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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - August 4, 1891, San Antonio, TexasTce8day. 1. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. H. M. Aubrey Secretary and mgr office 421 e. Houston St. Will furnish Reid Amie Anst Retsof title to lands in be Xix either City or country property upon Short notice reasonable terms. Telephone no. 4o6 notice to the Public. The Only Coil. Actor for i h. R. Schumacher. Fred Small and d. Ditter. Otherwise you i see that you a properly receipted Bill from the undersigned. T. B. Johnson. Manager. Of san Light. What him Short slops what people All is cheerful Dehs and in City the Boas 19 of oozing Home. Mayor Callaghan if reports Are is now being rocked in the Cradle of the deep having left Havre the 1st inet., and will arrive in new York on just. I Pon land ins at new York he will be received by or. Bergs trom and Connor and feel that he is at lome again. There will be some Exchange of experiences and views of things at Home and abroad. The mayor will Tell of his stay in omitting All allusion to Hie private Busi Ness. Bergstrom will Tell of the in the Boelhauwe Hoef Ling Case Connor will inflate the with any amount of Toffy and Tell him How he and Fritz held the town Down for his a couple of Days in new York then for dear old riving Here on the 15th inst. And a the sixteen Page opinion of a Good lawyer published. Daily borne Days ago i noticed in the express the court journal of the King who is now absent in Paree or some other that the Good employed by acting mayor Schreiner to revise the judgment of our supreme court and the opinion of the Clearing in the we rendered a sixteen Page opinion to the City Council the result of which was that the mayor got a move on himself and hunted or. Hoe Fliner up and gave him his certificate of qualification immediately As Alderman. Now what worries me is that this Good lawyers still a City secret and although probably to be paid Lor by the people has never yet been read openly nor published in the court so we could All learn some something new about supreme court mandates and the a Tui dignity and Power of a City Council and its lawyer. Why not drive this famous opinion to the Public Why All this secrecy if As reported tins opinion shows up the aforesaid "8m. Pac a. A. P a. A. St. By. Clearing Houpe in his Tuvie colors let the Public read it it is line they were finding out something the Law Branch of the City government. Besides what a treat the Legal fraternity has misled in not Heiner Able to file away that sixteen pm get opinion for future reference no doubt it is a very Able opinion in fast it must be Able by reason of its very density and incomprehensibility Why the supreme court of the us. Decided the celebrated Dick Duncan Case in Only five pages of it strikes me that As the sole result of this Good lawyers opinion has been to give or. Hoefling his office denied him by the City attorney Why on Earth did the Afore said Grood lawyer 1 want to waste fifteen wheels of Good paper in writing an opinion which certainly could not be understood by the coun cil. I May be wrong but considering How ridiculous this whole business of referring supreme court decisions to any lawyer for opinion is it seems to me that the longest opinion that could have been rendered with propriety by the Good lawyer would Piave been Hon. Mayor and City Council the highest court of Lii is state having affirmed the judgment declaring we. Face Flag sr., duly elected and order ing you to recognize him As Alderman nothing now remains for you to do hut to obey that order or else turn yourselves into Lawless desperadoes. My fee Tor this opinion is very respectfully ton Texas miss Blanton Houston Tex As Isaac Garcia Houston Texas Lino de los autos Houston Texas miss Lizzie w. Ryan Helena Montana a. L Langston Lampasas Texas. In the meantime All meetings of the City Council Are to be avoided even the unspeakable Lockwood must be curbed until Bis Honor returns. De otherwise the county ring will Tiave full As evidence of the utter of the county ring cellar Job no Man or Alrui of or dim re business sense would give out hitch a Job by Day work. It is simply an attempt to capture the Draugs of Day labourers hitherto employed by the City. It is simply a Plain Case that the Bounty commissioners court is going into the labor Market with the peo ple s Money to build up a political machine to be used in the future. Rattled off the bails. Talked by telex graph. Tort by train men and taken in transit Josh Ward an old s. P. Man. After an absence of five years has returned from California. He is now ready to see the ladies. The fall of the Bat other Wise City Bastile will be celebrated upon his Honor s return. There will the a settlement to made regarding the Celebration be City court. Kleven cases were brought before the recorder this morning and in fines were assessed. Four cases were dismissed and two continued. Will Edwards a was fined for carrying a pistol. Was us a suspicions character. Building permit. E. Zinsmeyer. Saloon. North Floros Street. 4th Ward. Lineal Market prices. Side Bacon per breakfast Bacon per Pound. .11. .12 mid lir i him. Per 14 and Hutter per Pound.25 and hides dried per and .os1 dry salted Ner Pound.04 to of hike it Ever before seen in san Antonio just received a car Load of the finest Rattan and Bamboo parlor furniture which will be sold at lower figures than Ever before offered in this City in grrpkt8-Mtt that other Bastille and col. Claudon will be brought to task for Hie failure to capture the entire French Colony. Of j hides Green. Per the colonel has been a most Faith Ful servant to the absent but that will not count when the correspondence Between the colonel and the opposing1 preach forces in Dis closed. Fresh from the capital of where ridicule is held to be the Sharp est of All will hardly pass Over the thrust that the colonel received when in answer to his demand for from the French society be was told to invest in a porus plaster in order to quake the "draw17 of the Check successful. Bryan admires Cheek but it won t do to have a prime minister with too much of that article. It is rumoured that pro Tern mayor Schreiner grave Alderman Onnor thirty Days leave of absence and the Sage from Beanville will with others meet Bryan at the wharf. The question is can a mayor pro Tern Grant a leave of absence to an Alderman can a mayor do it so far As Connor is concerned it will do no doubt. Skin Short haired goats per Pound wild Large 40 each wild hogs Small fancy Aurora skins 1 to 2 sheepskins 10 to .40 beeswax per Pound to to Cotton per Pound 7 very Little woo on the Market. Chickens per dozen.00 to 3.00 turkeys 0.00 to Eszes 15 to .10 peaches per bucket 40 Pepper to okra r snap Beans per quart of Hutte Beans 30 Honey per gallon 1.00 watermelons by the Load .10 to to each retail 10 to .40 Cantelo Ditl average 05 figs per Dox 10 cucumbers per 20 cabbage per of 03 Corn per Bushel so Oats per Bushel 40 baled Hay per Hundred weight onions per in in potatoes per Bushel a Sweet k 12.00 the most Complete line to be seen in Texas at prices that Knock out All Competition. Also the largest and finest assortment of bed room suits at prices unusually Low. Call and see us before making your Purchase. If mayor Callaghan will be confronted on his return by col. And other Tough problems of City administration. There is due under the amended charter a full statement of the financial condition of the City. Will Reserve certain inquiries until his Honor s return but the pub Lic Are anxious to know what has be come of the Security or option Money put up by messes. Harris co. Of Chicago in the Bond transaction do the amounts in the contingency budget of sept. Of Aud for interest cover the commis Sion paid on Hond Sale and the expense of the trip taken by the mayor and City treasurer it a High time for mayor Callaghan to be hurrying Back the indicators Are reported to be hard up Aud an other Bond Issue of is demand fruits. The proof of the pudding is in chewing the bag the proof of a Good fruit is is in chewing the pulp. By this test Texas fruits can compare favourably with those of any Section the Light was invited last evening to Sample some Texas grown Gracea and peaches grown near lulling on the Young fruit farm of prof. Hal Bedel of this City. The grapes from Cut mugs planted three years ago were the Malaga the Herbemont Aud the alack july. The Herbemont is a wine grape Fine flavor compact Berry medium sized Bunch and yields freely of juice. The Malaga is very much like its California namesake. The Black july is a splendid grape larger than the Elpaso grape very fruity delicious pulp and not too Sweet. This is the first bearing year for these vines Aud they give extra Ordinary Promise. The peaches were of two varieties planted two and three years ago and Are just coining into bearing. They Are finely Flavoured Good sized Freestone. As an object lesson in the possibilities of Texas fruit growing these specimens Are instructive. They show that a Fortune awaits the intelligent fruit grower in Texas. These fruits were grown on dry soil and under natural conditions. Personal mention. Or. Geo. Bartholomaei is Aarau in the cite. Mrs. Lauds Lead hint of Del Rio. Is in the City. W. J. H. Patterson has returned from Corpus Christi. Perry j. Lewis has returned from Cor pus Christi w. Jones and wife of Yoakum Are guests of the Southern. W. J. Hopkins a prominent Stockman of rot Zales is staying at the Southern. J. A. Lovell of Milwaukee is the Maverick. P. Mulholland of new Orleans is to be seen lit the Maverick. L. R. Townsend is registered at the Maverick from Houston. J. A. Mittmann. A t of braunfels is staying at the Mahncke. R. N. Lane from Kagle pass is at the Maverick. S. M. Johnson of Arkansas Texas is now at the Mahnck-1. Or. E. R. Fergus leaves the City to night for new Orleans. J. W. Is at the Southern from Al Dorado. Kansas. Us a i deals and the prices they bring. Sam m. Johnson to Mary c. A dial lots 0, 7. 14 and Block also lots 5. 7. S. 13, 14, 15 and Block 15. City lot 6.f 900 win. J. Solcher and to w. G. Josie Kreinus lot on East Side of aus tin Street. 408 Adams Wickes we. J. Solcher lot 1, Block 1. Cite lot 24. 900 c. O. My Ciaire John Price and Thomas Kilroy to Antonio Seguin and Southwest Corner of subdivision t. Of the Mariana Guin Survey. I. to Charle l. I Irr lot Block 9. City Lor 400 Effia Felder to John y. Lor 1. Subdivision of original City lots 1 and 3, Miu on a wedding. The Wenming of miss Marie Louise Johnston daughter of it. Rev. Bit Thop Johnston of toe episcopal diocese of Western Texas to or. John e Mitchell a you Nazr gentleman. From Mobile Alabama is set to occur August Lith in this City where the you ukr couple have a Tauy Fri Buda. The ceremony will take place s. N. Pickens from Corsicana. Tex., is at 7 in the evening at St. Mark s Johnson has asked the City Council to have All houses in the City numbered. The City badly needs Quch a system. To be seen a the Southern. Lawyer t. J. Mcminn has returned from Earli pass. Capt Chas. Schreiner is in City from Kerrville. E. L. Burke formerly a conductor on the s. A. A is registered at the menger. John Todd a Well known ranch Man of Corpus Christi is stopping at the meager. J. Gilmond and family from Corpus Christi Are guests of the Meneer. A. Cribbs of St. Louis is now at the meager. Mrs. George Paschal has gone to Ken Tucky for a visit. J. A. Depoyster a wealthy ranch Man of Derby is at the Southern with his family. Alderman Connor left for Detroit last night to attend the meeting of the grand army of the Republic. T. M. Reed and j. A. York two Well known ranch men of Goliad Are now at the St. Leonard. E. Geisler a civil Engineer from South America Enro Ute for City of Mexico is at the St Leonard Alderman Guerguin and wife reached Paris France yesterday As a cablegram announced to his son yesterday. Mrs. E. Apen and daughter of Oak Vine Mexas Are registered at the St. Leonard. J. C. Mcdaniel and Henry Edds two prominent stockmen of Floresville Are stopping at the St. Leonard. Lawyer Mcminn of this City has decided to make a last Appeal to the supreme court in the Dick Duncan Case alleging the non citizenship of the fore Man of the jury which condemned his. Client. Miss Oiga Rochs leaves the City Abou the Middle of next week for Sisterdale where she will spend a few weeks Vaca Tion. Used in millions of years the Standard Martin Schryver of ail sorts Kindt and qualities. Building Materia of All kinds shapes and Sixes. A Large assortment of ornamental goods always in Stock. We keep constantly of hand Large quantities of the never yet surpassed Haisch s Barb and Frekot wire. We Are Suc Essul competitors in Price and goods. Come and be convinced. South of Sunset depot. San Antonio Hurch. He frightened them. The mounted police were called out on Dignowity Hill last night to arrest a Man named Harrison a stranger. Who had appeared from House to House in the neighbourhood frighten ing the people by his actions. He was arrested and found to be apparently suffering from delirium Kremens. He was locked up. The pole think he leaped from a railway train of the Southern Pacific railway. A new enter prose. The Southern Iron and wire works will manufacture All kinds of wire goods Iron and wire fencing Iron bedsteads cols etc., at 310 South Street. We. Sparling Mana Ger. It will employ about 75 or 100 men and will begin operations about August 15th. Two Fine residence lots on West end Street car line fenced. .7.e 111 x 165 feet on co Ner. For Sale. Worm so. T

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