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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 18, 1891, San Antonio, TexasHe off no. Commerce. Street. Unc Tco. T. B. Johnson. Secretary and Trca Surck. Gkxxha1, july Abb. Iti1r1d at the Post Oitice at ban Auto 010. Texas. A8 second cua88 mail m blk it 18 the heft blk paper published in Texas. Subscription hates. Daily per month 5odally per year 5. Of by mail or Carler Arrhe. Weekly. 6 months 6o 1 year not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers earned not to pay their subscription upon presentation of a properly receipted Bill irom this office. Advertising rates. I Ikon 1 4 8 to advertisements per mob first in Dertien 75 cents per Inch each subsequent in Bertlon. Trustees sales 00 per Inch first in 35 cents Euloh insertion afterwards. Matter editorial Page 26 Sente per . Local Oulu sums 30 cents insertion 10 first week 6 after first Riwk. Special Ratee on 50 and 100 lines running of a month Honee advertisements payable in the first of month. advertising payable la Evanee. Only Metal crib printed. Special rates Given on larger apace and Long 1 oreo want Given for oath ror state and county tvs dollars in Advance. Font rata or Bills Mutt approved by and to correspondents for this paper in Only be Toyom pained by the of the author not for publication Bat As evidence of nod Faith on the pan of the writer. Write on in one Side of tee paper a a Plain hand. An Tny mems communications Inu not be noticed. The list will not be reboot Snible for the state it of Eastern advertisers. All advertising for the daily and week j Light must come to us through our agents messes. Palmer a Rey 232 235 Temple court new York. Saturday april 18, 1891. Galveston Bas invoked the Aid of All Texas to sing her into tune for the presidential reception. The Man who markets a Good Grain crop this year corrals a pot of Money. Texas is in it to stay. San Antonio wants stood roads leading to the confine of the county East West North and South. Booth in his Farewell does not renounce the stage but Speaks most hopefully of his return to the boards in the future. Tut weather clerk is remembering the needs of texan this year and Gen f Rains Are reported All Over the state in occasional spot of very limited area. The rain and the Farmer a frown fat. Galveston finds herself in dark Ness concerning the real status of her jetty cod tracts. There will be to doubt about the Inefficacy of the Jet ties alter the contracts Are worked out. Dallas rolled up a big vote but like most that is claimed by the big Trinity City Over thirty per cent was Wojtus. s report. Beeville is still agonizing for a Streat sprinkler Aud a Board of Trade but the building goes on All the same. The Little town is getting away with All her coast Goldthwaite s geographical mag Agine for april an invaluable production to the teacher and editor and student of of the Light table. England has found that the reciprocity treaty with Brazil has Hurt her Commerce and her prediction that reciprocity with the latin american nations would strike a heavy blow at great Britain s Trade is in a fair Way of fulfilment. New found Kand gives More rights to american Fisherman than she does to Canadian because she is mad at the Dominion government. A mad Hen if she is wet will do most any thing. The Southern Mercury j is running amuck against everything in sight including the legislature Cleveland Hill Kilgore and Mills. The Mer Cury sees nothing outside of itself that it can endorse. A a mastiff never hurts a Lap dog. If annoyed beyond kudu race he May drop the Little snarled into a mud puddle. This country will not Hurt Italy. The Law for the prevention of cruelty to animals is not a dead letter at Washington. The millions of american working men who Salt their morning Coffee with five cent sugar bless the Mckoley Bill. Reed is going to Italy. What a pity he could not sit Down on Budini Ai he did on that obstreperous Home of representatives. The unanimity of feeling in this country Over this italian matter is most Gratifying. It shows the real indivisibility of our nationality. The Spring elections have Given very Little Aid and Comfort to the democratic party. The fall elections of 1892 will give much less. Great is Southwest Texas and great is san Antonio the great Metropolis of the Southwest and the leading City of the state. Germany has discarded the Lymph treatment for consumption the med ical universities pronouncing against its use. Phoebe c Louis entered in All Roual please for Secretary of the woman s Board of the world s fair. The executive committee at Chicago has ruled her off the track but Phoebe has appealed to St. Louis the big Bridge City sustains her claims Aud Chicago ladies and St. Louis ladies have locked horns Over the result. The executive committee who Engineer the fight draw a Day from Uncle Sam. The quarrel does not deplete their pocket books. Laredo times remarks a Geu Lemau was heard to remark yesterday that he was going up to sail Antonio on the 20th, not to see the president of the greatest country on the Earth but to get a Good look at baby Mckee. That Man very evidently believes in the succession and is anxious for a Peep at the baby who is to succeed the grandson of his Grandfather. The fort Worth mail evidently confounding Harrison with his predecessor rises to remark after much thought Houston has decided that the beat entertainment it can offer president Harrison during his stay of an hour and thirty min utes in that City is to feed him. In studying the likeness of the presi Dent the houstonian seem to have observed that the most conspicuous portion of his Anatomy is about the it is not the fat boy of Buffalo who is making this trip. He was a Northern Democrat and had no use for the solid South after he was elected. The Indianapolis journal also agrees with the Light on this Immi Gration question. It remarks the United states 1mmigration Laws ought to require every foreigner who comes to this country with the intention of engaging or remaining in business to sign a paper renouncing allegiance to Auy foreign Power and declaring intention to become an american americans who leave this country to take up their permanent residence abroad should also be required to Swallow the same Medicine. The great questions that will Agi Tate the country next Campaign Are coming up in the commercial con Gress coinage currency and Tariff. South Southwest and West Texas Are visited by president Harmon while the effete East and Northeast Are left out in the cold. Great is Southwest. The Galveston Tribune sums up the greatest need of that City As a Good retail dry goods store. Galveston ladies can come to san Antonio and take their pick among half a dozen. Tracy is employing his own meth ods in divorcing the nary Yards from politics and is not working with the civil service commissioners to that end. The Republican party appears to be doing business at the old stand in the usual Way notwithstanding the democratic declaration that it dead and defunct. Barrett and Mary looking after her Little got away with the Booth Barrett combination for the present but neither Mary nor Booth have actually retired from the stage. Who Bridges the impassable Gulf Between Mills Aud gov. Senator Hill with anti free Trade Hill in the presidential chair and tree Trade Mills As speaker All things would not be Lovely in the democratic Galveston deserves Success. Her people Are Public spirited hospitable not Clannish As a Rule and less Pessi mistic than May of their neighbors. But that bar bars out All Hope of future greatness. The second Centennial of san an Tonio will be celebrated some of these Days and when it does the old City will put on her Beautiful garments and a Tonish the state with the elaborate Neu of her preparations. She has never yet got Down and spread herself for More than 25 cents on the Dollar of her real ability. The specials from Washington even to the most solid democratic papers Are full of enthusiasm and generous appreciation of or. Blaine s Able and diplomatic reply to Rudoni. That reply will go Down to history As one of the shrewdest Ever sent out from the american foreign office. The Cotton crop of 1890 will aggregate Over Bales. Texas furnished one fourth of the whole. Her proportion in 1891 will be even greater. Texas has no rival near the throne today As a Cotton state. In ten years she will be the leading Corn growing state and in another Quarter of a Cen Tury she will Lead in Iron wheat cot ton Corn Oata. And pork. Blaine s coarse in this italian question has been pre eminently satisfactory to All True americans it has received As it deserved the unqualified approval of the English judg ment and has shown or. Blaine As his friends knew that it would a perfect master of the situation. The plumed Knight knows Bow not to be hurried when he feels disposed to go slow. Europe is being opened to Ameri can meat and the duty is taken of sugar and immigration is being restricted and tin plate manufacture is booming in the United states and John Bull acknowledges his error in the Behring sea question and the naval armaments Are increased and we have reciprocity with Brazil and Canada comes knocking at our door for Trade favors and american ships Are being subsidized for carrying american mails and All because a re publican administration has charge of the affairs of this nation. At it ii o let it remain. The Houston Herald has forgotten the scripture which forbids evil speaking of dignitaries and says taxpayers of Houston have been unmercifully robbed by the Houston improvement company Aid by ciry officials and still the game goes on " Houston has had some very Tough administrations in the past but the present set of bums Are about the worst that we Ever Long continued abuses do Wear out patience. Even the Light has been known to indulge in expressions not strictly laudatory of the municipal authorities. Of. What a cough. Will you heed the the signal perhaps of the sure approach of that More terrible disease consumption. Ask yourselves if you can afford for the Sake of saving 50c., to run the risk and do to think for it. We know from experience that Shiloh s cure will cure your Coush. It never fails. This explains Why More than a million bottles were sold the past year. It relieves croup and whoop ing cough at once. Mothers do not be without it. For lame Back Side or Chest use Shiloh s porous plaster. Sold by Adolph Dreiss. 3-23-Eod Shiloh s consumption cure. This is beyond question the most successful cough Medicine we have Ever sold a few doses invariably cure the worst cases of cough croup and Bronchi its while its wonderful Success in the cure of consumption is without a parallel in the history of Medicine. Since its first discovery it has been sold on a guarantee a teat which no other Medicine can stand. If you have a Coush we earnestly ask you to try it. Price Loc 50c and if your lungs Are sore Chest or Back lame use Shiloh s porous plaster sold by Adolph a most remarkable article. If you desire a transparent Clear fresh complexion free from Blotch blemish roughness coarseness freckles or Pirn pies use 50c and at druggists Large size prepaid by express for e. S. Wells Jersey City n. J. A Pew facts South Hekr hts has electric cars running through. The addition leaving Alamo Plaza every 20 minutes. Sol ill Heights has Crater Mains connected with the City water works. South Heights has electric South Heights Wai have Telephone connections. South Heights will be the first residence addition to have natural Gas for fuel. South Heights is the place for health. South Heights is reached by electric oars in minutes from Alamo Plaza. South Heights is the handsomest and sight Liest suburb in san Antonio. Soull Heights lots Are cheaper than any other residence property within the same radius of the business Centre sol Lull Heights lots Are sold at 1-3 Cash balance 1 and 2 years at 6 per cent interest on deferred payments. Soloth Heights will soon have a number of residences costing from to each. Own reps of South Heights appreciate the value of the property and will soon raise the Price of every lot in the addition. No time and infinite vexation of spirit would be saved if. Eschewing novelties the afflicted would use salvation Oil at once. At ail dealers for 25 cents a san Antonio Tex As april 1891. Sealed proposals in Triplicate will be received Here until 12 o clock noon on the 9th Day of May 1891, and then opened for transportation of military supplies on the following described routes in depart ment of Texas during fiscal year com mencing july 1, 1391 transportation no. Pena and fort ring Gold Texas no. Spofford Junction and fort Clark Texas. River transportation no. Forts Brown and Ringgold Texas. Local san Antonio Texas no. Brownsville. Texas. A information will be furnished on application to this office. The United states reserves the right to reject any or All proposals. Envelopes containing proposals should be marked proposals for transportation on route no. And addressed to the undersigned. Geo. H. Weeks Deputy quartermaster general u. S. A., chief quartermaster. Would not enter on my list of friends the Man who needlessly sets his foot upon a and yet i expect i have a Friend or two who would see his horse Limp All Day before he d spend Twenty five cents for bottle of Oil. Now is time to Bill of quote prices. Trouble to show the property or to Call on Watson g managers menger hotel building the Denver in san Rel Ohio investment co., of w n e r Sai Antonio arms pass r t Mission route. Runs through the heart of the great South West. The est and most productive Section of the Stade. Rockport and Corpus Christ on the coast Are celebrated for their delightful climate Fine Hunting and fishing and for their wonderful development and improvement. R. W. Andrews Milton Everett 4ut. Genl. Passenger act. Ticket agent we can save you from to per month in fuel and add Worth to your com. Fort by Selling you one of our new perfect new process vapor stoves finest stove in the world no smell lights the same As Gas always ready. We can save you to a year on your ice Bill by Selling you a Peru or Nonh Star bar Iterator. Hundreds in use in the City giving Universal satisfaction if you doubt the above you will find a ready to prove it. Opp. Maverick Bank no 409-411 East Houst n Tibet

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