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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 17, 1891, San Antonio, TexasFriday a Btl 17, 1881. Brought Lack to from the worst forms of skin and Scalp diseases so Romulous sores and swellings and All manner of blood taints. It s done toy or. Pierce s Golden med ical discovery which purifies and enriches the Ulo ocl and through it cleanses and Renews the whole sys tem. Even lung scr Fula known As pulmonary consumption yields to it if taken in time and Given a fair trial. It s guaranteed to Bene fit or cure in every Case or Money paid for it is refunded. Only a Medicine that does what is claimed for it could he sold on such terms. No other Medicine besides the discovery has undertaken it. So positively certain is it in its curative effects As to warrant its makers in Selling it As they Are do ing through druggists on trial i i it s especially potent in curing Tetter Salt Rheum eczema Erysipelas boils carbuncles sore eyes goitre or thick neck and enlarged glands tutors and swellings great eating ulcers rapidly heal finder its benign influence. Bucklen s Arnica Salve. Tub bust halve in the would for cuts bruises sores ulcers Salt Ilhom Soros Tetter chapped hands chilblains corns and All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Prico 25 cents per Box for Sale by ail druggists. Dross Thomp son co s wholesale. Leona hotel Uvalde Texas. Or. F. M. Martin proprietor. Well ventilated rooms. Most conveniently and pleasantly situated for health or business. Good table. Special care for invalids. Free Sample room for commercial men. Rates to suit the times. Pm irate boarding by mrs. A. . First Tolaas Board by Day or week. 501 Avenue a san Antonio. Patents. Taveau and obtained Anil Al Poteat bustnes conducted for mob Hall Oua Orrick is opposite to. A. A tent Moi and we Oan secure a Patent in less time and at Leas Oost than those Remote from Walkington. Send drawing or photo., with de scrip ton. We advise if patentable or not free of Ohayre. Our fee not due till Patent is ground a or Xii Book How to in talk with names of actual Allenta in of punt. Or free. Andrewc a. Snow co. Or Piura Temei Wash Toto Edwaed a Webb attorney and coun Joseph e. Dwt1b final a state affect live Stock broke bros., Law and land office and Stock Exchange. Buyer building. Ban an Tome Banks and Bankers. I b. , president a. A. Cuter. Texas National Bank 258 Commerce Street. General tanking Busl nem transacted Bonfu on Europe. other i reign . Visitors Reg liter kept in our Nadu room where in the City Are in Lei dec web Benui. Pennyroyal pills of Aaimo of Alvaji Rell Ablo. Pfc Drej Jolil for cml titty t any Riih Dot id he4 of cd Neull Tel Todd wet Itilia Robt a. Taft la Lubel Tor Keller us Kab Kavous Nam Tyr wok Neuzof body uhf Lead cured Willu j by Eek fit b. Elliot. Loopy Firlit by America preen Limsi Tiila Mineor Clara Willis. 1 regret it but of Tor All you Don t want to marry a Rose Leaf. Clara is a pretty girl Sho Livia Lovely hair the glory of woman and while that is flu Tho capillary attraction is very powerful 1 admit. And then there was i c Raky Jinn so that there is a Nongi. In Finity in Cho Blom to make the children Bright Anil sue certainly is said wind Ward resolutely. Ohl Mcardle went on leading the Way to to dining room and not a bad girl either though Sho likes Tomato venturesome Escen Sions. But like Tho Brit debit mariners of old she takes care not to get out of sight of land and knows Whu to hurry Back. She s a flirt Bat that in t her fault. She was Beni so. Her Mother was before her and is yet. I la Lieve Louise you have accused her of setting her Cap for me. And the widow Willis is certainly comely. I often re Pouch her on her bump of destructive Ness. Of she said once i never broke Many with a gesture my of the head designed to in act t jul Iio to her i do remember one poor fellow went away sorrowful and diet the nest year though suppose that would have happened anyhow for he to his death by in ing run Over by he cars which live resulted to be sure from absent minder Ness yes i like Clara but she caught us napping i confess this time and As or. Of ipod says i owe you one " said Windward til give you a Chance to pay up instantly us you will see. I have a particular Friend or. Stevens of whom you have heard me speak. To is very much in love with my sister but i suspect she favors n Young naval officer who also boards at our table who is in love with her too but the rest of us Don t want him. Now lie applied some time ago to lie ordered to the Asiatic station and we now want to make sure that he will get his orders and i thought you could help i congratulate your said the a Clouet gravely. It must to profit Able to keep n boarding House for lovers f see you Are not eating anything of i have just come from exclaimed Windward. Mrs. J5s does t make anything out of me. My appetite is yet sound i am glad to and i to replied the colonel. So Long As the malady of love is Peri cardiac with tears dreams untidiness etc., As the symptoms it is comparatively harmless and the patient s friends fear no serious consequences. But when the disorder attacks the stomach when love reaches Tho dyspeptic stage then it has ceased to be a laughing mat Ter. But As to the present should i that is what i want to added Louise. I hold you to your said wind Ward grimly. You Force me to quote the poet Gay s lines on replied Mcardle pleased to rain Wooin. Never Happy in your insisted Windward that it. To Are Only exchanging on undesirable Lover for a better that is for love not Friendship to de answered the colonel he May be an Ideal Friend and in love s eyes be a uninteresting As the scenery Between Here and new idol Stiring and very no sir that does t describe exclaimed Windward. Not at All and then the lieutenant is a naval officer and i Don t like military people. As Stevens says they Are professional of does hot retorted the colonel. Well they Are certainly lady and then dropping his lighter manner he added severely your Friend is right they Are but till the world grows More civilized we be got to tolerate them and they Are after All about As Good As other people. They Are narrow in their ideas infernal gossips and death on pay yes for uncommercial people they certainly Are death on pay but i like them Well enough Only i think they ought to marry like actors in their own set. Then the ladies know what to expect and How to talk the service Slang and How to act and for that reason full come Between lovers. Your sister Woolin t like to be wife and widow at once she has t been brought up with that t know but you Are said regretfully. And 111 go right Over to the Berean of navigation and see Commodore Walker about the said the colonel rising from the table. You Are very said Windward. I Don t want Yon to put yourself of there is no time to waste in there he replied especially when you Are. Dealing with a Sailor Lover. I Kne a n once who agreed to get no i for an evening s frolic at a i he bit Down after Tea to -vr.-. I Lii is my he Graw so absorbed were very Fine one they were Dona and i watch he found to his evening was Over a dido Raed in that was Sapir Isa Teil Rizu Itwara. Well if you Are going our Way to will Start together for i told miss Sheffield yesterday of our invalid Friend at the Agency and Sho wished to boo him and help him i said a Mcardle looking from Windward to the parcels and from Vliem to Louise where his eyes rested for a morn at fondly and softly. I under stand. It s an old Story or. Bassett i gave up Long ago is hopelessly not a bad observed wind Ward. No Only a rare replied Mcardle. I am thinking said wind Ward As they now departed together of letting miss Sheffield be my substitute. I wanted to talk about that but the other matter drove it out of my head. I have about decided to leave washing ton and let the claims Goon As they have and probably will anyway. They Are in Good hands and i doubt if i shall to of any service if i stay or if necessary i can run Down from new York from time to on that we will talk said the colonel. I will Branch off hero. My regards to our Friend. You will be interested in him and with this he left them to seek the Agency while he looked up his old Friend capt. Walker chief of the Bureau of navigation. A Good Day Mcardle said the officer who was found at his desk. What can i do for i ail. Interested in or. Quire s Mcardle explained. I believe lie wishes to be ordered to the Asiatic i know said the officer of detail crossing his ie_j3 and looking vexed. To hated to Dis oblige Tho colonel but this was asking a Good Deal. You see Colo Nel there Ira so Many applications for this duty. Besides i understand he does t press it "1 should t replied Mcardle with his usual composure. That is Why we Why asked the mystified Clinef of Bureau. There s a woman in observed Mcardle. He is after a Young girl and Tho family Don t like that s Tho third this week growled the chief. One would think this Bureau was a matrimonial Agency. Well what s Tho matter with or. Quire he s a Good fellow a Good of Mcardle replied instantly. "1 have nothing against i Don t know As they have Only re sult 1 see in a family Row and there is no use in a Man going out to sea in a Gale unless with an object and now be tween us it in t Worth it. They arc Nice and Well to do people that is the Mother has some Little Money i hear but i understand Sho enjoys Good health and comes of Long lived Stock. The Chil Dren Haven t any Money and you know the difference Commodore Between a wealthy girl and the daughter of wealthy parents. There is where so Many Young men make their mistake and Only find out after marriage that they Are tied to a paper who is accustomed to carriages Hilta and foreign observed the officer. That they Are so very continued Tho colonel. I believe they Are comfortably Well of but or. Onira would have to pay his wife s Bills for Twenty years out of a no tenant s the chief nodded reflectively. Colonel saw he had gotten the gauge and Range and now let Fly the Bolt i he observed that they rely a Good Deal for the future on an old claim they Are trying to get through Congress. They Are All hands of them Down Here pressing one of the French up ovation claims Yon. French claims hey Humph yes i know i that s the officer As he spoke reached Over impatiently and touched a Button on his desk that gave ont a tingling ring. Hear it not quire for it is a Knell of cafe summons thee to Chenal a messenger appeared. I arrange that matter colonel As Yon said the chief of the Bureau and then gave the messenger an order which set the machinery in motion. I Ain obliged to you said Mcardle. I think it will prove a Wise arrangement All very said the chief bowing and smiling his visitor out. I Hope it meditated the colonel As he trod slowly and heavily through the corridors of the department and out into the wintry air Pardon me co pid i Trust i Havn made Troat the by this Day s business i As Louise said poor quire i his foes were ambushed and even had Tho fight been fair and open the Odds were hopelessly against him. Chapter xxv. The a Joise claim. Windward Sua of companion rot Roa Tho invalid counsel deep in the archives of the Agency. His assistant was also on hand and Hensy among the papers and an air of life and stir pervaded the Roome. Good exclaimed Windward As they entered. I took the Liberty of bringing a lady Friend with me today who wished to make Yoor acquaintance. Said the invalid rising and bowing with of tartly Grace very introductions followed upon which of. And it minho will a us Mcacy of expression added Beauty to Tho gift. You look said Windward. Yes. Heading pm Tver. Brushing pm up. Never say Louisa smiled her approval of such Good Pluck it must be Sho said. No the agent replied. Very interesting. Queer people claimants. Hopeful. Fretful. Cau t and he handed her Ono or two of the neatly tied packages to examine. She however was More interested in the Man than in Tho documents. You Are comfortable i she said seating herself by the Side of Tho lounge an excuse for his agent was now again re Clining holding tha Flowers in his serviceable baud. Her tone of sympathy and ministration suggested to Windward that Possi Bly she might prefer to speak a few words of help Aud kindness without an audience hence he excused himself for a moment and passed through the opened folding doors to the Roar office where Tho assistant was dusting the Pigeon holes and rearranging the papers. He is through them systematic remarked the assistant. To has got to c. It s tedious though. Look at this claim. There Are Twenty or thirty letters in that single i said Windward i be done a Little searching then to picked up a package at random and turned Over its letters while the ant brushed Aud slapped Aud sorted Tho Dusty files. Meanwhile a conversation of great consequence had bogus in Tho front room. Miss Mcardle s said Tho agent. That s familiar somehow. I be you know Iny Uncle 1 Aho replied i be no doubt you remember dear old Tom of yes exclaimed the agent brightening up and looking at his visitor with much interest. You re Tho lady 1 should say. All grow yes yest you the Little claimant Quito Riua Umici adopted very interesting i exclaimed Louise puzzled and doubtful if she had understood aright his muffled and broken phrases. A can t exclaimed the in valid sadly. Adopted kind by a supremo Effort she repressed her Surprise and alarm. Liat was Tho rain understanding what could he mean Windward s stumbling reference and awkward explanation flashed Back upon her mind. She a claimant the Shef those were strange startling world. Was it possible of course not but she would she must ascertain what this Strango Mau meant. And she would be Calm. Any exhibition of wonder ignorance or agitation might Seal 1m lips. Fortunately for her purpose the in valid though he noticed her confusion attributed it to embarrassment springing from an inability to understand him. A can t to repeated regret fully. Excuse me i la saying which he Laid Down the bouquet and reached for Hia Tablet. Then propping liar self up on the lounge he r rapidly a moment while Louise sick and weak with mysterious f took the bouquet hastily and Burie t in the Flowers to gain support Libroia their pungent doors. With a smile of interest and curiosity he now paused and handed her the Tab let. He had written upon it the follow ing i suppose Yon Aro mrs. Sheffield s adopted daughter. I be just been Reading about it la Tom Bissau s correspondence with or. Cans ton my predecessor. Very interesting she gave a Little smothered cry her Cheeks faded her breath came Quick and unsteadily Ahe grew dizzy the Walla spun around she heard the invalid shout for help then darkness blotted oat the world. When she awoke she found Windward at her Side the agent Bend ing Over her the assistant bringing water and spirits from the sideboard excuse she gasped her Pride reviving with her life. A sudden and she tried to smile Bat she saw the Tablet was in Windward s hand. He was looking at it very kindly but very soberly and in his Large pathetic soft Blue eyes of old Tom read the troth of her life. Her flushed Cheeks paled again and Sho grew weak and dizzy. Whisky 1" cried the invalid pressing a Glass to her lips. Sorry very sorry awkward 1 never mind All the same 0p stairs rest awhile Nancy up stairs. Too bad fool poor and he turned his face to the Wail with a groan while Louise let herself to raised and assisted to a bedroom and stretched of a sofa. Shall i asked Windward not wishing to intrude but anxious for her welfare. No she said faintly. Down. Tell me a he said. You Rire Sho exclaimed. I Don t know he said. Be she truth i will he answered seating him at her Side and taking her hand it was like ice. Bat it is not so painful. Do cot be Tell soft cried impatiently. Ar3 she incur who am i what s my i m Tot interrupted it s Louise any he exclaimed desperately. That s said the sufferer. Can me that then. Go As i understand said Windward you were the Only child of poor people who had one of Tho French claims and with whom my Uncle Tom got acquainted on that a count. It happened that both your parents died while you wore an in Fant and he had Yon adopted by his friends Tho Shef Fiehs. Mcardle was with them Aud you All grow up together As you know. 1 judge you were to to treated As one of the family and never to know or feel a difference. 1 found out the truth Only a few Days ago by Acci Dent while Reading Over the papers of Tho Agency relating to the claim interspersed in which Are occasional references to family that asked Louise As wind Ward paused. Those Are the main features As i recollect them he replied. What know 1 Learned As i say from incidental references in Tho my she checked the colonel knows nothing of mean of your knowledge of Tho of Windward replied. Colt that to wished it kept buried and i found by a inquiry that you wore ignore i interrupted Louise. So i have said a Outing to any to said. That is said Louise. You spoke of i see i suppose so would you mind getting Sha inquired. Nancy is Here if i want help but i Dou t think 1 shall. Perhaps i d bettor rest a moment. I la Send Nancy Down replied Windward. Heat by All Means Aud do not be distressed. Your friends Are the same your life is not affected. This will bind is All Tho More think you she said closing her eyes wearily. I know Yon. Will ail to kind and Good. But it is not the her lip trembled and she added i am very a mad thought flashed through wind Ward s mind. Should he fling himself at her feet and enrich Lus life by giving it to her and lie spoken then and there who knows what might have been perhaps had he never spoken in vain it might have Boon. But we learn caution by failure. He paused to reflected and he lot the Ono Golden moment pass. I will be Down to said gravely Aud kindly. Thank you replied she ill feel better and she smiled and motioned him away Nancy my Good Sho thou said to the servant won t you fetch me a shawl i to the cures and needs of sick one at hand and threw it Over the shivering person of the inf Ferer. If you la come Back in a few min she said "111 try to rest a Tho girl replied ill in the next room and you can Knock or speak if you want Daying this Nancy arranged the shawl the better to protect the lady and then softly left the room. Louise was alone Alono among Stran even memory was false and the past a myth. One Fri tied and Only one who knew her and whom she loved remained unchanged and unchanging and to this Friend gracious Faith Ful and powerful the special Friend of the friendless and Tho orphan she went with her crushing Load of sorrow. After a few Momenta hearing no sound and fearful lest the visitor might needing assistance tha watchful servant stepped softly to open the door Bat Stop Ped hushed and awed on the threshold for within she saw the strange lady seek ing Heia Elf the Aid she needed 6n Berk eee. Chapter xxx the magnate s picnic. Yes i Lutc to see a youngster Hie who in t when Windward was asked to the he found Louise Calm and natural though a Little paler than a Sun. He observed that her eyes showed no Trace of tears. She took the fateful pack age of letters with a listless air showing no to open it and merely asking if she could be permitted to take it with her to examine at Leisure. Certainly to the agent replied Hejri died me to sex font Init i third

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