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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - August 3, 1891, San Antonio, TexasMonday aught 3. 1891. A romantic Young lady by George Grant. Sho s y complexion Kima Fatah d Dis Beau Ful cup Ryion guaranteed if Whitehall. St. Pise s remedy for Catarrh is the Best easiest to use and cheapest. Catarrh sold by druggists or sent by mail. 50c.te. T. Hazeltine warred a. Book one innocence f a great possible happiness that thrilled rather than any definite vision. When Jenks left us i was a Well i have positive remedy for the above disease by we thousands of cases of the worst kind and of Long standing have been cured. Indeed so Strong is my Faith in its Efficacy that i two bottles j. Valuable treatise on tins disease to any gut Ferer who will Send me their express and . Address. T. A. Slocum a. M. 181 Pearl St. N. T. Chapter 1. My Mother died in diving me birth. My father was a very Rich Man. A rail Way magnate so called absorbed in great business enterprises. Thus it happened that 1 was brought up Between two father s sister. Aunt Agnes and my Mother s sister. Taut Helen. Aunt series was Prim but cultivated. She wrote for reviews and wore Eye hisses and her Library table was habitually littered with and tomes. On the other hand aunt Helen was a neat Dapper Little woman who lived in a Mustof your Money avoid foolish extravagance but learn to enjoy life and Tiv your Dis p it used co he c Uit red wrong by our forefathers to surround them selves with Beautiful tilings Aud any but the simplest comforts borne people Are of that opinion still but 1 do not with them. Your own Good sense will be the Best criterion of what is unduly ostentatious but never hesitate to have anything you May wish because you fear the verdict of others. In Short be Independent and think Tor yourself if you wish to be Happy. Your aunt Belen has undertaken the charge of your wardrobe that is something of which i know nothing. I can Tell when a Young lady is Well dressed but i am not capable of selecting her dresses. Here he said taking the Plush covered from the table is something that will make your toilet More 1 started with Delight on raising the lid to discover a Superb necklace of the largest pearls. Under the impulse of the moment i Flung my arms about my father s neck and kissed him. He seemed touched by my impetuosity and stood for a moment with my head be tween his hands looking into my eyes. "1 believe you have in you the making of a Noble woman my he said proudly. You have your Mother s Sweet disposition and also i think my fixity of 1 Lay awake that night for hours. It seemed to me that 1 had grown five years older in a single Day and i Felt a new responsibility in living. Father s Trust Ami generosity had stirred me deeply and i made Many a solemn vow not to prove unworthy of such Confidence. But athwart the satisfaction these thoughts inspired Rose the recollection of what he had said regarding the insincerity of men. I Luul of course read in novels of Fortune Hunters but no suspicion of their existence within the Pale of the polite society of which 1 was so soon to form a part had Ever marred the Rosy simplicity of my in this was my first Peep at the world s wickedness and it shocked me to think that human nature could be so base. I had seen but Little of my aunt Agnee during the autumn perhaps because 1 More than half suspected she did not sympathize with the plans and preparations for my social education. I remembered some years before at the time when the question of my attending dancing school was being debated to have heard her express disapproval of girls who frittered away their time and health in the Pursuit of what she called i had not conversed with her on the subject but i had obtained an intimation from her Short and acrid manner on the one or two Occa Sions when we had met of late that she was quite aware of what was joing on. And condemned it unequivocally. Although i knew that aunt Agnes was very fond of me and i in turn loved and respected her she was Apt to inspire me with Awe even on Ordinary occasions. Her character was As upright As her no tire which in Defiance of the relaxed customs of the Day was always arrayed against a straight backed chair. Con be nationalities of every sort were an abomination to her. Black silk was the full extent of her condescension in the matter of what she was pleased to Call babylonian attire and she had no patience with the Ordinary vanities of her sex. She received me fros tily when 1 went to visit her a few Days after the conversation with Iny father and suffered me to kiss both her Cheeks in turn without evincing a sign of being mollified. Remembering that she was fond of direct Ness 1 opened fire at once by observing that i was invited to a Ball at mrs. Dale s a week hence. All girls Are she answered abruptly after a moment. 1 bowed my head submissively and awaited the form. Expected better things of yen to were too sensible to follow , Aud the years of your life in i echoed yes Folly. Is it but Folly t up night , until the Small hours of the morning Waltzing with brainless Young but. Annoy my father wishes me to go into pal Iii what Doe he know about balls and parties Ite is under the thumb of your aunt at your age he working hard Fai Hie living and born Togo of Csc in the int i have not to earn inv said l so much Wor for you. Humph von have found that have i understood that raft Arvd to what my father a i told me. 1 know my father is very Rich. If 1 do not go to parties How am 1 to learn anything about life you Are very child if you expect life is by danc Ini the . The first thing we shrill hear that Yon Are Ted Tome Cinndy who r your Fortine. Then Yon will be snuffed out. You will become a Siiple ton who tit four up at noon Lite Orit l Infin Naioti so both i lately it i. Out i in ii. I my father has warned me to be on Ziy Ira urd insincere per Good a vat build do if you v.-. I to take it into head to Tell me i May not in oilers uni Zirla Titis wits a thrust at aunt Ile Loii. But i know the dispose Tois of Ziy own flu icily. When a bar la u a fixed it takes a Deal of Pon tiding to drive it out and you re a liar Ian Virginia if there Ever was this last reflection see Immi to console her a Little or at least to suggest the futility of trying to alter Rny determination for after of other matters for a few moments she exclaimed Well girls will be girls i suppose to the end of rising she went to an Escrito ire and took out a Small parcel which it was evident she had intended to present to me from the first. There Virginia if you Are Bent on being frivolous is a bit of old lace that your ant Helen or anybody else would have to Hunt u Long time to equal. You will find a locket inside which i wore when your father was married. I shall never use such Fri Pery again and you might As Well have them now As when 1 am knowing that she meant to i thanked her warmly. But having doubts regarding her taste 1 abstained opening the package until i reached Home. Then 1 found that the lace even surpassed in exquisite Ness the estimate aunt Agnes bad put upon it. Aunt Helen fairly envious and spent the evening in wondering where on Earth her rival could have come into Possession of such a treasure. But the Cameo bizarre and out of the run of Ordinary personal Oma her contempt. It is fit for a woman of forty and would make you look like a Guy Vir the idea of looking different from other people did not disturb me. Indeed i had ret Boived to be thoroughly inde pendent. So on the evening of mrs. Dale s Ball 1 announced my intention of wearing the pocket and of reserving my necklace of pearls for some More Brill want occasion. A ant Helen who super Vised my toilet was greatly distressed at my obstinacy. Nevertheless i left the House with it on. But at the last moment my courage failed me i slipped it off and put it in my pocket thus Mak ing a Courtesy to conventionality on the threshold of society. Docs your Friend or. Dale dor1 Iskoui a my recollections of the first few Par i attended Are confused. A or Erst Many Young men were introduced to me but i scarcely distinguished one from another. 1 was alternately Dazell and dazzled by the attentions i received. There is no object in Dis Ginseng the fact that i had become very handsome and my Brilliant financial prospects were of course. Known. My emotions were doubtless those of an average society in Ila eager to Drain the cup of pleasure to the i lived dance. Be with i to be continued

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