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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 9, 1891, San Antonio, TexasI tily thl spay april 9. Myrril poor. M. H. Poor. T. Marne. P. M. Poor co will buy. Sell or real estate. Room to. 2 French building the life insurance go of new York. Richki a. Or ttys y. Offers its distribution policy the advantageous form or lire insurance for the policy Holder. Sherman sen Bakers gen1 arts h. L. Remmel and e. Chamberlain St. Louis to. Schramm Moore District managers. Alamo Plaza Over i. G. N. Ticket office. Sari Antonio. A mistake. Is twice is often by no Suhs in of if in us in not their Case into the bands of i specialist an it stands to reason that a doctor Mak ing a of a v Cronin line o diseases is More competent than the family clan or Jirm nil who cover it whole Field an or. To. X. Hathaway. This City is it duo in Liu a regular graduate our of the toilet resin an i Ashi diploma Lonh i Hart of Vii i Lirneo in Load info hospitals and ii a prism. Ark., s Ini is in Mimi o. I x visit and mining 1 to it. Monterey april 1wm. Or. A if Giraud who is to Well known in Sau Antonio Aud South West Texas a half interest in a Spanish paper in thin City Aud will Enfa Rire in. Publish half in Spanish half in Thuv will Warior editor 10 take charge of the department of the Riper to whom they will Vive a half and find everything. To the kind of Man this in a Hill make Money. The paper will he issued in it i Uvo Woi j. U. Turner or Grus sized the l err Elvo mining. Smelt con party. And elected the follow inst Oft Rerp col. I. I Murphy prescient .1 w. The Man Ami lir tiry. I. A. A i i in i Vail in thl at i arrival the local Arius around the govern unit in the into resting on the a u Mel i his .1 m. Puttie treasurer and senior k Vil Urjil store Tail of Dir errors .1 u j. O. Jessie w. Hurles Jones Aud. F. I a Ciummu Lour i i r or the win re it and in a i wit i san the rain Ivr of Par no it froth the u1 dip or unit it. A Ortts a s it take but i ii. New a c Idt up tin Iii Wir and expressed Rio to the proposed location of the Tiou m that it it re Cut Rainy the Piu of local hour City As he to visitor will prob am y in i it a or Thui Iii Rio Tiv 1 if atm ii arranged. If you Iii the s advice you Are s s. Practice Linin itt it Spe Fialty. Hathaway specialist j. M. D., assistant. Graduates lost manhood and All of the sexual organs treated with urea Success. Female diseases cured at Home without instruments. Wonderful remedy most rapid Safe effective remedy. A Complete cure Ijnar Anu de. Skin diseases of All kinds cum where others have failed. Unnatural discharges prompt by cured in a few i Nick. Ure Ami this in Uliules died and gonorrhoea. Strut a re. A new method. N t. Cut Ting. The Only rational Mot Hod to elect a Complete cure. Piles. Ireat discovery. A euro Truar anted. No knife cutting or i o nervous diseases. New vat Sqq ajl. Ill Ai nervous Dpi Lily. Lionia Vitus insomnia lose of locomotor and other forms of . Neuralgia i. Miil. My methods. At or ugh and can fill i. That each treated advantage of study and experience. And a is of Hiot her 4. Moderate charges and of Auk no. 1 no. For in of Tober capt or. Turner went to mountains Lor the Pur pose of huuthjg1 lost mines that to he Niar ked by uie jesuits Over one Hundred ago while inn Tius Tor them be discovered Fine Silver Minea a Voicu he denounced and named to Lieari As la Buenafe a a California la Eureka Colorado chief and Flat Peack. He then returned and organized the above company. These mines Are situated in the District of Cerralvo state of Nuevo Leon which in known to be the Rich frit Silver mining District in Northern Mexico. Or. Turner informed your correspondent that he has struck it Rich and that he has the biggest Bon Anza on the con tin but. Col. J. K Murphy is from Texas Aud. Is Well known throughout he state As a Railroad min. He has been connected with the Monterey Gulf r for Over a year. Col. J w. Turner a won of the late Judsie Turner of fore Worth Ami has been m Mitt in i Mexico since 1s81. He is considered the Best Mill expert in this Section. Capt. J. M. Puerte is a prone Uppit officer in the Ili ult Road and is Well known throughout Texas. All their associates Are Young practical men know How to tev Hoph their mines. Tiie in Pul at located in this City. The second of april was a Holiday and it was celebrated in strand style in Tybik City. Thu Day was observed in Honor of Trep ident for it of Itiat Day Hal he Jerreat Victory Over the French at Puebla. In the there was Serif pal held in the churches Slagh were flying from All and houses were with National colors and in the Atte Roou Laere was a military Parade through the Princi pal streets headed by four brass bands. At Nigist the main was illuminated with lights and lanterns while two bands played in the Piaza until Midnight. Tipiere a i Amer ican ladles and gentlemen on the Plaza during the evening. The mexican a Rioual Railroad will Issue excursion tickets from Monterey and return or 10. The passengers will leave Here saturday and return monday. Col j x. Isa Bratth superintendent of the Northern division of the mex ican National re and Wilt or. J. Ii. Win lock w. Laredo c. H. Hallon. Beaumont and to k. H. Cowles and wife. New York r. O Connor Dallas .1. E. Crimes. Fort Worth miss Mand Hodikin fort Wayne ind .1. C. Nichols Houston capt. C. P. Stafford of the a Tockman and Farmer Antonio his Mother mrs. C. P. Statford Graf ton 111. Mrs. R. R. Claridge of san Antonio paid the Topo Chaco hot apr snare a visit and took a Bath in their Healing Waters. Capt. A. R. Tarrer and wife Lara do came up saturday from Lorado and returned on Midnight train. Mra. M. A. Faler who hag charge of the mexican National hotel at this place took a flying trip to Corpus Christi and Rockport reports those two cities in a flourishing condition. Miss Katie Duun had charge of the hotel during her absence and made a Host of friends. .1. A. Iii l. Up Ani if Vidro and a. Christ Ian. Mar Ini i Alasio. I or Sale. Of in it aran depot. Months License. On sunday next the Ditte Reut societies will leave san Antonio for e , Etc., by applying to Mil ton a Foreit. Maverick Bank build intr. Or at. Arkansas depot. Fare Tor the round trip Only a this mor it ing at tie wedding of cite physician p. Ham mrs. Mollie Ira Liam. Nee Lair. Occurred at the residence of the Bride s Kijoo Ciu Kua in the q of friends. I lev. K. K. First Church performed the ceremony. After the wedding a Nice breakfast was served then tiie Coupe departed Lor a wedding trip Tho Uili Enid of. The ail Iii very Piet ind quite a to the popular no Timm i the first step. You Are run Down can i eat n t. Keep. Cru f think. Pm n t do any thur i. Of Uii Dei what Yon should heed the von arc the or i n o Frost ratio. N of tired i tonic in lie Cirk hitlers find the exact. Remedy i m Irmo Rizii your Normal health by condition. Surprising results follow the of mis v cat t and a Tara Ive. Your Brood is re store and the liver and kids cos resume Tica i thy action. Try a Botie. Price at Thompson s Aco Druer Lii ii Good Refore Cev Nuu Rcd. Apply to l. In. 1 Kio. Texas. I-8- t Kle wells1 hair . F Gray Farad Nail y color. Or 91.00 size prepaid by for k. S. Wells. City. On Worms. Safe. Sure 2 Tel Ingrams. Dress goods department cur assortment of stamp and dress goods such As All Wool Henrietta All Wool French Cashmere Brilhar Bitines Ami sicilians is unexcelled and our collection of Fine Novelty Black goods is As Complete As any in the South or West. Mohair bkilliant1xes front the Best English manufacturers 40 inches wide at 45c and Doc per Yard 4u tit Anil 75c 46 inches wide at per Yard. Fine English willed Cashmere lot Ordinary values 30 inches at 10 u-3c, inches at. 35c, 40 inches at 50c per Yard. Inches at 40 full Wool Henrietta cloth. Inches wide at 50c, 38 inches wide at 70c and 75c, 42 inches wide at 85c, 46 inches wide at Doc and per Jaid. Imported Novelty dress fabrics. Scotch tartan imported scotch clan tartan plaids Are very fashionable this season for Young ladies and misses Wear. We name a few of the Many classes which can be found in our assortment the Logan Campbell Davidson full Chr dress Mur Ray Macdonald Royal Stewart and Duchess of Davenport. These goods Are full 38 inches wide. Special Price. 75c a Yard. Imported foully plaids inches wide All pure Wool suitable for entire costumes or to be used in Combina tier with Plain material handsome designs including a Yard. Evening dress goods. Sun s inches wide in Cream. Pink Light Grey Lavender Kile Green Gold and White Etc. 16-Jo a Yard extra Quality. Nuns7 veiling and artiste inches wide pure Wool in All popular Light shades at 25c per Yard. Coloured Cashmere Wolfeon own special fire Henrietta finish full 3j 40 inches wide All pure Wool in All tie popular shades of the sri Ori at Ami too. Twill Cashmere Henrietta finish full Yard wide All colors at a Yard. Kvool Henriettas 38 inches wide extra tire Aurora Wool silk finish excellent Dye in Alj the latent and Moat fashionable shades of the season at Ami 40c. Silk ii Henriettas 40 inches wide. This Well known fabric needs no women Damion from us v name is a sufficient Guaran tee As to Quality. We keep the very prices and French Serges 46 inches wide All pure Wool willed on both sides and. The Best value Tor the Money in America Only 90c per Yard. French India twill a very similar fabric to the French 46 inches wide in All colors at government of Argentine Republic will not resort to a forced currency Issue or ask fresh Loans say the president. We. Wallace first Law partner of president har Ruou died in Ludiana Polis this a. In. The Dallas grand jury has not indicted the Rev. Hanks but has the editor of the Western Baptist in two counts. Wheelock s hooting works Bir partly burned today for symptom l Send for women. Send for symptom Plank no. For skin All correspondence answered promptly. Business strict a confidential. Sent free from observation. Address or All on j. N. Hathaway. M. san Antonio. Office by and in St. In Shafer and Kraden Snew Thlork upstairs. Office to 1 a j of and 7 to y sundays 10 to 1 Only. Kirk sanitary Engineer and plumber a no. 10 South Alamo Street. Modern sanitary plumbing a specially. Tel 440. _ 3-23 1m .1 .1 killing. Of the Golden Star 413 North Street. Tin roofing at gutters the lowest Price. All work guaranteed to satisfaction. 4-9 2m Ingrham Ala loss Frank g. Maeder Well known play Wright author and actor died in new York last night of pneumonia. Their reasons. Simla India april letter received Here yesterday from the Leader of the Maui Eeris who ordered the massacre of chief commissioner James w. Juin Tou and his Colleng nes at Man pee says the British troops attacked the Palace and massacred Many soldiers Aud aug killed women and children. In addition they threw women and children into the burning houses and desecrated the temples. Therefore we killed chief commissioner Quinton and a hotel. Washington april 0. General Francis h. Spinola s condition is alarming. It is understood that John w. Mat key is determined to a company for the construction and improving of an hotel to Cost two and a halt million dollars. Wolfson main Plaza san Antonio Texas Mayer Shmelter Burgower Mayer Schmelter. No. 2 East Commerce St., next to br1d6e. Dealers in Pine wines liquors and cigars Telephone family Trade a specially goods delivered to any part of the City orders solicited. The most Complete Stock in the City i cure fits i say cure i do not mean merely for a time Sod then them return i Radical care. I disease of fits Epi Lepsy of falling sickness a use Doug Tody. I Var Nuit my remedy to worst canes. Others failed is no for not now a Core. Send at for a and a Rottloff to St Ideal limbic remedy. Gire and pit office. H. I. Koot m. C1., Pearl St., n. Handsomely furnished Kooms at the 32 North Street everything new and clean. 3-13-lm. Merit will be hereafter the Only ground of eligibility to employment in the naval Yards and All matters connected therewith will be made Poblic. The Chicago Herald flays Carter Harrison alive. Denver a democratic mayor hut not a democratic Council. The democrats Are again claiming Chicago. It May take the official vote to decide. The municipal elections in Illinois and Wisconsin show Republican gains. Tracy pays High tribute to Harri son s firmness intelligence and conscientiousness. Shiloh s consumption cure. This is beyond question the most successful cough Medicine we have Ever sold a few doses invariably cure the worst of Coush. Croup and Hrotic i to. Its wonderful Success in the cure of consumption is without a parallel in the history of Medicine. Since its first discovery it has been sold on a guarantee. A which no other Medicine can stand. If you have a Coush we earnestly ask you to try it. Price Loe. And ii. If your lungs Are. Sore Chest or Back lame use Shiloh s porous plaster. Sold by Adolph Dreiss. Late Kyle Oil. Prevents tendency to wrinkles or ageing of the skin. Prevents withering of the skin or drying up of the Tiesh. Nature s wonder for preserving youth and 1.00. Huge bottles at druggists. 1j w. C. Morgan co real estate dealer. And 5 Commerce St. San Antonio Texas mrs. 222 Dwyer Avenue Safe Antonio. Something new in san Antonio the Bath House located on 3d St., Between aves. A and turkish russian medicated and hot and cold Baths for ladies and gentlemen. A sure enough Bath House. N. T. Ayres. Proprietor

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