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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 25, 1891, San Antonio, Texas A in w the a Faitie sight. Office no. 4 East Commerce Street. San Antonioli it pub la Shing of. T. 8. Johnson Secretary Aho theatre and Osh sral manasr. It by bed at the Post office at san Anto a Rucoi Texas As second class mail matter. A Fth Light to tick Only daily Republica paper published in Texas. Subscription rates. Dally Par 50 Dally per year-.5. Of delivered by mail or Carrier free. Weekly. 6 60 weekly. I year. 1,00 subscribers not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers Are warned not to pay their subscription except upon presentation of a properly receipted Bill from this office. Advertising rates. A ice a s 5 i i 8 Staci 3 ? a or j a Mcm. Is 50 $ 400 $ 890 �?�2100 �?�85 00 �?�54 09 Legal advertisements s1, per Inch first insertion to Yenta per Inoh each subsequent insertion. Trustees sales is of per Inoh first insertion 35 cents ouch insertion afterwards. I i Reading matter editorial Page aft cents per ins each insertion. Local columns 20 cents first insertion to cents first week 5 cents after first were. Special rates on to and too lines running or a month Home advertisements payable on the first of a Aeh month. Transient advertising payable in and. Noe. Only Meta outs printed. Special rates Given on Torger space and Long time advertisements. Discount Given for oath announcements tor state and county officers tin dollars in Advance. Clar a contracts or Bills must be approved by is Oret Arv Aud m Ana Ager. That communication on the last Page of thursdays Light a a fool utterance a is Well Worth a second Reading. It comes from a Veteran Republican who has not studied the situation in vain. What Steps is ban Antonio taking to be represented at fort Worth May 15th, to consider the Best method of doing what the state legislature should have done and did not do Hogg and the Alliance Are not As much in Harmony now As they were a year ago. Hogg has the whip Row of the Alliance now and that is a big card in his favor. Secret political societies Are not homogeneous to american soil and the transplanting of them from Fogt eign soil should be made As unhealthy As possible. San Antonio has her towline out but everyone does not pull. A Long pull a Strong pull and a pull altogether will bring Many Good things that Are now on the Road. The Austin Jap Tozian is being handsomely cuffed for its bearish manners and speeches during the presidents visit. The Capitol Ian could not help it. It was built that Way. To correspondents All comm Ani oat one for this paper should be accompanied by the name of the author not necessarily for publication but As evidence of Good Faith on the pan of the writer. Write on in one Side of the paper. In a Plain hand. Anonymous communications will not he not Loed. The licht will not to responsible for the statement of its correspondents. To our Eastern a advertisers. All advertising for the Dally and week by Light must come to us through our special agents messes. Palmer amp Rey 232 to 235 Temple court new York. Saturday april 25,1891. San Antonio is doing More Good building and preparing to keep it up than any City in Texas. The weather seems to have been ordained and specially created for the glory and growth of Southwest Texas. Dana insinuated that the alliances were not a unit on the bub Treasury plan and the culmination of the Alliance Pope were hurled thicker than Jove Thunder bolts upon his devoted head. United states is the most prosperous today of All the Industrial nations and she has grown so under the Beneficent operation of protective Legisla Mon enacted by the Republican party. Mexico and the United states Are growing More Friendly year by year. Ten years More Aud there will be a very Strong Boud of Union Between them. The Grade under the St. Claire River on the Michigan Side will be so Steep that exception ally heavy engines will be needed to draw heavy trains up the Grade which is 105 feet to the mile. The locomotives for this work weigh 195,000 pounds have no t hiders and no wheels but Drivers of which there Are five pairs. The rails Are too Pound rails on which they run. These engines Are so heavy that they cannot pass Over some Bridges on the Road from the works to Detroit and will be shipped in sections. I k few a facts South Heights has electric oars running through the addition leaving Alamo Plaza every 20 minutes. Soith Heights has water Mains connected with the City Waler works. South Heights has electric Light. South Heights will have Telephone connections. Soith Heights will be the first residence addition to have natural Gas for fuel. South Heights is the place for health. Soith Heights is reached by electric oars in to minutes from Alamo Plaza. The Dallas times Herald in answering the mails taunt about democratic clubs confesses to the soft impeachment of rolling up about 1000 More votes than Dallas ii and Ever heard of before. Cotton Mills Are multiplying in Southwest Texas and when the Little towns have tried their Prentice hands on Structure san Antonio will build one big Mill and Surprise the state. If you do not believe it wait and see. Texas is in the Highway of Prosperity. Her crops Aud Cattie will be immense this year of plenty. All things to All parties to save the the sub Treasury scheme seems to be the real platform of the Alliance. Texas entertained the chief magistrate of the nation and he was neither Democrat nor Republican. He was president. Let that suffice. The sensible democrats have quit talking about the repeal of the Mckinley Bill since its beneficial Workings have become so apparent. The weather clerk has some Good things in store for Southwest Texas but cannot resist the temptation to go Back on the would be prophets. A when new Orleans places those 1000 citizens on trial for taking the Law into their own hands she will not Send to Italy for her jury men. United states gets substantial advantages in the new Trade treaty with Spain. It she had not the treaty would not have been made. The Cotton crop along adding Bale after Bale to the record which passed the 8,000,000 line some d Tyi of if Texas had manufactured her share of that 8,000,000 Bale crop she would be several millions of dollars belter off than she is today. San Antonio will have the largest Woolen Cotton Iron and paper Mills in Texas before 1899. Write this in your memorandum books and paste it tor reference. A the Republican party is sometimes called a spoils party by its enemies. For this express purpose was it organized that it might spoil the democracy even As the children of Israel spoiled the philistines. All party platforms next year will immigration and the More restricted the better. This will be one Plank about which there will be no dispute. The Montana journal feels Good All Over at the manner in which the Republican party has swept the state it is a forerunner of 1892. Chauncy Depew predicts not Only the nomination but the election of i president Harrison in 1892. Tile Light feels certain about the nomination and decidedly hopeful about the election. Complaint was made at the Philadelphia exposition that the education exhibits were so scattered that it was impossible to make any comparison of them. Even the educational work of the several states was isolated 3 Chicago should in drove on that Aud Attr Raj not Nuoci taking its Cue from the new Orleans us u i Lull ii uth j a is the handsomest and sight Liest suburb in exposition where the educational Gan Antonio work was brought together provide for the educational exhibit of Hornet it. U.4 and foreign nations so that the whole of to Lii xx01��rlxs lots Are cheaper than any other residence can be seen As one display. Property within the same radius of the business Centre. The american economist in a review of the condition of the country under the democratic Tariff for Revenue Only of 1846, As contrasted with the condition of the country under i South Heights will soon have a number of residences the protective Tariff of the Republican. 0 party sums up the situation As pre i costing from v5,000 to $10,000 each. Seated by the census figures of 1860 Aud 1880 As follows a no such showing Ever was made by any other country in the worlds history As none other is found in the record of this country. The advances shown by the figures cannot be duly appreciated. Look now is the time to buy. No trouble to show the property or to i quote prices. South Heights lots Are sold at 1-3 Cash balance i and 2 years at 6 per cent interest on deferred payments. The e owners of South Heights appreciate the value of the property and will soon raise the Price of every lot in the addition. Again at them�?60 per cent increase in population 212 in farm lauds 188 in wheat Aud 105 in Corn production 3603 in Export of wheat 2862 in Corn 286 in Wool 150 of merchandise while the enormous balance of $58,000,000 Coin exported under the a Tariff for Revenue was Chan ared to $76,000,000 balance in imports of that important commodity. I u o 11 with All this it must be remember-1 i de that the first years of the period 1 last named were covered by the most Gigantic civil War that any nation Ever was called upon to wage involving As it did a waste of $6,000,-000.000 in values and the lives of half a million of the most valuable citizens of the country. These statistics Are Worth a volume of twaddle about the old a Wool my Oil for Sale. A Pony Cylinder press size of Beds x 20. Speed 2500 per hour. Bran new Cost 1950. Will be sold at a Liberal discount. Terms easy. Address. T. B. Johnson. Have you Ever noticed How much More attention the United states attracts abroad during a Republican administration than during a democratic one ban Antonio has her Tow line out for that Llano Road. Bhe is a Long time catching on but when she does the grip will hold. The fair project is not in the soup but it might be a Little nearer consummation without hurting anything. The veto pen of the Texas governor has not been very Busy. It is not written Down that he will veto the Scalp Law. The democrats of Texas need lose no sleep Over the fear that president Harrison Banks of an electoral vote from the Lone Star state. The president knows too much about Southern politics to be so easily guided. Railway Competition develops Cut rates Low rates and All needed reductions for shippers without any commissions to Boss the Job. Natural Competition is All sufficient for protective purpose. Governor Hogg has intimated nowhere that he has any intention of vetoing the Scalp Law. He will no doubt sign it or let it become Law the natural Way. No mediocre Man elected to responsible office but grows larger As his responsibilities grow upon his consciousness provided of course that he is an honest Man. Electric bitters. This remedy is becoming so Well know n and so popular As to need no special mention. All who Uve used electric bitters sing the same sonar of purer Medicine does not exist and it is guaranteed to do All that is claimed. Electric bitters will cure All diseases of the liver and kidneys will remove pimples boils Salt Rheum and other affections caused by impure drive malaria from the system and prevent As Well As cure All malarial erne of headache constipation and indigestion try electric bitters entire satisfaction guaranteed or Money 50 cts. And per bottle at Areias Thompson amp drugstore. 4-2j-lm to investors. Vayson Sica managers menger hotel building the Dimer amp san Antonio investment go. O w n e r s. Amp Arkansas pass it Mission route. If the weather clerk is arranging to give Texas a series of dry years he is determined to Start the drouth with a generous water Supply. If Waco is Wise she will meet the a Day half Way in any proposition that i you tickle journal makes for its own improve you is the ment in order that it May Benefit the City thereby. The Day has shown that it deserves every assistance and will use wisely and Well every added Means of enlargement. The democratic sympathy for pres Dent Harrison in the forthcoming Republican National convention is wasted. The democracy had better put their sympathy on ice Aud hold it for their own candidate in november 1892. Me Aud i substance will tickle of Quot Ooala platform. It says to the two great to. Lotical parties of the country a give us Farmers what we demand and you May have the the political kingdom 1b not won in that Way. If you Are looking for a Safe and profitable investment read our statement Given below and convince yourself. We have just declared a ten per cent Cash dividend and still show that after so doing we have profits remaining for one years business of More than amount of dividend declared. Inducements offered arc these satisfactory profits and Security that cannot be excelled. Stook in Quot the old reliable m. Amp is at the present time Worth Twenty per cent Orem Lum but in order to increase our capital we who offer for the next sixty Days $5 t,000 Worth of same at Par except a portion of which that has been sold. Our Stook being sold at $5 per share places it within the reach of All. Merchants amp mechanics building amp loan association. Statement for the term ending february 20,1891. Assets. Loans on real estate.$17,400 of Loans on Stock. 760 00 Bills receivable. 68,618 13 real estate. 9,974 85 personal accounts. 280 30 furniture. 306 00 Cash Treasury. 8,045 87 $99,406 05 liabilities. Bills receivable interest.$17,426 27 Stook instalment. 5,396 of suspense. 9,256 98 Bills payable. 3,009 00 due contractors. 120 of capital Stock. 53.280 00 real estate surplus. 3,367 15 profit and loss. 7,558 65 $99,405 05 respectfully submitted w. J. Wasson Secretary. We. The undersigned members of the finance committee have carefully examined the above report and find the same to be Correct. A signed m. Freeborn c. K. Cupples. Finance committee. M. Oppenheimer president. W. J. Wasson Secretary. Room no. 8, Soledad Block Cor. Houston and Soledad sts., san Antonio Tex. Rums through the heart of the great South West. The Rich a it and most productive Section of the Stade. Rockport and Corpus Christi coast Are celebrated for their delightful climate Fine Hunting and fishing and for their wonderful development and improvement. R. W. Andrews Milton Everett a a Tat. Gen. Passenger at. Ticket agent Kampman baud Long. Economy Leaf Sto of Haltli Ani Money tails a we can save you from 51.00 to 52.00 per a a month in fuel and add 55.00 Worth to your com. A a fort by Selling you one of our a new perfect a a Ion a new process vapor stoves finest stove in a a the world no smoke no smell lights the same a always ready. A a we can save you $10 to $15 a year on your ice Bill by Selling you % a a Peru or a North Start refrigerator. Hundreds in use in the City giving Universal satisfaction if you doubt the above you will find us ready to Provost. It Ledeit. Oo., Opp. Maverick Bank a no. 40$ 411 East Houston Street

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