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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 14, 1891, San Antonio, TexasOffload no.4 East Street. O. T. B. Johnson Seo rotary and try Muir and j.kt1ksd at tub Post qty ice at Yjih Amto Irto Tiab As Koono class mail Mattir a no a tii b tax Papik published in tixa8. Subscription rates. Daily per month.9 so Dally por year.5.oo buy Iris by mail or of Bahtir Fri. Weekly. 6 6o 1 year. subscribers not reel Yigui Thel Prapor will Toaso make complaint to the eff Loo. Sube Orl a cab Iraq and not to pay their subscription upon presentation of a properly re Mlp Tod Bill from this office. Advertising rates. A fax i Legal advertisements 51.uu per Inch first in Sirtton 76 Yenta per Inch each subsequent in Ortlon. Tru Acca Alloa per Inch Flat m Bertlon 83 cents Ruoli insertion afterwards. I Ibe Seung matter editorial Pugo s5 cents Pel . insertion 10centaflratweok, Bosnia after first week. Special on 60 and 100 lines running or month. Home advert Lemonta payable tha Flat of month. Transient advertising payable to Advance. Only Metal Ouw printed. Special rates Given on larger of sea sad Long a Smanto. Discount Given for Cash Lor state and county off Osra 2? in Aat Anoo. Tract or Bills must to approved by and 34 in Saxon. To auror Thea paper Etzold be accompanied by the name of the author not for publication but As by Lelenoa of Rood on Tho part of tha writer. Write on on one Side of Tho paper a a Plain band. An comma Nimanong will not be not Lood. The lion will not be reopen Bubla for Tho state of it b Cerro Dondena. To our Eastern advertisers. All advertising for the daily and weak y Larrr must Como to us thro Uku our in eclat agents messes. Palmor key 233 to 235 Temple court now York. Tuesday a Iii 14, 1891, no change in the Maccaroni mar Ket and bananas Are Selling As usual. Those who Are deter mined to Saddle Cyclone on Europe put the Center of disturbance in Bulgaria. Foster s atom of the sixth april did not materialize in this Section of the Vineyard. The press of the country mourn Booth s retirement from Tho stage. Upon whom can his Mantle fall Texas has Only a surplus of two or three million dollars and cannot waste Money on a world s fair exhibit. Criminal education. Another decade of sensational journalism and this generation Oak graduate la the ethos of crime. What the average kid of fifteen does not know of the criminal records of this the Dally pages of the press is not Worth knowing. Every reveal Mentor Rasca Lity every detail of the crime just How when where and under what motive commit Ted la made Public and is just so much More information in the body of criminal knowledge. No text Book on crime could be More Complete no information More explicit than that which is furnished by the regular and special dispatches of the leading news journals of Thig Day. Tho vilest literature published does not do More to Debauch and corrupt the mind of youth than the pages of the sensational news journal arid yet it goes into the hands of childhood and youth any restriction and no warning voice is raised against the evil tendencies of such revelations. This constant familiarity with crime seams to Breed a callousness that to say the least does not Render Thorlund or Mora nature sensible of its enor mity. How crimes May be committed and their detection prevented for a series of years if not Lor All time is the real teaching of these criminal reports and yet the newspaper that does not take up the Reeo djs scooped and written Down As Pokey and a slow coach Ami Back number and a set aside by Tho very Mora Lisla who cry out against Tho debasing tendencies of the age. Lle forms do not come that Way. This country needs a live journal that has the courage and the indifference to Public criticism that will Load it to break away from this old and porn locus habit of giving All the minutia of crime and by setting a Good example pave the Way for a much needed the frosts on the East Side of the Mississippi have been much More damaging than those on the West Side. The fruits and Early vegetables in Florida and Mississippi Are badly out. Texas is not knocked out to any the More Texas is understood and studied the More desirable does she appear to those seeking locations. She presents Golden opportunities to Industry of All the democratic papers have not found out that the cry for free Silver has died away in the ears of the nation because of the beneficial financial legislation of Tho late Republican con Gress. That the new won t know ital when it gets that Tunnel dug Inoru Harlem under Tho City to East River under East River and into Brooklyn. It will be one of the Moat Magn Lucent engineering feats of the Ages. I and the great state of Texas limits the salary of a first class teacher in one of the Public schools to per month. Great Ceasar a ghost 1 and out of such schools emerged the Mem Berg of this legislature Ifni of Flats has run its race and esperanto takes its place. When both Vola Puk and esperanto Are dead and buried and forgotten and their memory lost to the recollection of the oldest inhabitant the Good old Mother Tsugue genuine United states will be holding its own and leading the procession of living languages. The american hog provided with a Elaine rooter is surely rooting his Way into the affections of Germany. And still the democracy ate vainly endeavouring to understand just How o Reform a Tariff for Revenue Only. New Fotja Niland remembers Canada put her foot on the attempt of that Island to negotiate a Trade treaty with the United states and now she won t sell bait to the canucks. Canadian John is hot. What a legislature cannot do is beautifully exemplified in the history of the present legislature of Texas. England is watching the Mckinley Bill and u it works Well for the United states will confess that her free Trade policy is wrong. Northern democrats Are More unwilling to have Mills for speaker of the democratic Congress than the re publicans Are. Mill s additional tax on sugar does not add anything to the Price of that cup of Coffee that Good americans Are drinking these pleasant mornings. The ban Francisco chinamen Are protesting against senator Blair but Blair Gosse and China says he is Wel come. If this legislature goes into the Papor Monement business at a a Day gait it will take her All summer to reach Tho Back door. But she will not do it. An italian girl eleven years of age in new York City appeals to the police for Protection against a brutal husband whom her parents compelled her to marry. Her father and Hus band will be prosecuted by the society for the prevention of cruelly to Chil Dren Ana the priest who married them should be in rocked. The interest taken in Industrial education the world Over is suggestive. It does show the Preem intent practical Ness of this age and Points out to Texas a Field of operation in which All her energies might be very profitably employed. This state should Load in matters of education with Ner magnificent school endow ment and there is a vast Field opening in the direction of Industrial Educa Tion that should to immediately occupied. It regains for the Helena Mon Tana journal to note the Dull thud of a female ballot on the Mold of pub Lic the editor of the journal is la the East and a fresh hand is at the Bellows. Too fresh altogether. Elaine and Harrison. The Minneapolis Tribune in a re cent article says As to the Altu Atio n that Jas. G. Elaine will be a candidate in 02 in the sense of seeking the nomination is entirely unlikely. He is Harrison s Friend a member of the president s official family and Honor fealty to his chief alike demand that he should remain aloof until it is known at least that the Ordinary Reward for faithful service is not to to sought by or bestowed upon Tho present chief magistrate. But no one would sacrifice Persona 1 feeling to the Good of the party quicker than the Man who today presides at the White House. And if when the time comes the interests of the people Point to or. Blaine As the Man to Lead the republicans to Victory Ben Harrison will be among Tho first to say amen and join the marching columns of the party where he Haa done service so Long and this View is very Auala Gous to that taken by the ii Ian. The Light is of opinion that James g. Blaine is not seeking the nomination and that it will go to or. Harrison. South Heights has electric jars running through the addition leaving Alamo Plaza every of minutes. South Heights has water Mains connected with the City water works. South Heights na8 electric South Heights will have Telephone connections. South Heights jul be the first residence addition to have natural Gas for fuel. South Heights is the place for health. South Heights is reached by electric oars in 1q minutes from Alamo Plaza. South Heights is the handsomest and sight Liest suburb in san Antonio. Soloth Sig lots lots Are cheaper than any other residence property within the same radius of the business Centre. Soull Heights lots Are sold at 1-3 Cash balance 1 and 2 years at 6 per cent interest on deferred payments. South Heights will soon have a number of residences costing from to each. The own reps of South Heights appreciate the value of the property and will soon raise the Price of every lot in the addition. Now is the time to Bay no trouble to quote prices. Show the property or to Hogg will not veto the commission Bill because he could not got another built As much after his own Model if he was to try for a lifetime. Call on Watson o managers menger. Hotel building the Denver san Antonio investment Australia has caught the federa Tion fever and catches on to federa Tion As naturally As a Yankee girl to a boy s Arm after a Ellen school. The big salaries Are not paid for what s done by the individual but for his Knowling How to direct thous ands wisely As to what they should do. The democracy in democratic states hate a split ticket with the proverbial hatred of old Nick for holy water but a Democrat in a Republican the split ticket there is a revelation of Beauty and an invention of Wisdom. Citation by publication. No 4763. Of w n e r a Tariff for Protection is easily understood and will can be defended but a Tariff for Revenue Only is a plea punish affair. Sex confederates Are still barred from holding commissions in the u. S. Regular army. It is a Good now to remove the embargo. Time old Scotia has been having a hard time of it with the infernal Galea that have devastated All Waters this sea son. A lands have been visited. Made a bad break some years ago and England has not for Given him yet. It would have Long ago but Dilke is a Liberal. The electric Light company of Lare do cannot realize enough spot Cash on the City warrants to keep up the lights which Are furnished to the City at five per cent above Cost. The Small boy with a paddle and a handful of pebbles who takes Refuge in the backyard and pounds the Peb Bles Over the Wail into the Street wants that same paddle applied to the rear Elevation of his Anatomy. Stanley says he his Texas engagements solely on account of the failure of his Bureau to put up the Advance Cash. He was not blockaded by washouts nor was there any unkindly criticism from the press because Wiser than so Many others he deserted the confederacy before it collapsed. Enforce that immigration Law and enforce it Strong if it shuts very pauper in Europe and every jail Bird and every anarchist and every Sicil Ian and every Leper out of this coun try. Enforce that Law bring them to Taw and hold your jaw. France grown More secure in her republicanism grown less afraid of the monarchical party and permits Prince Victor to return temporarily to the country. Mattie Robert Peterso in Tho District court of Dexner Courly 37th judicial District. The Stilto of to Tho sheriff or any countable of Bexar you Are hereby commanded that by Mak ing publication of Thea citation in some news paper published in Tho county of , once in each week for four consecutive weeks previous to the return Flay Hereof you sum Mon Robert Peterson Whoso residence is unknown to be and appear at the next regular term of the District court of the 37th judicial District in and for county to to Hollm at the court Rouse thereof in the City of san Antonio on Tho first monday in Juno . 1891, Tho same being Tho first Day of june 1891, then and there to answer a petition filed in said court on the 13th Day of november 1890, in a suit numbered on the docket of said court no. 4703, wherein i Lothert Peter Eon is defendant wherein plaintiff alleges As follows to wet that plaintiff is and Baa been a resident of Bexar county for More than Slit months prior to the filing of this suit. That the residence of defendant is unknown. L hot Elm and defendant were Law fully inn ruled in Tho town of Laredo state of Texas on Tho first Day of january a. D., 1835, and lived together until Tho fifth Day of october a. D., 1889, when defendant left her a Ltd Tho intention of abandonment and Haa continually remained away since then not in any manner contributing to Tho support of plaintiff. That there Are no children living the Itsuo of said marriage and no property either real or personal. Wherefore plaintiff Pray judgment Dis solving Tho Bonds of Matrimony heretofore existing Between plaintiff and defendant and that her Maiden name Mattlon Vance to re stored to her for costs and general Aud special Relief. Herein foil not but Liao you before said court on Tho said first Day of next term thereof this writ with your return thereon showing How you have executed Tho same. Witness. Nat. Lewis cd orc of Tho District court of Boink county. Ivou under my hand and Seal of said court at office in Tho City of san Laeal Antonio this Tho 3rd Day of april a. D., 1891. Nat. Lewis. Clork District court of Cedar county. By Leo. W. Huntress Deputy. Issued Samo Day. Camo to hand april 3rd, a. 1801, at 11 o clock a. M., and publication ordered made in Tho san Antonio daily Light. T. P. Mccall sheriff county. By w. Druse Deputy. 0 4w it Auto ac1 1hpp d v arms Ali Rass in Mission route. Runs through the heart of the great South wast. The Rich est and most productive Section of the Stade. Rockport and Corpus Christ on the coast Are celebrated for their delightful climate Fine Hunting and fishing and for their wonderful development and improvement r. W. Andrews Milton Everett enl. Passenger at. Ticket agent Leon Oil left Stolf Money tails kinds of Granite columns polished columns and Iron fanning Zerkel co. 2-17 of we can save you from per month in fuel and add Worth to your com. Fort by Selling you one of our new process vapor stoves finest stove in the world no smoke no smell lights the same As Gas always ready. We can have you to a year on ice Bill by Selling you a Peru or North Star refrigerator. Hundreds in use in the City giving if you doubt Tho above you will find us ready no prove it. Opp. Maverick Bank no. 409-411 East Houston Street

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