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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Lire sails sight. Monday april 27, 1801. �?T1990 worn Outt a run Down a feeble women need or. Pierces favorite prescription. It builds them up. Its a powerful restorative tonic or strength giver a free from alcohol and injurious drugs. The entire system is renewed and invigorated. It improves digestion enriches the blood dispels aches and pains gives refreshing sleep and restores flesh and strength. As a soothing Nervine it allays and subdues hysteria spasms and All the nervous symptoms commonly attendant upon functional and organic disease. Its the Only guaranteed Medicine for women t does what is promised a or it asks nothing. It gives satisfaction in every Case or the Money paid for it is refunded. That a the Way its makers prove their Faith in it. Contains no alcohol to inebriated no syrup or sugar to derange digestion a legitimate Medicine not a beverage. Purely vegetable and perfectly harmless in any condition of the sea otters. Bucklen a Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for cuts bruises sores ulcers Salt Rheum sores Tetter chapped hands chilblains corns and All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box for Sale by All druggists. Dreiss Thompson amp wholesale. I 9 13-Lyleona hotel Uvalde Texas. Or. F. M. Martin proprietor. Well ventilated rooms. Most conveniently and pleasantly situated for health or business. Good table. Special care for invalids. Free Sample room for commercial men. Rates to suit the boarding by mrs. A w. Dunlap. First class Board by Day or week. 301 Avenue a san . Caveats and Trade mar obtained and h Patent business conducted tor mob Hall fuss Ona Orris is opposite . Patient Ornis and we Oan secure a Patent in less time an<1 at less Oost than those Remote from was in ton. Send Model drawing or photo., with Desorb a Hon. We advise of patentable or not free of charge. Our fee not due till Patent is secured. A Little Book a How to obtain patents with names of actual Ollens in your a tet county or town sent free. Address inc. A. Snow amp co Opp Park it optic. Zuur two n 1dward Dwyre attorney and noun Mellor at Law. J08sph e. Dwyre real estate agent live 6took broker a Dwyer Law and land office and Chr Stock building. A ban an toot a Banks and Bankers. J. S. A Lexa noir president a. A. A lexan Dib National Bank 268 Commerce Street. It a general banking business transacted drafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other Sroi n Money purchased. Saw visitors Register kept in our Reading Nom. Where strangers in the oily Are invited Vaoau. Pm Lek eaters English in Ana and pills a original and Only Den nine. A ask alway reliable ladies Art Dix Glat tor Chut re in Ilith mend Brand to red and Ovid me Eta sealed with Blue ribbon take a i Sass a a a Nuh Titu. M and imitation. At druggist a tend 4a in Stamps tor part Eulara testimonial Aal other. Regime dangerous. A. At Danu sat Moat return Tats. Aam pups. A for parti Keller for ladles a in letter by a old by mail druggists. Jpblind., la it a of a lost or v it general to nervous Lwe kaew of a a a i i Ute effect Iem hastily Anat 0 Xarefa cans tries. Write lbs. U7adha88ftwniravr and whiskey habit cured at Hoium without pain. Book of t>nr-ucu4#bcat free. A m Woolley a u aug latin. Office us Whitehall it. Ohms aleuts conduct the Chase in canoes on the open sea. Exciting Ocean Hunting Oft Vancouver Inland Hon the frail Fleet outside a storm surrounding a victims securing the Otter. San aka Island the largest of a group of the same name with its surrounding reefs Rocky ledges and islets is nevertheless the richest Hunting ground in alaskan Waters. Parti s of Hunters from the main land to the North Ami oust and the innumerable islands to the East Ami West May be found Here at All seasons of the. Year living in tents of skin or Canvas or hastily constructed Barabara rude huts of Earth Aud aided grass diligently watching for the rare intervals of weather when the sea is sufficiently smooth to warrant their putting out with some Prospect of a successful Hunt for the sea Otter and Seal. It is Only at a time when the sea is smoothest that the Hunters May set Forth with any Promise or Hope of Success Ami in the inhospitable and boisterous weather of this sect iou of Alaska such Days Are of the rarest occurrence weeks and even months often passing Ere the Hunters have an Opportunity of trying their skill with Bow Aud Spear. The Long looked for quiet Day having at length arrived the party after a Brief invocation of the mightier spirits embarks fully equipped two and two in their bid Arkas. A bid Arka is a sort of Canoe made of the skin of tile sea lion or hair Seal stretched Over a Light wooden Frame Aud though Seldom exceeding 25 feet in length by 30 inches Iii breadth Ami weighing less than too pounds yet so Strong Are they that exclusive of a Crew of 3 k pounds goods aggregating As much As 800 pounds Are often carried in them. With tile exception of two circular holes equidistant from either end and from each other in which the occupants of the frail Craft squat the bid Arka is completely decked Over. Equipped for storms. Clad in their Kaml Elkas Waterproof shirts of whale Seal or Bear intestines the Bottoms of which they fasten around the combines of the hatches their sleeves secured tightly to the wrist and the opening for the head drawn up closely about the neck whole seas might Wash entirely Over both boat Ami occupants without a drop of water getting inside. This is a necessary precaution As though smooth and Calm at the Start it is quite possible and even Likely owing to the Lon distance which they have to go that the party May meet with heavy weather Ere they reach the land. As an additional Security when the sea is too heavy to make headway against they collect Iii groups of three or four canoes Aud lashing them together ride out the storm in safety. When any water finds its Way inside which it sometimes does through the seams of is pumped out by Means of a Small wooden tulle which the native sucks full then by removing his Finger which he has placed Over the lower end of the tube to retain its contents until Clear of the bid Arka the water runs out into the sea. The operation is continued until the boat is dry. Once started on a voyage the be Removchik or Leader assumes entire command and silence Falls on the Little flotilla. When in his opinion they Are nearing the Vicinity of their Quarry he makes a sign anti immediately without a word being uttered the canoes separate forming a huge semicircle each bid Arka from fifty to a Hundred Yards Distant from the next Ami the occupants keeping always a vigilant Lookout both on the surface of the water and the other boats. Killing the Otter. As soon As a Hunter sights the Glossy head of an Otter he raises his paddle and Points in the direction in which the animal was seen. The scattered bid Arkas then close up so As to form an extended Circle about the spot indicated and still in silence await the reappearance of the Otter. This is sure to be in about ten minutes As at the end of that interval he must Corne to the surface to breathe going Down Agal a after remaining there a few seconds. Should he come up within the Circle of boats they gradually close in beating the water with their paddles to be Winter the animal and keep it within the Ever narrowing ring. Occasionally however the Otter after diving alters his course and appearing at a distance without the line the canoes Are thus compelled to change their base before finally securing the prize. As soon As the pursued animal shows himself within Spears throw Tho Earnest Hunter rising to his Knees hurls a Shaft at it. Lodging in its skin near the head we will say the Otter immediately tries to dive. In View of this trait the Spear is constructed in just such a manner As to retard its Progress As much As possible. To that end the head is set so loosely in its socket that the recoil of striking causes the Shaft to detach itself leaving the head securely imbedded in the Llesh. Wound round Aud round Tho Shaft is a Fine Cord or line of braided sinew some three or four feet in length one end of this is attached Pear the base of the barbed Ivory head while the other culminates in a bridle tuck end of which is secured to either extremity of the Shaft. Dividing the spoils. This causes it to drag broadside to in which position it offers the greatest resistance to the water. On some Spears there is attached near the foot an inflated bladder used As a buoy though it also Acta As an additional drag. Naturally with All this to prevent his rapid escape the Otter shortly comes to the surface pretty Well exhausted with his exertions and at no great distance from where he was first struck. As he makes his appearance Spears arrows Aud darts Are now indifferently launched at his devoted body. The poor animal dives rapidly and frantically endeavours to escape but worn out from his tiresome efforts and bleeding wounds his motions have less Energy and vigor and he soon floats up to receive his death stroke. The carcase is then skinned in the water care being taken not to dislodge any Spear or Arrow Heads from the skin which is taken into one of the bid Arkas when if the weather still continues propitious Tbs nuut continues. On the return of the party to land each Otter skin is inspected by the chief in the presence of All hands and the ownership of the Dill went skins ascertained by Means of the Points imbedded therein each of which is marked with the owners sign or Brand. Curiously enough the weapon nearest the Tail carries off the prize whereas he who first succeeded in placing a Barb which virtually was the Means of the animals destruction receives but from $8 to $10 from the owner according to the value of the Francisco chronicle. The Speed of the fastest railway train is Only a i t in More than one half the velocity of the Golden eagles flight that Biri often attaining a Speed of 140 Miles per hour f betrayed by a Bird. The till singing of a Canary Groin to suspicion of a custom officer. Everybody has heard the old saying a Given away for an old song a but i came very nearly being Given away by a song a few years ago. At that time i was living in a Little Canadian City within a Hundred Miles of Detroit and As i was about to visit the City of the Straits i accepted a number of commissions from acquaintances to bring them Back various articles they needed. I and a few of my friends desired to get some German canaries and their Price being High we clubbed together to buy a dozen at wholesale rates and planned to escape paying any More duty than was absolutely necessary. Accordingly one Fine morning i crossed the River on the ferry boat carrying my canaries Ani armed with a receipted Bill from the accommodating proprietor of the Bird store for one dozen female canaries at Twenty five cuts each instead of a dozen males at $2.50 each. Marching into the Little office on the Windsor Dock i Laid Down my Bill when the official informed me thut under a new regulation issued by the department on the 1st of january every Bill had to be certified a a corrects by the dealer before it would be accepted by them and that i would i Jive to go Back to the store and get that Kine. I was dismayed for i Only had about fifteen minutes to catch my train but after losing about five of them in fruitless Endeavor to persuade the custom House officer to accept the bid As it was i started Back to Detroit Lea vim my Stock in his charge not without some misgivings As to the wis Dom of my doing so but fearing to arouse suspicion if i took the Birds away with me. In about half an hour i was Back again with my Bill duly certified to Only to final that the officious custom House officer had torn part of the wrapper from the cages ostensibly for the purpose of giving the Birds More air Aud that As soon As he had done so one Aff them had commenced to sing which he considered a very suspicious proceeding for a female Canary to indulge in and wanted to investigate thoroughly then i had a bad Quarter of a hour in deed. However i cited numerous cases of female Birds i had Kun oven to sing Aud after he Hail subjected me to the ordeal of Sev eral penalty Laden oaths he Hail about con eluded to accept my Money and allow me to go in peace when the feathered miscreant struck up again in tones loud Aud shrill enough for the whole dozen and my officious official said he guessed i had bet Ter go to the big custom House at the top of the Hill and see his chief. By this time i was wishing that the canaries and the officious official were All at the Bottom of the River but having gone so far i had to Brazen it out to the end so i accompanied him to the Sanctum of Ber British majesty a collector of customs Aud after undergoing a severe Cross examination in ornithology and a new series of blood chilling oaths i was allowed to leave with the intimation that they would re member me a Friendly sentiment which i concluded that i thoroughly reciprocated As it would certainly be a Long time before i forgot them. I then returned with the officious official to his Little House on the Dock paid my much offered Money and departed for the depot there to wait two hours for the next train the misguided though Well meaning Canary Trilling last Pean of Defiance As i dosed the door behind free press. The longest funeral. Which Public funeral in England has been attended by the greatest number of persons ? that of the Duke of Wellington the Victor of Waterloo who was buried in St. Paul a Cathedral on the 18th of november 1852, when a multitude of All ranks estimated at a million and a half persons were congregated along the line of the route a distance of three Miles to witness and share in the imposing spectacle. On the night of the 17th of november the coffin was taken to the horse guards from Chelsea where the body had Laid in state. By 6 of clock next morning the morning of the funeral the troops were mustering the Duke of Cambridge in command. The funeral car a six wheeled one dragged by twelve horses was cast from Guus captured in the Batties recorded on both sides of it. The procession was so Long that after the rifles who led the Way had started it was an hour and a half before the car started and half an hour later before the extreme rear moved. Eighty three Chelsea pensioners took part in it. One Hundred and Twenty thousand people were gathered in pall mall. The tiers of seats rising Range above Range under the dome Aud in the transept of St. Paul a held 20,000 spectators of the highest rank in England and the continent. The Dukes coffin was lowered through the floor and rested on the top of Nelsons Tomb until the 15th of april 1858, when it was placed in its present Loudon tit bits. Or. Mitchell Snake Story. Andy Mitchell of Apple Valley ga., was bitten by a Rattlesnake and in consequence he had his hand amputated at the wrist. He was descending into an old Well Ami placed his hand on a step that his foot had just occupied when he Felt an acute sting. Withdrawing his hand he beheld a ground Rattlesnake hanging to it with the fangs implanted deeply in the flesh. It was necessary to shake his baud vigorously Las fore the Snake would let a the reptile fell into the Bottom of the wart i we Tab was one Matt of Judi Atlwood. On flashing ii Light into Fiche Ola Well what was his astonishment to see a living Mas of squirming h Alers Twining and entwining throwing some tire into the Well the dry matter caught and the hideous reptiles were Ledger. Tvs May have to import wheat. It is not Likely that we can add very largely to the annual product. The wheat areas Are fairly occupied excepting those North of Washington and the possible service of the arid sub mountainous districts when successfully irrigated. The Canadian wheat Fields have an enemy in Jack Frost an i some sections of the Dakotas Are far from being like the Valley of the Nile. The fact is we Are being fenced Iii and in the matter of food Supply except meat s we Are not Likely to glut the markets of the world with a surplus of wheat if indeed the time does not soon come when we May have to import to meet our . Waterproof paper door. Among the Many uses to which paper has been adapted is that of making doors. Two thick paper boards that Are first stamped and modelled into panels Are glued together with glue Aud Potash Aud then rolled through heavy rollers. Subsequently they Are coated with a Waterproof and a fireproof coating after which they Are painted and varnished. The doors possess Tho advantage of lightness and Are said to be York journal. Somewhere. How can i cease to Pray for thee somewhere la gods great universe thou Art today. Can he not reach thee with his tender care can he not hear me when for thee i Pray what matters it to him who holds within the hollow of lits hand All worlds All space. That thou Art done with earthly pain and sin somewhere within his Ken thou Hast a place. Some when thou Livest and Hast need of him somewhere thy soul sees higher Heights to climb and somewhere still there May be valleys dim that thou must Pace to reach the Hills Sublime. Then All the More because thou canst not hear poor human words of Blessing will i Pray o True Brave heart g it a bless Lixee where so or in Bis great universe thou Art today a Julia c. R. Dorr in Philadelphia Ledger. How the spin la a builds. Watch a common House spider spin its web. It seems to take pains before beginning to select a spot where there Are chances of obtaining plunder and where it will be secure. It then discharges a Little drop of Glutinous fluid and creeps up the Wall joining the thread from one Wall to the other. The first thread thus formed is drown tight Aud fixed at each end with other threads. It is upon this outer thread that the durability of the whole fabric depends. The web a foundation completed the spider next makes a numbered thread parallel to the first Anil then Eros. A them with Otbo a threads the Sticky substance of which they Are formed serving to bind them when newly made to each other. It now commences to double and treble the threads that Border its web securing the edges As it does so. Lastly it forms a kind of Tunnel with webbing. This is to serve As a Retreat where to can conceal itself from its a nannies and also from its prey and is generally placed in the Angle of the Walls. When the spiders work is done it often happens that the approach of some Large animal or the passage of the housemaids Broom will destroy in a minute the labor of Days. In this Case As soon As the danger is passed away the spider patiently begins to repair the web. For this purpose the spider is provided with a store of the Glutinous matter of which the web is no in. When possible the spider prefers the mending business As it is Only provided with a limited Quantity of Glutinous matter and Cha Luis is exhausted it probably cannot be renewed. A Loudon Standard. Tits Diati Fly let Salsa Ian. It is customary for the commercial travellers to visit the Home office of the institutions they represent about the first of the year and renew their old contract with their firm or make a new one. If they have done a successful years business they Are Likely to Call their employers attention to the fact and hint that an Advance in salary would be the proper thing. If they Are Good salesmen and their requests Are moderate their wishes Are usually granted. A representative of a Chicago hardware Bouse got a raise in salary the past week. When he suggested the propriety of such a step to his employer the latter remarked a Why we in pc you a by raise a year a i know that a replied the Young Man a and i want another now. I think i am Worth to you All i no a do you indeed a responded his employer and further remarked a a in la Tell you honestly what i think that is that some men Are never satisfied and that you Are one of that a True a said the traveler a and i never intend to be. You will sir Pardon me for saying if you had been satisfied with the ,200 per year you originally received for doing the class of work i am performing you would not. Now be getting your $2j,000 per year As partner in this it got ids raise. One of these Days he will be a partner Herald a word for the scissors Man. The Exchange editors of the american press Are the most vigilant in the world. They Are keen and indefatigable in their Hunt for Bright Aud readable matter no matter where Good work is done whether in new York City or in the fastnesses of Missouri the Exchange editor is bound to ferret it out and exploit it. These gentlemen Are the promoters of intellectual Merit they Are the Best friends that our Young newspaper writers have. They Are intelligent discriminating appreciative far searching and generous. Other departments in our system of journalism May have their it mils elsewhere but we repeat our Exchange editors Are unquestionably the Best in the world. Long May they wave in Chicago news. Tire circus Mir rence of toe log As usual takes a thin slice from the Flat Side of it. The logs Are of any diameter and Are Cut into lengths of ten feet. The veneering cutting knife is fixed Between two parallel shafts and the log is carried up and Down in front of it with a circular motion by revolving Cranks and is fed against the knife by a Ratchet Aud Pawl in the Ordinary York Telegram. When paper making machines were introduced anti the use of holds was abandoned sheets came to be Naile of All dimensions. As a result quartos Aud Octavos had All sorts of dimensions and the terms when used strictly to indicate How the Sheet was folded became worthless As designations of size. The use of the old terms was nevertheless not abandoned but instead they were first used to indicate a rather wide Range of sizes and finally were attached to certain More definite sizes without reference to the met Hod of folding. In these Days of inventions and new ideas which multiply As rapidly As thoughts it Isnit Safe to ask without investigation Why some one has t invented this or that or at least tried to invent it. Just so sure As you do some one will pop up unexpectedly and prove that tile thing has been done or is being Dotie. Its pretty hard work to keep even with the times in these Days. In Japan the Ordinary signs of a coming tremor Are the screaming pheasants the prancing of horses in their stalls the Retreat of the moles into their Burrows Aud the attempts of cats dogs Guinea pigs Swine and other demestic animals to escape into the open country. Attention is being Given to lengthening the life of incandescent lamps. Discoloured lamps can now be opened and cleaned without interfering with filaments or mountings. When the lamp is re exhausted and sealed it is As durable As when new. Cutting veneer by electricity. Tho cutting of veneers is now done by electricity. The veneering machine in a Geld shaving around the eur a bottle message from the ship Dunmore dispatched when she was in 27 dogs. North latitude 26 dogs. West Longitude on the Northeast verge of the Sargasso sea reached Cuba a distance of 3,200 Miles in 437 Days. Recording Earth tremor by photography the Utility of the microphone for observation of Earth tremors and noises was soon recognized Aud Italy has for some time held a Foremost place among the nations which have taken advantage of the special adaptability of this instrument. It is now found that photography possess admirable capabilities in the Way of supplementing the to or v a in microphone in making the it de in a cords. Sig. A Raita finding sour do. Cts in a method of mechanical Reg Aion of the motion of a seism microphone had recourse to the following device. A Telephone wire is connected with a subterranean microphone. Before the Telephone diaphragm and connected with its Center with a Lino Nln Minum wire is a Short slip of the same Metal fixed below and having a curved piece at the top which rests against a Small Mirror movable about a horizontal Axis. This Mirror reflects the Light from a lamp and Lens to photographic paper on a rotated drum. The Light is momentarily shut off every Quarter of an hour by a shutter arrangement worked electro magnetically by the clockwork which moves the York commercial advertiser. Fanciful derivation. The san Angelo Tex Enterprise says a the terms Greaser a As applied to mexican of the lower class was not started a Many suppose As a signification of disrespect but wins applied by a witty War correspondent in 1846, just after the Battle of Paia ail to those mexicans who had forsworn allegiance to their own country and in preference to fighting taken the task of loading and unloading provision trains which then consisted mostly of Bacon. In this Way they gained the name of the a Greaser a whatever the term implies it is much older than the Enterprise supposes. It was known to the United states volunteers who came to what is now the Indian territory in 1831, at the end of the Black Hawk War. The Story that the name Meverick applied to yearling cattle was Given on account of the head of the san Antonio family of that name is equally fabulous. It was in use in Louisiana Lahore that state was a part of the United news. A a a a net 10 turning while. Green Howell an old coloured Man from Midville is Only partly coloured though a full blooded negro his skin being As mob White As it is Black. He has White circles around his eyes and Mouth and his neck is almost entirely White. The forehead and top of his head Are so White that it gives him the appearance of being Bald headed. In reply to questions Green said that a had been turning White for live or six years. The skin on his body and legs now is almost entirely White. He said there is no feeling in the change Aud no pain abort it except mat when he is in me Sun the White Shin blisters. A Green is Over 50 years old. The White skin exposed to View is As Clear and healthy looking As that of a from two standpoint. A prominent politician was blown up in a boiler explosion in one of the Western states of America but escaped with a shaking. Interviewed by a reporter the same night and describing Bis sensation it the time of the Accident to remarked that All the bad deeds in his whole life seemed to pass through his mind while he was in the air. A local paper of opposition politics commented upon the statement next Day and presumed that the fortunate survivor must have been up about six a the year round. She took him at he word. He 11 45 p. In a Why id do anything m the world for you she yawning a you will then foe heavens Sake sneak Home. In a Texas siftings., cow Ilknur no third Page

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