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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 23, 1891, San Antonio, Texas She sail sight. Office no. 4 East Commerce Street. Ligh publishing of t. B. Johnson Secretary and treasurer. And general Mak Ager. Etc had at the Post office at san Anto Nio Texas As second class mail Mattes. Tit the Light to the Only? paper published in texa8. Subscription rates. Dally per month 50 Dally per year.5. Of delivered by mail or Carrier free. Weekly. 6 60 weekly i year. 1,00 the. Stillett sticking italians can take a thrust at lieutenant Harries now. Verdi will not face the music in a Manly Way. It is not italian style. There is a big Rush of americans to spend Money in Europe this year and a big Rush of european standings to find food in America. This is the difference. Subscribers not receiving cease make complaint to the Effle a its Are warned not to pay their subsoil except upon presentation a opted Bill from this office. Their paper will Effle. St int of a properly a Sori Hob re advehti8ino rates. A Quot Quot a. Do a 1 f pm i a i 5 Arach r a ? or a Ipoh. Tibo $400 $ 800 $3100 $8500 $54 00 Legal advertisements $1,00 per Inoh first insertion to cents per Inoh each subsequent insertion. Trustees sales $1 of per Inch first insertion 35 cents Euloh insertion afterwards. I Freeding matter editorial Page a cents per be each Sertl on. Local columns to cents Aret insertion to cents first week 6 cents after first week. Special rates on 50 and too lines running or a month Home advertisements payable in the first of each month. Transient advertising payable in Advance. Only Metal Oats printed. Special rates Given on larger space and Long time advertisements. Discount Given for Cash announcements tor state and county officers ten dollars in Advance. Saw All contracts or Bills must be approved by fleece tar and m Ana Ager. To correspondents Alk communications for this paper should be accompanied by the name of the author not necessarily for publication but As evidence of Good Faith on the cart of the writer. Write on on one Side of the paper in a Plain hand. Anonymous communications will not be noticed. The Light will not be responsible for the statement of its correspondents. To our Eastern advertisers. Ail advertising for the daily and weekly Light must come to us through our special agents messes. Palmer a Rey 232 of 235 Temple court new York. Thursday april 23, 1891. Dollars to Mills that the supreme court does not pronounce the Mckinley Bill unconstitutional. On what grounds is it supposed that the . Supreme court will Knock out the Mckinley Bill because the democracy Are afraid of the results. There was one thing president Harrison could not do this trip that any other member of his party could accomplish easily. He could not Cross the Rio Grande into Mexico. The advertising fake continues to rope in the unwary merchant who never advertises in his Home paper and then he wonders Why advertising does not pay. That Minnesota Alliance legislature spent More Money and made a greater fool of its attempted legislation than any Assembly Ever elected to do business for the state. The Minnesota Senate did not follow the Lead of the House and the stage costumes will remain unchanged for another two years. No tights no opera and the tights held their grip. Foster continues to hold his grip As a weather Prophet. He leaves san Antonio and Central Texas out of his May Frost Belt but predicts heavy june Rains. Texas is in the swim this year. I Pew a facts Voorhees thinks that there is too much bitterness among the Southern candidates for the speaker ship for the honors to fall that Way and he predicts that a Northern Democrat will get there. The republicans Are sorry to hear it. They want Mills. Italy 19 giving free passage to the witnesses who testify in the Mala Vita prosecution knowing that they will be murdered if they remain on South Heights has electric cars running through the and italian soil. Uncle Sam should for a. Old the Landing of another italian im-1 ml0n> leave a Alamo Plaza every 20 minutes. Migrant on these shores and he should do it at once. I South Heights has water Mains connected with the City water works. Hip w South Heights has electric Light. If this legislature represented the sentiment of the state and As is asserted everywhere the sentiment of i the state favors a Texas exhibit Why was not the appropriation made the objection that such use of Public i South Heights will have Telephone connections. Money was unconstitutional is All rot South Heights will be the first residence addition to have will some ene who knows the _ ,. A a. Fact. Rise Aud explain How much lie i natural Gas for fuel. There is in the several reports con. Nmn traditions reaffirmation denials no u in Heigh j to is the place for health and All else connected with Mary Andersons Domestic Felecity the i South Heights is reached by electric oars in to minutes newspapers More one reads the less he knows about it. The from Alamo Plaza. The foreigners in America who do South Heights is the handsomest and sight Liest suburb in not like Uncle same a manner of doing business Are cordially invited to leave a an Antonio. It a healthy lift under the coat tails will quicken their movements the lift i Sou. Til Heights hots Are cheaper than any other residence can be Given. There Are there Are thousands of Good Yankee brogans that would esteem it a privilege to give the italian slow coach a lift. When the Light said that the a dedication of Tai Madge a Tabernacle property within the same radius of the business Centre. South Heights lots Are sold at 1-3 Cash balance i and 2 years at 6 per cent interest on deferred payments. The South should learn a useful i a dedication of Tai Madge a Tabernacle Ianth r. A and profitable lesson from president j would be the greatest gospel show on j of Fullil jhl01gills it it in soon hat e a number of residences costing from $5,000 to $10,000 each the owners of South Heights appreciate the value of the property and will soon raise the Price of every lot in the addition. Now is Tho time to buy. No trouble to show the property or to quote prices. Harrison a visit. It should learn to Bury its bloody shirt and keep the garment out of sight on Ordinary occasions As Well As extraordinary. The european nations Are taking More interest in our columbian fair than the Southern states Are. This thing is no just exactly As it should be. The worlds fair is not a sectional affair and the South can not make it so. Earth a it had no reference to the size of the building but to the sensational methods of advertising thai Church and the a a show that was Likely to be made of the dedication occasion. The Galveston news did not apprehend. Dallas and the democracy found out for what purpose Harris was created. Have Muse reciprocity treaties Are getting Ripe. Cubans crop will soon be picked and Mexico a crop is ripening. This rain has made those Miles of paved streets in the big Bayou City Al a most impassible. Rudin i will wish Crispi was in the old chair before he gets through with this new Orleans matter. Fort Worth takes her divining Rod in hand and says that two cities in Texas will have More than 100,000 population in 1900 Aud that Rangerville is on of them. The half acre will have to howl to get there. It is now fifth in the list. Galveston did herself proud in entertaining president Harrison and Texas is proud of her for so doing. Vermont will fun ctr difficult it not impossible to fill Edmund a place there Are aspirants enough but Are All Small. They whatever Blaine decides to do will be in the Best interests of the Republican party. With that let republicans for the present be Content. Laredo has quit crying for water and advertises for canoes. It will soon quit crying for electric lights and advertise for tallow dips. The weather clerk was j unt Twenty four hours late with his Sunshine in ban Antonio. The old City is too Apt to come in late. Texas is already faced for the Best crops she has Ever garnered. The old state will Boom this fall As never before. The Ohio republicans have knocked out that democratic Gerrymander and the democrats Are sick of their own Medicine. Mexico was in it at Elpaso. Her reception of president Harrison will not be forgotten when Diaz sees fit to visit the United slates. The on to Llano Ory has not died out of the ears of the Railroad projectors but it is not being echoed by ban Antonio to any painful extent. The subsidiary Coin in the u. S. Treasury is coming out of its hiding place by order of Secretary Foster. This will add nearly $26,000,000 to the circulating medium. Houston City Council has taken up the Gauntlet thrown Down by the Herald and ordered an investigation into the charges alleged against certain members. If the charges Are groundless the Herald will be in the soup. The misrepresentations of fava to his own government and his manipulations of the communications sent him from Italy Are beginning to appear. The Baron will have a hard time of it explaining. Lieut. Harres of Washington who interviewed Verdi favas personal Friend when the minister was not to be seen pronounces Verdi a declaration concerning that interview absolutely false in Warp Woof fiber and finish and leaves Verdi to help himself. Mcgrath a letter has brought the Southern Alliance men out of their shells and it is now asserted that the alliances in the Southern states Are not going into the third party move. Meat. The revelation has Home in time to forewarn the republicans of the Northwest and West. The spaniards were forced to the american treaty in order to pacify Cuba. This treaty will open the Way to american produce manufactures and machinery to the detriment of Spanish Home Trade but Cuba said so and it had to be. The fort Worth Gazette unable to dispute the Wisdom of president Harrison a utterances attempts to discount them Aud insinuates that they Are not sincere utterances saying president Harrison a speeches along his route contain Many Wise expressions of Broad minded statesman snip. Do they give tone to his genuine feelings or Are we to regard them Only As diplomatic utterances to keep Accord with the Good will of the people who have delighted to do him Honor the Gazette can answer its own conundrum. It never was Superior to partisanship and it never will be. It is not built that Way. The Galveston Tribune says that the Island City did not draw the color line in arranging for president Harrison a reception. In this thing Galveston showed a rarer Wisdom and took a broader View of things than the Southern cities generally do. Galveston was Wise in this As in other things connected with the reception of the nations chief magistrate. Ius it Call on Watson is go managers menger hotel building in the Denver a san Antonio investment go., Chance for a poor Man to get a Home. A new two room House on two Fine lots 50x130 feet each 4 blocks from Street car line near Laurel Heights. Price $1,100 x half Cash. Apply to Jno. T. Hambleton a co. A owner s. 4-Ltf a a i would not enter on my list of friends the Man who needlessly sets his foot non a worm a and yet i expect i have a Friend or two who would see his horse Limp All Day before head spend Twenty five cents for a Hottle of salvation Oil. To investors in Mio i mus Fiss by Mission route. Dallas 1b alarmed Over the rapidly rising t4h�y Waters. The destruction of 1890 is still fresh in the memory of the citizens. St. Louis and chlo ago Are pitted against each other Over the worlds Cair business in the persons of mrs. Palmer and miss Couzens. European journals have entered into a study of the causes underlying the murderous character of the italian disposition. It is asserted that the subjects of Humbert Are eight times As murderous As Are those of William or Victoria. Dallas wants a Hospital and a Market and a dozen Artesian Wells and Good drinking water and Protection against the Trinity overflow and a place for holding conventions ant Many other things too numerous to the three Young texans who entered the presidents oar at Palestine and cheered for Cleveland did so Only in the mind of the special reporter. No such incident occurred. Texas has not got three fools in any one town who would do so indecent a thing. If you Are looking for a Safe and profitable investment read our statement Given below and convince yourself. We have just declared a ten per cent Cash dividend and still show that Arter so doing we have profits remaining for one years business of More than amount of dividend declared. Inducements offered Are these satisfactory profits and Security that cannot be excelled. Stock in a the old reliable m. So is at the present time Worth Twenty per cent Premium but in order to increase our capital we we a offer for the next sixty Days $60,000 Worth of same at Par except a portion of which that has been sold. Our Stook being sold at $5 per share places it within the reach of All. Merchants so mechanics building a loan association. Statement for the term end lug february 28,1801. Assets. Loans on real estate.$17,400 of Loans on Stock. 780 of Billa receivable. 88,638 18 real estate. 9,974 85 personal accounts. 380 30 furniture.,�?�.� 808 00 Cash Treasury. 2,045 87 $90,405 05 liabilities. Bills receivable interest.$17,428 27 Stook instalment. 5,898 of suspense. 9,258 98 Billa payable. 8,00# of due contractors. 120 of capital Stock. 58,280 of real estate surplus. 3,387 15 profit and ,558 65 $19 106 05 Kepoo fully �da88 to store Ary we. The undersigned members of the finance committee have carefully examined the above report and find the same to be Correct. pub mob. C. B. Cupples finance committee. M. Oppon Reimer president. Runs through the heart of the great South West. The Rich est and most productive Section of the Stade. Rockport and Corpus Christi on the coast Are celebrated for their delightful climate Fine Hunting and fishing and for their wonderful development and improvement. R. W. Andrews Milton Everett a it. Gen. Passenger. At. Ticket agent Economy Lafal Stossal a Money tails a we can save you from $2.00 per a a month in fuel and add $5.00 Worth to your com. A a fort by Selling you one of our a new perfect a a Ion a new process vapor stoves finest Stoverink a the world no smoke no smell lights the same a always ready. A a we can save you $10 to $15 a year on your Lee Bill by Selling you a4 a a Peru or a North Start refrigerator. Hundreds in use in the City giving Universal satisfaction of you doubt the above you will find us . Do oo., in "�?�11 Opp. Maverick Bank no. 409-411 East Houston Street

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