economize. Do not misunderstand me. he continued speaking quickly struck by my expression which if my Wei adequately Lii Ivin. Must have made him . "1 know that you it capable of any it is 1 who am unwilling to permit you to give up Youv Fortune Kulir family for my Sain. If there were any Chance of your father relenting if 1 thought there was a possibility that Lime would make a differ enc in his , 1 would not Spiak so. Hut As it is 1 see no alternative for us hut an struggle with poverty that would end in Nuhad i incas. It Breaks my heart to Como to this conclusion but Justice to Yon. Well us common sense will not let to suffer you to commit a Folly which after the Glamor of the moment was Over you would it was the manner even More than the matter of his speech that stabbed me to the heart. Had he spoken less calmly and deliberately 1 might have believed that he shrank from accepting my self sacrifice and Lave regarded his Dampen ing words a Mere cloak for his own generosity. But his unconcerned and dispassionate air left no doubt in my mind tint if was he who was unwilling to face the romantic but desperate circumstances in which my futher s decree had placed us instinct told me that he in whose constancy and in Whoso Devo Tion to ideality i had believed with nil the Ordor and Trust of which 1 was capable wag Falso. And ready to subordinate a love like ours to Tei poral considerations. Yet with the persistence of one who clutches it any semblance of Hope now Ever slender i refused to Beli ovo the truth without further evidence. I should not be u Burden to you Roger can live a much less than they suppose to could both work 1 As Well he shrugged his Sli Oeklers in a talking both my hands in ins looked into my face will a trivial Smilo. S o Litile in Accord with the intensity of my Teci Inga that i a Luios shrieked with pain do think 1 would allow my dear girl to demean herself in Siun a Way As that r no. Nol love in a 13 a delightful theory tin p it practice it becomes terribly 1 Drew away my hands i rom him and Sal fur Siu Iio moments in Sih me. "1 think it is Bast that our engagement should come to an i said presently he made a High of resignation that is for you to decide. It rests with you. Of 1 agree with you that it would be very foolish of us to marry without my father s consent or he Drew himself up Little and looked at me As if Hurt. Are Yon angry with me Why should 1 to then Why Call me or. 1 answered quietly and firmly though 1 Felt my anger rising unless you Are to be my husband you must be or. can we not be he asked in a dejected tone. We can never be anything 1 answered with some ambiguity and 1 Rose and rang Tho Bell. To servant entered. Tell or. Har Lan please that 1 would like to speak to i think we Are acting for the he said after an awkward pause. 1 am sure we Are or. Dale it was undignified it May be to betray my feelings but my love was too Strong to die without a murmur my father looked inquiringly at us As he entered. His face us outed to to Al most Haggard. 1 said at once father to have invade no our minds that you Are right. It would be madness in us to marry with out your consent. The credit of our decision belongs to or Dale he has proved to me that our engagement should come to an end my father turned toward him with u scornful smile appreciating. 1 Thibult. The gentle sarcasm of my words but 1 doubt if Roger did for he added immediately yes sir 1 cannot consent to the Sac Rifice prepared to Atn glad that sue As Well As you Vine to thank Yon for waking the Only for having endeavoured 19 enter my Tain ily contrary to my desire by teaching my daughter her duty i Giaveno doubt that we shall both be very Gra Lotus to you in the future this time Roger put Vived Liat tie was being laughed at. For his uns hed. But he recovered composure. Cuil looking at me said i Trust i May t of Irinne to come to see you As 1 tremble All Over at his words but i it Ollil myself and answered Lyon wish after a Lew Hesi Tancy lie left us when i knew was really gone i i ind Myfelt no longer sink in a into a i covered my tace wit i my hands burst into n flood of torus Oil fatties lie Lias deceived me. He Lias broken my heart1 Book two sophistication l "7 a in the bitterness of my humiliation and distress at the perfidy of Roger Jale 1 crime near running Uway from Homo. My Yonl Binl imaginations 113 i have already mentioned were of .1 realistic order and it had been a favorite with me to become a shop girl so when this sorrow overwhelmed me i thought seriously of going out into the to Seel my Fortune in some such capacity. It was Only Ziy father s kind Ness during those dreadful first Days that me from carrying out some romantic plan of escape 1 Felt sore and mortified and ready to take Jimiy Steps that would separate me trom Tny old surroundings. Aunt Helen did Herb St to Comfort me nil i was in no for line of mind to talk it All Over which was. I knew her main idea of and frequent offers of tempting food on the other hand my father made no allusion to the wretched incident during the fortnight tie remained at tinker s reach. Tie treated me exactly a if nothing and happened except that every morn ing after break ast he proposed a walk through die Woods or no the Mountain. Indifferent to everything As 1 wan at the moment. 1 had a consciousness that Thi exercise was beneficial Lomo. And 1 was grateful at heart anything was. Better Sihau harping Over Utida Over again on the same string the Story of my wrongs. interrupted this n measure though during the Long tramps which i Nad with my father we rarely talked and i usually in monosyllables in this Mati Uei sve explored the outlying coun try within i Twenty Miles Ami lieu nig Iii came i was to fatigued that i was Apt to sleep and consequently was spared the Cheeks mid Dull eyes that for Tho most part afflict those who have undergone an experience similar to Mill one of the reasons Why i did not Rui away from Home was my Lault of funds i was penniless for All my Money was with the securities i throw into t lie sen. 1 was inclined however tit congratulate upon this extravagant proceed ing Tor the Reid sri that had i acted less impulsively 1 might not have detected Roger s selfishness it was too late. Sill when just before my father went away lie handed me a i Oll of Bank Bills the color Rose to my Oak Vas. And i began to reflect upon the enormity of my of sense lie told me that lie had ordered a Srul Lii horse to sent to me from town he hoped i would regularly and thefil in the autumn lie posed to take me with him on u journey to California. 1 listened in silence but i Rode the horse and found him just the compan Ion 1 required he could not talk and vet was Sunc gently spirited to prevent me from self absorption. My father also sent me a Box of Hooks which urn Aniced a variety of lit Rufi although there were some Light a Misitigh sketches among them. To. Of senti ment and poetry had injun excluded. On the other hand he had picked out the latest and most authoritative publications Reia Tibig to history science biography and travel by which 1 soon found myself engrossed and diverted. 1 Road voluminous by and when this sup ply waa exhausted i wrote Home for More this was my interest during the remainder of the us Timur mud when autumn came i was conscious of having undergone a mental change. Whereas i was formerly trusting credulous and optimistic at least toward All except myself i was become suspicions even of Tho Seal of sincerity weighed Woras Aud applied the Scalpel of analysis to others lint t ills cynical Plomso i7id not lust Ong. Aud gave any in turn to a much Nore flirt jus View of life than i had hitherto taken the trip which 1 made to California with my father did Ngueh to promote this we were absent from weeks und we visited All the principal cities and saw the clip of sights of the West. My Fattu i wow assiduous in his kindness. He took pains to sex in me the immense value and importance of Tho Wixel and thu wheat. And uie Rattu and the Ore which were tile Staple or Qiliu pm of the states and Ter a turfs through which passed to in on i i Imp the immense out work of runway i Liv Means of which . Ii not consumed at Home Wen earned either of the Allie tic or the i acidic Ami made prolific a olt to tin . Incur by exportation to for eign lauds in tried id me in such commercial Aud economic so that As he said i need most women remain in entire ignorance re Garding vital of the world Altha Mii i a. Still stolid and indifferent m manner i Listi Neil attentively to its instructions Ami upon cited the serv ice be was Dirini me Luik evening shortly Alf i our return. Aunt Molen said to with a prefatory cough which was Dpi in by a sign that regal ii if topic to idled As italic All Virginia it is time for you to iks Tenn my Alk int your party i. Of it is too late to Send to Ivris. Uin i fancy it is possible to get tolerable tilings hero if one is ready to pay a Little move i shall not party i Mil nut going anywhere tins i As i Nave just intimated. Aunt Helen was somewhat apprehensive regarding my plans owing to a duals which 1 had let fall at tinker s Lii Ali bile had suggested my sending an order to Paris about a fortnight to by last interview with or Dale but 1 declined emphatically to do so it was evident however front her that my a source of Surprise and Dis May to her not go anywhere Why people will Thiol you Are ill my looks will trial. Aunt Helen la will seem Soodul and Peculiar. A girl always enjoys our second Winter More than the first just lieu you have come to everybody too 1 Hope you will reconsider this dear. You had better order the dresses Al any she continued you might want to go when the comes and then it would be too late. 1 Shook my head decisively aug sorry to disappoint you but my mind is made up aunt Belen coughed again you Are not disappointing to it is Only on your own account that i feel badly. You will make a great mistake. Virginia of course dear you have passed through a very unpleasant experience which uni All the More Able to appreciate from having had. As Yon Are aware sorrows of a similar kind. But painful As such experiences Are for those called upon to undergo them they Are. Regret to say far from uncommon and if a Young person who Baa suffered a disappoint ment were to turn his or Ner Back on All entertainments what Pray would be come of society will got along very Well with out i answered. Aunt Helen knitted rapidly in silence and the color mounted to her Cheeks. You will make a great mistake Vir she repeated a great mistake. No Young lady of your age can afford to make herself conspicuous by acting differently from other people do you wish to called eccentric and Piecul i Don t much said i with a spice of wickedness. It might be rather attractive. I should think to Bedi Ferent from everybody i can imagine who has been putting such ideas into your head in my Opin Ion one Strong Uii Dej woman in Tho family is quite enough she said with a toss of her head. I knew that she referred to aunt Agnes who returned from Europe a few Vav Luiis before Vliet Refore 1 said have not exchanged a word with anybody on the is the re Simiu. Then that you persist in being to she exclaimed in a thoroughly worried Cone. Laying Down her work on Lier Lap because i have awakened to the fact that the Little Circle in which to move does not constitute the i an swered. Rather nettled by her solicitude. I live As completely hedged about by conventions As the sleeping Beauty by tie growth of a Hundred she opened her eyes in amazement All women in every Circle except Tho very lowest Are hedged about by Conven she replied is it you wish to i Don t know that 1 wish to do any thing 1 am waiting for something to suggest Usell Boos your father a nov of Sha asked. Of your i tettion to give up 1 have not thought it important enough to mention it id important 1 shall feel it my duty to inform him. To shall hear next that you live gone on Tho stage or done to be continued

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