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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, San Antonio, Texas San Antonio daily Light published at san Anto n car county Texas. And registered a at the Rost office As second class mail matter. Volume Xii number s5 san Antonio. Texas monday. April 27. 1891. Price $6 it Yea Leawood National Bank. Bas Antonio a Texas. J. It. Lockwood president . Safe Deposit vaults. . Rad Al Fima a Jvn. Latest . A. Brewing Pearl Beer. The purest and Best. Delivered to any part of the City. Madame Ama. Clairvoyant who by her advice has saved thousands from ruin. She describes your future husband and wife and has made countless Homes Happy. 409 Acequia St. 4-s-Lmi cure fits when i by cure i do not mean merely to Stop them for a Tim and then Hare them return again. I mean a Radical care. I have made the disease of fits epilepsy or falling sickness a life Long study. I warrant my remedy to cure the wont cases. Because others have failed is no reason for not now receiving a cure. Send at once for a treatise and a free bottle of my infallible remedy. Give express and Post office. H. Cd Koot vice i s3 Pearl kl., n. V. The fair strike in Over. Chicago april 27.�?the strike at Jackson Park is Over for the present and All the men needed Are at work. Attu Niau grip. St. Petersburg april 27.�?grip is spreading in South Russia. One Hundred and fifty deaths Are reported. May Day Holiday. Brunn Austria april 27.�?the master weavers of this City have agreed to allow their employees to have a whole Holiday on May Day. Hod Carrier s strike. Pittsburg pa., april 27.�?the Hod carriers at work on buildings where Stone masons were locked out struck this morning against the lockout. About one third the members Are out. John talks business. Lisbon april 27.�?the portuguese Cabinet under pressure of lord Salis Bury a ultimatum has Given consent to the free passage of the Pung Awee River. Pocket savings. Chicago april 27.�?three suits have been begun against the magic introduction company of new York and George 0. Card of this City relating to the dime pocket savings Banks. Good Bye saints. Wheeling. W. Va., april 27.�? the Farmers of Lincoln county Are Clearing out the mormons who have been doing missionary work there for a year past Aud threaten them with death if they return. Luternau tonal c. C. London april 27.�?arrangement for the International congregational Council have been completed. There will be 120 delegates from the United states 1 Anaconda Transfer. New York april 27.�?william Keyser president of the Baltimore Copper company will sail from new York for Europe on May 6 to Transfer the Anaconda mines to a Syndicate represented by the rothschilds. The Deal had been in Progress for sometime. The Price agreed upon for the mines is $25,000,000. Assoc at Edc press dispatches and state specials. Up to the time of going to press a la. Failure. Minden la., april 27.�?the Large mercantile establishment of m. M. A Mackenzie of this place was closed by attachment this morning by chaff Powell amp West of new Orleans for $25,000. To be at Chicago. Berlin april 27.�?it is announced that the German government will shortly apply to the Federal Council for an appropriation to enable Germany to properly participate in the worlds fair at Chicago in 1893. Done to like Bismarck. Berlin april 27.�?william has taken out of the hands of prof. Von Sybel the work a founding of the German Empire a and has put it into the hands of prof. Lehman an enemy of Bismarck. By Bel was making Bismarck too conspicuous to please the Kaiser. Dominion mining lands. Tronto april 27.�?Iii the Ontario legislature saturday night the commissioner of Crown lauds entered into an exhaustive resume of the history of mining developments in this province. He said that about 800,000 acres of mining lands has been sold since the confederation. Poor Canada. Ottawa april 27.�?Canada Liberal press is roasting sir John Mcdonald because Canada is now Cut off from direct mail communication with great Britain and receives its mail through the port of new York. Drowned out Peru. Panama april 16.�?reports from Peru Tell of unprecedented Rains and disastrous hoods. In the department of Libertad alone the losses Are put at $2,000,000. Heavy damage has also been caused in North Peru where rain Seldom Falls. Florida s Bui. Tallahassee april 27.�?a Bill pending in the legislature provides fora tax of one Mill for 1891 and 1892, one third to go to the Bureau of immigration and the remainder for an exhibit at the worlds fair in Chicago. It is estimated that this will give about $124,000, which will put Florida in Good shape to make a creditable exhibit. Late telegrams goes Over the Road. Paris april 27.�?hugh Clay who forged his grandfathers name for $80,000, today pleaded guilty to four indictments and was Given two years in the Penitentiary in each Case. There Are fifteen More indictments against him. Matt Hume the Grandfather who is ninety years old sat in court with bowed head while the sentence was being passed. Fresh from the wires Verest Chegin the russian Painter has started from new York on a Steamer Aud his actions Lead to the belief he is insane. In san Francisco Bara Bernhardt a pet servant Angelo disobeyed orders and got into the scene shifters Way. He was insolent and was knocked out. Hara took a hand with her Tongue in French but As nobody understood Lier was allowed to Cool off and resume her playing. An italian named i Opeai Rose Quot in passing some girls and Young men in Newark n. J. Felt insulted at remarks he overheard Drew a knife Aud pursued. Two Young men in protecting the girls were fatally stabbed by the villain. He was arrested. Waco grand jury has returned 34 indictments against prominent parties for alleged municipal frauds. Chilian insurgents have captured Warrigal and Caldera and Are advancing on Cape Apo. On receiving the news that mrs. Eaton a injuries were not so serious president Harrison her relative says he will not change his plans of journeying. A. W. Covington cashier of the Farmers and traders Bank Montgomery City mo., has mysteriously disappeared Aud a shortage of nearly $9,000 in believed to be left. The Bank has closed. Over the result of the democratic contest in Montgomery ala., for mayor the citizens had hard work and great Din. One prominent politician paid a wheelbarrow bet. President Harrison a sister mrs. Eaton who was injured in a runaway is resting easily in Cincinnati. War ships Pigeon and brisk English Navy leave Zanzibar with sealed orders. In the Birmingham ala., g. A. R. State Encampment today 60 delegates were present. Or. 8. Bullock wan reelected department commander. Boiled Down from private. Special and other sources. San Francisco goes wide open to Welcome Harrison and party. Monterey Mexico has received timely and copious Rains. Monterey smelters Are running full blast and More Are building. Rio Grande City reports abundant rain and an assured Corn crop. The Rio Grande River is High but no overflow reported As yet. Grand Duke Nicholas is dead. He has been insane since last fall. Lyons unions asks France to remove the Tariff on Grain. Lopez the betrayer of Maximilian in Mexico is dead. Dallas Crooks crack a laundry Safe and get $150. Williamson county fruit crop promises unusually Well. Taylor Texas National Bank increases its capital to $100,000. Grain and fruit prospects Iii Caldwell county Are flattering. Reagan and Foster Are the two railway commissions sofar appointed. Lion mania has prohibited exportation of Maize alleging Short crop. The Pennsylvania Coke regions Are reported quiet once More. The Behring sea Case goes Over until get. 19. The Manipur rebels Are suing for peace. Ham Reeves the great Tenor aged 70, retires from the stage May la. Russia is bound to have Constanti Nopel by Hook or by Crook. China and Japan Are brewing trouble Over the Corean occupation. New York capitalists have taken $335,000 Austin dam Bonds. One of the Council tor the new Orleans mafia has been arrested for jury bribing. Kansas cattle Are afflicted with a strange malady which is quite fatal and threatens to become epidemic. Railroads of Texas paid $4,730 taxes on passenger traffic during the first Quarter of 1891. The German socialists Are divided Over the strike and the May by celebrations. The tenants defense association �4,000 Bas been turned Over to the poor of Ireland. Reagan resigns his seat in u. Senate to become Texas railway commissioner. Horace Chilton of Tyler is appointed to fill Reagan a place in the u. Senate. A fort Worth prisoner Breaks a window pane and Chews it up. He is in a serious condition. Emma Juchs Benefit in the City of Mexico was a big Success socially artistically and financially. Mrs. Belle Eaton relative of Harrison is fatally Hurt at fort Bend by being thrown from a Carriage. Stock and crops look remarkably Well along the line of the Arkansas pass. The Tariff regulations will occupy the French chamber for the next fortnight. The cashier of the shoe and leather Bank. Me., is Short $100,000. It will not affect the Bank. The Railroad strike at Trinidad is Over. The men and miners Are at work. Second class and excursion rates advanced from the Pacific coast to Eastern terminal. Sunday school state convention meets in Paris May 12 to continue in session three Days. San Diego prayed for rain Early in april late in april the prayer is for less. There is serious difficulty at Walla Walla Washington Between the citizens and the soldiers. Monterey will try and induce Emma Juoh to give one or two performances there. Judge Terrell a friends Are disgruntled because he was not appointed to Reagan a place. Elpaso thinks that the search for lottery matter in the office there was carried beyond Legal limits. Houston contractors Are being investigated by grand jury for crookedness. If charges Are not sustained libel suits will follow. The Brazos is higher at Navasota than Ever known and Transfer Over the Austin Branch of the Central is made in boats. The rear Sleeper of a train running 60 Miles an hour is thrown from the track by a broken rail near Indianapolis and 6 Hurt. A verdict of acquittal is looked for in the Martin murder trial at Birmingham ala., which goes to jury today. England cannot suppress the opium Trade in India at a less Cost than �6,000,000 yearly and she will hardly do that. Leech director of the mint says Uncle Sam has $253,000,000 Cash on hand besides the $492,000,000 held tor the redemption of notes. Our Post office work. An authoritative statement concerning its difficulties a the work done the work to be done the remedies suggested the duty of the City in the premises. The Light moved with a desire to Lay before its readers the Bottom facts concerning the Post office in this City its merits demerits difficulties etc., has sought its information at Headquarters As appears from the following interview with postmaster Johnson query or. Postmaster will you give to me for the Benefit of the Public the results of your experience As postmaster since december i 1891? ans to do this will require quite a Little space in your columns but As i am satisfied no harm but possibly some Good to the Public May accrue i will take the time to give you my ideas concerning the postal service of this City for the past 17 months As you Are aware i gave up All private business when i took charge of the Post office and have Given a1 of my time to the service with what result i leave the Public to judge. I had Many things to contend with. In the first place this is an old mexican town with narrow crooked streets with a River forming three Complete letter so a in its meanders through the City scantily supplied with Bridges. In the second place the population is at least one half of foreign birth and names. Third and inst Here let me state that this is a difficulty that the people through their City Council should Long ago have remedied the streets Are not properly marked with names at each Street Corner As they should Lxi. This has been the source of a great Deal of trouble to Post office employees Aud has made our work very much harder than it should have been. Fourth. Large pro Union of the business of this City is with Mexico and with inhabitants Hying Between Here and Mexico. This is practically a Large Frontier settlement and you know the average frontiersman while possessing Many very excellent qualifications is not Usa Rule eminently qualified As a scribe and As a direct result of this let me state that it takes us four times As Long to handle Kim letters from the trains coming in from the West and South As it does from the business cities of the North end East. Fifth. You Are aware that this is a great health resort visited by More strangers in the course of a year than any two cities in the state. This mail is difficult to handle for it is not Here Long enough to locate by carriers and even of located is liable to change from one boarding House to another. Very Little of this mail comes addressed to Street and number for two reasons. It takes a stranger quite a while to decide where he will locate and very frequently quite a while to find out his Street and number. Sixth. The numbering of the houses has been conducted Iii a very Loose manner and the consequence is that on very Many of the streets one cannot depend on the numbers to guide Bim in direction. It is a frequent occurrence to stud such numbers As 410 and 83fi on houses adjoining each other. All this is very confusing As you May suppose. Seventh. The Headquarters of this military department is Here and All official mail furnishes no Revenue to the office and so Long As clerical allowances Are based upon receipts this works a hardship upon the Post office employees. Eighth. There has been a great tending of late to open lip suburban property to settlement and the occupants thereof ask that their mail be delivered to them. Now most of these suburban additions can Only be reached by mounted carriers and in this Black waxy land when it is wet. Progress is slow and laborious. This of course will be remedied Only when the streets Are graded and drained. Less than a year ago largely at my in expense i got up a Complete Post Tolice directory for All that portion of the City that Lay within the Carrier limits Ana have tried to keep up with the changes since but with Only partial Success. On july 1st of last year we could locate practically every person who received mail within Carrier s limits which were extended As far As the Force would permit but the changes by Way of additions inside the Carrier limits have been very great and outside the lines i Haye Calls from every direction for Extension of the service. This cannot be granted without increase of Force. Query von have stated the obstacles will you give your opinion As to the proper remedies ans the first and most important remedy of All is to have the names of streets posted at every intersection in Plain durable letters. This can Only lie done by the City itself. I presented a petition to the City Council to this effect a Short time after i took charge of the office which was favourably received and i understood a contract had been let and i have since called the attention of members of the Council to this but for some reason it has not yet been done. The next thing to be done is to have the houses systematically numbered so that the numbers will be a guide. This the City must look to. The people themselves can help very materially by asking their correspondents to address their letters to Street and number. Care should be exercised by persons sub diving tracts of land to see that the streets make connection with the streets already Laid out. The natural crookedness of the River is bad enough but when new additions Are made and look on the map like a Basket full of cards dropped on the floor it confuses things. Of this was a City of american parentage growth and population Laid off in right angles with the Street properly marked with names and the houses properly numbered i could with the present postal Force handle four or five times the mail i now do and with less trouble. Of course time and growth will remedy to a great extent the question of different nationality. Nothing but very Radical measures will Ever straighten and Widen the streets in the old portion of the City and i do not expect to see it. Done. Query Are you not allowed Force sufficient to do the work properly. Ans the department has been Liberal with this office during the past year. It receives rather More clerical allowance in proportion to its receipts than any other office of its class. I have tried to show that it needed More to do the work properly. I can hardly expect to Cope with the service in a Well Laid off regular City whose inhabitants Are nearly All american born with the same ratio of Force that is allotted to such a City but with Force sufficient to overcome the obstacles named of course it can be done. Query do you Hope for such a Force ans candidly i do not for i take it the department will not help us unless it sees an Effort on our part to help ourselves. When the City has done ail in its Power to admit of Good mail service being Given at reasonable Cost. I am satisfied the department will then see its Way Clear to give us a helping hand. Postmaster general Wanamaker when he was Here in the rain the other Day saw some of the difficulties the postal officials had to contend with and stated that the department would help us All it consistently could. I do not think there will be any difficulty in getting a reasonable increase in the Force Here when the new appropriation goes into effect on july 1st, but when we Call for Ald it is but right that we help ourselves All we can. The free delivery service will hardly be extended beyond its present limits until some decided Steps Are taken towards Clearing out the streets posting names at the Corners thereof and properly numbering the houses. It is not fair to expect the Post office department to overcome obstacles for us by expending Large sums of Money when we eau by our own efforts make impossible to have the work done cheap it or and better. It is not fair to other communities their premises in order to tax them extra heavy on account of our disorder. Query do you consider that the fact of this being a democratic City in a democratic state militates against its chances for Aid from the department ans never having been postmaster in a Large Republican City i can not state from experience but so far As i can judge from the reports of other first class offices All Over the United states i am of the opinion that this office is Given about 2 per cent More clerical Force than Tho average of offices of its class. As Well As i can judge the department has treated this office As liberally As the condition of the appropriation will allow. Querry is the Force in the Post office sufficient to rapidly handle the incoming Aud outgoing mails aus at times we do not handle All the mail As rapidly As should be done not on account of the Quantity however unless there be delayed trains and three or four mails come in on us at once but on account of the mails. Bad writing misdirected letters Aud other causes already referred to. Give us great trouble and waste our time. Quarry is the office properly arranged Ana fitted out a is 11 is the Best arranged Aud has the most Complete appointments of any office in the South and can be made to accommodate the wants of a City of 150,000 inhabitants. Querry How about the railway mall service for this Section of the country ans i will have to refer you to or. It. P. Crawford chief clerk by. M. S., whose office is up stairs. Notice to debtors Anil creditors. The Static of Texas i county of hex a ii. To All persons indebted to or holding claims against the estate of Judy Burton deceased the undersigned having Bee duly appointed administrator of the estate of Udy Burton late of said Bexar Conn to. Defers id by s. . Mcallister county judge of the county court of said county on the 24th Day of March a. D. 1891, during a regular term thereof hereby notifies All persons indebted to said estate to come Forward and make settlement and those having claims against said estate to present them to him at his residence in the City of san Antonio Bexar county Texas where he receives his mail. Witness my hand this 24th Dav of april a. Do a 1891. J. R. Davis administrator of the estate of Judy Burton deceased. Chance Fri a poor Man to a act a Home. A new two Roo i House on two Fine lots 50x130 feet each 4 blocks from Street car line near Laurel Heights. Price 11,100 % half Cash. Apply to Jno. T. Hambleton amp co. 4-Ltf May Day Diu onto Atto Iii. Rome april 27.�?the government has decided to allow orderly meetings on May Day of the workingmen of this City Aud elsewhere in Italy. The government however Batt issued instructions rigorously prohibiting the workingmen from marching in recession and has announced that f seditious speeches Are made at any of the meetings the latter will be promptly suppressed by the police. The full regulations for the italian May Day meeting will be issued by the government tomorrow. No to tide show. Milwaukee april 27.�?d. M. Benjamin one of the two Wisconsin members of the worlds fair commission has forwarded his resignation to gov. Peck. It was a Short and denial a document and in it or. Benjamin boldly stated that he declined to serve because the state legislature bad appropriated such a niggardly sum that he Felt that Wisconsin would not properly be represented at the coming exposition. He declares that the sum appropriated by the legislature $65,000, will allow of no More than the establishment of state Headquarters and he does not propose to be associated with a Side show

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