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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - August 1, 1891, San Antonio, TexasHe Ottrue no. 4 knit Oom Moro Street 8 a a t. B Johnson. and qmnbtul1. So at the Post of Kiwi at 8as Amto Mattir. Tvs Light 13 the suy Davitt bkpubu1 Paskil pcbm8hsd in tbxa8. Subscription rates. Dally per so Dally per year.5 in wired by mail of Ruai. 6 so woolly. 1 subscribers not receiving their paper will make to the of Noe. Sudson Birs Are warned not to pay their Subber Letlon coopt upon presentation or a properly to Mlp Tod Bill trom this of Floe. Advert Bino r t month Homo advertisements payable the transient advertising payable in uis printed. J Isaab n. Edvice Only Ouis printed. Rates on Luger . Dts ont Given announcements Tor state mid county officers dollars in a Vanoe. Jwa11 want roots or most do approved by and m a nearer. To ookbkbfondknt8 All for this paper should by the of tie author not Wae Taani for publication Bat of Good Faith on the part of the or Tom. Write on of one Eldo of the pair. La a Plain hand. An Waymous Tui not be . She a ight will not be Reboda Lule for the Stato an old Virginia Ulinger Driver could not whip the Ohio democrats into Hue thin run of Shad. Ohio is for free Silver Cleveland is not and yet Cleveland u to stump Ohio. The Phat philosopher will Strain a callus straddling that Plank. Can the my Kuloy Bill be attacked in Congress without lighting into the Bounty provi Lono if Nowc what Democrat dare attack Southern sugar interests it is the Hrat duty of the state to protect its citizens. The labourer is More worthy than his Mere wages. The leaning of convict labor to come into comp Pitlon with free labor is a crime against labor against the Labouring Man outside of All considerations of wares and the state has no right to perpetrate it. Kansas has a alien land Law As Well As Texas. In Kansas Coal Zinc and Lead lands Are exempted from the operations of the Law. The wheat Trust Combine will not materialize. The Alliance never was Success my in engineering More than a political Gas Trust. _ ban Antonio has been asking Lor deep water where it could be secured soonest and cheapest particularly the soonest. Velasoo has it and ban Antonio wants speedy connection with deep water. It is not where but what. A Patterson has discover of that Hill is not to he the candidate of the democracy in 1892. Hill has discovered that Wah Oraon is not the nation. Al democratic convention. To our 6a3tepn advertisers. All advertising for the daily and week Light must Como to us Enron so our in eclat agents messes. Palmer Roy 232 to 335 Temple court now saturday August 1, 1891. County harvests wheat enough this year to give every texan a Bushel and the county was not organized or settled ten years the moral reformer who insists on perfect Law or no regulation always cries Lor a whole loaf or no bread. Russia and prance Are locally agreed and it were publish any bans of marriage be tween them. Those who Are at All familiar with the history of the old reciprocity treaty Between Canada and the United states Are not hungering and thirsting after a renewal of the sex if weather Prophet Foster hits it. In his prognostic for Early frosts then Southwest Texas will to in it As usual. Cotton ripens Here earliest and picking will be Over soonest. Pfefferie having a Good time air ing his whiskers in Texas. He is As harmless Here As he could be any where. It is not in h is Power to Hurt the republicans or help the democrats of the sub Treasury scheme will find advocates among Southern and Western democrats in the National convention but it will be the Tam Many crowd who will make the plat form. Has Laid up immense treasure in London and his heart is where his treasure is. As Boon As Balmaceda s successor a established see the old Man Vamoose. The Chili insurgents wage War upon the government do not participate in the election ordered for a Suc Cessor to whom they re pud late Aud then refuse to accept the newly elected head of the government because they did not participate in his election. The record of railway accidents in Europe and America do not Bear out the of repeated charge of Gross carelessness on the Parton american companies As compared with foreign lines. When the length of american lines and the necessity of cheap construction owing to sparse settlement and Light traffic Are taken into consideration the showing is decidedly favourable for the american railway. There Are fewer casualties East of Cincinnati than in the same area of european traffic. Those who stand within the Shadow of the authority that Speaks say that if the amendments pass August uth Hogg will Call an extra session of legislature otherwise not. Uncle Daniel says the extra session will be called next As industrials grow More self re straining social Laws Are made More restrictive. The Law that demands a More perfect restraint than the Gen eral sell restraint of Community an old Gem in Gravor. Rom the London spec Tutor. The tools and processes employed u ancient times in engraving Goms virtually the same Thwe in a. The Isola were rive in number. The Drill worked by a Bow was the chief. It varied in size was made of Bronze and acted in virtue of he Emery or corundum powder mixed with Oil with which Ita was smeared. The Drill was tubular in Attiat Case its Crown waa sometimes set with Small crystals of corundum. The second too was a wire saw made effective with the same abrading material. The wheel or disk of Bronze was similarly employed. A file was also used not of Metal but of a mixture of Emery arid Rosin heated together and then allowed to solidify by Cool the fifth tool was a Graver made by mounting in an Iron or Bronze handle a Crystal or crystalline fragrant of Diamond or of Saphire or sometimes a piece of Rock Crystal. As a Rule la engraving antique gems and also those of the Cinque Cento time Tho tool used was worked by. The hand the Stone to be engraved being fixed. La More recent Days the reverse arrangement is followed and in consequence the touch is less free and the style More mechanical. The engraved work and the Field of gems were polished by rubbing them with Fine powders Hematite or reel oxide of Iron having been generally employed for this Porpose. Paste was often legitimately used but it naturally suggests Tho subject of fraud. The ancients Wero not inexpert in this Branch of Art if it May be so called. One might say that the pair of Green Glass pillars in the Temple of the Tyrian Hercules which the priests declared to. Hero Dotus to be Emerald were a Gigantic imposture but it is not unlikely that the historian deceived himself. Of jewellers frauds the chief was the Mak Lnor of a Doub a paste backed with a real atone of greater hardness but poor color. The two materials were joined by an invisible Cement the line of Junction at the Girdle of the Gem being concealed by the mounting. The alteration Aud accentuation of the color of natural atones particular of the Onyx by Means of various chemicals is a comparatively recent invention but the ancients were adepts in the Art of changing the original Hue by Means of Strong heat. Hager Moths. The largest and cheapest furniture House in san Antonio 13 Alamo Plaza and Losoya Street. Owing to the dullness of the season we will Al Low to Cash customers 10 per cent off on Ori Ginal figures. Our Stock is com plete in every line please give Usa Ca i i Hager Moths. Of Kalteyer son wholesale and retail its importers and exporters drugs chemicals and druggist s Patent medicines Etc., photographic Stock sheep dip Sulphur tar and Chiy Silio ointment. Bole proprietors of of. Kalteyer s Patent screw worm ointment and liniment mall orders promptly attended to correspondence solicited f. Kalteyer san Antonio bo7 Host 30 wb8t cock Boob stkbg1, Side Mujtab by Plaza. The Zeal of that Houston Law and order league is either a Zeal not according to knowledge or the league is losing its grip. Oliai -.7--- not Polit dote a is Only made to be broken and vain to Doeg More evil than Good for it serves to bring All Law into disrepute. It is nil very Well to say a Torce the obnoxious Law and it will soon be re experience does not dear out this assertion. The obnoxious Law is disregarded no one seeks to enforce it because it is obnoxious and thus All Law comae to be disregarded there Are altogether too Many Laws upon the statute books. Lawmakers should consider Well what measures of restraint can be successfully and acceptably enforced make the Law cover that ground and then its enforcement is made certain and practicable. Canadian John wants the buttered Side of the reciprocity Broad every time or he will have nothing to do with the bakery. James g. Blaino will not take barn s butter to spread John s bread and there will there fore be no reciprocity treaty with Canada. Paste this in your hat. Dining in the Middle Krom the Westminster review. During the Middle Ages gaming be came a More and More fashionable form of amusement and we find in the records that the vice was greatly indulged in by the clergy. Not Only that but in the fifteenth Century we read of an Abbass Boiar tried by the Eccles Lastica authorities for having systematically gamed in her Convent. She pleaded it is curious to note guilty to the fact hut demurred that neither the Law nor the rules of the sisterhood obliged her to abstain from her favorite pleasure. She was however Only acquitted on giving a a Promise that she would game no in England we find that in the fourteenth Century the lord mayor and Mayoress gave two dicing entertainments when their High official capacity held the tables against All Comers. The letter Day hol Ders of those of Locos will not improbably be surprised to Bear this. Gaming was More extensively car ried on in that Early period in eng land France and Italy and the Doe wore in constant requisition. In the fourteenth Century a great fillip was Elveu to gaming by Tho introduction into Europe of playing Oards. The exact Date of the importation is not known but the earliest in question evidence of their european existence is to be found in the diary of accounts of Chariot Poupart who has the treasurer of the household at Charles i. Of France. The diary is for 1392 or 1303, and the entry runs As follows Donne a Jacqueliln or Logon. Neur Weintre pour trois Meux de Cartes a or in a diverse coolers Ornes de plus eurs devises pour son abatement of Diuante six sols Paresis. This re fers to painting or As it is termed illuminating cards and not to their introduction. The Laplander Bible. From the Boston transcript. The Lap Jib have the Bible in their own Tongue Aud few stories Are More interesting than the account of its translation. Over thirty years ago a series of Fel Goas riots took place in a number of villages la Lapland Aud among the rioters was one Lars Haet to. Dur Lupe the riots several homicides committed and Lars and some others of his companions were committed to prison on a charge of Mur Der. They were found Gusty several were hanged but in consideration of his youth Thaetta been nearly drowned agree in the statement that after a few Rome uts of a Duful struggle a feeling of Tranquillity Emmet. The suffering in while the resuscitated person is being brought Bank to consciousness. Then it is he often suffers physical pain and mental misery. It is a merciful dispensation of god and nature that when the last moments of the dying Man Are at hand vital forces give out and the Gaspa for breath come and go the apparent sufferer is happily in a comatose condition Aud so passes painlessly into the other Martin Schryver of All sorts kinds and qualities. Building material of All kinds shapes and Sixes. A Large assortment of ornamental goods always in Stock. We keep constantly on hand Large quantities of the never yet. Surpassed Haisch s Barb and Fenorl wire. We Are successful competitors in Price and goods. Corso and be convinced. Office South of Sunset depot san Antonio this is Che refrigerator that will not grow Damp and spoil your food with a bad odor causing sickness Etc. The self cleaning North japanese a Gna Tantee care for piles of whatever kind or Luternau Blind or blend intr itching chronic recent or hated Lesry. This ready hns positively hover Beon known to fall. Box 6 Boroa for sent by mall prepaid on receipt of Price. A written Guaran Job Given o Paoli per Nabor of 6 boxes. Purchased fat ome time to refund the pal Dionot on red. Guarantee issued by a. Dress wholesale and retail druggist sole Antonio Texas Froe. ask our customers How they Star there Are hundreds in the City. Our prices Are the lowest. Icel. House furnishes. Street wealth a 8 Antonio Home seekers. Offers unparalleled advantages to tha no evasion. Don t forget that we Are sticking to the letter and spirit of our advertise ment to close our entire Stock of sum Mer dry goods and clothing at and below Cost. J-30 of John k. Be Betta 4 co. In. E. 0. West s no Kvek and brain theat uht a guarantee spec inc Fot hysteria dizziness convulsions fits nervous neuralgia headache nervous prostration canned by the use of alcohol or tobacco Wake falness mental depression 9 Jot Nung of the brain real Tang in insanity and leading to misery delay and death. I Rematore Ola age barrenness Jules of Power in either Sor. Involuntary Ami caused by Over exert Lon of the brain self abuse or Over indulgence. Cacti Bofoon trans Ono month s treatment. A Box or six boxes for sent by mall pre paid on receipt of Price.0 we guarantee six boxes i . With each order Lecce Rodby accompanied with will Send the purchaser or written Gaia tee the treatment does not effect a cure. Guarantees issued Only by City drug store sols Agaj. 8e. Comme Bok st., san Antonio at bargain. A Phaeton buggy new on in Aoa Short time can to had at bargain. Call and 8eo it at m. Pigott 3 i Corner of Houston and Solodad treat. A location of surprising loveliness a. Climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All com Bining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. John t. Hambleton 3f 60

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