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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, San Antonio, Texas A a a a go a a a a Gge a a a a monday april 27,1891. A mistake. Light flashes. A mistake is often made by persons in need of medical treatment in not placing their Case into the hands of a specialist As it stands to reason that a doctor making a specially of a certain line of diseases is More competent than the family physician or general practitioner who tries to cover the whole Field of Medicine and surgery. Or. J. N. Hathaway of this City is a True specialist in his line. A regular graduate from one of the Best colleges in America As his diploma shows he also has had Large experience in leads ing hospitals and at hot Springs ark., therefore if you seek his advice you Are sure of getting the Best. Private skin j blood and nervous disc ass. Practice limited to specially. 1�k. Hathaway specialist j. Broadfoot m. a assistant. Regular graduates. Lost manhood and All weakness of the sexual organs treated with great Success. Female diseases cured at Home without instruments. Wonderful remedy. most rapid Safe and effective remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin diseases of All kinds cured where others have failed. Unnatural discharges promptly cured in a few Days. Quick sure and Safe. This includes Gleet and gonorrhoea. Stricture. A new method. No cutting. The Only rational method to effect a Complete cure. Piles great discovery. A cure guaranteed. No knife cutting or ligature painless treatment. A nervous diseases. New treatment. Great Success. Nervous debility exhaustion Chorea St Vitus dance insomnia loss of sleep. Locomotor ataxia and other forms of paralysis neuralgia Etc. Imy methods. 1. Free consultation at the office or by mail. 2. Thorough examination and careful diagnosis. 3. That each patient treated gets the advantage of special study and experience Ana a specially is made of his or her disease. 4. Moderate charges and easy terms of payment. Thend for symptom Blank no. I for men. Send for symptom Blank no. 2 for women. Send for symptom Blank no. 3 for skin diseases. All correspondence answered promptly. Business strictly confidential. Medicine sent free from observation. Address or Call in j. N. Hathaway m. D., san Antonio Texas. Office 29 and 31 w. Commerce St., in Shafer and Braden a new Block up stairs office hours.�?9 to 12, 2 to 5 and 7 to 9. Sundays to to i Only a there will be a hop next thursday evening at barrys residence on Duval Street. A col. Copeland of Philadelphia the eloquent speaker will deliver a lecture in ban Antonio the latter part or next month on a snobs and he Speaks under the auspices of the y. M. C. A. A the ladies auxiliary y. M. C. A., gives a pop Corn social at the rooms thursday night. A a meeting of the German Day association will be held at Scholze shall tonight. A picnic near the second Mission was Given yesterday. A or. f. Melcher and miss a Schinka offer will be married this evening at 8 30 of clock at St. Johns Luthern Church. A the Casino picnic to have occurred yesterday was postponed. A a dapple Grey horse attached to Wagner a Chaboty a delivery Wagon ran away with the vehicle on Commerce Street near the Bridge this morning. The animal passed through Navarro Street into Houston Street where it was caught by a Man on horseback who Lasso oed it. No serious damage was done. A in a a Miguel Lopez the Man who betrayed Maximilian to Juarez is dead. Waco grand jury is investigating late municipal election frauds and some of the Best citizens Are implicated. A on keeping up with disease. From the new York Telegram. A we old doctors have a Lively time of it trying to keep track of the new diseases that Are constantly being added to the list of human ailments a said a Veteran practitioner who first put out his professional Shingle Over fifty years ago. A Many of them Are due to the changed conditions of life brought about by the marvelous inventions of the past half Century. Time saving and labor saving devices Are not always unmixed blessings but often bring with them novel forms of disease that would have sadly perplexed the physicians of former years to diagnose. A one of the latest novelties is called a Railroad kidney a and is an affection of the nervous system due to the continuous jarring experienced by commercial travellers and others who pass a Large portion of their time on Railroad cars. Then there is the a Telephone tinnitus,1 which is an aural overpressure caused by the Strain upon the auditory nerves of persons who use the Telephone constantly especially when they Are persons of a very nervous temperament. The symptoms of this new disease Are a ringing in the ears giddiness and neuralgia pains. A a a divers bends is a nervous prostration to which divers Caisson workers and others employed in an atmosphere of compressed air Are subject. A very modern complaint is what is called a Tennis Elbow a which is somewhat similar to the famous base Ball shoulder a and is really but a Revere Strain of the Muscles. The list of new diseases could be made considerable longer but at the risk that some old familiar complaints might be discovered masquerading under newfangled names a hanging on a Friday. Reiffton for executing Cri Laau the fifth Huy of the week. An investigation of the question whether Friday is a Day which is especially set apart for hanging shows that most members of the Legal profession Are ignorant on that Point they cannot affirm whether it wha Accident or design that caused the unlucky Lay of the week to be chosen for the executions. One member of the Legal profession maintained that there was an old custom which marked out Friday As t he Day for hangings because the crucifixion of the it o thieves occurred on t hat Day. Another Light of the Law remarked a you see. Friday is a bad Day. There is Only one Good Friday in the whole year consequently it is looked upon by judges As a most appropriate Day for hanging it May he stated right Here that there is nothing in the above reasons and that it is Only a Chance circumstance that. Four fifths of the executions take place on a Friday. Iii the earlier Days of English Justice when the hanging of a Man was a most Ordinary occurrence and was the penalty which followed lighter offence such As stealing forgery arson and nth Ierio uses As Well As murder hangings occurred on every Day of the week except sunday. The act governing the time of execution provided that a Felon should be executed on the next Day but one after his conviction. In consequence no particular Day of the week was Ever fixed upon. All this was in those Good old Days when lord chief Justice Jeffreys in a circuit of eight weeks sentenced no less than 320 persons to be hanged. Well indeed might he boast that he hanged More traitors than the whole of his predecessors since the Conquest that was after the Monmouth rebellion in ihs5, when the King referred to these doings of his favorite Jud the As a the chief justices Campaign Iii the that too was in the time of the famous Jack Ketch who became so notorious As an executioner that his name is generally Given to the common Hangman in the City of London. It was of this a rope artist a As t he moderns flippantly Call that functionary that his wife remarked a any Bungler can put a Luau to death but Only my Jack knows How to make a gentleman die later on a More humane spirit pervaded English Justice. In was recognized that forty eight hours was indeed a Short period wherein to allow a criminal to repent and to make his peace with his creator. The first step was to hold All criminal trials on Friday. That was not the period when a trial lasted a week or longer. It generally took e court Only a few hours to decode on a felons Fate. Justice was indeed Quick very frequently too Quick Aud a murderer would be sentenced on the same Day. By sentencing him of Friday his execution would fall on sunday according to the two Days Law and As no hangings were allowed till monday the Felon thus gained a Days respite. In consequence of this monday was the usual hanging Day and in narratives of the a old Quot Iii Ley this explains the dark Way in which monday was always spoken of. In 1836 the two Days Law was repealed and the present Law came into Force which allows a murderer reasonable time. The custom of appointing monday for a hanging tilt remained. In order not to have two a a deut ions on t he same Day the judge some times appointed tuesday Aud for nigh fifty years in the English criminal Cater tar it will lie found that ninety nine out of a Hundred executions have occurred on a monday or a tuesday. Nowadays this a listing Tina is beginning to die out although it has Only commenced in England on r be other Side of the water no distinction is made and murderers Are hanged by whatever Day the judge sees Ottawa Cor. Albany Argus. Rosedale Park a Csc Ilion to Lakeview 25 houses absolutely Given away. 500 lots at $200. A lot. Each lot is 50 by 120 feet the splendid terms offered Are si5 Cash and Sio per month. No interest and no taxes till 1893. Twenty lots make one Block or club. The members of each club when one half of the Purchase Money of the lots has been paid will be presented with a $500 cottage. Buy allot from us. The members of each club can decide among themselves who shall own the House and the Corners besides a Beautiful Homestead. Everyone has an equal show of obtaining a Corner lot and an elegant House free of any extra expense. Remember this is one of the finest suburbs around san Antonio it lays just two and a half Miles West of the Centre of the City on Beautiful High ground. Adjoins Lakeview is convenient to electric cars which run every fifteen minutes. Has a Beautiful Park can have electric Light and water works from a magnificent Artesian Well. Remember the easy terms. No interest and no taxes until 1893. Now is the time to buy a Home. For further particulars Call on Glen Walker or. No 9 East Houston Street office of new office hours a monday 8 a. In. To up. In. Tuesday 9 a. In. To 7 p , 8 a. In to 5 p. In. Thursday 9 a. In. To 7 p. In. Fri Day 8 a. In. To 5 p. In. Saturday 9 a. In. To 7 p. In. References a messes. Thornton. Wright a co., Bankers a. H. Drought it attorney at Law or. A p. Watson manager new England land be. Linens and upholstery thu department has grown to be one of the Moil Imp it rant of our entire double for spa Ltd h ,e<1 a a to devote to it More than As it now stands we believe it to be the largest most Complete Best lighted Aud Best appointed department of its kind in the entire South or West the Best weaves from leading manufacturers in Ireland Germany France be b0u u from our there a no Mckinley Tariff on these prices imported Turkey red table damask 52 la Chris Wirt of. Per Yard 56 inches wide at 30c. Per Yard 60 inches wide at 40c 50c id t and Loo per Yard w de at65c a a 75c a a Tchee ?a1 loom bleached table damask All pure Linen 56 inches 25c inches 30c 60 inches 50 and 60c 62 inches 76c, 72 incite 1 of and six full bleache6 double Satin damask Ein to i Noh my Irish manufacture 54 inches wide at 30c, 35c. And 40c 60 inches wide at 50c 64 and her a a a a 75� a wide a incite Widi at table setts cloth and napkins to match two Yards Long with a dozen napkins for $4.0 2 1-2 Yards Long with a dozen napkins at 5 w Ina $6.00 3 Yards Long with a dozen napkins so 50 and $7.00 p f bleached damask napkins 5-8 size at 65c 75 90c $1 of i 25 allure Linen a a 3 4 it �.2d�w Hite fringed dollies per dozen 14 inches 75c 15 inches 85o 16 inches $1.00 18 inches. $1 25 co $2.00 20 inches $2.00 $275 a a 10p� a be lunged do Yrd Ksn l0re" birder Whit. , 25c. To is sex or ,50c. To $1.75 per dozen. Fringed table covers All Linen White i 1-2 Yards Long 11252 Yards Long $1.50and is 75 21-2 Yards Tong,�?T$2 of each. F136�?T 2 towels specially Fine towels Al specially Low prices. Huc Kaback. 18x36 inch.$2 00 Doz. 2�x38inch. 2.25 Doz. 20x40 Inch .2.66 Doz. Damask. 14x26 inch.75 Doz. 17x34 inch.$1.25 Doz. 15x31 inch.1.00 Doz. And an elegant assortment of very Fine towels from 25c. To $2.00 a piece. Irish linens sheeting crash towering Terry cloth fancy Mats and splashes Etc., Etc. All at bargain prices. Our upholstery department which is an Annex to the Linen department is now Replete with All the most desirable weaves in table Felt single and double Foi de Canton flannel scrims Cre tonnes draperies piano and table covers Bobbi net bars real Marseilles spreads Etc., Etc. Lace curtains form a prominent feature in this collection. We Are showing the handsomest line of real Fine Nottingham Bobbi nets applique antique and silk curtains Ever shown in the South. Ladies will find this an unusual Opportunity in this line. The Leader of Low prices l. Wolfson titled women in Trade. Every Day Tho number of English women of Good position who go into Trade As a profession increases and paradoxical As it May seem the Blue blooded Dames grow Rich and Are proud and Happy Over their successes. Half of the smart Bonnet t hops of l Ondon Are kept by them Aud they Haw now begun to set. Up perfume and Glov a Bazars stationery stores Etc. It must not be , however that every decayed gentlewoman is fitted to and a Fortune in the till simply it Causo her Nam happens to figure in the peerage. Certainly pos Tion counts for a Good Deal but capital shrewdness Aud Energy Are three prerequisites that stand first in the lace no matter How exalted the title May to that backs them. Whenever t great lady determines to adopt the Yard stick and Scales she first goes through a coaching process Ami learns from prac heal experience just How it is done. She lakes lessons in bookkeeping learns to watch the Market is taught to gather wis Dom from her rivals Aud most important of All studies to lie patient Aud amiable and attentive to Amer Sci ii. _ food in l urim during Ilia Singu. I am astonished to read in a High class French review that there was really a no perceptible Lack of food in Paris during the siege a Well Well methinks i know something about that period Aud i have kept a few records of the ghastly time so i take Down from a shelf a books with the just of Twenty dead and gone years upon it a Meh eur fug aces laburnum Annie a and vital do i find therein this Salt pork etched Al per Pound Ham �3 butter we �2 tis. 4d. Per Pound gruyere cheese �1 3s. A Hen Cost �2 5h., a Goose �6, a Turkey �4 12., a Duck �1 15s. These were Ordinary diet in Ordinary times but if we regal d other things we shall see that big prices were put on articles not generally considered As tasty. A Crow was Worth 5s., a rat a is. Od., horse flesh Vas 13s. Per Pound sparrows id. Each and t he elephants rom the a amp rain Des Plante were also about 15a. A Pound. A liter of potatoes Cost 4a. A cauliflower 12s. Sri. A cabbage the same eggs were scarcely obtainable and when procured were Worth 3s. By. Gats were sold at �1 each onion a perhaps to make a Savory ragout with Pussy were �3 4s. A id. Per Bushel a cwt. Of Wood was 10s., and the same of Coal 12s. Of. A pretty perceptible a Lack of food this i messenger. Mayer Schmelter amp 6urg0wer a successors to Mayer amp Schmelter no. I Ensi commence St., Nett to Doidge. Dealers in Fine wines. Liquors and cigars. Telephone 195. Family Trade a specially. Goods delivered of the City. Orders solicited. The most Complete Stock in the City. Zzz. Est ablishedzi875. W. Cd Morgan amp co real estate dealer. 3 5 Commerce St. San Antonio Texas f. Kalteyer amp son wholesale and retail importers and exporters drugs chemicals mud druggists sundries Patent Medici ass Etc., photographic Stock sheep hip Sulphur pins tar and chrysl Lio ointment. Sole proprietors Al f. Kalteyer a Patent screw worm ointment and liniment mail orders promptly attended to. A correspondence solicited f. Kalteyer a son 18mt&sse,e3�, san Antonio. Texas

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