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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 15, 1891, San Antonio, TexasOffice no. 4 East Commerce Street. Ian Antonu Light publishing of. T. B. Johnson 8eorctary and Obok bail maj Raobb. 1 vex red at the at Isam Auto to Texas. As mail matter. So is that omit Dault Libr tabla a Apter published in txxa8. Subscription rates. Molly per 6o Dally per year.5. Of Daliy Erkd by m.a1l or car for Erbb. Weekly. 6 go weekly. 1 year. not their paper will make complaint to the off Loo. Subscribers Are warned not to pay their subscription upon presentation of a properly re Bill from this office. The of every alleged citizen of Italy killed at new Orleans will be rigidly enquired into and known before or. Entertains any proposition for indemnity. Advertising rates. Itoh. 609 600 16400 Legal advertisements f 1.0u per Inch first insertion 75 cents per Inch each subsequent insertion. Trustees sales per Inch first Lorton 35 cents Yueh insertion afterwards. 1 beading matter editorial Page 35 cents per the each insertion. Local 20 cents first insertion 10 cents first week 5 cents after first special Ratee of 50 and 100 lines running vow a month Home advertisements payable in the first of Tach month. Transient advertising payable in Advance. Only m Etal cams p Runte 4. Special rates Given of larger Epoe and Long time advertisements. Discount Given for Cash congressional lives Are not so valuable As Are those of newspaper correspondents judging from the trial and Issue thereof of a Lacau for killing Taulbee. The old cry of the know nothing party a not so dead that it can not be revived with startling effect if this insane policy of flooding this country with the scum of Europe continues. The masses of Italy evidently be. In War in the East or they would not be leaving the shores of this country As rats forsake a drowned ship. Blains is not hurrying his reply to Italy nor is he unnecessarily delaying it. He will make his reply As soon As he a in Possession of the facts requisite to make that reply Complete and exhaustive. The san Antonio and Adausas pass Road is going to make its own connections and build into Mexico. The 8. A. P. Gets at the head of the procession in Good shape. Announcements Tor state and Donn to of Floen tie in just All contracts or Bills must to approved by and m an baser. To tale paper should be accompanied by the name of the author not aeon scarily for publication but As evidence of food Fri tic of the part of the writer. Write on one Side of the Abdor a a Plain hand. An in Mous Zirul not be noticed the Light will not responsible for the state to our easter advertisers. All advertising for the daily and week y Light must come to us through our in eclat agents messes. Palmer Rey 232 to 2s5 Temple court new York. Wednesday april 15, 1891. President Harbison will be received in Texas with a smile whether he smiles in return or not. Labor and capital Are really inter terms under certain conditions. These conditions Are born in Good Industrial schools. The apportionment of this state in to congressional districts is a mat Ter of infinite unconcern to the Republican party. This straining of re Iii s Anatomy Over new Orleans will not be in vain if it banish the Monkey and the Organ from the streets of civilized America. Italy is so poor that she has sequestered the property of one Hundred churches in Rome and their doors Are closed from Lack of Revenue. Too poor to support her own starving sub ejecta she sends them to America by the ship Load and then complains to cause one out of 20.000 is a Dot in an Effort to conserve the peace of a great City. And so the great and mighty sen ate and the great and mighty state of Texas puts it on record As its solemn and deliberate opinion that an inno cent girl of twelve years is sufficiently mature in mind character person judgment and knowledge of the Wiles men a to defend and protect her Honor and person without any safeguards from the state other than those extended to mature women. This act of the great and mighty sen ate leads one to spell mighty a it a. Amra Dickinson is not regarded As insane at the Institute to which she was taken and there May be some just grounds for her claim that she was sent there through the conspiracy of her relatives. Indiscriminate immigration is the cause of four fifths of All the riots strikes murders and labor troubles in the United states. The country has a right to demand a rest from this thing. France Aud Italy Are both of the eve of bankruptcy if the declarations of their own ministers of finance count for anything. The Street Loafer graduates into the Penitentiary As a Rule. Ban Antonio has too Many in the primary depart ment for her own food. Better look after your boys. The Industrial school holds Over the Street school As an effective and wholesome educator by a great big majority. Texas needs facilities for Industrial training and Texas boys want educating in the Art of being useful. Cleveland confesses More than is wide As the candidate for National honors when he says he is intensely partisan. The legislature has adjourned and the state will breathe easier until an other session is called to apportion the state into congressional districts. Kinnam is not to be congratulated on the verdict of that Washington court. The evidence does not War rant congratulations. Italy acts As though she was entitled to pay for the men killed at new Orleans because she had previously set a Price on their Heads. The Best thing this legislature did was to require registration in cities of population Aad Over. It was a Long step in the right direction. Registration should be required in every county on the Rio Grande. It would be a wonderful Simplifier of events political. There is a West Texas and a Northwest Texas press association a Well As a Texas press association. Texas is great on press. Connor has a clean record in the Dallas race polling More votes than the combined opposition. The times Herald survives but the Effort is painful. The Light has been calling for restricted immigration since 1886 and now the democratic press of the state is catching on. Whoop it up gentle men of the democratic persuasion. This state wants no More immigrants for at least a decade. The stomach that takes More food than it can assimilate of necessity grows weak being overburdened. The nation that receives into it a greater number of foreigners than it can assimilate weakens thereby and requires and time to Recu Perate. That time has come to the United states. Give us a rest from for eign immigration. New Orleans is becoming a very important manufacturing Center and has now under contemplation a 000 Iron Plant which Only needs the action of the City Council to material ize. The Crescent City understands her needs and the requirements of a continued and healthy growth. San Antonio does not and there is the difference Between the Alamo City and the Crescent City. Increase acreage of wheat Corn and Oats in Texas increased acreage of Cotton very general Rains higher prices for meats of All kinds increased manufacturing industries in every Section of the state decreased rates of interest rapid settlement of ranches upon their conversion into attest that Texas is of the Highway of improvement and making rapid Progress. The Iron has entered the soul of the Waco the shortcomings of a legislature that words could not Praise too highly a Short month since Are now referred to in a bitter Ness of soul finding expression As Fol flows the legislature did not make an appropriation for the world s fair nor in any Way assist the state of Texas to have a become Ling exhibit there. Nobody is surprised. The Legisla Ture has exhibited its capacity to do things not consistent with the inter ests of the state and the people so often that this last act fell very lightly on them. The defunct seems to have fewer friends to mourn for it dead than to apologize for it living. There is less of the pessimistic in the editorials of the Galveston daily news than in the columns of any other of the great dailies of Texas. The Light has Long noted this fact with pleasure. The railway commission Billr naj be fully interpreted before the governor Dies who was the cause of its Borning but it is very doubtful. He will be a Back number for Many gubernatorial terms before its meaning is even approximated. Norfolk a. Is looming up As a rival to new Orleans for the depart ing Point of Tho new brazilian steam ship line. New Orleans is exercised Over the matter and is taking Steps accordingly. The uncertainty in some democratic minds at least is at an end and the lessons of that Dallas election Are being read in the clearer Light that comes after the event. The Mexia Ledger sums it up thusly viewed from a distance there was serious doubt As to whether Dallas was democratic or Republican. Tues Day s election dispelled every doubt and the Metropolis of Texas gracefully placed herself in the list of Republican cities. Or. Cole the democratic nominee most Likely received the support of All democrats except those who Are democrats for Revenue Only. The greatest City alleged in Texas gone Back on the democracy and compelled to submit to her Fate the democratic harps Are on the Willows that Tassel Che Banks of the Trinity and there is no mirth in the Mouth of the men who were scooped. It few frct8 South h eights has electric jars running through the addition leaving Alamo Plaza every 20 minutes. South Heights has water Mains connected with the City water works. South Heights has electric South Heights win have Telephone connections. South Heights jul be the first residence addition to have natural Gas for fuel. South Heights is the place for health. South Heights reached by electric oars in minutes from Alamo Plaza. I South Heights is the handsomest and sight Liest suburb in san Antonio. Sig lots Are cheaper than any other residence property within the same radius of the business Centre Soloth h0ights Kots Are sold at 1-3 Cash balance 1 and 2 years at 6 per cent interest on deferred payments. Soloth Heights will soon have a number of residences costing from to each. The own ibis of South Heights appreciate the value of the property and will soon raise the Price of every lot in tree addition. Now is the time to buy to trouble to show the property or to quote prices. Call on Watson g managers menger hotel building the Denver san Rel Ohio investment of w n e r a a pc w m Arakas pass i Mission route. Houston and Galveston Bridge the bloody Bayou to unite in cordial reception of the chief magistrate of this great and prosperous nation with a capital n. The Elpaso Tribune is explaining Why the democratic party cannot control that City. Dallas is in somewhat same boat. The old guard is los ing its grip. Uncle Sam has not contracted to pay for any italian refugees who left their country for the peace of the old Home government. It will be time enough to kick at or. Blaine when the debt is contracted. If Italy keeps on sending her Pau pers and Lazaroni to this country at the same rate of present arrivals for another Semi decade the country will be depopulated and Humbert will have Only the papal Aee to give a local habitation and a name to his effete and depopulated country. Abolink expects that Harrison will pass through on his Western tour. A mistake. Fort Worth and Abilene get the cold shoulder. The Italy will know More about Amer Ica and her institutions and Rudini will know More about Blaine this time next year than they do now. This knowledge May not be flattering to Italy b Pride but it will be might necessary to her understanding of matters. Tele Alliance of Texas is not a political organization. All the same it does political work Aims at political ends through political methods and is As much a political organization As though it was so labelled and wore a regulation Collar. Take a dictionary and read a definition of president had to come to ban Anto Nio but could Mot go everywhere. 1 and then apply it to the Alliance the Houston Post does not agree with the Light in its political Opin ions but it is heartily in Accord with the opinions so freely expressed in the Light during the past five years As to the undesirability of unrestricted immigration. In its Issue of the 14th, the Post says the flood of paupers and criminals that has been disgorged upon this country since the great tide of Immi Gration set in in 1874, is something terrible to contemplate. The Stream of foreign immigration is becoming every year More corrupt. In the first half of the Century pauper and Crim Inal immigrants were the exception. Now they Are the Rule. Then the immigrant came to identify himself with the country now he comes too often As a refugee seeking an Asylum or an adventurer in quest of the newspapers of this country can arrest this tide of pauperism and crime by unitedly lifting their voices against it will not be arrested unless they do. Kinds of Granite columns polished columns and Iron fencing Zerkel co. 2-17 of runs through the heart of the great South West. The Rich est and most productive Section of the Stade. Rockport and Corpus Christ on the coast Are celebrated for their delightful climate Fine Hunting and fishing and for their wonderful development and improvement. R. W. Andrews Milton Everett asst. Genl. Passenger at. Ticket agent Economy leads to Leal we can save you from per month in fuel and add Worth to your com. Fort by Selling you one of our new perfect new process vapor stoves finest stove in the world no smoke no smell lights the same As Gas always ready. We can save you to a year on your ice Bill by Selling you a pern or North Star refrigerator. Hundreds in use in the City giving Universal satisfaction if you doubt the above you will find us ready to prove it. Opp. Maverick Bank. No. 409-411 East Houston Street

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